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- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (scanslated) - RGB - Despite that I'm in a total D18 mood, this doujinshi caught my eye because I've seen the artist's site before (and as;ldfkjasl;k so pretty) and because it was apparently a full color doujinshi. The colors of this artist's style are amazing, they practically glow with how lumiscent they are, so many different shades of colors used, yet without ever going into being tacky. Both Tsuna and Mukuro look beautiful, I really cannot get over it. The style is very canon as well and the storyline is actually really very IC after Mukuro has become... not friendly with Tsuna's family, but at least a sort of part of it. I loved the whole thing. *___* (Mukuro/Tsuna.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (scanslated): Mind Control - There's a surprisingly little amount of Mukuro/Hibari art or doujinshi out there, so when this one came along, I was all too happy to pounce on it. It's a bit of an odd little thing, it's almost purely pwp/just jumps right into a relationship with the two of them, but... well, the art is really pretty and the image of Mukuro mind-controlling Hibari into giving him a blow job and then ending on a really hot note made the doujin totally worthwhile for me. :Db (Mukuro/Hibari, NSFW, somewhere around an R rating.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (scanslated) - Tangled Line - For as much as I love Mukuro/Hibari, it doesn't get that much attention in fandom, which is too bad (not that I'm complaining about other pairings being popular, mind ♥) because they can be really, really smoking hot together. And what I love about this doujinshi is that the artist's style works really well with the pairing, especially TYL. It's got a high amount of contrast (which is probably helped along by the scanslation team, who did a lovely job with the way this doujinshi looks) and it looks sharp and slick, both Hibari and Mukuro looking really hot TYL. The storyline is fairly standard--Hibari is still looking for a rematch even after all that time, but it's a standard for a reason. *__* It was a light, enjoyable read that reminded me of how much I love this pairing. (Mukuro/Hibari.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw) - Quiz - You know, Byakuran and Shouichi are about the only two characters I'm even vaguely interested in that have come out of the Millefiore arc, so I was curious about seeing a doujinshi for them. I was just sort of expecting something somewhat cute and maybe not too long, but instead I got an interesting little thing and porn! \o/ The art is that... well, it's not precisely rough or sketchy, but it sort of has that general style, despite that there's a good amount of detail here and it looks pretty nice. I love that Byakuran seems to be pretty batshit crazy here (the outfit at the end made me lol) and it was nice to have some more doujin porno in the fandom, which I haven't gotten in several days. .....fandom is spoiling me, I suspect. (Byakuran/Shouichi, NC-17.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (scanslated) - Namimori Monogatari - *hyperventilates* OH MY GOD WHY IS THIS SO CUTE OH MY GOD I CAN HARDLY STAND HOW FUCKING CUTE IT IS!!!! ASL:DKJA:SLKJAL:KJALKJ *KEYBOARD MASHES FOR AN HOUR* I'm weak to the retardedly cute, okay? Especially when it's clean, pretty art with little chibis. Little chibis that are squirrels and wolves and, oh, god, my weakness for animal!characters got hit so very, very hard with this doujinshi. The best part is that it's a retelling of Gokudera and Tsuna's original meeting, except... forest-ified. And it's so totally great and IC and funny and SUPER FUCKING CUTE that I just-- I can't even-- I was practically gibbering from the cute by the end of this. I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT SO FUCKING MUCH. (It's sort of gen, sort of Gokudera/Tsuna.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (scanslated) - Sad Colors - I somehow managed to avoid the Spanner craze that went through both fandoms (English and Japanese, that is) so I never really had the urge to pair him up with anyone and everything, but... I was curious how a doujinshika would make a pairing like Spanner/Shouichi work, especially since I have a thing for batshit pairings. And I... really liked this. It was a simple little thing, Spanner watching Shouichi while he sleeps, then his thoughts while he looks down at unconscious Tsuna, but the art was interesting (it's that really lanky, almost rough style that I've grown a taste for after being in fandom so long) and it accomplished what it was going for. I thought it was well worth the read even beyond the oddball pairing (which made sense surprisingly well here!). (Spanner/Shoucihi.