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- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Fancomic - Squalo/Tsuna, "prom night" by hehe_05 - I have enjoyed this artist/author's fic/art so much already, so I click on pretty much anything when I see her posting again and this little comic might have a strange pairing (which is what first got my attention, because I was really curious about that) but I LOL'd so hard during this. It's adorable art combined with a surprising amount of little gags/touches worked into practically every panel and has a truly beautiful ending. I'm in love all over again. Her Squalo is so great. (Squalo/Tsuna, maybe a little other.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Fancomic - To The End of the World by Rweon - This is a multi-page Dino/Hibari fancomic about Dino chasing Hibari all over the place and it's just... it's simple, but it's got cute gags, really adorable art, great use of Hibari's cloud element and little extra chibi faces and a really nice layout of the panels. But mostly it was the ending that made me laugh, the final page is perfect and this is exactly why I love the D18 fandom. ♥ (Dino/Hibari.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Fancomic: untitled by festivewind - This isn't going to be for everyone, Hibari is a little too of the "Iyaaaaa~" variety to be truly IC, but! What makes this work for me is that that is deliberate, so it's this totally cracked out semi-parody fan doujinshi that is SUPER HILARIOUS. Seriously, Enzio and Hibird alone are worth the read alone (oh god Enzio's expressions and body language), because I was giggling the whole way through and then. asd;lfjkaslkjfffffff the ending, seriously, that's the greatest thing ever. Plus, the art is really pretty and the artist is totally lying when she says she can't draw Dino/Hibari. *___* (Dino/Hibari, and I'd give this a solid R rating, so it's not really quite safe for work.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Fancomic: untitled by festivewind - Honestly, I clicked on this because of the pairing (Dino and Fuuta?) and I was curious, but also because I've liked this artist's work any time I've seen it, she's amazingly talented. I did not expect something this incredibly... well, it's gorgeous, at first glance (before I saw the artist's name), I assumed it was a doujinshi scanslation, because it was so beautifully done. Dino is just. Dino is so incredibly smoking hot in this and the level of detail is amazing and oh my god his hair and his clothes and his tattoos and just. as;ldfkjaslkjaljffffffffff so hot. Fuuta is gorgeously drawn as well and the story is... it's actually really pretty good, too! It's got little moments of humor, the banter between Dino and Fuuta (TYL, of course) is spot-on and, oh man the sex is beautifully drawn. Just. Man, I love this fandom and the treasures it gives us. ♥ (TYL!Dino/Fuuta, totally NC-17 material here.)

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