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- Sailor Moon - [ English Fanart Site ] - Sailor Moon fanart is such a rare thing, really. Especially art that I genuinely like, art that has a certain style to it that I thought was done well. The art style might not have appealed to me at first, but then there was this one of Kunzite and an ice youma that just looked so cool that I was won over immediately--the style looks like actual ice and I loved that. There's also a Zoisite in the gallery that has a sheer ton of detail on it and the background/colors were just so appropriate for the Dark Kingdom that I also kinda fell in love. Plus, I'm always happy to see Kunzite/Zoisite art occasionally in someone's gallery. <3 And, oh, that Fruits Basket fanart of Tohru sleeping with kitty!Kyou curled up next to her is one of the best Furuba fanarts I've ever seen. The whole gallery isn't necessarily going to be everyone's cup of tea, but I wound up liking the art's style a lot. :D :D :D (Some Kunzite/Zoisite, lots of focus on the Dark Kingdom.)

- Sailor Moon - Dolce [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't think I really quite realized how badly I wnted a Sailor Moon fanart site like this until I found it, because I squee'd like crazy over this site. But, at the same time, the art style is one that works for me, I really adore the almost sketch-like style of the art, the lighter, softer use of colors, and the absolute romantic love you can just feel between Usagi and Mamoru. Right from the very current top illustration, with Mamoru, Usagi, and Chibi-Usa there was just something about the style that called to me, something about the finely sketched hair or the way their eyes drew my attention or the colors were almost like watercolors, the way I... okay, this is going to sound really dorky, but the art style is one that I can almost feel beads and lace under my fingertips, there's almost an antique feeling to many of the pieces, and, whoa, did that hit me hard with this site. ♥ And then there were the adorable comics with Mamoru on his balcony smoking while Usagi wakes up sleepily in the bed and I just... something about that hit me, too. And, eeeee, Dark Kingdom fanart! ♥ ♥ ♥ Not everything about the site is perfect, you can definitely tell the artist got better over time, but when I flail and spaz this much over a site, I have to rec it. And, homg, some of the diary art is beautiful. *__* (Mamoru/Usagi.)

- Sailor Moon - Lemures [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So, apparently. After finding one Sailor Moon art site that means it's time for me to go on a tour through as many new sites as I can find. I didn't really intend to, but I was making note of interesting looking banners for future surfing, happened to notice a really cute one with a pretty Fisheye on it... and, well, here I am. And I actually really liked this site, the CG style is used very well for a character like Fisheye (as well as Tigereye frequently appearing), the clean and bright colors going well with Fisheye's complexion. Plus, the artist does a really good, solid job with the CG artwork, getting even better as time goes on--the one of Fisheye and Tigereye in modern clothes just looks great. There's not a lot of art here, but it's probably going to be some of the prettiest I've seen. (Maybe a little Tigereye/Fisheye implied.)

- Sailor Moon - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I realize that I probably went easy on this site becasue it has Kunzite/Zoisite fanart and I've been really, really wanting to find art for that pairing for what seems like ages. And, yes, there are some illustrations that could have been tightented up, but the pairng ones tended to actually be genuinely pretty and gave me that, "*squeak* Awwww! ♥" feeling that I was looking for. Plus, the oekaki art shows off that the artist really does have a lot of skill, you can see it especially in the b&w (with hints of green trimming) Zoisite ones... and, omg, did I ever melt into goo over the one of Zoisite with his hair unbound following after Kunzite, there was just... something about it that struck me. Which is the way I sum up the site, really. Just something about it that I really liked. (Kunzite/Zoisite.)

- Sailor Moon - HM [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - In my continuing quest to troll through more Sailor Moon fanart sites, this is the next one I found that I really sort of liked. I'm not quite sure how to explain why I liked it so much, other than that the artist is really pretty good at putting in detail to her art, lots of lovely flowing hair, and consistent coloring that's not quite pastel and somehow works well for the artist. As much as I really like the Haruka/Michiru fanart, it was actually probably the one of Luna or the one of Usagi and Chibi-Usa in their winter clothes that officially won me over... at first, anyway. Then the Haruka/Michiru fanart started tightening up and there's just such a... soft intimacy between the two characters, the way they touch each other or the looks on their faces when Haruka reaches around to drape an arm over Michiru's shoulders or when they lie back on the petal-strewn ground together or the lovely group illustration of the Outer Senshi. Or! Omg, the winter one where Haruka is pulling Michiru closer by the scarf and the colors are lovely and the pose so sweet and gentle and... eeeee, yes, lovely, lovely art. I swear, every time I want to squee about an image in particular, there are three more (like with the oekaki section, where the Saturn illustration is just lovely) and I wind up doing the spazflail thing where I point to everything. While the site is mostly Haruka/Michiru-friendly, I think it's worth going to even if you're not a fan of the pairing, because there's some really pretty single character illustrations of a lot of the rest of the cast, too. ♥ (Haruka/Michiru, some gen.)

