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- Professor Layton - [ English Fanart Site ] - So, I was browsing through the Layton fandom and looking for art and fic and just sort of tooling my way around and noticed that there were several LJ posts that had doodle or sketch dumps on them. But there were enough there to just about rationalize making a rec for them and I could already tell that this was going to be one of my favorite things about the fandom. So, since it's my journal/site, I'm totally counting these as a proper rec. Because AHAHAHAHA some of these are AWESOME. I mean! Sailor Moon!Professor Layton! LEGAL OMG WHY SO HOT. LUKE/FLORA HOLY CRAP WOULD I SHIP THAT. There's even some art in the canon style! It's a handful of illustrations that are either funny or just plain awesome to look at and as;ldfkjaslkj oh fandom sometimes I love you again. (One Luke/Flora image, but the rest are pretty gen. And awesome.)

- Professor Layton - [ English Fanart Site ] - I know the artist from another fandom (One Piece fandom, I think?) partially because I recognize her icon, but a little because I recognize the style, despite that the Professor Layton art is an entirely different style--shut up, that made sense to me. Anyway, this post is full of a bunch of adorable sketches that are very close to canon style and has things like Layton in a tuxedo or Luke and Flora having tea or Layton and Luke fencing or Layton and Luke in TWEWY style which was really awesome. Lots of really fun stuff. <3 (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Professor Layton - [ English Fanart Site ] - More adorable sketches, this time including one for the art meme (which was delightfully fun and I love the "you cannot unsee it" bit especially) and several chibi sketches or just adorable concepts or the greatest "you cannot unsee it" image (different from the one in the art meme) that was great, but made even greater by Flora in the corner of it. Just. AHAHAHAHA, oh, man, this is the kind of crack I want out of the Professor Layton fandom. The kind that goes right along with the adorable cuteness of it. <3 (No real warnings/pairings... m-mostly.)

- Professor Layton - [ English Fanart Site ] - There's quite a few doodles on this post, a bunch of random scenes with older Luke and different styles/poses with Luke and I'd be lying if I said that I didn't grow more and more fond of older Luke every time fandom does something with him. The little random cracky doodles as well as "normal" ones, the silly ones that made me smile, but mostly my favorite was asl;dfkjasl the mini-comic with Layton and Luke bringing home groceries. So cute! <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

- Professor Layton - HB [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Holy crap, that is some damn fine Layton art right there. To the point that I spent the first several page scrolls wondering if I'd stumbled over the official site at first, because the artist just completely nails the canon style. But, well. I'm fairly certain the official site wouldn't have Don Paolo in Flora's dress. Fairly certain. And the site is just. Oh, man, it's so much super cute art and there's a lot of it and I just want to keyboard mash over absolutely everything. The colors and style of it are so warm-hearted and delightful and quirky that it really brings to mind the original game and makes the wait for the second one to come out in English that much easier. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Professor Layton - [ English Fanart Site ] - There's not as many illustrations on this post as I usually rec, but I don't care because a;sdlkfjaslkjaslj I am greatly intrigued by Claire already and this art of her is gorgeous. She looks so stylish and classy and awesome that I think I'm already in love with her. And I know the artist isn't as fond of Flora as I am, but! She drew a lovely, adorable Flora as well! In a swimsuit. ♥ And it's really amazing how well this artist just nails the canon style, I could look at her art forever. ♥ ( Eh. Idek how to label this one. Some Layton/Claire and some other and some gen, I guess.)

- Professor Layton/Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends - [ English Fanart Site ] - Okay, so. Foster's is not a series I go looking for art from very often. I've done a search or two on devART and never managed to hit on much that really caught my attention. But I was looking for Layton fanart and then this artist also had some Foster's stuff and it's really kind of totally awesome stuff, slightly different styles and a lot of the background characters (like Eurotrish or Chuck or Bendy) or the main characters (a;lksdjfalskj Bloo being cute or Eduardo with the pink elephant or Madame Foster on the skateboard, awesome), it's all just really great stuff. The Layton sketches are adorable, they're a bit rougher than some of her other work, but they still capture that sense the game had and I love the morning routine stuff and older Luke and Flora being cute and--! ♥ (No warnings/pairings for either.)

- Professor Layton - [ English Fanart Post ] - Oh, man, how much do I seriously love posts like this? Not just that I adore the artist's Layton art--though, there certainly is that as well, how much her art keeps to the spirit of the game--but because she draws all this really awesome stuff. I love her sketches and doodles, I love that she clearly already adores Claire and I love that the Layton/Claire is seriously winning me over despite the third game not even being out in English (or even close to it *sob*) and I love that all the main characters are respresented here. Just. a sd;lfkjasl;kj eeeee. ♥ (Mostly gen, some Layton/Claire.)

- Professor Layton - [ English Fanart Post ] - Another post in the same vein--lots of doodles, lots of various concepts, lots of different characters represented here, lots and lots of fun. ♥ I'm seriously weak to Flora art (I'm not even sure why, I can't say that she was necessarily my favorite character? but she makes for lovely fanart) and I love seeing her on these posts, but I think my very favorite one had to be Professor Layton and Luke and the Harry Potter book. Just. Adorable! Also, holy shit, the Claire art! I will love her FOREVER. ♥ (Mostly gen, some Layton/Claire.)

- Professor Layton - [ English Fanart Post ] - Okay. I really probably shouldn't be able to justify this one, but, eh. I'm going to anyway. I know it's just the one illustration, but omggggg. A New Year's image that has so much detail and so many adorable touches packed into it that I seriously could not resist. The fireworks in the background are lovely, but it's the pictures on the table that make it. Just. Oh, my love for this fandom, it may never end. ♥ (Some potential spoilers, but they're mild at best. Some implied Layton/Claire, but it's also a gen piece mostly.)

  - Professor Layton - [ English Fanart Site ] - I've fallen behind with both the Layton fandom and the games themselves, but it's artists like this that bring the love I had for them just flooding right back. I first stumbled over Luke and Layton in London, which is really fantastically done and probably still my very favorite of this artist's, but then I also stumbled over Layton and Luke in the rain as they pick up a frog, which is just ten different kinds of total adorable. The artist really captures the charming feel of the series and the characters, the simple yet beautiful style of the art, and you can really feel the affection in the images. This is totally one of my favorites for the fandom now. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

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