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- Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - The Tigers Come At Night by cerepan - I don't know how to explain why I liked this fic. There's something about it, it's very... I don't know. Stylized, perhaps. It pretty much throws you into the action in medias res, having an almost whimiscal sort of narration for a rather outlandish plot. Which is what makes it work for me, if Mukuro's illusions as a trap for Dino had been told in a more straightforward manner, I don't think I would have liked this as much, except this fic somehow both... it made me laugh and it was kind of really hot and Hibari was suitably violent and... it was kind of all over the place, but deliberately so. The little comments could have almost derailed the fic off its track, but instead I wound up laughing at all the right moments, the little asides from the characters added to the fic rather than taking away from it. This was fun. And kind of really hot. Mmm. (Dino/Hibari, maybe a little bit Mukuro/Hibari if you want to see the implications that way, a hard R or so.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - Hit the Ground Running by picnicbird - This is another story that just sort of drops you right into the middle of the story about Dino and Hibari doing a hit, but because it's a short moment in time sort of fic, I found that worked for me. The author's take on the characters is really lovely, Hibari is violent and aggressive, while Dino is still a member of the mafia and yet much more patient and warm, the two of them balancing each other out/being foils for each other works very well here. I love this fic because it's almost sort of... cute and sweet, except in that Dino/Hibari sort of way, so it's a weird sort of... uh, sweet. XDDD (Dino/Hibari.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - untitled by kasugai_gummie - Perhaps there is something about the Dino/Hibari pairing that lends them well to dropping them into the middle of a scene (another hit they're working together on), which might just be because they work well with that sort of storyline. There's such antagonism and yet lingering respect underneath the aggression between them, it makes for something hot as hell, especially when they're in a darkened alleyway while on the run from the local police and Hibari is still so Hibari even while Dino's trying to have a little common sense. There's something hard and intense about these two, it's really fantastic. (Dino/Hibari.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - Princess Hibarin Likes His Tea by kasugai_gummie - Normally, I'm not that one much for princess-ifying characters (there are occasional exceptions) and certainly not a character like Hibari. But I read the beginning of the fic anyway and fl;asdkalksj jesus christ that was hot as hell. He's still so Hibari, he's so aggressive and dangerous and intense, even while being a Yakuza Princess and the entire scene is just... perfect and hot as hell. ♥ (Dino/Hibari.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - Zelophilia by Enkidu - As I mentioned in a previous rec, Mukuro/Hibari is something I saw in the manga, of course, but never really sought out, as by the time I was entering into fandom, I was far more interested in Dino/Hibari, but after reading some of these fics... there's so much of that same harsh intensity between these characters, the way I could believe they would actually keep Hibari's attention long enough for something to happen. Or pin Hibari down long enough to make him pay attention. Between the implications of Dino/Hibari here (which were hot as hell, too) and the implications of what Mukuro was going to attempt to do to Hibari, how creepy and disturbing and hot those implications were, just... mmm, yes. I am going to be spoiled as hell by this kink meme's responses. (Dino/Hibari, Mukuro/Hibari, Mukuro/Hibari/Dino?)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Through the Clouds by Lishy - Dino/Hibari is not a pairing that I would have associated with fluff, but I like this fic and I think what really makes it work is... the thoughts that float through Hibari's head aren't ones that he shows visibly, when you look at the content of these scenes, Hibari is his usual uncommunicative (well, mostly XD) self, he still doesn't show things on the outside, so even if he's thinking something else, the author makes it work here. The use of the elements/symbols, both the clouds and the sun, are effective here without being overdone, and it's just... it's the Dino/Hibari version of sweet. ♥ (Dino/Hibari.