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (scanslated) - Drowned Fish - Man, Punch!! does the best Mukuro/Hibari doujinshi. And this one is no exception to how pretty her art gets, there's this really great use of contrast that works beautifully for these two characters, there's a sense of vagueness in the words they say and the violence that's on just about every single page. Her color art on the cover is just gorgeous and the extra art doodled on the extra pages is fantastic and her characters are so totally hot even if I couldn't really tell you what the hell just happened in this doujinshi. XD (Mukuro/Hibari.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw) - Hibari Pandemic - I couldn't resist this one. It was the cover that attracted me--cute little Hibari chibi? I am intrigued!--but then I stuck around for the pairing, because Hibari/Gokudera is kind of an oddball one. Well, at least it used to be, but I'm still kind of new to it and I was curious. And the art on this one is all right for the most part, but what I really liked was the drawings of the other characters (Tsuna was very cute, I liked Reborn a lot, too) and the chibis were SUPER CUTE and even MORE SUPER ADORABLY CUTE when the Gokudera chibi was doing battle with the Hibari chibi. XD XD XD There are some occasional panels where Gokudera looks very nice or Hibari looks totally hot, it's nicely long at ~60 pages, and plus the novelty of the pairing made me enjoy this. XD (Hibari/Gokudera.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw) - Kutsushitachan ??? - And this is another one that's really all about the oddball pairing (Dino and Gokudera? Wtf. XD) that caught my attention and then got me to stick around for the kink, which is pretty much what you're going to get out of this doujinshi. Not hardcore kink or anything, but Gokudera in a skirt with the thigh-high striped socks and the very, very NC-17 artwork? Cracked out and meant to hit certain kinks. But the best part. The best part is that I do believe Dino has everything of his tattooed in this doujinshi. And I just-- I laughed and laughed and laughed when I thought of Dino having tattoos on his dick, just... AHAHAHAHA, I LOVE JAPAN. The second doujinshi with Dino/Hibari is pretty much the same--minus the skirt and socks--and is pretty much purely about the porn. Which, after spending all day looking for skeevy fanfic of my favorite pairings and finding fandom to not deliver often enough, is a nice bonus, shut up. XD (Dino/Gokudera, Dino/Hibari, NC-17.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (scanslated) - Otonarisan no Shinkon Jijou - I grabbed this doujinshi because it had Byakuran/Mukuro in it and I was curious how that was going to play out, I could take or leave the Spanner/Tsuna. And, in a lot of ways, I felt like they were only there (for the most part, it did get more lolarious towards the end) to have someone for Mukuro to play off of, but... I didn't really mind much because as;ldfkjaslkjs LOL oh god this was totally on crack but so great. The art is a little simple, but with the backgrounds, it actually looks really, really nice and Byakuran is so great in this, always glomping onto Mukuro and trying to do stuff with him and generally making his "spouse"'s life kinda hell. And I feel not badly at all for Mukuro because he deserves it. It's doujin crack, so you take it with a grain of salt, of course, but Byakuran was so fabulous and I love the Byakuran/Mukuro dynamic (a;sdlkfjaslkj I was crying by the end of this) and... every time I see Byakuran in something, I think I fall in love with him more. He's just so. Fruit loops in that really fun, dangerous yet intelligent way. (Spanner/Tsuna, Byakuran/Mukuro, Mukuro/Tsuna.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (scanslated) - Sons of the Sawada Family + Time Travelers - asd;lfjkasl;kj I love Banyu so much that I could explode from it. The first story wasn't her usual stuff (or at least not the D18 that I usually read from her), instead a Tsuna/Basil story that was really cute and neat to see her art on different characters, but it was once Gokudera showed up that I kind of started to LOL a lot. Especially as you realized the implication of just what exact Iemitsu had been teaching Basil and why. (as;dlfkjasl god I love Iemitsu.) The second one was just. asl;dkfjasljk The Vongola family (plus Reborn and Dino) at the beach to celebrate the post-Varia victory and Dino's all over Hibari and trying to get the right mood and the rest of them are just in the usual total chaos and it really felt like a Daily Life arc that fit in with the manga so well. Add in Banyu's gorgeous, gorgeous art and her TOTAL LOL storytelling and the beautiful job she did with the chaotic family and just. as;ldfjkaslkj SO MUCH FUN AND SO GOOD. (Tsuna/Basil and a little Tsuna/Gokudera for the first one. Dino/Hibari for the second one, but it's not really the main point.