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- Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - The Tigers Come At Night by cerepan - I don't know how to explain why I liked this fic. There's something about it, it's very... I don't know. Stylized, perhaps. It pretty much throws you into the action in medias res, having an almost whimiscal sort of narration for a rather outlandish plot. Which is what makes it work for me, if Mukuro's illusions as a trap for Dino had been told in a more straightforward manner, I don't think I would have liked this as much, except this fic somehow both... it made me laugh and it was kind of really hot and Hibari was suitably violent and... it was kind of all over the place, but deliberately so. The little comments could have almost derailed the fic off its track, but instead I wound up laughing at all the right moments, the little asides from the characters added to the fic rather than taking away from it. This was fun. And kind of really hot. Mmm. (Dino/Hibari, maybe a little bit Mukuro/Hibari if you want to see the implications that way, a hard R or so.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - untitled by kasugai_gummie - Mukuro/Hibari jumped out at me while reading the manga (how could it not?) but it's never been my favorite pairing. I don't mind it, but it didn't really catch me. As I was reading this Reborn! kink meme drabble dump, though, I figured, why not. And this is a powerful little ficlet, Hibari's fury and Mukuro's casual lethal grace, combined with sakura petals all around them, it's an intense moment that comes off as exactly what it should be--creepy and yet somehow still hot. (Mukuro/Hibari.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - Zelophilia by Enkidu - As I mentioned in a previous rec, Mukuro/Hibari is something I saw in the manga, of course, but never really sought out, as by the time I was entering into fandom, I was far more interested in Dino/Hibari, but after reading some of these fics... there's so much of that same harsh intensity between these characters, the way I could believe they would actually keep Hibari's attention long enough for something to happen. Or pin Hibari down long enough to make him pay attention. Between the implications of Dino/Hibari here (which were hot as hell, too) and the implications of what Mukuro was going to attempt to do to Hibari, how creepy and disturbing and hot those implications were, just... mmm, yes. I am going to be spoiled as hell by this kink meme's responses. (Dino/Hibari, Mukuro/Hibari, Mukuro/Hibari/Dino?)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - untitled by kasugai_gummie - It's taken me a bit to get around to reading the other drabbles here (and perhaps I should rec them all in one post, but they stand so well on their own and they're such vastly different pairings a lot of the time...) and every time I read a Mukuro/Hibari fic, I come away with the impression that if I didn't have other favorite ships, I would be all over this one, because it would be violent and bloody and hot. This fic totally does justice to that, you can practically feel the glaring between the characters, even in such a short ficlet, and the imagery is hot and Tsuna is hilarious. I ♥ Tsuna so much. (Mukuro/Hibari.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - untitled by kasugai_gummie - And if I'm growing fonder of Mukuro/Hibari, it only makes it that much more intriguing when it's a combination of Dino/Hibari/Mukuro. I love this Hibari, I love how... almost routine it is to fight against Mukuro, to almost have a schedule for it and when Dino is waiting to bandage him up, and then maybe turn it the other way around. And yet it never loses that quality of being unable to be tamed that Hibari has, that stubborn, violent nature he has. Very nice. (....maybe a little Mukuro/Hibari and Dino/Hibari, but it could be almost gen, too.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - untitled by kasugai_gummie - I-if this were just about any other series or any other pairing, I'm not sure how I'd feel about the idea (though, the tag line of Raping oneself--made possible to you by Mukuro :D did kinda make me lol, because asdlfasldkfa;lkjsdlaj it's funny because it's true), but with Hibari and Mukuro... with Hibari being so full of hissing rage and Mukuro being so casual about it and it's something that I could imagine Mukuro easily doing because he's that much of a bastard, and somehow... somehow it's almost because it's fascinating more than because it's a hot kink. (Mukuro/Hibari... s-sort of... definitely NSFW.