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- Sailor Moon - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - About the time I got to the cute little comic strip of Mamoru and Usagi studying together, where she just crawls right into his lap and then falls asleep on him, I knew this site and I were going to get along amazingly well. It's almost pure little 4koma style comics in b&w and the art is very simple, so I imagine you probably need to already be an UsaMamo fan, but... oh, man, this site pushed my buttons in all the right ways. It's SO CUTE and the more I look at the art, the more darling it becomes. It helps that the other senshi appear semi-often, in the same cute chibi-esque style, but it's mostly focused on the main couple doing things like watching meteors or being super cute when they finally (even just lightly) kiss each other or Usagi being adorable as she climbs into Mamoru's lap while he's driving or or or--! I just. I love it so much. (Usagi/Mamoru.)

- Sailor Moon - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I pretty much knew I was going to be fond of this site when I stumbled over the two images (oekaki, I think?) of the inner/outer groups with the senshi. By the time I got to Endymion with his Generals, I was well and truly sold. It's just... a solid little site with some bright colors and adorable groups and cute details and the various Senshi in different outfits and several adorable pairing illustrations. I came here for the Mamoru/Usagi stuff, of course, but the ones with Chibi-Usa and Helios were adorable, too. Just. It was a delight this afternoon. (Mostly gen, occasional Mamoru/Usagi and other common-ish pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I sat on the fence with this site for awhile, mostly because it took me awhile to page through all the links on the site to find all the art. But... well, there were a handful of Halloween images and I'm weak to that sort of cuteness. And there's Usagi/Mamoru (and Serenity/Endymion!) images and I am super weak to that. And it's all just... very cute and sweet and lightly done stuff! And, seriously. There's kissing. Maybe not for everyone, but if you're really a MamoUsa fanart junkie like I am, it's a fun site with some occasionally really cool sketches. (Mamoru/Usagi.)

  - Sailor Moon - [ English Fanart Site ] - I know I've recommended or linked some of the art on this devART account before, but it wasn't until I was going through the artist's Sailor Moon tag that I realized there was enough here for me to justify a regular rec! ♥ What really gets me about this artist is the group images and the way they use these really slick, glossy lines and colors so everything looks so polished, which combines nicely with the detail the artist puts in. I'm weak to art that feels shiny to me, the kind that has almost a sort of luster to it, and this artist does a lovely job with that. Plus, this Serenity image will always be one of my favorites, I suspect. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - [ English Fanart Site ] - I was doing more devART browsing (even when I knew I should have been taking a break from the site), just to fill out my links a little bit before posting, and then I stumbled over this artist's work and was immediately charmed. For awhile, I couldn't tell if the art was actually based on specific images or if the artist was just that good at imitating Takeuchi's style, but eventually... well, either way, the art is wonderful and I enjoyed it so much. I'm assuming the art is the artist's own work because the earlier art is a little shakey, but some of the newer stuff looks just amazing--all these sparkles and waves of hair and big eyes, it's all so quintessentially Sailor Moon that I just kind of wanted to glee in everything here. It brings out my inner thirteen year old, just like Sailor Moon art should! I honestly can't pick a favorite from the artist's work (though, I might be tempted to say fly with me or Hope or Standing in the rain might qualify), it's all just so much in the spirit of Sailor Moon that I loved the whole thing. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - [ English Fanart Site ] - I'm not sure if I should be recommending this account or not, there's almost not quite enough art for me to really justify a full rec. But, eh, Sailor Moon, for all that it's a huge fandom in some ways, finding art can sometimes be surprisingly difficult. So, when I run across a gallery like this artist's Sailor Moon tag, I kind of just dive right in. What I really like about this artist is that they have fun with the characters and world--like the idea of Princess Mars who has an interesting dress design. I love things like that, where you can see influence from Serenity's dress, but it's tailored to Mars' character, too. Or the nice detail on the beads and ruffles of Serenity's dress. Or Princess Serenity and Sailor Moon holding hands, both in slightly updated dresses--that's what this artist does nicely. Sure, the colors are pretty and her characters are cute, but I'm absolutely a sucker for an updated or redesigned outfit in this fandom. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - [ English Fanart Site ] - I've been still browsing more Sailor Moon fanart and finding a surprising amount on devART, artists like this one. And what works here for me isn't precisely the individual images, but the artist's work as a whole--of which there is A LOT. The artist emulates Takeuchi's style and while that makes some of them look a bit simple in full view, the artist's work feels unquestionably Sailor Moon like to me and that's a big thing. But the real reason that I'm weak to this artist is what they do in several series of illustrations--there's a series of Neo Princess Senshi, there's a series of the characters in togas, there's a series of the Senshi in their Eternal forms, etc.--and I love stuff like that. The combination of that kind of creativity and there being a whole crapload of art does me in and makes me really fond of an artist. So, maybe not everyone will enjoy this one, but I really did. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - [ English Fanart Site ] - This artist is sort of difficult to describe why I'm so fond of it, because just saying that the art is detailed or the artist uses some really cool almost painting-like colors doesn't really quite convey it. I think it's more that... the art looks like it really could come from some old-school shoujo manga covers and I love that. It's not necessarily my usual style and it's hard to put into words how it's different from Takeuchi's shoujo manga style, but it's more like... something from the '70s or maybe like Kaori Yuki's art? Whatever it is, despite that I wish there were more images here, I fell pretty hard for the art here, especially because the artist tends to focus on Usagi the most and she's my girl. This was a REALLY cool artist to stumble over this morning. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - [ English Fanart Site ] - I could swear I've been to this site before, but I don't have any of the images saved and it's not listed in any of my links as far as I can tell. But, well, if it's a re-rec, then it deserves it, because it has two series on it that I really love. Through my time browsing for Sailor Moon art on deviantART, I've come to be really fond of two things--fan-designed costume upgrades for the Senshi and princess dresses for the Senshi. This artist totally won me over by doing both! Not only that, but they do a really marvelous job on nailing the anime style look for the characters and just looking really solid! I wish there'd been a bit more art to this account or that the artist had done more characters than just the Inner Senshi, but the site provided me with a lot of entertainment and that's all I ask. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - [ English Fanart Site ] - Okay, what this artist does is probably not necessarily going to be for everyone, but it's one of the things I'm weak to with this fandom, after all the time I've spent on deviantART now. It's pixel art of various new costume designs for the Sailor Moon characters or designing new characters/Senshi and creating costumes for them as well. I like pixel art and these images are very cute, but what really won me over is how many different costume designs there were here! The artist obviously used a single base and just modified the costumes around it, but I wound up not caring because it was still really fun to go through. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - [ English Fanart Site ] - This is one of those accounts (well, artists) that I can't be happy enough to have in this fandom, because it's exactly the kind of art I'm looking for. It hits so many of my kinks that I'm going to have a hard time not just flailing my way through this entire rec. The artist does beautiful work, of course, which is the main thing I love about her illustrations, but it's also that there's a heavy fantasy theme going on here and, oh, my, am I ever weak to that. There's a lot of Endymion/Serenity art in her galleries as well and she has a multi-page comic in her fantasy setting and she does these illustrations with two characters together in her fantasy style outfits and her Endmyion is just gorgeous and her Serenity has all these amazing clothes and accessories and hair on her and just... asdl;fkja;lskj all I can do is keyboard mash out of love. Easily one of my favorite artists on devART and probably in the whole entire fandom. I love everything here, but her Silver Legacy chapter 1 and Endymion and Venus & Mars and Jupiter & Mercury are probably my absolute favorites. *____* (Some Endymion/Serenity, some gen.)

