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Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (scanslated) - Hyper Sweet Communication - This doujinshi story is really short, it's probably about 15 pages long, but! It's Xanxus/Squalo and the art is very close to the canon style and it's... well, it's a little random and off the wall (the basic plot being Squalo trying to give Xanxus a birthday present and it goes about as you'd expect), but it's got kissing and ~*implications*~ of other things. It's a light read, but if you like the pairing, it's worth the time. Squalo makes some great faces and the older!versions of Xanxus and Squalo look very nice, mm. (Xanxus/Squalo, I'd rate it a light R. Not quite NSFW, but not really porny, either.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw) - Boss ni Matatabi - [Note: You'll need to join the community to see this post, but the comm should be freely joinable.] I almost just downloaded this one and stuck it away in my files to look at later (or probably never, honestly) but then thought, no, I shouldn't do just Dino/Hibari doujinshi recs. And I like Xanxus/Squalo. So I gave it a shot, despite that it's only 7 pages long (since it's part of an anthology) and I'm glad I did, it was a cute, easy little thing to go through and reminded me of why Xanxus/Squalo is actually really kinda hot. (Xanxus/Squalo.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw) - Genome no Uttae - Oh, goddamn, Xanxus and Squalo are smoking hot as TYL characters in this doujinshi. It's amazingly detailed, both the backgrounds and the characters, all that hair and the clothes and the streets/rooms around them, and there's that sort of rough edge to the art (that's more about atmosphere than anything, because the art is pretty polished here) that fits them so, so well. And a;sldfjkaslkj god they look fantastic and then, as if that weren't enough, there's also porn in the second half of the doujinshi! Japan loves me again today. *__* (Xanxus/Squalo, NC-17.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw) - unknown - This is a short doujinshi, less than ten pages or so, and raw at that, but... it's Xanxus and Squalo and I've been in a mood for them. The art isn't completely perfect in the sense of being just like canon, but it's certainly very reminiscent of it and has a lot of detail and looks really solidly decent. Plus, it's all about knocking Squalo around, so, you know, I was bound to love it. <3 (Xanxus/Squalo.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw) - Fu zoroi no chiroru tachi - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is pretty easy to join.] There's a lot of things that this doujinshi did that sort of put it on the list for me--it had a pairing I really liked (Xanxus/Squalo) that it did nicely, it had a bunch of crack pairings (Yamamoto and Dino??), it had slick, pretty art, and there was some color art at the beginning that was kinda cool to see. It's one of those things where it was just enough of all these fun little elements that I really enjoyed it. I was especially pleased with the brief Xanxus/Squalo makeouts, but also high school Varia, do want! XD (Xanxus/Squalo, other brief oddball pairings.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw) - Ring no Ika - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is pretty easy to join.] ....I'm not sure what to even say about the story of this one. It's a little... uh... well, odd, I guess is the polite way to say it. But the art is pretty and that's really all I'm there for, especially when an artist can really just nail the character designs of the Varia and includes a brief Xanxus/Squalo makeout scene! There are a few cracked out pages in this book as well, ones that are meant to be more sketch-like, but the majority is done in a really solid style that I enjoyed. (Brief Xanxus/Squalo.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (scanslated) - Bottom of the Hell - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is freely joinable.] There's something about Xanxus/Squalo that I still just can't quite put down. Especially when it's a doujinshi like this one, where the art is really kind of stellar for just totally nailing the canon style, right down to the fight scenes or the way Squalo's hair flies around him as he moves. There's really no detail work spared here, it's very fully finished and looks amazingly polished. The story also has that rough edge that you get with characters like this, it's not a nice relationship, even if it's about loyalty and the makeouts. It just. Really hit all the right notes for this pairing. (Xanxus/Squalo, a brief scene that's NC-17.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw) - only for bosses Limited Edition - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is freely joinable.] So, I've spent much of the afternoon looking for porno doujinshi (because I haven't had any in awhile and I needed a distraction) and no time spent trawling for KHR doujin is complete until I've hit up the Xanxus/Squalo corners of fandom. And, man, this artist draws a pretty as hell Squalo, I don't think there was a single panel he was in where he didn't look beautiful. The other characters were less consistent, so you could tell he was the artist's favorite, but I can't blame her--all that pretty hair to play with, the fur trimmed coat that looked kinda hot even as he was wearing nothing else during sex, the way everything fanned out around him he was laying back on the bed. It had to be a lot of fun to draw. There was even a potential Bel/Squalo (oh, man, do I want some Bel/Squalo porn, too) despite that it was very much a Xanxus/Squalo doujinshi and the sex for them was totally hot. This was nice. (Xanxus/Squalo, NC-17.