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- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - KS [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I went back and forth on this site several times, strangely not that drawn in, even by the Gokudera art despite that he's one of my favorite characters. It's not that the artist was bad by any means! Just that I wasn't quite feeling it. There was obviously potential here, because the current top illustration looked fantastic, but it wasn't until I started going through the "other" section that I really sat up and took notice of this site. The artist's more current stuff looks really a lot more intriguing and the one of Squalo is actually sort of really hot and the Mukuro looks pretty damn good and a really awesome one of I-Pin, and the site wound up being one of those that... I'm glad I stopped here and there was a handful of illustrations I really liked. I even went back through the Gokudera gallery, especially the more recent stuff, and found stuff I really liked. (Some Yamamoto/Gokudera, but mostly gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was pretty sure I was going to like this site, the current top illustration (as of when I wrote this recommendation) was a really pretty, almost glowing one of Dino and I always love a good Dino illustration. But it only took a couple of links into the gallery to confirm this and I was kind of a little in love with the site. The illustrations aren't always perfect, but that have that certain quality of fanart that I love so much... or maybe I just find her Hibari really hot. <3 But the Hibari/Tsuna illustration on the site was beautiful and I like her take on Yamamoto/Tsuna and she did a really neat Basil and a really fantastic Gokudera a couple of times. There's a lot I skimmed over a bit, but when the artist was on? She was totally on. <3 (Some yaoi pairings, but there's more gen and there's no real theme.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - pokenaka. [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site kind of confused me a little. There were some adorable Gokudera, Tsuna, and Gokudera/Tsuna illustrations in a cute CG style, the kind that has a sort of anime-cel-style-esque coloring to it and it looked all very cute. And then there was Chrome hentai w-with tentacles. Then back to Tsuna and Gokudera being adorable and smiling happily and holding hands or lying near each other. Then topless Chrome comic. Then Gokudera and Tsuna being cute again. And the level of quality is all consistent and the artist's style is recognizable in both, it's just... I'm not used to going from one to the other so much on the same site like this. That said, the site is totally adorable and the colors are well-done and the GokuTsuna is so cute! There was even one cute Dino/Hibari illustration and you know how that puts me in a good mood. <3 I really, really liked the site, the artist has a lot of talent her lines are really clean and smooth, I look forward to more from her. <3 (Some Gokudera/Tsuna, some gen, some NSFW Chrome illustrations.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - SPUMONIC [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There are some links that I'll click on that look really interesting from the banner and then I'll find a site that's a bit disappointing. Not bad, just not as good as I'd hoped it would be. Then there are sites that are everything the banner promises and I would definitely put this one into the latter catagory, the detail and pretty coloring on this site is fantastic. Her Gokudera and Tsuna look beautiful and this is the kind of art I knew had to be out there for these two, even if it sometimes takes me awhile to find all the really good sites. There's a real level of professional quality to the art, I wouldn't be surprised if the artist did shounen ai manga or doujinshi (I haven't looked), there's a clean and smooth quality to the art that looks like she's had tons of practice. She uses these sepia tones a lot of the time that make the characters look fantastic and which also match the site beautifully, creating this really pretty overall experience with the site. ♥ (Gokudera/Tsuna, a lot of gen in the sketches section.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - JKK [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site has some really awesome TYL art, the artist's Tsuna looks fantastic and I love how much action there is in several of the illustrations and then she'll turn around and do a gorgeous one like Tsuna and Reborn lying on the ground and curling into each other. (Well, Tsuna's turning towards Reborn anyway.) The group illustrations are fantastic as well, there's a slight rough quality to them but that works for a shounen manga like this one and I also looove how the artist draws their clothes. The site might not work for everyone, but I thought it was really kinda hot. :D (Some Reborn/Tsuna, some Hibari/Tsuna, some other yaoi, some gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I swear, I'm not even deliberately looking for Gokudera/Tsuna art right now, it's just sort of falling right into my lap. I'm sure part of it is just clicking onto the right circle of fanart sites, the links