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Whip Play by Enkidu - Dino/Hibari is a pairing that really lends itself to something harsher, something not nice at all, and this is the kind of fic that really makes me... I mean, Hibari's kind of asexual in the manga itself, so there's a bit of a challenge to pair him up with someone (not that I'm not willing to go the extra mile to help an author out, mind) but this fic... Dino is Dino and Hibari is intensely Hibari, hating to be given anything less than Dino's full power, knowing damn well that Dino's holding back, unable to stop until he physically can't get up anymore, all quiet burning anger, while Dino is trying to make him stronger. The use of Dino's whip in this fic is... it's just that side of kink, which is kind of perfect, it's not too much, but it's a really good use for it. Mmm, this was very, very nice. (Dino/Hibari, somewhere around an R rating.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Small Talk by kasugai_gummie - This fic is only just barely over 200 words, which always makes me a little wary when I'm looking for something a little longer/more satisfying, but I figured at least it wouldn't take long to read. This fic really didn't need to be any longer (nor did it feel that short at all), it's a perfect little moment in time, humorous and the characters are so very much themselves and then the ending packing one hell of a punch, so much like the Reborn! series itself. I love the use of coffee in this fic and the picture the author sets as Dino and Hibari simply talk. (Dino/Hibari implied?)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - untitled by lawnmowerpants - I'm not sure how the idea of Hibari smoking a joint really sits with me, even after reading the fic, but... well, if I were going to believe it, it would be in a fic like this. Which is less of a backhanded compliment than I mean it to be, simply that we have different fundamental views, but that I thought the fic's writing was lovely and pulled off what the author was achieving, especially since it seems to have had the structure that would work well in doujin form. (And I do think this would work well as a doujinshi.) The writing is really lovely, there's an almost lazy sense to it, something almost languid in the writing and the imagery and the way they flow together. Dino and Hibari's interaction is fantastic. (Dino/Hibari, somewhere around an R rating, NSFW for drugs/sex implications.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Symphony by nymous_fic - I'm not even sure what to say about this fic, it was just so... it was so much of everything that Dino/Hibari should be. It's everything that attracted me to this pairing, Dino's sunny attitude and laughing and being kind of really screwed up underneath that and someone who is still too young to have seen/done everything he has and yet the author never has to say any of that, Hibari who is violent and stubborn and intense and dangerous and who has all these razor sharp edges, to the point where sometimes I wonder how they can work. But this author manages it somehow, admist all the biting and blood and fighting, somehow makes them work as a pairing. It's got all the right details, Dino's amusement and Hibari's biting aside, even the amazingly hot very light porn (it's been awhile since something that's approximately an R rating has done as much for me as an NC-17 fic), that the fic feels fully-realized, right down to the kinds of food they eat and the use of Italian words. It's just. It's fantastic and makes me never need another Dino/Hibari fic again and yet want more fic all at the same time. Just. Yes. This is one of those must-read Dino/Hibari fics even if you're not really that fond of them as a pairing. (Dino/Hibari, R-rated content or so.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - untitled by kasugai_gummie - And if I'm growing fonder of Mukuro/Hibari, it only makes it that much more intriguing when it's a combination of Dino/Hibari/Mukuro. I love this Hibari, I love how... almost routine it is to fight against Mukuro, to almost have a schedule for it and when Dino is waiting to bandage him up, and then maybe turn it the other way around. And yet it never loses that quality of being unable to be tamed that Hibari has, that stubborn, violent nature he has. Very nice. (....maybe a little Mukuro/Hibari and Dino/Hibari, but it could be almost gen, too.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - filling in the spaces by forochel - So, I was browsing Mei's Reborn! pimp post (which she posted a few months ago and I mourn that I didn't get to flail at her over it, because it was great fun) and she had linked this fic and, oh, hey, it was a Dino/Hibari fic I hadn't yet read! Not that it was actually Dino/Hibari, it was UST at most, something that could have happened in the manga itself, which is actually what I liked about it. The characterizations were lovely, Dino is both capable mafia boss and grinning idiot, Hibari is both blood-thirsty violent little bastard and something else, and they fight each other and Hibari almost respects Dino and Dino is clearly fond of Hibari and it's just... yessss. Dino/Hibari