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (scanslated) - Kono Te wo - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is freely joinable.] This is a super short little piece with Xanxus and Squalo, just after the fights with all the Varia members against the Vongola, where they lost and yet Xanxus might be willing to throw his own life away, but gets pissed when Squalo would do the same if Xanxus died. Along with that are some pretty color inserts and some nicely solid art for the story itself--the characters look slightly different, but the backgrounds/overall feel of it captured Amano's spirit nicely. (Xanxus/Squalo.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (scanslated) - Non cambia e cambiare - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is freely joinable.] I could have almost sworn this doujin was by the same artist as the previous one (though, I think they're both in the same anthology?) because it had a similar feel with how it captured the spirit of Amano's work really well. This one was sort of like a rougher version of the manga, which was nice to read with this short little story. It's pretty simple--Bel's point of view on the Xanxus/Squalo relationship and how it's changed them both, not that it really matters much, but you can see they're both a little more at ease. Plus, hey, I'm all for Bel/Squalo interaction again. (Xanxus/Squalo implied.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (scanslated) - Crescendo - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is freely joinable.] I forgive a lot with this doujinshi because it has a very nice makeout scene with Xanxus and Squalo--more than a couple of pages of focus on the kissing and pulling each other close and, okay, I thought I was going to be all about the porn this afternoon, but sometimes a really good kiss is just as satisfying. The art is really pretty--the other characters around them can suffer sometimes (Dino took me a bit to recognize, but the two main characters look fine--especially with Squalo who has great hair again. The close-ups that take up half a page or so are lovely as well and those are the things that make me fond of any doujin. (Xanxus/Squalo.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw): nicoletti - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be easily joinable.] I didn't even have to get halfway into this doujinshi before I knew I was going to absolutely love it. The first ten pages of this doujinshi are just gorgeous and make one hell of an opener, with Xanxus' hazy nightmarish state and the glimpses of other people he gets through it, the art is carefully arranged and beautifully drawn and I could look at doujinshi like this forever. Both characters look fantastic and really spot-on with Amano's style and, even when the story is serious, it never entirely loses that shounen idiocy and roughness that these characters need. It's another one of those Xanxus/Squalo stories that just make me sit back and marvel at its fanbase and how goddamn awesome their doujinshi is. *___* (Xanxus/Squalo.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (scanslated): Dame Otoko-chan - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be reasonably easy to join.] With this fandom, sometimes you just have to accept that certain things are on crack. They just are. Like Xanxus fucking Squalo while reading the newspaper or the whole entire thing about Mukuro approaching Squalo to tell him the features of his true love or how he mistakes it for Levi or how everything just goes downhill from there. I laughed my way through the entire doujinshi because none of it was supposed to be taken seriously and I just shut my brain off for this. It helped that the art is very pretty, that the doujinshika does a really good job with both Squalo and Xanxus' characters, so that some panels could have come from Amano herself. It certainly makes the XS doujinshi really addicting when artists do that. (Xanxus/Squalo, some Xanxus/Levi, NC-17.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw): Seishin Houkai Program - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be relatively easy to join.] This doujinshi is... it's really not going to be for everyone. It's not very nice sex, there's a lot of abuse and definitely potential humiliation/embarrassment squick in it, so I'm not precisely recommending it for the dynamic (even if it is Xanxus/Squalo, which isn't a nice pairing) or the sex, but instead for the art. Because, goddamn, are the opening pages of this doujinshi really kind of stunningly gorgeous! The artist draws these beautifully clean, slick lines that capture Amano's style really well, while making it even more polished and pretty to look at. I'd have snagged this doujinshi just for Squalo looking gorgeous, nevermind the sex with Xanxus. But, then, if you're into that sort of thing (rough sex) or can gloss over that part, this is a good one to grab. (Xanxus/Squalo, NC-17, loads of potential triggering warnings.