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (scanslated) - various (from Natsuroku) - Man, I still love that gorgeous as hell cover illustration by Banyu. This is a collection of even shorter stories than usual, most of them are only 6 pages long or less, but I found that I didn't really mind so much because the first one... well, Hibari basically gets his way (when he gets Dino to build him a Japanese-style house in Italy for while he stays there temporarily) by basically playing to Dino's dirty imagination and it actually works way better in the doujinshi than what I'm making it sound like and was TOTAL LOL. Plus, the art is gorgeous. And then a brief Yamamoto/Gokudera story and then SQUALO GOES TO VISIT DINO AND HIBARI. And OH MY GOD LOL LOL LOL HIBARI'S REACTION TO THE GATHERED PARTY. LOL FOREVER. Just. So, so beautiful. <3 (Dino/Hibari, Yamamoto/Gokudera, some background Tsuna/Basil.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw) - kotonoha - Wow, this doujinshi is gorgeous, the pages of Mukuro and Hibari's meeting are really just stunning to look at. There's something very similar to Amano's canon style here, yet still doujinshi and more detailed than a WJ manga has time to get. The amount of detail that goes into their eyes and hair and clothes and the backgrounds is kind of amazing, it's really kind of amazing to go through. Not only that, it has the intensity and undercurrent of danger from both of them that works so well with these two characters. Plus! Then the doujinshika follows it up with a brief Dino/Hibari moment! Not actual porn, but Dino is smoking hot and there's a lot of ~*touching*~ and this doujin probably made me far too happy this morning. XD (Mukuro/Hibari, some Dino/Hibari at the end.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw) - Bambino Machine Guns Zero - Admittedly, I picked this one up because it was a whole anthology and because it promised me some D18, but I actually kind of wound up liking it for providing almost everyone something. The first one that caught my attention was the Yamamoto/Hibari story that's the third one in or so, it has some really pretty art to it! Then immediately after that was a Gokudera/Tsuna story and the art wasn't as pretty, but it had a very sweet feel to it. And then. THE VARIA SHOW UP IN TSUNA'S BEDROOM. AWESOME. Then adult Reborn/Lambo and I'm not usually a fan of that one but OMG THAT WAS KIND OF REALLY PRETTY. And then there's a really pretty Byakuran/Shouichi story! And that's kind of what I love about this doujinshi--it really is doing everything it can to give something to everyone and most of the times it's really pretty. *__* AND THERE WAS EVEN A STORY BY CIEL. TH-THAT WAS GOKUDERA/TSUNA? OMFG AWESOME. *___* AND ALSO GORGEOUS. I seriously, seriously need more of her work. (Lots of pairings, but especially Yamamoto/Gokudera, Yamamoto/Hibari, Gokudera/Tsuna, Reborn/Lambo, Byakuran/Shouichi, Dino/Hibari, Hibari/Tsuna, a little everybody/Squalo.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw) - 0505 + Birthday Song - ....this anthology/post is pretty much turning about to be Everyone/Hibari, isn't it? And, yes, I have to recommend them all separately. (Because it's easier for me to organize them and I want to talk about them separately since I'm chatty this morning, shut up.) And this one is Ryohei/Hibari! \o/ It felt like R18 got a decent start in fandom early on, but sort of faded out and that's too bad because I love their dynamic! The art on this one is solid and Ryohei is totally cute and upbeat and Hibari makes some great faces at him and OMFG IS THAT A PARTY FOR HIBARI? Oh, man, that was awesome. The whole thing was great, I can't pick a favorite part at all. XD Well, maybe the scene of Hibari with Hibird at the end, that was really awesome. The only thing missing was porn. <3 (Ryohei/Hibari.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw) - Sore ha sore ha mou taisetsu ni - The art style of this isn't my favorite, it's a little too early-era manga style without the polish of Amano's work, despite that it has some really solidly good detail on it. It-- it kind of reminds me of Oofuri's art? Anyway, this doujinshi starts out with Dino walking in on Hibari and Mukuro having sex on Hibari's desk and well. There's no way I can not like a doujin like that. XD But from there it goes on to winding towards Dino/Hibari instead and, well. Two of my favorite Hibari pairings in one! o/ I'm not sure how much 6918 fans would like it, since the emotional weight is obviously on the D18, but if you like D18, I think it's worth a shot. It's interesting at the very least. (Mukuro/Hibari, Dino/Hibari, NSFW.