bloody fight in an alley right before the fights for the rings start. I'll probably not get tired of that for a long time yet. (Dino/Hibari, except it could be totally gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - INTO THE FUTURE-! by forochel - It took me a minute to get the ending of this one, but once I did, it was really kind of great. This is just a short little scene, set in the future and Hibari is training Tsuna--which is so much fun for Tsuna, really, but his mental thought process while he's trying to dodge Hibari's attacks are fun--a short moment in time, but when Dino shows up, it gets even more delightful. There are several good lines in this one and I had a lot of fun reading it. (....not really any pairings? But you could read Dino/Hibari into it?)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Untitled Sunshine by midnightdiddle - This was a great little short ficlet between Dino and Hibari, where they're just so delightfully themselves. I love the use of sunshine with this pairing, specifically how Dino does kind of have such a sunny personality (though, that's not the point of this fic), but more that Hibari is so very not a sunshiney type of person. He's a cold person, but Dino doesn't mind, even if that means that his efforts are going to be rewarded in exactly the way that this fic ended. Which, by the way, was hilariously perfect. (Dino/Hibari.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - untitled by unlock - I think what really made me like this fic was the accompanying cosplay picture of Dino and Hibari from the fic and how much I just had to smile at it. The fic itself is cute and fun, it's a short little thing about Dino trying to convince Hibari into something that maybe might be a lot of fun. Y'know. For Dino. XD (Some Dino/Hibari.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Omniscient Yellow Fluff by cerepan - Okay. It only took me about 3/4ths of a page of reading this fic before I burst into choking laughter because the author does a beautiful wind up to a joke, paces it perfectly, and then delivers the humorous punchline, even in a fic that's not really ABOUT setting up the funny moments! Well, maybe it was a little. But the hilarity still just about had me shrieking with laughter throughout the fic and just-- Mukuro posesses Hibird to spy on its owner and oh my god, my flailing love for this fic is incoherent. From Hibari's role in the fic to the personality that Hibird showed to Mukuro's warped sense of romance to Dino's cameo appearances to just-- everything. I wish I could be more coherent about this, I wish I could write an actually intelligent rec. I love this fic too much to do so, though. It reminds me of EXACTLY why I ship Mukuro/Hibari, too. ♥ (Primarily Mukuro/Hibari, but some Dino/Hibari implications.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Parenthetical by nymous_fic - I've been looking at a boatload of Dino/Hibari art lately, but it's been a few days since I've read fic for them and neither one is quite the same as the other. Then this fic was posted and I practically lit up because I've liked the author's work so much already and upon reading it, it was... this is why I love Dino/Hibari right here. Hibari being so pissy and violent and furious, Dino being so cheerful and acting like an idiot even when he's not, and they are so fantastic together. Hibari threatening to smother Dino with his own pillow, Dino just taking this in stride, and somehow they don't quite kill each other. The writing is so sharp and so fantastic, the dialogue is clever and brilliant, the characterization, the seriousness of their situations even under the hilariousness of the surface tone, the crackling chemistry between these two characters, it's all there. Even the hints of the two of them touching each other are on fire hot. I almost don't even know if I need porn after this fic. (Wait, that's a lie. I need porn for them, plz.) Awesome, awesome fic. (Dino/Hibari.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - from the darkness by Jennifier D. - I've been waiting to read this fic until I'd read enough of the manga that I wouldn't be caught too unaware by the spoilers (if you have an idea of the arc after the Varia arc, then you should be all right, I think?) and I think I was far enough to finally read this one. I've been kind of dying to get at it, because the author has this really lovely way with words, something that's very elegant and wonderful to read, her characterization of them here is fantastic. Even ten years later, Hibari is still such a violent brat, even as he's matured. Dino is the same sunny personality with the underlying steel that you can't miss, even when he's so good at being bright and cheerful. Their interaction, even as Dino simply goes to Hibari to give him a warning and, later that night, somehow they still end up together, is fantastic, it has that same electric spark that they should always have. Mmm, I definitely loved this. (Dino/Hibari.