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw): underwater - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be freely joinable.] It feels like it's been forever since I've seen anything with Xanxus/Squalo (admittedly, I've been putting KHR doujinshi on the backburner for awhile) so this kind of came along at just the right moment for me, especially because it's a masquerade party and there's all these beautiful costumes and masks and feathers and beads and I'm a sucker for that kind of thing! Especially with this artist's style, it somehow works really well, and I love assassin!Squalo dressed up in a beautiful outfit and then Xanxus coming along to take him out of it and just. a;sdlfkjaslkjl;s that's a little right inside my wheelhouse, ngl. (Xanxus/Squalo, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw): Cocytus Prequel - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be freely joinable.] Speaking of things that are kind of inside my wheelhouse! The art style of this one isn't going to be for everyone and I don't think I'd want it constantly, but once in awhile, the artist's take on the characters can be really interesting! Plus, she has some nice detail in it and you can tell she's disciplined in the way everything is framed/laid out, but also that there's something of a plot going on! And I enjoyed seeing the older Varia memebers and the Italian feel to everything and a;sdlkfja;slkj oh my god this doujinshi is worth it for Lussaria alone, seriously. (Xanxus/Squalo, maybe a light R.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw): Cocytus Intermediate - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be freely joinable.] This is the sequel to the previous doujinshi (as you can infer from the name), so it'd probably help to have picked that one up first, as well as this is pretty much more of the same. I'm just... really quietly taken with this series? I'm still not sure how to put it, exactly. But I enjoy Squalo and Xanxus in Italy and Lussaria seriously continues to amuse the hell out of me (as well as getting some badass moments in this doujinshi) as well as some pretty shots of Squalo lying on the floor with his hair pooling around him. And makeouts with Xanxus. So, basically, lolz, plot, serious assinations, pretty hair, and makeouts. Yeah, that's pretty much what I want from Varia doujinshi. (Xanxus/Squalo, a light-ish NC-17.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (scanslated): tayutau homatsu no - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be freely joinable.] One of the reasons I picked this doujinshi up was because of the beautiful color art that goes with it, but. It's also because I'm totally in a Xanxus/Squalo mood and a;sldkjfa;lskj this was awesome for that. Older Xanxus with a younger Squalo, knowing him without Squalo knowing him back, and then there's porn and then there's a kind of beautiful ending. The art is lovely and... well, basically, it's an excuse for porn between them, it's not like it has a plot or anything, but it doesn't pretend to, either. It's just... one of those days in Xanxus' and Squalo's lives and it's hilarious (and pretty! did I mention it's pretty?) for that. <3 (Xanxus/Squalo, NC-17.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw): Minami Italia Shinjuu (Double suicide in South Italia) - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be freely joinable.] This is another doujinshi where... I'm not sure I'd want the art style all the time, but I appreciate the way it looks and the feeling it contributes to the storyline here. I'm impressed with how much detail went into this, how polished it looks and how fleshed out the pages feel, like the doujinshika really knew what she was doing, which is something I've learned to appreciate after all the doujinshi I've seen. But it's also that the content is basically: Xanxus and Squalo fucking, Xanxus and Squalo traveling around the world, more of Xanxus and Squalo fucking, assasination attempts where they're pretty badass, the both of them, and then Xanxus and Squalo eating dinner, and then more fucking. It's 70 pages of this and it's just... this is kind of the epitome of what I want from these two. Getting into fistfights or kidnappings and then being surreally normal at points even when they're not normal and then a lot of makeouts. That's Xanxus and Squalo for you! (Xanxus/Squalo, NC-17.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw): CARO, una raccolta di ritratti - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be freely joinable.] Okay, this isn't actually a doujinshi in the regular sense, but instead is a bunch of color inserts (about 15 or 16 pages of them) and I try not to rec things like this too terribly often, but... oh, man, is this art super, super pretty. It's hard to explain precisely why, because it's... the way everything comes together? The colors, the details, the lines, the awesome clothes, the fantastic expressions and poses, just... everything. Every single image is gorgeous on its own--though, my favorite is probably Squalo in his older self's uniform, with the giant shark in the background, but Squalo sitting in Xanxus' lap gives it a run for its money--but all together? Really hit home for me today. (Xanxus/Squalo, maybe not quite SFW.