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw) - Nemurihime in the Kanoke + Happy time ~Seishun yo konnichiha - And this one is worth grabbing for two reasons--one, more Ryohei/Hibari! Excellent. There should always be more of them. And, two, this is one of the most cracked out things I've seen in ages--the rest of the REBORN! cast trying to wake Sleeping Beauty-like Hibari (in a coffin as;dlkfjaslkj) who beats the shit out of them even while he's lying there unconscious and looking almost angelic in his sleep. It's asl;dkfjasl;kj so cracked out and I love it. The second one is a bit less cracky and does have Hibari being awesome in the middle of being a little tornado of violence against all his enemies. <3 (We'll politely ignore the scene on the roof as far as characterization goes.) The art isn't stunning, but it's solid and nicely detailed, a nice addition to the far too small R18 selection out there. (Ryohei/Hibari.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw) - Otona no Jijou - .....okay, look. The second page of this was Hibari just about taking Ryohei's face off as a greeting. And a couple of pages after that, it was porn. I HAVE BEEN WAITING. The art isn't super stunning, but it's solid and recognizable (for the most part, it could be tightened up a lot) and shows potential. Hibari is kind of making the "Iyaaaa" faces more than I'd like, but, well. You get used to that in Hibari doujinshi. Also, PORN. WITH RYOHEI AND HIBARI. I've kind of been pining. Not something I'd recommend for non-fans or those just thinking about getting into the pairing, but if you want something fluffy and you already like it, go for it. I enjoyed it, so on the list it goes. XD (Ryohei/Hibari, NC-17.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw) - hidokushinaide darling - This one really worked for me because the art style is somewhat reminiscent of the early manga art, which would fit the time of when this takes place--when Dino is training Hibari on the roof. It was also good for me because Hibari is so violent and so pissed off about not being able to win, about getting tangled up in Dino's whip and that's so totally what I can believe he was going through at the time. Also, Dino's bright as the sun grin at the end where he obviously thinks Hibari is cute and/or great. It makes me ridiculously fond of the both of them. (Dino/Hibari, though, this could almost be gen.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw) - Hibari Kouryaku - [Note: What I'm going to do is recommend each pairing separately for this anthology because they're not uploaded seperately, but I'll want to talk about each pairing seperately. Whatever, it makes sense to me. XD You'll have to download the whole thing, but the stories go in order listed, so it should be somewhat possible to skip to your favorite pairings.] *wistful* I wish there were more Ryohei/Hibari in this anthology, I think there's only really the one? But it's one I'd never seen before! And had makeouts! And you have to appreciate an anthology that has a Kusakabe/Hibari story in it, however brief and not really to my tastes, art-wise. But, to make up for that, there's a Mukuro/Hibari story by punch!! that ends on a really great note. There are also a lot of really great extra bits of art in the free talk sections, chibi doodles of Hibari or just little extras for the pairings or just Hibari looking awesome. ALSO ALSO ALSO. There is a Tsuna/Hibari story. In that order! I mean. Dying Will!Tsuna, but! Just. God bless Japan. For serious. ♥ (Some Ryohei/Hibari, some Tsuna/Hibari, some Mukuro/Hibari, some Kusakabe/Hibari.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (scanslated) - Koi wo Kirisaku Naifu - I snagged this doujinshi for pretty much two reasons. One, I like the idea of Byakuran/Mukuro and a doujinshi about it sounded interesting. Two, Tsuna/Mukuro??? In that order??? I-- I had to see it to believe it! And I'm kind of not sure of Mukuro's characterization in this, he feels very passive compared to what he usually does, but it was worth it to see Tsuna's actions around him and Byakuran's fascination with him. The art is very pretty and the doujinshika did pretty well with the Byakuran/Mukuro scenes, I could almost see those happening. Sort of. Maybe. But, whatever. The scanslation was smooth as well and this was an interesting read. (Byakuran/Mukuro.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (scanslated) - Influence - Well. I had to go find another Byakuran/Mukuro doujin because I was in the mood after the previous one and asl;dkjfalskjalskj oh my god. There is something really horribly delicious about a totally fucked up Byakuran doujin like this--he's so smiley and cheerful and kind of adorable, yet it's creepy because he's a really horrible person and he's doing horrible things to Mukuro. And then there were the marshmallows. Which I laughed at. Because I'm a horrible person. The artist is really good at drawing Byakuran, though, and this was just fucked up enough that it hit exactly what I love about 10069 and why I'm kind of reluctantly becoming interested in the pairing/the character. orz (Byakuran/Mukuro, NSFW.