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Omniscient Yellow Fluff by cerepan - Okay. It only took me about 3/4ths of a page of reading this fic before I burst into choking laughter because the author does a beautiful wind up to a joke, paces it perfectly, and then delivers the humorous punchline, even in a fic that's not really ABOUT setting up the funny moments! Well, maybe it was a little. But the hilarity still just about had me shrieking with laughter throughout the fic and just-- Mukuro posesses Hibird to spy on its owner and oh my god, my flailing love for this fic is incoherent. From Hibari's role in the fic to the personality that Hibird showed to Mukuro's warped sense of romance to Dino's cameo appearances to just-- everything. I wish I could be more coherent about this, I wish I could write an actually intelligent rec. I love this fic too much to do so, though. It reminds me of EXACTLY why I ship Mukuro/Hibari, too. ♥ (Primarily Mukuro/Hibari, but some Dino/Hibari implications.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - SONNET (& quite possibly devoid of everything which makes it so) by vermultitude - It isn't precisely that I have been waiting for this defining Mukuro/Hibari fic so much as that I knew it would come eventually and I would find it and be able to read it eventually, I just wasn't quite expecting it to be so long or so brilliant as it was. It's one of those pieces that I barely let my breath out while reading because it has such an intense tension that doesn't let up the entire time the story is being told, each meeting between Mukuro and Hibari is fully worthy of these two incredible characters. The fight scenes are gorgeous, they're almost poetic in the beauty of the imagery the author uses, except they're too sharp and painful and violent to quite be that. It's so easy to picture the expressions on their faces, almost even to feel the pain they inflict on each other, to almost feel lik you're there with them. There are so many little details that are perfect in this fic that I can hardly even begin to give it a proper rec. Just. It's a beautiful piece for these two. (Mukuro/Hibari, except it could probably be gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - untitled by vermultitude - It's fic like this that reminds me that I do like Mukuro/Hibari as well, it's such a violent, harsh pairing and it's full of anger and hate and Hibari biting and Mukuro being unreadable and I am weak to that sort of dynamic. Especially when the fighting is written so beautifully like it is here, the way Hibari beats on an illusion of Mukuro, even knowing it's an illusion, and this twists its way into sex and, holy hell, yes, that's hot. So very hot. The ending with Chrome just makes it that much more subtlely twisted and beautifully done. (Mukuro/Hibari.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - untitled by actualize and picnicbird - This is a collection of various short little ficlets for the REBORN! characters (focusing often times on Hibari and Mukuro and Dino and Chrome and Lanchia and Xanxus) and the connections between them, whether they're all in the same timeline/universe or all seperate stories that work together to set an overall mood, I don't think it really matters. There is something about this loose set of characters that inspires a vague sort of writing, something that's heavy in imagery and beautifully written violence and smiles that are difficult to read, a style that wouldn't necessarily work for the other characters in this universe, but those that have such a deep history (or are quickly becoming tangled up in all of the history), it works. It's a very satisfying fic because it covers so many moments between these characters, shares so many tiny little insights, and I could hardly look away once I started reading. (I'd call this mostly gen, but you can find implications of several pairings, most notably Mukuro/Hibari, Dino/Hibari, Mukuro/Chrome, and maybe Xanxus/Mukuro.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN!: Leaving Las Vegas by temperata - I spend so much time looking for Dino/Hibari stuff that I kind of let my fondness for this pairing go by the wayside a bit, which is a shame because I love them a whole lot, too. And this fic reminds me why--it's set somewhere between canon and TYL, the Vongola family still around, but they're on their way to being older, less like little kids. And the Hibari characterization is really, really interesting, there's such a roughness to the character, even as he's so sharp and polished, there's so little said from him, yet such a rich characterization, I love what the author did with him here. And the dynamic with Mukuro (who was also fantastically written), the connection there that's not entirely about hate, the one that's so sexually charged and yet so violent... also very nicely done. This was a really good fic. (Mukuro/Hibari, R-ish level content.