- Sailor Moon - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Well, since I caved and decided to start doing tegaki account recs, one of the first places I naturally had to turn was to the Sailor Moon art. I was actually just browsing around randomly and wound up on this artist's account and stumbled over a cute chibi image or two of her Haruka/Michiru images. And then there were a few more... and a few more... and they were really kinda pretty... and I don't see as much art of those two as I'd like... and, ooh, art of all the Outers doing adorable stuff together... and, oh, Christmas adorableness! and... well, you see how this went. It's tegaki, of course, so it's a lot like doodles but I effing love doodle art (well, mouse art) when it's so cute that I just want to explode from happiness. This artist did that for me. (Some Haruka/Michiru, some gen.)

- Sailor Moon - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is the other Sailor Moon artist that jumped out at me immediately when I started doing tegaki recs because her stuff is fantastic for tegaki art, holy crap. Her colors are fantastic, they're always bright and vivid and shining, but it's also the strength of her lines, how much she really nails the anime's art style and keeps the spirit of it. I love that she does art for pretty much every main character and it's usually some of the best for any character, but you can tell Saturn is obviously her favorite. Even if my favorites are other characters, going through this artist's gallery is such a treat because it's all so... it's the kind of art that reminds me of why I'm in this fandom. Still tegaki art, of course, so it's never going to be smooth or polished, but I don't always need that. Sometimes this is exactly what I want. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was originally trying to stay strong with this artist's account, but... she had so much darling art that I kept caving bit by bit. I think what really did me in was the art of the Outers, especially when Haruka would hold little baby Hotaru and I was just all "asdl;fkjas;lkj" about how precious that was. I'm also a sucker for certain other things the artist gave me quick fixes for--pretty art of Princess Kakyuu, a Yaten/Minako image that was pretty, etc.--and is getting steadily better and better as she goes along. *sigh* Damn, now I'm really in the mood to look for a ton of Sailor Moon art, because I love finding little treasures like this. (Some Haruka/Michiru, a little other, but this is mostly a gen artist.)