pages tend to be very incestuous, but it's really, really not hurting my feelings at all. ♥ There's a sort of rough quality to this artist's style, but she works in a surprising amount of detail and is just close enough to the canon style to make it all work for me. Plus, it's not just Gokudera/Tsuna, there's also adorable art of Yamamoto holding Reborn up while Lambo clings to his leg, there's really cool Chrome in mid-fight art, there's some really interesting Mukuro art, a gorgeous one of Yamamoto, some awesome group stuff, a fantastic Mukuro/Hibari (mmm *__*), etc. While my favorite is still the Gokudera/Tsuna (and the artist's as well, I suspect), I think it's also worth visiting if you just want a variety of art to look at. <3 (Some Gokudera/Tsuna, some gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN!/Gintama - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's a certain clean quality to the art here that I really liked, largely because the art was so cute and because the lines of the artist's style are actually really quite strong. They're smooth and sure, which only get better over the course of the site as the artist settles more fully into the coloring style. The Gintama art looks almost a little like colored-pencil-esque, while the REBORN! art tends to be more CG-esque, eventually moving towards the Gintama style, I'd say. I really liked the site because I don't think there are many implied pairings, mostly it's just cute gen stuff and the artist doesn't ignore the girls of either series. ♥ I suppose you could say the one of Dino holding a drink up to Tsuna's face might be a little shounen-ai-ish, but I could read it as platonic, too. Then there's little kidlet!Mukuro dotted with blood as he holds his trident and it's really kinda pretty and creepy. And then a series of really pretty Tsuna oekaki images. And then a gorgeous one of Nagi. And so on. Sometimes I think I'd take these gen sites over pairing sites, just because I get such a warm, happy feeling over them. (No real warnings/pairings for either series, nothing I'm going to count. Well. Maybe a smidge of Gokudera/Tsuna for REBORN!, but it's really a gen site.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't know how this site will go over with others, but I really wound up rather liking it, the art was solid and decent right from the beginning and the artist improved over time. I especially like her bright colors and the way her group illustrations are really detailed and strong. In a lot of ways, they remind me of posters for the anime series and it's fun to see all the different Tsuna pairings the artist comes up with. M-my favorites are probably the Mukuro/Tsuna and Gokudera/Tsuna ones (and the Mukuro vs Gokudera for Tsuna one was really kinda great <3), but that's not really a surprise. XD You can tell the artist really likes drawing Tsuna, she does pretty well with him. (Several pairings, mostly Gokudera/Tsuna, Mukuro/Tsuna, and a smidge of Dino/Tsuna, but some gen, too.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Ala*Collete [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Between the Dragonball fusions and the super-cute Chrome art, I was rather hard-pressed not to be fond of this site right from the beginning. The site is a little off the wall, but I found I really liked that, especially when the artist put a lot of time into her illustrations and drew something very pretty. She has these light, clean CG-style colors for her Mukuro/Tsuna art and, sure, often times Tsuna is in a princess outfit or Mukuro is dressed like Sailor Venus, but that doesn't take away from how well this artist draws. Plus, who doesn't want to see Mukuro in a dress sometimes? I don't want to meet the person that doesn't. XDDD This site was just... fun. <3 (Mukuro/Tsuna, some gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Color [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It's interesting what will get me to cave on a site sometimes, I never know quite what it'll be with any given site. I was going back and forth on this one a lot until I got far enough into the gallery to stumble over a super-cute illustration of Kyouko and Haru with I-Pin, all of them in pretty dresses. It was actually really pretty fantastic, it looked a lot like early canon art and I loved the clothes. After that, I couldn't help but be won over to the artist's work, all the various characters that are drawn here--and not everything is perfect, but there's enough really cool stuff here and enough focus on the REBORN! girls as well (do you know how often that happens?) that I was impressed. (Nothing I'm going to warn for.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - BBNN [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another site that I was pretty keen on right from the beginning and yet it only took a small handful of links into the site before I was heartmarking rather violently. I'm just that weak to Dino fanart, especially when the artist uses bright, almost glowing CG colors and combines it with fine, detailed lineart. I'm almost as in love with the little details of Dino's jacket as I am with his pretty, pretty hair. ♥ The artist also does a gorgeous Mukuro and some really cute sketches and the one of Hibari in the foreground with bloody Dino (with flowers in his hand! a;ldfkjaslk;d ♥) and Mukuro crumpled on the ground in the background? Worth. It. Right. There. But it's also the immensely beautiful Mukuro/Tsuna illustration and-- well, hell, everything. I only wish there had been more art here. ♥ (....implications of several yaoi pairings, but no single theme. Some gen, too.