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Bottle by sinistera - It feels like aaaaaages since I've read any Dino/Hibari (not that I'm complaining about the awesome stuff the fandom has been putting out) and this is just a short little thing, but it's... it's a moment between fighting/training on the roof of Namimori High, down to their last bottle of water because they've been fighting so long, and it's-- it's just a typical moment for these two and I liked it for that. The writing is clean and has that almost ragged sense of fighting between these two, even as Hibari lays on the ground exhausted and Dino's not that much better off. And then the ending. It's just. Of course. ♥ (Dino/Hibari.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Warfare by sinistera - ...o-okay. This isn't even a hundred words long, there's no way I should be recommending it properly. B-but, I cracked up so hard... ;__;♥ It's somehow perfect. XDDD (Dino/Hibari.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Instinct by sinistera - What I like about this short little fic (so very short, but!), aside from the very nice imagery the author presents, the violence and lethal grace of it, is the way she took Dino from calling him "Hibari" to "Kyouya" in this fic, it's an interesting look and kind of a really hot moment. (Dino/Hibari.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Hallucinogen by sinistera - What I liked about this story is that Hibari never loses that sharp, dangerous edge, that incredible force of will that isn't so much determination as it is pure, simple knowledge of what he's going to accomplish, but he also can't quite get the image of Dino out of his mind, all that blond hair and the way Dino might touch him. It's half about the amazingly hot picture these two would make and half about the want/the entanglements they have with the rest of the cast. (Dino/Hibari.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Clover by sinistera - I think this might just be my favorite fic of the author's yet. When Dino picks up a wounded little bird and gives it to Hibari, who watches it carefully, and he has to try very, very hard not to laugh, I was sold. I lvoe that the fic made me want to laugh even as Hibari continued to be a scary, violent bastard, the Dino/Hibari dynamic here is fantastic and just! asldfjalskjdlj Hibari and birds! Dino watching and trying not to laugh at how cute it is! Hibari reacting as Hibari is wont! Clean and smooth and funny writing! I'm disgustingly in love again. ♥ (Dino/Hibari.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Bottle 2 by sinistera - [Note: This fic probably won't make as much sense if you haven't read Bottle first.] I really liked what this fic said and didn't say, how Romario is hesitant to leave his boss even just to go get water because he remember what happened last time (which was totally lol) and how it doesn't need to be said how much Dino's men love him right back. But it's also the quiet moment of something between Dino and Hibari at the end, the teasing tone on the surface, with a little something more underneath. It's very nice how much can be put into such a short fic. ♥ (Dino/Hibari.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - KUSO Fairytales 4.0 The Long Haired Princess, Story 1 by hehe_05 - Oh, god, as if I weren't enjoying this story enough already, the author goes and puts Dino/Hibari in there? There aren't enough heartmarks in the world for my delight at this particular moment. I mean. The way it's told in the style of a fairy tale, right down to a King of the Birds which is so fantastic, and the illustrations lending to that same fairy tale style, while still being so very REBORN!, continues to be awesome. (And, god, the little chibi comics at the end are so priceless that I could probably only truly convey my delight through a lot of keyboard mashing.) The Dino/Hibari interaction is fantastic here, they are both still very much themselves, still very true to the spirit of their characters, and, um. Dino being forced to tie Hibari down to the bed was... well, maybe not precisely hot (since that wasn't the intention), but it was certainly quite intriguing and I would like to see more of this from the author. Y-yes. Oh, and have I mentioned that I love Hibird? And that the Dino/Hibari comics at the end are the most lolarious thing I've seen all day? Because they ARE, omgggg. XDDDD (Dino/Squalo, Dino/Hibari. Some Mukuro/Tsuna in the end comics.