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- Bleach/Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - Orange Blossom [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site is not going to be for everyone, I imagine a lot of the appeal for me was in the Ichigo/Orihime-friendly gallery, because I really crave this pairing a lot. However, I honestly liked the adorable fanart for these two, it's a lot cuter and fluffier than I usually go for (even with Bleach in general), but they're one of the pairings that can get away with it. Plus, you know, I'm a sucker for illustrations with them hungging or holding hands, especially when Orihime is kind of really adorable. The site isn't going to win anyone over, but if you enjoy the pairing, you'll probably get something out of the site. As for the Reborn! art, it's very solid and I don't know if I'd have come here just for the illustrations for this series, but I genuinely enjoyed going through the gallery. The artist shows a lot of promise and I liked that she's drawn several of the different characters, that's always a plus in my book. :Db (Ichigo/Orihime, no real pairing themes for the Reborn! gallery.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - Rb-by [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Maybe it's a little soon for me to be looking for fanart for Reborn!, I'm only in the mid-80s at the moment. But I spent last night reading over four volumes of the manga and I desperately craved some fanart, especially if there was some hot Hibari or maybe a little Tsuna/Gokudera-friendly art. This site totally delivers on both counts (I'm not particularly attached to any pairing yet, but if I had to choose one, it'd be Tsuna/Gokudera so far), a smidge shakey in the beginning, which smooths out quickly and then gets gorgeous. The artist's Hibari is super hot, she totally does justice to that sideways slanted look in his eyes, the one that just reeks of lethal grace and deadliness and asdl;fkjaslkj yes. The colors are bright, the kind of almost glowing soft CG-style coloring that I like a lot, and the characters (who aren't Hibari or the other insane ones XD) are adorable, the diary art is kind of smoking hot, and it's just... a really good site for me to have started out with tonight. ♥ (Some Gokudera/Tsuna, a lot of gen, too.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those sites that's probably not going to appeal to a person unless you're the type that likes oekaki art a lot. (Or just really likes Gokudera a lot, since the site is focused mostly on him.) That's pretty much what this site is made up of--a bunch of pages with a lot of oekaki scribbles on them, which is something I really like and I tend to be won over by the whole of a site, where enough really cute or interesting little images can win me over even if I wasn't knocked over by any single image. Actually, I'd really have liked to have seen more of this artist doing regular images, there's a lot of potential here, I think she could do some really awesome stuff. Though, in the meantime, her oekaki art is pretty hot already. <3 (Maybe maybe a smidge of yaoi, but it's primarely a gen site.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - WARDROBE+ [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was just fiddling around with Reborn! sites, not really intending to look too seriously at anything, since I'm only on volume 11, I've only just started on the Varia storyline, so it's probably still a bit too early, but... holy crap, there was a supremely hot illustration of Mukuro on the site. And then some super-hot Varia group illustrations. And then some of Tsuna and the rest of the main cast. The art is really awesome on this site, so slick and professional looking and, man, Tsuna in hyper dying will mode in this artist's hands is also so hot. And even the oekaki/sketches look fantastic! Definitely one of the best sites I've seen so far... and has me contemplating Mukuro/Tsuna now, given the way the artist draws it. *__* (Some Mukuro/Tsuna, a little other yaoi implications, but there's a lot gen, too.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's not a whole lot of art on this site and I was initially planning to pass it by for that, despite that the art is very pretty. But the more I looked at the art on the oekaki pages, the more I was really impressed with how... well, non-oekaki they looked. Taking a look through the artist's board, her work continues to be impressive there and I was charmed just by that, if nothing else. She uses a lot of light colors, a style that's sort of somewhere between colored pencils or maybe watercolors and I really like the way it makes her art turn out. Plus, she covers a solid selection of characters and has an awesome one of Tsuna in Hyper Dying Will mode. *__* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I keep thinking that such soft, light colors (which this artist often uses) shouldn't work so well with a series like Reborn! and yet... they do. I really liked this artist's work, especially her Mukuro, you can tell how much fun she must have drawing the character. Most of the illustrations are kind of sketch-like, though, with very nice coloring, so I'll probably still keep searching for more art after I finish this site, but it was a cool little stop along the way, you know? Plus, there's kind of a lot of art tucked away on the various pages and that always helps. :D (No warnings/pairings, maybe a little Mukuro/Tsuna.