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Robberna [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wasn't sure about this site when I first clicked onto it, I wasn't sure if I was going to recognize the characters in it, since I'm a little behind with the manga. But, well, I'd seen a Mukuro/Hibari gift art the artist had done for another site, so, what the hell. The second thought I had on entering this site was, holy crap, that was a lot of links on the gallery page! So, I started clicking. The first illustration (which was at the top of the list when I visited the site at the time of this rec) was one of Mukuro lounging against a dark blue backdrop in a matching dark blue robe. Hello, prettiness. The second was a Mukuro/Hibari non-con illustration that nonetheless was kind of seriously hot. That's about all I needed to be sold, honestly. However, the rest of the site is also really worth visiting, there's a lot of really interesting and cool art to look at (a lot <3) and she obvious likes Mukuro a lot, but there's some really cool stuff of the other characters, too. Not everything is perfect, but there are just enough that are really beautiful to make this a great site. (This site is mostly gen, but there's some occasional Mukuro/Hibari, maybe a little Mukuro/Chrome.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - AMATOU [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The current top illustration (as of when I wrote this rec) is a damn fine Mukuro/Hibari illustration, the kind that looks almost like it could pass for official art and was really kind of hot. So, I was quite curious about the rest of the gallery, to see if it would hold up to the potential of that top image. And, goddamn, that's some very fine art right there. The artist uses a lot of purples, but makes it work for the characters with dark hair or in the folds of their clothes and everything looks so smooth and professional. And, in case I haven't mentioned it enough times yet, the artist's Hibari is hot. There's not a lot here, but it's worth checking out, I think. (Maybe a smidge of Mukuro/Hibari, mostly gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - kome564 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm not sure this site is going to work for everyone, the artist definitely puts her own spin on the characters (versus making them look like the canon style), but I found that I really liked her style and I really liked the colors she uses. Also, her Gokudera is hot, her Hibari is kinda seriously hot, and even her Lambo is hot. There's not a ton of art here, but the artist gets progressively better with each illustration and some of them are really kind of stunning to look at. ♥ (Some gen, some various yaoi pairings, including Hibari/Gokudera.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - 180seconds [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm not even sure I could specifically say why I liked this site, other than that maybe the sum of the whole of the site was enough to win me over. Each illustration was well done enough that it kept me going through the site and I wound up saving pretty much everything and even a handful of them were kinda hot--Dino and Hibari leaning back against the sofa (and Dino's tattooooos~~) was especially nice. The sketches were probably my favorites, the slight rough quality of them lent that little extra something to the art to make me genuinely like it. Plus. Well. I'm weak to Dino/Hibari sites, shush. XD (Dino/Hibari, some gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - KUSO Fairytales 3.0 Rapunzel [ English Fanart Comic ] - I really sat and wondered whether I should recommend this as fic or fanart, eventually deciding on fanart, since almost all the text was shown through images. This was-- asldkal;skj, I can't decide if it's kinda creepy (considering who Mukuro is telling the story to) or totally hilarious (because it really, really is)... but mostly the latter, which is perfect for a series like REBORN!. The warped fairy tale that Mukuro is telling the kids, the people he has cast into the roles of the Rapunzel story, the little twists to make it fit the REBORN! universe, the little asides from the characters even within the fairytale, all of it is brilliantly done. Also, I love the art, it's beautifully done and tells the story so perfectly and it's actually really lovely to look at. The way the artist draws the tower or Prince Tsuna riding up to it on horseback, it's just really gorgeous all the way around. Also... yeah, LOL. ♥ (Maybe some implied Mukuro/Tsuna and other pairings, but it's probably gag more than anything.