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Warmth by IcedCandy - What makes this fic work for me is a couple of things--I read this during the Christmas season, so the cold snow outside and the desire for warmth with the rest of your family is something that was bound to make me a little weaker than usual. Second, even when Hibari is melting and being surprisingly warm-hearted (or at least starting to be), he's still bitey and thinking about ways to murder Dino and bury his body so no one will find it. (At least for the most part, I'm not quite sure the revised ending works for me as well?) The writing is clean and smooth, it was easy to read and to picture the whole thing in my head (it brought to mind some of the doujinshi I've been reading lately, actually) and I really liked this a lot. Oh, I've become so addicted to this pairing, so fics like this help keep me strung out happy. ♥ (Dino/Hibari.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - untitled by templated - This is a series of Dino/Hibari ficlets and they were all very solid and very cute. I'm actually becoming rather fond of fics posted like this, a series of short scenes based around various prompts, because they show off different facets of a character or relationship. I especially like the author's Dino, who is bright and sunny without being stupid, who still has all this power and intelligence wrapped up in him, even when it's not at all the point of the fic. Plus, her Hibari is properly bitchy and violence-prone. I ask for little more from fandom. ^_~ (Dino/Hibari.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - One Year Itch by scuttlebuttincx - [ part 01 - part 02 - part 03 - part 04 - part 05 ] - Admittedly, there are some inaccuracies in the fic that set off my overly nitpicky side (Dino being bad at accounting here when it was he who saved the Cavallone family financially, etc.), but overall... it's a long, multiplart D18 fic that keeps them in character, the fic rolls right along, and Hibari is suitably bitey and and Dino is suitably sunny and pushy. ♥ The use of Japanese culture lightly clashing with Italian culture is nicely done, it doesn't overwhelm the fic, but it definitely lightly highlights what different worlds they come from, even when they have so much in common and are moving towards something together. And it's just full of delightful moments--ANY TIME Dino calls or texts Hibari, it's pure awesome, any time they fight, it's really kinda super hot, and ANY TIME they finally start to get somewhere, OF COURSE something interupts them--just so much fun. I love that this fic is taking it's time, I love how satisfying it is, and I really like the author's take on the characters. Especially after the recent semi-drought of Dino/Hibari fanworks, this has been a real treasure to read, one of the few fics that isn't just a short little ficlet, it's a real story, probably well on its way to almost 20,000 words by now. *__* More now, plz. (Dino/Hibari.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - KUSO Fairytales 4.0 The Long Haired Princess, Story 4 by hehe_05 - I am still rather disgustingly in love with this series of stories because it works in all these different feelings of various fairy tales, yet still stays true to the spirit of the REBORN! universe and I still love love love the art. I love the progression of the Dino/Hibari relationship in this chapter as well, the way Dino slow gets Hibari to trust him, the way there's obviously something going on with Hibari that I'm genuinely anticipatory about finding out, the way the author even manages to work in their fights with each other. But it's also the super-LOL-worthy extra chibi comics at the end which are priceless. I honestly don't know if I liked them or the fic better. XDDDD♥ (Some Dino/Hibari, some Dino/Squalo.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - The New Routine by izkariote - This fic isn't precisely Dino/Hibari, but I was attracted here because of the list of characters (Hibari, Dino, Romario and Kusakabe) and I think D18 fans would enjoy it, too, but it's actually about something even kinda cooler--a look at Romario and Kusakabe's views on their bosses and the way they clash against each other and how they support their bosses in their own ways. I love the sense of... something so very like routine with them, even when things get so very crazy with those two. XDDD (This is gen, but Dino/Hibari fans may enjoy it as well.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Metamorphosis by Lorelei DiAngelo - I do find this author's Dino to be a little off, he's a bit more hesitant around Hibari and unsure of himself than I've found (or unmatched for Hibari? which went against why I thought Reborn had Dino be his tutor), but it's also set from Dino's perspective, which makes it more difficult, because we've seen very little of what's really going through the character's head. But maybe it just stands out more to me because the rest of the fic is so smooth and easy to read and it compares Hibari to Romulus, holy crap, that was a stroke of genius right there. (Or maybe I just have a different view than the author, which is entirely possible.) I liked the sense of lurking danger within Hibari, he didn't say much, but when he did there was almost a violent sort of eloquence to him, the use of his usual catchphrases didn't sound silly at all here, they sounded fantastic. The writing is clean and smooth, I just sailed right on through this three thousand word piece without hardly realizing how fast I was going, and there's just... the author has a certain something, she could be a fantastic writer for this fandom. I came away from this fic really impressed and wanting more D18 all over again, the mark of a well-written story for me. (Dino/Hibari, some R-rated content.