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN!: Dare by chiiaroscuro - Okay, if there's one pairing I like anywhere near as much as I like Dino/Hibari, it's Mukuro/Hibari. So. When there was an NC-17 fic with Dino/Hibari/Mukuro? I-- I had to. My one complaint is that the POV kept switching all over the place and especially in a fic with three male characters, it made it sometimes difficult to keep track of what was going on with whom. Other than that? Mmm, nice. It was almost doujin-like with the set-up and the descriptions of the sex and the entire plot, but in the best way possible, because it was really kind of smoking hot. The writing is lovely, Dino's characterization is really spot-on for this kind of fic, and Mukuro is that mysterious sort of devious and dangerous, and Hibari is just-- nnn, I loved the characterization here. And I love that it's never really clear how much is real and how much is illusion (what with Mukuro being involved and all) and the ending is perfect. *__* (Dino/Hibari/Mukuro, NC-17.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN!: In god's country by nonartisan - Every once in awhile there's an author that hits on the Mukuro/Hibari dynamic in exactly the right way and I'm left kind of a little bit more in love than ever, there's such a sharp, intense edge to this whole piece, as Hibari breaks Mukuro out of jail for his own purposes and the writing has this... almost placid, tranquil sort of feeling, except that's not it at all. It's so easy to see this Hibari, as he calmly (and yet so dangerously) walks through the plot, as he makes his way through enemy after enemy to get to Mukuro, what he does when he gets there. It's a beautifully written piece. (Eh. It's sort of Mukuro/Hibari, sort of gen.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN!: And We Looked Back to See Nothing There by kasugai_gummie - It feels like it's been ages since I read a REBORN! fic, what with getting eaten by the Japanese live action stuff. But! Mukuro/Hibari fic caught my eye tonight, so I gave it a shot and it was a really pretty fic, one that's easy to see slipping in between the scenes of canon that we've seen so far, where Mukuro and Hibari have a conversation after Tsuna's funeral, about the future of the Vongola's plans. I really liked it because it's got that vague style of speaking down for both of them, where they're both very direct and yet not, the way that reminds me very strongly of canon. The descriptions are lovely and there's one that just totally made me crack up because it would be such a Hibari thing to do and the tension/aggression between them even as they have a civil conversation is very nicely done. (Mukuro/Hibari.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN!: Entity by seppuku_shiro - I don't think I'd come across this Mukuro/Hibari fic until now? Which is too bad because I was just trying to read fic for this pairing earlier and not quite finding what I was really after... until this. Which is hot and gorgeous and creepy and angry and uncaring and yet there's a certain gravitation/fascination between the two of them. Mukuro's laughter in Hibari's head, Hibari's sheer iron strength of will that's both vicious and frightening, the way it finally breaks open even just a little at the end... yessss, this is what Mukuro/Hibari should be. ♥ (Mukuro/Hibari, sort of R-rated.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN!: Eyes like Fire by penombrelilas - This was an interesting look at Mukuro and the Mukuro/Hibari rivalry, the way Mukuro sees someone like Hibari, who is iron will even when he's practically broken into pieces. I really liked the laid-back sense of something almost like whimsy in his tone, even when there's so much violence in the scene. And I really liked that Hibari is so dangerous here, even as Mukuro is stronger than him for now. And, of course, there's not nearly enough Mukuro/Hibari out there. XD (Mukuro/Hibari.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN!: A Day in the Life of Hibari Kyouya by readerofasaph - So, Hibari is easily my favorite REBORN! character, which I imagine is fairly hard to miss. And I wasn't sure what I was going to get when I picked up this fic, I was expecting more of a Mukuro/Hibari story than a Hibari-focused story, but I think the author balanced the two really well. It is more of a Hibari story and it was so great for that, she just really nailed that casual violence and straightforward, direct lethal attitude that is Hibari. Pretty much the entire time I was reading this, I kind of wanted to keyboard mash over how much I loved Hibari and how easily I could see him in this fic and a;lksjef;lakjs the fight scenes and Hibari's thought process (which is not always an easy thing, but I loved it here) and his interactions with the rest of the characters. The conflicts with Mukuro, the brief thoughts of Dino, his reactions to the rest of Tsuna's gang. a;sldkfja;lkjsl SO GREAT A READ. The insights into Hibari's character are kind of super, super fabulous here. (This is entirely gen, but if you like Mukuro/Hibari you may enjoy this, too.