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - TONION [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The very first illustration I saw on this site was a really gorgeous one of a younger Squalo wiping blood off his face, it was very nice. The second one I saw was a b&w illustration of Bel kissing Squalo and it, too, was rather utterly gorgeous and it was right about then that I knew I was going to love this site. It's mostly Squalo-centric (and the artist does one of the most gorgeous Squalos I've seen) and some Xanxus/Squalo with a smidge of Bel/Squalo. My favorite things when it comes to the Varia. *__* And goddamn is the artist's Xanxus/Squalo hot and damn near perfect. It's-- I have a hard time saying anything about this site because it's just-- It's so pretty and a lot like canon, so there's not much to comment on. Mostly I just sort of drool on myself at the pretty. ♥ (Some Xanxus/Squalo, a little bit of Bel/Squalo and Dino/Squalo, a lot of gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Chunyo [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was unsure about this site with the first couple of links I clicked onto, it seemed very shakey and like it would take the artist awhile to improve and there weren't that many links in the gallery. But I skipped ahead and was sort of marveling over how much progress the artist made, went back, and went through the galleries properly, which I was so glad to have done. Her CG style gets really kinda good and her Squalo gets really fun to look at. There's a lot of other interesting stuff (including some well-done Dino and girl!Hibari stuff, which I actually liked), but mostly you'll want to go here for the Squalo art, which is pretty solid. (Some yaoi Squalo pairings, but none consistent enough to mention, maybe a smidge of Dino/Hibari. Some gen, too.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was enjoying this site a lot, especially since there were already, right from the beginning, some smoking hot Dino illustrations and I always approve of that. But then there was wee little kidlet Dino with Enzio perched on his shoulder and biting his finger hard enough to draw blood and it was beautifully done. I was sold from then on. The artist does a lot of group stuff or various characters--there's a real fondness for Squalo, which I seem to have gotten myself into a loop of lately, but it's not overwhelming--and there is Basil/Squalo art (and, yes, in that order <3) and Dino/Xanxus and an illustration or two for Dino/Hibari, but mostly the point of this site is some really kickass gen artwork. The Kokuyou gang stuff is especially fantastic to look at. Ooh, and anything with Lanchia in it, too! (Mostly gen, but with some occasional yaoi. There's a smidge of Dino/Hibari, Dino/Gokudera, and a good chunk of Mukuro/Ken.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Hariya [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Yet another Varia site and I'm pleasantly surprised by how many of them I've been stumbling over lately. (Or a Xanxus site with a healthy dose of Squalo and a handful of other characters, I suppose I should say. XD) The art is a little rough early on, but the more current work the artist is doing? That's some damn fine Xanxus art right there. For the most part, the site is rather gen, mostly just stand-alone character illustrations, but the sketches pages have some really hot and beautifully done sketches of Xanxus/Squalo. Mmmm. Poking around a little, you can find the Dino/Xanxus section and the artist does some very hot there as well. Very nice little site and there are even some adorable sprites! (Some gen, some Xanxus/Squalo and Dino/Xanxus.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - out of time [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Not everything on this site is perfect, but when the artist is really on her game, she draws some of the most beautiful Chrome illustrations. The colors are those light, airy blues and purples that look like jewel-tones and when the artist combines them with the delicate lines at times, they make something really lovely. It's also nice to come across a site that is focused on Chrome instead of just an image or two here and there or maybe a handful in a larger gallery, instead having a handful of other character illustrations (including a really beautiful I-Pin one) tucked away in the rest of the gallery pages. While this site is all about Chrome, with a little Mukuro/Chrome on the side, which gets really quite good later on in the gallery, it's a satisfying site all the way around. And I have to love any site that includes a small handful of Hibari/Chrome illustrations as well! ♥ (Mukuro/Chrome, some Hibari/Chrome, some other het with Chrome, a lot of gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - +005 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's not a lot of art here and it took me awhile to find the links because of the layout (the way they're white links on white background orz) but I thought it was worth it, since the artist does a lovely Mukuro. Not everything is perfect and, really, I'd be surprized if there were much more than a dozen proper images here, but I'm easy for a hot Mukuro illustration. A nice little site. :D (Some Mukuro/Tsuna, some gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Mmmm, there is some damn fine Kokuyou gang art here, especially any time the artist draws Mukuro, they look really damn gorgeous. The other characters the artist draws are very nice as well, but it's definitely those four characters (Mukuro, Chrome, Ken, and Chikusa) that are the most amazing to look at--the art is so smooth and detailed beautifully colored, which I think might just be my favorite part, the soft, almost dusky colors the artist uses for their hair and clothes. The artist's Byakuran is also really gorgeous and I could probably be won over to this pairing if there were a few more sites like this. ♥ (Some gen, some Byakuran/Mukuro.