- Sailor Moon - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wavered a little on this site--not all of the illustrations were blowing me away and I was a little pouty at the Seiya/Usagi illustrations, but... at the same time, I was slowly being won over by the site because there's a lot of art and when the artist is on her game, she does some of the cutest, prettiest art I've seen for the fandom. She has this one oekaki of Mamoru tucked away in the galleries somewhere that's just hot or she does a beautiful, beautiful oekaki of Serenity or the cutest Helios in the world and after awhile... everything sort of comes together and makes me wibble. But, yeah, okay, a lot of it helped that there's UsaMamo fanart in the galleries, too, of Endymion and Serenity or beautiful Diamond fanart or a million other things. Plus, hell, I'm a sucker for when the artist does a series of images with the characters--the ones of them all in slinky black dresses with their name and symbol painted on a various body part? Pretty. And the contents/top illustrations are beautiful. And, okay. I admit that I did hesitate a bit over the site at first, but this rec is a whole-hearted one because there's a little something for everyone and you can tell the artist really loves her subject material and there are a number of illustrations that I'm glad I went to the site for. That's all I can ask. ♥ (Some Usagi/Mamoru, some Seiya/Usagi, some Helios/Chibi-Usa, some Haruka/Michiru, a lot of gen.)

- Sailor Moon - Fragrant Olive [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So, missdeep mentioned the link for this site and I'm so very glad she did because... despite that it's a Seiya/Usagi site (which isn't an OTP of mine, to put it politely ^_~), the art is that kind of delicate beads-and-lace style that has stolen my heart with Sailor Moon fanart. The image of Usagi and Seiya as chibis in formal/wedding wear while he holds the rose out to her is just beautiful and there are some utterly gorgeous Yaten and Taiki illustrations on the site and it's worth going to if you're a fan of the series, I think. The style goes back and forth between the "antique" (for lack of a better word) style and a more traditional anime style (there's one of Seiya and Usagi with just their long, long hair and bare shoulders staring/smiling at each other that's really pretty) and both are really nice to look at. Even if it's not your pairing, I still might suggest the site for the Starlights or the single-character illustrations of Usagi, the artist is really talented at everything she puts her hand to. (Seiya/Usagi, some Starlights gen.)

- Sailor Moon - uncertain* [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - While I would prefer to find sites for my OTP, I tend to get easily distracted... and this site had some really pretty Starlight fanart early on to distract me--there's an oekaki illustration of Yaten that's the second or third link I clicked on and, omg, he was so pretty~ But then it was hitting the Diamond/unconscious!Serenity oekaki... and then the lovely Luna oekaki that used these pretty soft purple, blue, and yellow pastel colors... and that's the appeal of this site for me, that there are so many different characters tucked into various corners of this site, that there's probably a little something for everyone. The artist has a really cute style of drawing, I really like her colors and the sum of the whole site gave me another fix of fanart that I was looking for. (No real warnings/pairing themes precisely.)

- Sailor Moon - ever lasting [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Sadly, there's not a lot of art here, but what the site does have is just lovely, almost professional level quality, especially with all the pretty long, flowing hair or the folds of the characters' clothes. The site is mostly geared toward Chibi-Usa, but it's Helios/Chibi-Usa-friendly, which totally made me squee--oh, but also the image of Serenity in her dress was so pretty. The oekaki (?) art isn't as strong, but every so often... the artist uses these soft, light pastels that work so well with the characters and then draws the cutest poses for them! ♥ Chibi-Usa kissing Helios' cheek while he goes #O_O# is the cutest thing in the world, srsly. It helps to poke around the site or on the oekaki bbs to find more art and... it's another one of those sites that helped fill out my SM art collection a little further. :D (Mostly Helios/Chibi-Usa, a little other.)