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - 1691999 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was kind of in the mood for some Dino/Hibari this morning and happened onto this site, which took me all of about three illustrations to know that I really liked it. While the artist's Hibari is a little more passive/uncaring than I'd usually go for (one of the things that I liked so much about him was that he was kind of scary intense--and she does sometimes draw him looking the way I prefer, which is nice), her style is really hot and fitting for the series. There's a lot of oekaki-esque art, even in the main gallery, but that just adds to the awesomeness of her style. There's an almost rough, jagged quality to the art, which makes her Dino look totally hot and she does the occasional damn fine Mukuro as well. I liked this site a lot. (Dino/Hibari, a little other potential yaoi, some gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This artist has a very chibi-esque style to her art, which isn't something I usually see coupled with the harsher lines like she has, so... while some images weren't to my taste and the style might not work perfectly for everyone, I was enamored with several pieces the artist had done. When the artist takes a little more time with her art, you can really see the details and colors flourish, but I do have to admit some of the scribbles were pretty damn cute, too. For the most part, they look like younger versions of themselves on this site, but I found I didn't mind that so much and I... I am not opposed to the idea of Mukuro/Hibari. (Mukuro/Hibari, just enough gen that, if you step carefully, you could still enjoy the site.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - Peeco? [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The artist might start off a little shakey on this site, but she doesn't take long to get really good, combinging a lot of detail in her images and some really vivid colors. She has these smooth, clean colors that mix together really well and then draws the characters all super hot. Looking at her b&w images, you can see how clean her lines are, how sharp and attractive they are, that same style that I like so much with Reborn! art. While I came here for the Dino/Hibari art, looking at any character the artist draws is a treat because her art is so hot, there's one of Chrome that's just gorgeous, one of Tsuna and Basil that's amazing, and a lovely one of Tsuna with Mukuro and Hibari in the background. This is why I was so eager to seek out Reborn! fanart. <3 (Some Dino/Hibari, some gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was all prepared to wander away from this site, when the artist did a couple of things that caught my attention. First, she drew a really kinda hot Dino fanart with these gorgeous eyes, which I am really quite easy for. XD Second, she drew a series of chibi-esque illustrations of much of the main cast, which were so adorable and I'm also weak to art of multiple characters like that. As the site went on, I could definitely see improvement from the artist, the latest three illustrations (give or take a couple) have been getting really good, they're smoothing out and being polished up a little more, so I would really love to see more from this artist. What's here is, in the meantime, enough for a nice little fix. (Some Dino/Hibari, some gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - UTeN [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, yes, this is the kind of art I totally dig. Slick, clean, sharp lines with these pretty and vibrant colors and everything looks so pretty. Or. You know. Disturbingly hot. Like the very first image of Mukuro on this site, with the dark blue background and the lines on his face and how incredibly sharp his trident looks. Just. Yes. And every image on the site is just as gorgeous as that one (though, the one of Mukuro in chains in the water is just stunningly pretty) and I loved everything about this site. *__*<3 (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Gurren Lagann/Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - Freak-Out [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally came here for the Gurren Lagann fanart, which there actually isn't that much of, but it's got this really beautiful one of Kamina and Simon sleeping with Kamina's arm around him, and I may have totally wibbled over that. Totally worth it for that one illustration alone. But it was the Reborn! art that actually caught my attention even more, there were a lot of really cool illustrations, but it was every time the artist drew Mukuro where I was really starting to sit up and take note, he's gorgeous on this site. All the art is really solid and well-done, it's fun to see all the various Tsuna pairings, but it's totally Mukuro who's the hottest here. ♥ (Some potential Kamina/Simon, but it could be totally gen. Some Tsuna/everyone, mostly Mukuro/Tsuna, some gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - Colinoa. [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is the second site where I've been searching for Tales of the Abyss art and wound up on a completely different series. Not that I'm complaining, I've been going nuts with the Reborn! art lately as well and this site has some really cool stuff. And while the artist clearly likes Mukuro a lot (he tends to appear the most often and his illustrations are often some of the best), it's nice that there's a lot of different characters represented on the site. There's this really lovely one of Kyouko, who I almost never seen fanart of! A very nice stop for that alone. :D (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site is another example of how, while I'm not sure I could do Mukuro/Tsuna outside of fanart, the fanart itself is totally winning me over, because there's so much of it that's so pretty and so hot. I love the artist's slick, clean lines, the way she uses a CG-esque style for Mukuro's hair and the often excellent backgrounds and kickass poses. Nothing everything on the site blows me away, but there's enough that are outstand and everything is a certain level of quality, that I was impressed with the site. Because, well, those junk sketches? Very nice. :9 (Mukuro/Tsuna, but worth it for the Mukuro stand-alones/gen if you don't mind scrolling.