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN!: Two Billion Light-years of Solitude by Asael - Apparently, today is Mukuro/Hibari day. I am totally not complaining. This was an interesting fic, while I thought Hibari was a little less confrontational than I might have made him, I also felt like I could buy it because somehow that's how it would go with these two dangerous people. Because they are kind of similar in many ways. But what I really loved about this fic is the atmosphere the author created for Mukuro, the sensory deprivision and illusions and the imagery that he (and the author) weaves around himself, lovely but something just a little hollow about it. It fit the character really well and this was a really lovely look at these two. Oh, also! I really adored Mukuro's feelings towards Chrome, the gentle sort of affection he has for her in his own way. That felt very spot on to me. (Mukuro/Hibari.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN!: Duet by Belladonna - as;ldkfjaslkjs Hibariiiiiiii, omg I am so ridiculously in love with his character, but it's hard to feel all that embarrassed about it when it means I get to be delighted over little fics like this one, ones that have action scenes in them. The fight between Mukuro and Hibari is gorgeous here, it's vicious and dangerous and intense and powerful, both of them such lethal opponents. I love the Hibari characterization here, I love that he's so dangerous and I wouldn't want to cross him in a dark alley, even as Mukuro is probably letting him win. And a;sldkfjasl;jk Hibari's reaction is spot-on. (This is entirely gen, but if you like Mukuro/Hibari you should like this.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN!: Dreammaker by a_lighter_side - I keep being wary of Mukuro/Hibari fic because it's hard enough to get one of them right, much less both of them at the same time in the same fic. But I really liked this one, there's a sense of something almost like calm, even when Hibari is angry or viciously fighting, yet maybe that's not the right word for it, but it felt very much like Hibari to me. Mukuro is only seen through Hibari's eyes here, they fight and Mukuro invades Hibari's dreams, and there's something almost a little surreal about it, which really makes the fic work. And, hell, it's one of the few second person pov fics that I've hardly even noticed the format. o/ (Mukuro/Hibari.)

Katekyou HItman REBORN!: SONNET (& quite possibly devoid of everything which makes it so) by actualize - Oh, this was a fabulous read this morning. It's all elegant violence and fight scenes and constant frustration and anger and something so dangerous from both Hibari and Mukuro. This is the kind of fic that keeps me coming back to this pairing, where there's something that pulls on both of them, where Mukuro is taunting Hibari, who knows it and is so, so dangerous and violent, but he's not really listening just yet despite that he notices so much. a;sldkfjsljk the details of this, the little things Hibari notices or the fluid movements of their fights, all of it is suited to this pairing and just. I keyboard mash out of love. The characterization is really fantastic, I love both of the characters here, there's something so sharp about the both of them that's delicious. (Mukuro/Hibari.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN!: Vendetta by cheveret - There is something about Mukuro/Hibari fics that are so violent and angry and vicious, which is something I love about both characters, one of my favorite things about the manga and especially Hibari. Not that I don't love the other aspects of Hibari as well, but sometimes it's nice to indulge in a really vicious, brutal fic where he's genuinely trying to kill Mukuro, even if it is ultimately a deathfic. But that's all right, when you read 6918 fic, you kind of prepare for that a little. XD The author uses really elegant imagery, the words and turns of phrases are almost as much of the appeal as the atmosphere between these two. It was a really pretty fic to read. (Mukuro/Hibari, death.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN!: Seconds Late & Ten Years too early by Nerrin - Oh, man, do I ever have a soft spot for Dino/Mukuro scenes, especially when they're just so good like this one is, all too easy to see this happening at some point between current canon and TYL, both of them with their own style of grace and danger. I really adore this Dino, who doesn't push too hard, but sees so much more of Mukuro than most, I adore this Mukuro, who wants everything but is still somehow aloof, and then thought of Hibari drawing them together, but not all that binds them. Also, the details! Dino and his math skillz! Not a major mention, just something implied by the fic and I love it when authors remember that. And, mmmm, I would definitely like to see more of this storyline, to see the D1869+Vongola storyline it could become--though, it stands quite well on its own, too. *__* (This is gen, but I guess you could read Dino/Mukuro or D18/6918 into this.