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw): Romanzesuko - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be freely joinable.] This doujinshi definitely comes with some violence and consent issue warnings, which (even with a ship like Xanxus/Squalo) isn't usually my thing, but... I was a little enamored of the art here! The character designs (well, the artist's take on Amano's character designs, that is) aren't my favorite, but, man, can this doujinshika lay out a page something fantastic. Any time Squalo was laying on the floor and his hair was pooling around him or when he was in the middle of a fight and it swished around him or Xanxus was leaning over to kiss him, I was struck by how detailed and polished the art really is. I'm easy for that kind of thing, even when there's a lot of violence in a particular story. (Xanxus/Squalo, NC-17. Violence/potential consent squick warnings.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw): Operation liger - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be freely joinable.] You know what never gets old? Varia crack mixed with animal themes! ....well, not that I've seen that particular combination very often, but I've seen them seperately and I enjoy them both, but together? Kind of hilarious. But also! This is one of those doujinshika who kind of just nails Amano's style sometimes, which I love! While the story is mostly crack (with various animals running around with the Varia), the art is pretty enough to keep my attention and the brief moments of Xanxus/Squalo makeouts were very welcome. (Some Xanxus/Squalo.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw): Ghost Grasster - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be freely joinable.] This doujinshi starts off just how I like things--with a handful of pages of lovely color art and then makeouts right at the beginning! \o/ I really liked the soft feel of the color art, the artist has a vaguely sort of simple style, something that's very clean and... it's not super sharp, but it's not like it's unfinished or unpolished, either. The color image of Xanxus with a fireball in his hands is kind of amazing for the detail on the feathers in his hair, even! The storyline is mostly makeouts and crack, with Squalo being a total moron and Xanxus' life being really annoying sometimes, but it's pretty and I think this artist has a ton of potential. Also? Kind of worth it just for Squalo in his exorcism outfit and trying to smack an ofuda onto Xanxus' face to rid him of demons. XD (Xanxus/Squalo, somewhere between R and a light NC-17.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw): Fragile - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be freely joinable.] This is another short doujinshi, just over 20 pages, and it's not particularly... mm, I'm not sure. It feels like I may have seen this one before or I may have seen one very similar to it before? It has that kind of feeling. At the same time, Squalo is very pretty and there's sex on Xanxus' desk and there's tons of Squalo's swishy hair all over the place and, at the end, there's lounging in bed together. Sometimes that's really all I want out of a pretty doujinshi. (Xanxus/Squalo, NC-17.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (scanslated): Kono Te wo - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be freely joinable.] This is a bit of an odd little thing as well, just a quiet moment (well, as quiet as Xanxus and Squalo ever get) after the fights against the Vongola, after they're back home and they've changed just a bit, and Squalo approaches a resting Xanxus. It's a moment between them, as Xanxus wonders why the hell he's still alive and is vaguely annoyed (and yet not) by Squalo's answer to that and... it's an odd little thing, but it's very pretty and I wound up liking it a lot. (Xanxus/Squalo.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (scanslated): only for bosses Limited Edition - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be freely joinable.] I'm not quite sure how to describe this art style, except to say it's a little bit shoujo-esque? That might be the wrong way to put it, but it's what kept occuring to me as I was going through this one and... it's not bad, the artist has a lot of potential in her doujinshi work, some of the close-ups on Xanxus' eyes or Squalo's hair show a hell of a lot of detail and promise. Plus, the story totally started out with porn, so, you know, I'm inclined to be fonder. It's a fairly routine story otherwise, but for a good reason--sometimes all you want is the makeouts. (Xanxus/Squalo, NC-17.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! doujinshi (raw): Gatto in otto - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be freely joinable.] This doujinshi is a bit of an odd one to describe, because it has a certain style that I see often in the REBORN! fandom, but I don't really have the words for it. It's pretty and has some interesting detail, but there's a sort of... I don't know, a sharpness to it, maybe? A stick-like sharpness, especially on Squalo. Not that there's a lot of Xanxus in this story to judge by, it's mostly Squalo going out, going back, sleeping, a black cat wandering around, Squalo touching himself to memories of Xanxus fucking him, then more sleeping, etc. It's interesting and I'm glad to have snagged it, but it is sort of hard to describe. Still, I needed a good KHR fix and this helped nicely. (Xanxus/Squalo, NC-17.)

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