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - Anxious Color [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I went back and forth on this site for awhile, I was just about ready to leave, still going through the last several pages of art on the site, when... I don't know. The artist has all this potential when she really concentrates on drawing something well, there are a handful of illustrations on the site that just look awesome. And while some still look a little off, the later illustrations really have shown a lot of progress. The colors are slick and great looking as well, so I eventually caved on recommending this site. It's one I'd like to keep in mind for future reference. :D (Some Yamamoto/Hibari, a little Mukuro/Chrome, a lot of gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - Beating of Colors [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I immediately took to this site because of the warm pastel colors, they made everything look just so very pretty. The basic lineart is solid enough, it might have been enough to catch my eye even. But it's definitely the artist's use of all these soft, hazy, almost glowing colors that just makes the art for me. Everything is just so super-cute and I love how much I just want to scoop them all up in a hug and carry them around with me forever. The stylization totally works for me here and I love the site tons already. ♥ (....nothing I'm going to warn for.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - [ Korean Fanart Site ] - I was randomly linkhopping and I don't even remember how I got onto a circle of Korean art sites, much less on Reborn! Korean art sites (I was looking at Gurren Lagann fanart) but I'm really glad I did. I have a great, great fondness for that Korean style of art (which is hard to describe, you'll know what I mean if you've seen it before), especially with manga characters. In a lot of ways, it feels kinda shoujo-esque, which you wouldn't think would work for a character like Hibari, but the style still manages to keep those intense eyes of his and the messy hair, so it delights me. And I love the pastel colors that the artist uses often times and her Dino is so hot, it totally makes up for there not being a lot of art on the site. It's actually more of a WJ variety site, but only with Reborn! is there enough to count for a rec, I feel. Also, there's the most adorable Reborn! chibis ever on this site, so it gets the rec, the end. XD (Some Dino/Hibari, some gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - KJ [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's not a whole ton of art here, but at least there's a solid amount, which I mostly only complain about because I would really like to have seen more from this artist. There's a feel from her art that's very much like the canon source, which I didn't realize for a little while at first because the artist resizes her images on the page, making them look very aliased. When I viewed them at their regular size, the lines smoothed out considerably and the art looked terrific. My favorites were the Dino/Hibari illustrations of course, but the artist does a really fantastic Tsuna and some great Hibari stand alones as well. Very worth the trip here. (Some Dino/Hibari, maybe some Hibari/Tsuna, some gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - 5knot [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - After the last few days, my brain is starting to be unable to process it all and threatening to leak out my ears, so the last thing I should be doing is looking at more Reborn! fanart. And yet I cannot help myself as the art on this site is so hot, the artist does Hibari and Mukuro both amazingly well. A lot of the art is b&w or with only minimal color, so you can see how intense and sharp her lines are, a style that suits Reborn! as a series, but especially Hibari and Mukuro since the artist favors those two. Some of the Mukuro illustrations especially are just gorgeous and even the oekaki is hot, I couldn't stop paging through the site to find every last piece of art, this is the kind of site that's the reason I'm so hooked on j-fanart. ....a-also that one Dino/Hibari illustration didn't hurt my feelings at all. ♥ (....nothing I'm going to warn for.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's not a whole lot of art here, but the handful that is here is really quite lovely. Some of the early ones are nice, but it's after the artist has put up a few, after she's had some time to practice that she gets really good. The Mukuro/Tsuna illustrations can be just gorgeous, the one of Tsuna leaning back into Mukuro, the gold fire that surrounds them, it's just... really impressive. The artist also draws a damn fine Hibari, all harsh, intense lines that works so well with his character. So, it's not a very large site, but it's worth a quick trip through, some of the art is really damn fine. (Some Mukuro/Tsuna, some other, some gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site is interesting. It's... the style is a little different from what I usually go looking for/what I usually see, it's sort of a different take on the characters, not exactly a redesign, but... there's a very strong sense of the artist's style on them. I think I like it a lot. It's sort of really cool to see Hibari with a hawk on his arm or the older form of Colonello, who looks fantastic with this artist. I also love her Dino, especially when he's riding a motorcycle and he's got all this messy hair around his face and he's smiling just a little and... somehow--and I'm entirely sure why, just that it's so--this artist really charmed me. