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- Prison Break - Crossing The Border by halfshellvenus - This was actually the first Prison Break fic that I read after I stewed over the thing of whether or not to ship Lincoln/Michael as an actual pairing rather than just being interested in their gen relationship. Eventually, I decided I cautiously came down on the side of maybe shipping them as a pairing just a little bit, so I started poking at fic to read. I love that this fic was post-escape because, god, I needed a fic like this. Not perfect, but happier. Michael and Lincoln and things are better, the little touches (especially with the disguises! so cute!) are wonderful and, asdl;fjkadsflkj, Lincoln/Michael shower!sex in Mexico. If I'm going to be seduced over to the dark side, wet!Michael in Mexico is an awesome way to go. It's one of those fics where it's half about the dynamic and half about getting them to a happy place, including all those little things in between like Michael's tattoos and the way Lincoln trusts him with the little things and just does what Michael says and it's just... just what I wanted for my first foray into this section of fandom. (Lincoln/Michael, at least an R-rating.)

- Prison Break - Five times Michael wanted to tell Lincoln he loved him but did not by jewels667 - More Prison Break fic, one that somehow managed to strike all the right notes for me and is why I'm so weak to those "five things" type of fics. I love the way the author used all five of them to show the common theme of how much Michael loves Lincoln, how dysfunctional their relationship with each other is, but also showing a variety of those different moments at different times in their lives, each time a different reason why Michael doesn't say the words. Each one of them is sad, bittersweet even when things are going well, the author doesn't push too hard on Michael's feelings, the real weight of the piece is in the implications of how much it destroys a piece of Michael when he can't say the words back for whatever reason. And I love that Veronica isn't forgotten or demonized, that the Lincoln/Veronica relationship is kept intact even while it's not the focus, the author does a gorgeous job of balancing that pairing and the maybe-it's-there-maybe-it's-not Lincoln/Michael. (Some Lincoln/Veronica, some Michael/Lincoln.)

- Prison Break - Confession by volatile - This fic might only be 149 words, but it was really quite lovely and packed in everything that needed to be said. I have fondness for the idea of Michael/Sara, but I mostly avoid fic for it because it's such a delicate, easily broken thing if focused on too much. But this fic got what I was looking for, that potential of Might Have Been that can't survive in a series like Prison Break, it got the way Lincoln's presence will always be following Michael around and... oh, the hurt of this piece was gorgeous. The ending and the implications and the things barely said were all perfect. (...implications between Lincoln, Michael, and Sara, however you want to see them.)

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