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN!: Creativity Isn't a Sin by aesher - In a way, I read this fic almost like a doujinshi from this fandom or something that's meant to be silly instead of serious, so I wound up really liking it. Normally, the idea of Hibari viciously playing with his dessert to make horrible little sculptures wouldn't be something I would easily see, but... I was just in the right frame of mind for this, I guess. Plus, the author really kept up Hibari's dangerous aura and Dino's surprisingly laid-back non-reaction (yet not unnoticing) to it, which felt just right to me. XD (Dino/Hibari implied?)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN!: Bad Boyfriend by sinistera - You know, there are pairings where I try to pretend that I always want some plot with the smut, because I like plot as much as the next fangirl. But then there are pairings like Dino/Hibari where plot is wonderful and I crave it, but they are so smoking hot around each other that I totally just want porn, too. And so this came along at just the right time for me, Dino and Hibari and some really, really lovely imagery. Hibari in kimono is something I always love and I don't blame Dino for pouncing, I really liked this author's Dino a lot, there's a sunny attitude to him, but you see glimpses of the something not-quite-as-nice underneath that we only barely get touched on in the manga itself. Plus, I love that Hibari never really stops fighting, because that's what Hibari does. Just. Mmm, nice. ♥ (Dino/Hibari, a light NC-17 or so.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN!: Unrequited Animosity by theburningempty - Oh, this was a fantastic little piece. I never know quite what to expect from new authors, but I was lured in by the promise of Dino/Hibari and this was... there was something so delicious about the Hibari characterization here. The intensity and the violence and the anger and the perfect order of the way he sees everything, slowly crumbling because Dino is just being Dino. What the author really does spectacularly is to weave together Hibari's characterization (which I loved so, so much here) and the undercurrents of what's happening with him, you realize what's happening, but the author never has to really say it, it's just there. You feel it. And, oh, man, the ending lines just got me. What a beautiful build-up and breathtaking little fic. *__* (Dino/Hibari.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN!: SPIN by theburningempty - This is a take on Dino/Hibari that I don't often see (not that I've been paying enough attention to the REBORN! fandom lately, mind), something that's a little closer to... mm, realism, I guess? If you can use that word at all for a series like REBORN!, I mean. It's got the same intensity that the previous fic had, there's something rather painful about the way these two interact and how their futures unfold, the way certain things seem pretty damn inevitable. What I really liked is the way the fic ended, it wasn't exactly a happy ending, but it was an interesting one and certainly not a cop-out. (Dino/Hibari.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN!: Grief Management by pollinia - Sometimes this fandom makes me actually happy, sometimes it still sort of marvels me that there's more than one or two Dino/Hibari fics that are this damned good. But if it wants to keep giving me fic like this, I'm not going to complain. Because this was just. It's another one of those fics that hit on the dynamic between these characters in a way that was breathtakingly intense and spot on, the way Hibari reacts to Dino's disappearance, the way he searches for any hint of him in a way that seems almost half-hearted, but that's not really it at all, is beautifully done. Hibari is a difficult character to get a handle on, because he's so... very much what he is, he's very straight forward and yet there's such a fine, precise balance of various facets of his personality there. This fic is fantastic for that (and Dino's characterization in the background, even!) and just. I can't imagine the TYL storyline having gone any other way now. The distant-yet-not dynamic hit me too exactly right. (Dino/Hibari, I'd rate this a light R at most.)

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