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw) - Hibari Go! Go! - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be easily joinable.] This isn't a doujin in the usual sense, there's no real text or story to it, it's just a collection of Hibari illustrations put together, but it's really worth a look through because some of them are gorgeous. The colors of some of them are amazing and the details are terrific and it's Hibari in traditional clothing or various countries' uniforms or Hibari as a pirate and I kind of love it with all my heart. This was totally a fun download this morning. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw) - Rouman Hikou - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be easily joinable.] Hibari/Gokudera... it's such a rare and kind of odd pairing that I had to grab this one and see what it was like. It's another time I'm glad my fascination with crack pairings continues to haunt me because this doujin is gorgeous for both characters, the amount of detail and the sharpness of the lines is fantastic. Gokudera is especially hot and I'd love to see more from this artist. *__* (Hibari/Gokudera.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (scanslated) - See Off - I picked this doujinshi up because I have a thing for Byakuran/Mukuro, but I wasn't expecting to get this. Which I probably should, because most of the Byakuran/Mukuro doujin I've seen around (which isn't a lot, but) has been really intriguing and this one is no exception--there's an almost playful dynamic between the two of them, almost gentle teasing. But it covers something really twisted and dark for both of them and it's why this pairing fascinates me, because it's fucked up and creepy and they both see right through each other. Mukuro captured by Byakuran, his prisoner, and yet it's still a cat and mouse game as they both see who the other one really wants to see and I really liked that. (Byakuran/Mukuro, implied Byakuran/Shouichi, blink and you'll miss it Mukuro/Tsuna. Somewhere around an R rating.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw) - Fu zoroi no chiroru tachi - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is pretty easy to join.] There's a lot of things that this doujinshi did that sort of put it on the list for me--it had a pairing I really liked (Xanxus/Squalo) that it did nicely, it had a bunch of crack pairings (Yamamoto and Dino??), it had slick, pretty art, and there was some color art at the beginning that was kinda cool to see. It's one of those things where it was just enough of all these fun little elements that I really enjoyed it. I was especially pleased with the brief Xanxus/Squalo makeouts, but also high school Varia, do want! XD (Xanxus/Squalo, other brief oddball pairings.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw) - Izumi Bouko - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is pretty easy to join.] Holy crap, that's over 250 pages of doujinshi and going through it was kind of awesome. I mean, it's not going to be for everyone, it's very much the typical stuff you get with doujinshi, but I'm okay with that and the art is really solid and nicely done in a lot of places. There's a lot of detail and the stories are kind of long as hell and there's a lot of porn and all these things make me happy. :D I'm kind of half-assing this rec, I know, but it really was a fun file to grab this morning and the art was really solid and I think fans of the pairing(s) will really enjoy it. (Gokudera/Tsuna, Dino/Tsuna, Spanner/Tsuna, very much NC-17.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (scanslated) - Ameoto - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is freely joinable.] I... pretty much downloaded this one because I was super curious about Dino and Mukuro, how the author would make that pairing work. It's sort of a pwp doujinshi (except without that much graphic content, it never really gets too far beyond PG15 or so) in that the plot is pretty much entirely: Mukuro is walking in the rain in a daze, Dino picks him up, takes him back to a hotel room, they realize they're attracted to each other, the end. I can't say I agree with the Mukuro characterization, but I wasn't reading it for that. The art is serviceable and it was entertaining to read and that's all I ask for. It actually was really fun to read. :D (Dino/Mukuro, maybe not quite SFW, but not graphic, either.)

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