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - F.A.gency [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm not sure this site is going to work for everyone, the artist certainly has a distinctive style that can make some of the illustrations a little off (everyone looks very bony and the lines are deliberately messy), but I was so charmed by the Kokuyou gang art (since I was in a mood for them at the time of this rec) and the warm sunset colors she often used or the browns and tans mixed together and there are some fantastic details here. The further I got into the site, the more I kind of really liked the art here, it's interesting to look at and a style that works well for this artist. Plus, hey! I believe that's some very, very nice Mukuro/Hibari art there. ♥ (A lot of gen, some Mukuro/Hibari. ...or maybe it's Hibari/Mukuro?)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - tea sugar [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site is likely not going to be for everyone, I went back and forth on it myself for awhile, but what ultimately wound up winning me over was... well, the very first illustration I clicked onto with this site was a b&w sketch of Bianchi in a low-cut formal dress and the contrast was so sharp and she looked really hot. I am always delighted to find art of rarer characters, especially when the girls get to look really smoking. So, I continued through the rest of the gallery and there's some really cool, slick Reborn b&w stuff where he's got these really gorgeous slanted eyes. And then there's the b&w illustration of Haru in a low-cut dress and looking pretty damn hot as well. Which is what finally got me to cave on the site, because it was a really interesting style with characters I don't see enough of. :D (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I've been looking for more Colonello fanart lately, which is what attracted me to this site and it was kinda fun to go through it for him. The artist draws him very nicely, the art style is actually one I haven't seen as much lately, it looks a bit like... well, like, late 90s (or maybe early 00s) doujinshi style, with all the sharp lines and watercolor style coloring. That might just be the paper that the artist is drawing on, though? Since I'm not sure if they're CG or scanned in images. Well, some of them are obviously CG, like the b&w lineart of Ryohei and Colonello that looks really hot. But mostly I liked this site for the older Colonello art and the artist's kinda really hot older!Reborn/older!Colonello. Mmm. (Some gen, some yaoi pairings with Colonello.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Slowly [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site was one that I almost wandered off from, except I'd clicked on a few of the more recent illustrations and found them to be very pretty, so I kept going. Not everything here is to my particular taste, but there are a handful of illustrations that are really kinda pretty. Her Dying Will Tsuna is especially very nice and the recent older!Reborn/Tsuna looks very pretty as well. It's not going to be for everyone, but I liked that there was a variety of pairings here and that a handful of them were definitely worth the site. (Several yaoi pairings, none consistent enough to label, and some gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Kantu [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site was very hit-or-miss for me, there were a lot of illustrations that were solid, but not quite to my taste, but then immediately after that, there would be a really interesting piece of Tsuna in Dying Will mode with the colors blurred just enough to stand out or a really cool group image or an interesting Squalo/Tsuna illustration, which I don't think I'd seen more than once or twice before. So, a combination of a handful of illustrations I really liked and some rather rare pairings, made this an interesting stop in a fanart spree. (Mostly gen, some Squalo/Tsuna and some other yaoi.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's not much art here, but two things really warmed me up to the site--the artist does a really fantastic Gokudera, you can totally tell he's her favorite. She draws him especially well in color and some of the more current art is really strong! The other thing I loved about the site was that it was very Daily Life in style, just the main trio of Gokudera, Tsuna, and Yamamoto being themselves around town and making me smile. So, it's not a huge site (though, with the junk section, it's certainly getting up there), but one that was a nice little stop this aftenroon! (No real warnings/pairings.)

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