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Professor Layton: untitled by o8_pursuer_8o - [ part 01 - part 02 - part 03 - part 04 - part 05 - part 06 - part 07 - part 08 ] - [Note: This fic is set post-game, so there will be spoilers for it in this fic and this rec.] So, I've been scouting around a bit for Layton fanfic and curiously poking at things here and there, reading the odd piece now and again. (The idea of a Professor Layton fandom sort of intrigues me almost as much as the potential for wrong scares me. XD) Then I was browsing art posts and one of them linked to this fic and, well, I didn't think I'd want to read a multi-parter right away, I'm usually more intrigued by oneshots when I first get into fandom, but what the hell, I thought. It was supposed to be good. And what I got was a surprisingly engrossing story with an actual plot, like it very much could have been right out of the Professor Layton games and some really charming characterization and a really quaint, adorable setting even. It was really easy to picture the entire fic set in the style of the game, helped along by the straight-on characterizations and the unfolding plot and the sense of fascination with puzzles being at the heart of the game.

I also read the whole thing pretty much in one straight shot, despite that I have a horrible attention span for fic these days, because I kept wanting to know what would happen next, because the author's pacing was delightful, because it felt right to the world she was writing in. It's one of those fic ideas where it has to be done just right (Professor Layton being turned into a baby and then it's up to Luke to protect everyone from someone who would do them all harm) but when it is... it's so incredibly satisfying. And that's what this fic was. ♥ Plus. als;dkfjalskj the ending was JUST WHAT I WANTED. And I'll definitely keep reading more Layton fic, but... at the same time, I think I really am satisfied with the fandom now. (No warnings/pairings.)

Professor Layton: One Night by Candyland - I picked this story at random to read and it was one of the very first that I did and it was an interesting take on how Luke came to be in Professor Layton's care. The first game (since the second and third games weren't available in English at the time, obv.) never really explained any of that, so fanfic is free to make up what it likes for now--and the idea that Luke was just sort of dropped on his doorstep one rainy night was intriguing here, I liked the atmosphere that the author set with the writing a lot. (No warnings/pairings.)

Professor Layton: List of Reasons Why by sky_pirate_tat - So, I've only played the first game and the second game isn't out in English yet and I'm not sure if the third game is out in Japan yet even? And that's the game that has Claire in it? But already I think I love her. She's so elegant and lovely and I'm sure she'll have an awesome personality. So, for now, it's interesting to read fic with her in it and this just. a;slkdfjalksj I was already sort of shipping Layton/Claire already just because she seemed like the kind of character that would be great with him, but I adored her in this. Strong and determined, a little mysterious, smart and adorable, and I just absolutely loved her reaction in the final scene. Love. ♥ (Layton/Claire.)

Professor Layton: A Hen Meow by volta_arovet - Oh. This is quite possibly the most perfect fic for the game I will ever read, I feel. It's set just after the events of the first game, the first morning Flora wakes up after becoming part of the Layton household and it's so charming and whimsical and utterly warm that I want to burst from it. The use of little puzzles put into everything is pitch-perfect, it's never pushed too hard or overbearing, instead it felt like a scene from the game in text form. Brilliant. (No warnings/pairings.)

Professor Layton: Which Cup? by suspicious - So, I clicked onto this fic because it was labeled as Luke/Flora, but what I wound up really loving about it instead was the way the game mechanics were applied to their roles in the fic as well. The use of puzzles in their lives, the little touches of the puzzles popping up, even references to hints and guides. It was darling and a great read this afternoon, I totally think they would do something just like this. ♥ (Luke/Flora.)

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