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn - nappy! [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This artist's style is not one I would want to see all of the time, but once in awhile it's really kind of a nice break from all the other fanart I've been inhaling lately. It works especially well with characters like Xanxus and Squalo, the rough, long lines and lack of coloring very fitting for this pairing. Squalo especially looks interesting on this site, I love the way the artist draws his hair. I love how very little on this site seems nice, it's all mean or angry or kinda crazy, which is the perfect tone for these two, especially Squalo. It's also interesting to see the artist's take on the rest of the characters, she got most of the main characters at some point on the oekaki pages, I especially liked her Gokudera. Very cool little site. (Xanxus/Squalo, some gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - A Hibari/Ryouhei site is really not something I expected to find, at least not something that looks as beautiful as this site does. I was initially intrigued by the stand alone stuff with several of the main characters, the art's a little shakey at first but the artist quickly gets better. And then the Ryouhei/Hibari stuff is gorgeous. The one of them tangled up in ribbons is very nicely done, but I think I love the chibis of Ryouhei, Kyouko, and little pissy Hibari being dragged along as they run even more. Just. as;ldfkjalskj so cute! ♥ I... I would also totally do a Ryouhei/Hibari/Kyouko trio at least once. At least by this artist. Also, the oekaki are interesting to look at and make it so that there's a decent amount of art on the site. I had fun. <3 ....also, I may have loved the little oekaki images of Dino, Squalo, Bel and his brother as little kids in school together and being utter little mafia brats. XDDD (Ryouhei/Hibari, some other yaoi, some gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - primaries [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know what's another thing I never expected to see much of, much less draw all pretty like on this site? Basil fanart. A lot of them are really just more sketches than regular fanart illustrations, but Basil looks very much recognizable as himself and the artist uses a lot of warm, gold-esque colors and I'm weak to that sort of thing. And I probably would have been all wibbly on the site anyway, just from the sketch of Basil resting in bed while Iemitsu comes to check on him. And, hell, the Dino/Basil is kinda cute, too, and the Basil/Tsuna illustrations are very sweet to look at. I just quietly enjoyed this site. (Some Dino/Basil, some Basil/Tsuna, possible Iemitsu/Basil...?--I'm choosing to interpret it as gen--some other, some gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I have a great fondness for art sites that use the CG style well, especially when the colors are really vivid and sharp to match the pointy lines and the artist does a very nice Tsuna in Hyper Dying Will mode, where his eyes and the fire are practically glowing. He looks so hot that way. And there's a gorgeous Chrome illustration here, too. And I like the way the artist's Dino/Hibari looks as well, all that messy, sharp hair, the vivid yellows and blacks and purples used for these characters. The clothes look so sharp and clean as well and the b&w sketches show off the pretty lines from the artist, especially on Hibari who looks just gorgeous, you can just tell how much the artist really likes the character. There's a solid amount of art here and it's one of the better ones I've been to lately for this pairing, I think. Also, I may have lol'd at the image of Dino with his arm around Hibari to hold him in place while he forcibly shoves the Vongola ring onto his hand while Hibari looks pissy. Or Dino leaning over to read over Hibari's shoulder, while Hibari casually stabs his hand with a pen. It's the little things sometimes. ♥ (Some Dino/Hibari, some other, but there's more gen art than anything else.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - giggle [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Sometimes I get a little sadfaced when art sites only have b&w illustrations (or at least very few with color in them), but other times there are artists who do these amazingly sharp and brilliantly contrasted b&w images that I end up thinking that color would just ruin them, they're perfect as they are. It especially works with characters like Hibari and Mukuro, those two who both have such sharp edges and that glossy black hair, and that certain intensity to them. There's not a ton of art here, but I love the site anyway, it does them both so well, so hot, really. Though, you can find more (and a lot of hot gen art) in the oekaki section, which was v. v. nice, yes. (Mukuro/Hibari, some gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site has some very nice CG-style coloring and designs, which the artist is pretty good at. Maybe not perfect, but I liked the art right from the beginning and it only helped when I got into the Gokudera/Tsuna art, the artist does an especially canon-style Tsuna. However, her group art, especially the one of Hyper Dying Will Tsuna with the Varia in the background looks fantastic. The art only gets better with time and it wound up being a really nice, solid site for the pairing and for Reborn! in general. (Gokudera/Tsuna, Xanxus/Squalo, a smidge of gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn/D.Gray-man - HYS [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, now, this site is just cool, I love the style that's almost messy, where the illustrations almost look indestinct a lot of the time, but it creates this really kinda cool stylized feel to the images. Plus, you know, it helped that one of the first images I saw was Chrome and Tsuna leaning against each other and I... it's not that I ship them so much as I thought the idea would be cute for a couple of seconds. Then the site followed that up with some fantastic Hyper Dying Will mode Tsuna illustrations and then with some pretty Gokudera/Tsuna. The style is slightly rough, but it just makes the art look hotter, I felt and the comics are especially hot, especially the Gokudera/Tsuna moments. The DGM fanart is in much the same style, it starts out with some really cool, slick, almost glowing colors in these really intriguing concepts, almost like paintings of the characters and reflections of themselves, and the followed it up with some lovely shippy stuff and Lee siblings art. ♥ A cool little site. (Some Gokudera/Tsuna, some Mukuro/Chrome, some gen for KHR. Some Allen/Rinali, some Kanda/Rinali, some gen for DGM.)

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