- Sailor Moon - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This tegaki account doesn't have as much art as I usually go for when I'm looking for recs, but it has such beautiful art that I really couldn't resist. It started with the 2009 Christmas image that was cut up into three sections that fit together in a collage, two characters per image, and everything was so soft and lovely that I had to follow the artis back to the rest of her gallery. And pretty much everything the artist did, from an Amazong Trio image to a gorgeous Princess Kakyuu image to the series of the Inners to a beautiful Serenity & Small lady image--is a joy to look at and see the beautiful details and colors on it. It's not just good art for a tegaki artist, it's good art period. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - [ English Fanart Site ] - Okay, so. I have this thing about pixel art where I kind of love it ridiculously. And this artist has some of the most ADORABLE freaking sprites/pixel art of all the major Sailor Moon characters and even some of the more minor-ish villains and the princess forms of the Senshi and just. It's three pages of awesome little art in bright colors and adorable pixel designs. I totally had to snag the link for recommendation! There's also some really cute Disney pixels as well, to the point that I had to hold myself back from recommending the cute Ariel and Jasmine and Briar Rose and Belle pixel avatars, toooooo. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - [ English Fanart Site ] - I tried to resist recommending this site properly because I'd tucked so many of the images into my devART recommending section, but... it was around the time I hit up the artist's OC (SuperNova) when I realized, well, shit. I'm actually going through the artist's SM OCs because I like her costume designs so much! And I'm really weak to that kind of thing, where the artist has a boatload of new costume designs for various characters--mostly Usagi/Sailor Moon and Chibi-Usa/Chibi-Moon, but occasionally the other characters as well--that I spent well over an hour going through everything because it was all so damn cute. The Egyptian themed outfits for Usagi and Minako were probably my favorites, but I think I squee'd any time Chibi-Usa got a new costume design as well. It's one of those sites where... the concepts just caught my attention and wouldn't let it go until I finally had to go through absolutely everything. (No warnings/pairings.)

  - Sailor Moon - [ Tegaki Account ] - I'm not sure if I've recommended this artist before or not, I get a little turned around sometimes, but I wanted to write another rec tonight because, the more time I spend looking at this artist's work or coming across one of the pieces again, the more I absolutely fall in love with it. I've always liked the artist, of course, but initially I found the sketch style to be not as satisfying as more fully finished pieces. But the more I looked at the artist's take on Chibi-Usa in particular (and again, and even sometimes when she's older), as well as the obvious fondness for Michiru (and another), the more the artist's light, airy style came to be one of my favorites in this fandom. She does an absolutely fantastic job of capturing the anime's style, but adding something to it, a cuteness quality or maybe a shoujo manga-esque quality, that I've fallen in love with. It's hard not to look at Chibi-Usa in her Serenity dress or an absolutely adorable Usagi or Usagi and Chibi-Usa or an adorable group image and not have me just fall in love with the artist. (Some canon pairings, but it's mostly a gen artist account.)

  - Sailor Moon - [ Tegaki Account ] - I know I've recommended Dolce's work before, but I'm not sure I properly recommended her tegaki account? She is easily my favorite artist in the Sailor Moon fandom, because she does this style of art that's incredible, it's gorgeous and epic and fits perfectly with a shoujo manga and she does such an amazing job with the Mamoru/Usagi relationship. It's hard to explain her style, it's just that... there's a certain flow to it, something about the lines, that makes her art so super hot. Whether it's Mamoru kissing Usagi's forehead or Sailor Moon in soft colors or, honest to god, one of my single most favorite pieces of fanart in the ENTIRE FANDOM, Mamoru and Chibi-Usa or Haruka and Michiru or her gorgeous Tuxedo Kamen, I love all of it. Her work is stunning with the messy details and I feel like I'd follow her around forever, her work is so lovely. (Mamoru/Usagi, some gen.)

  - Sailor Moon - Ask Little Usagi [ tumblr Account ] - One of the neatest things about tumblr is the Ask blogs that have popped up in various fandoms and this one, for little bitty Usagi, is THE CUTEST THING I HAVE SEEN IN AGES. Like little Usagi hanging out on Mamoru's shoulder as he reads a book to her or that time Usagi thought she'd lost everyone which gave me so many feelings and I may have screeched a little at asking if Usagi wanted another child because oh my god FEELINGS. One of my favorites, though, is where Usagi keeps her weapons because OMG CUTEST. Oh and! Her first meeting with Mamoru because YES PERFECT. And disciplining Chibi-Usa and Usagi's response to "Seiya or Mamoru?" in the cutest way possible. The artist's sketch style is simple, but so very darling and the answers are just precious, so I wound feeling like I could explode into rainbows everywhere from how sweet it all was. (Some occasional Mamoru/Usagi, but it's mostly a gen blog.)

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