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN!: Alcohol + House of Cards + Up Against The Wall + Silence + Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex by kittyling - This is another collection of short KHR ficlets on various characters and pairings, which I thought were interesting. I was caught by the first one because it's Ryohei/Hibari and I just really like the way it opened with "Haha, whoa. You're extremely drunk!" because somehow that's just so very easy to see. But the fourth one was probably my favorite, with Hibari and the sakura petals that has some pretty imagery and is really kind of hot. *__* (Ryohei/Hibari, Yamamoto/Gokudera/Tsuna, Xanxus/Squalo, Mukuro/Hibari (I think), and Spanner/Shouichi, in that order going down.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN!: The Vagabonds by artillie - Well. As long as I was already reading the author's fic, I clicked onto this one, curious about how a Mukuro/Hibari/Chrome (in various permutations) fic would go. What I wound up really liking about this fic is the take on Mukuro's character, all the lives he lived in the past and how it takes all these little experiences to build up his personality. I really liked the sense of... an endless wheel of time, life after life, almost futile, but not precisely that, either. The writing is very pretty, though, and I especially liked the first life/scene a lot! (Mukuro/Hibari/Chrome and all variations on that.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN!: Disconnect by giving_ground - Between all my other obsessions lately, I haven't been reading much KHR fic. I thought, when I went back, I would start with Dino/Hibari fic like I usually do, but something about this one caught my attention. It's not a long fic, but it's beautifully written and captures this quality that Mukuro has, there's a distance between him and the others, except maybe that's not precisely the way to put it. The sense of Hibari being a toy of his that was taken away, yet the casual tone of this, it works for their dynamic and especially as an interesting look into Mukuro's head. (This could be gen, but it could also be Mukuro/Hibari.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN!: No Strings by asael - So, I guess it's 6918 week for me as well this week, because I was really in the mood to read fic for them and then this one helpfully came along and it's a solid little piece about Mukuro and Hibari's relationship as they work for the Vongola at some point in the future. Mostly, it's a Hibari POV fic where it's surprisingly workable to have Mukuro around and the relationship isn't any more complicated than Hibari needs. Which is a lot of how I see them, too. (Mukuro/Hibari.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN!: chase you down by bel - Like pins and needles coursing through a sleeping limb, the lingering presence in the back of his mind and along the corner of his sharp eyes is painful in its irritation. Mm, I appear to be in a bit of a Mukuro/Hibari mood again today. Especially when a fic hits the right buttons for me like this one did--it's a short piece, simply about Mukuro bothering Hibari until he relents a little (even if it takes forever, because this is Hibari), but that's all it needed to be, it was just perfect the way it was. And I have to admit, Mukuro whispering in Hibari's mind, then the illusion of him touching Hibari gently, that's kind of hot. (Mukuro/Hibari.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN!: Antagonistic Efforts by kasugai-gummie - I honestly don't know what my favorite aspect of this fic was. Was it Mukuro's whimsical yet lethal and hilarious all the way around nature? Was it the back and forth with Hibari, trying to get a rise out of the little demon and not really able to do it? Or was it the conversation between Gokudera and Mukuro that started the whole piece off? I'm probably gonna go with that last one. Seriously, the Mukuro - Gokudera interaction in this fic is beautiful because Mukuro is completely off his rocker and Gokudera doesn't deal well with people like that. And Mukuro makes it as trying as he possibly can, of course. Plus, I really do love this Mukuro and Hibari dynamic, it's both hot and cracks me the hell up, and reminds me of why I love them so effing much. Beautiful. (Mukuro/Hibari.)

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