- Sailor Moon - fishBAR [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It's such a shame that this artist doesn't have more art on her site, because the Fisheye images are just lovely. If you go through the past galleries, there's actually a lot more than I was originally thinking, but it's still not nearly enough because she does the character so well--part of it is using the light, soft blues that work for his character, but there's also real strength from the artist's basic lines as well. And then if you wander into the "material" section, EEEEE, SPRITES SO CUTE. ♥ I had a lot of fun with this site. :D (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon/Princess Tutu - ~ Brotherhood ~ [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, I just utterly fell in love with this site's Sailor Moon art. It's almost like cel-style art, but with lighter, softer colors, so many pinks and purples and blues, all softened and hazy so it almost has this beautiful glow to it. The art of Helios is just lovely, he's just so, so cute... the kind of cute that I can't quite describe without making high-pitched squeaking noises and flapping my hands, despite that he's not really in my top five characters or anything. Just... how could anyone resist the illustration of Helios under the moon, all whites and blues and soft wings and flowing clothes and... *happy sigh* so pretty. It's that the art is so great for the character and his relationship with Chibi-Usa, who is just as lovely, and some of the later illustrations really start to get professional level, especially the one where they're hugging and surrounded by pink petals and a beautifully blue sky behind them and the gorgeous one of Serenity floating in the sky and just enough UsaMamo to keep me happy and just... yes, squee. It's one of the best Helios/Chibi-Usa sites, a not-miss if you're a fan of of the pairing, I'd say. I so, so want more from this artist. ♥ There's also just enough Princess Tutu fanart, especially of Mytho, Fakia&Mytho, and I think I spotted a Mytho/Rue one even! And the artist draws Mytho in that way that reminds me of everything I love about the character, that certain something. *happy sigh* (Helios/Chibi-Usa, some gen for both SM and Tutu.)

- Sailor Moon - EARTH;R [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Not everything on this site is perfect, but a few things won me over. One, I'm always happier when sites have a variety of art and characters, which this site does. There's a lot of Haruka/Michiru that's very lovely (I have much affection for the way the artist draws Michiru's hair up for some reason.), but there's some beautiful Chibi-Usa images as well. Two, the artist shows a lot of progression from her earlier art, so the newer stuff gets better and better. If a site has potential to provide really pretty stuff in the future, I often want to rec it just for my own purposes. Three, when the artist is on her game, she can draw really well, her lines tighten up and her colors are soft and pretty and you can really see that she does do some very strong works when you look at the b&w comics in one of the later galleries. Another good site for a fix for my growing addiction. ^_~ (Some Haruka/Michiru, some other, some gen.)

- Spirited Away/Howl's Moving Castle/Princess Tutu/Sailor Moon - R.S [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I debated on this site for awhile, I wasn't sure if I wanted to rec it, because many of the illustrations weren't quite to my taste, but... there were just enough illustrations that were ones I really enjoyed that I eventually toppled over in favor of it. The artist has a sort of watercolor-like style (though, I think it might actually be CG of a sort), which is sweet and rather cute--especially her Chihiro illustrations! :D--but there are occasional ones where the artist strengthens her lines and brightens the colors so it looks like more traditional art and I find I really like it then. The artist has a lot of detail in her art, even when the images looked relatively simple, if I stared for a moment, I could start to see that there was more to the art than I'd originally thought. Interestingly, the Howl's Moving Castle fanart tends to be stronger overall and the Princess Tutu fanart is just perfect, the artist's style captures the feel of the series so well and, god, Mytho with Fakia and Rue as kids was the cutest thing ever. For all that I spent half of the rec stalking about Spirited Away, I think it's just as much worth visiting for the Tutu fanart as anything else. (Maybe some pairing implications, but it's largely a gen site, I'd say.)

- Sailor Moon - HeartH [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me a few tries to figure out where the Sailor Moon fanart was hidden away on this site and it took me a few clicks through the gallery to warm up to the artist's style, but once I did, I fell rather hard for this site, I think. It's a combination of there being quite a lot of art, the artist growing steadily stronger and stronger as I clicked through the gallery pages, and that I liked the artist's color/style a lot. I'm somehow quietly charmed by the way she draws the characters' eyes or the way she'll put them in interesting new clothes or draw the occasional Usagi/Mamoru illustration (or maybe I should say Serenity and Endymion, which is even better) or Mamoru with his four protectors/the dark kings or Haruka/Michiru or absolutely adorable chibi illustrations; there's even PGSM fanart! ♥ There's something really charming about the artist, some quality I can't quite put my finger on, but that drew me in quite happily. (Most major canon pairings have at least a couple illustrations, but there's also a lot of gen.)

- Sailor Moon -1 One-way traffic [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was very slowly won over by this site because the Usagi art is just so cute. It's this adorable CG sort of stuff and it's not necessarily my typical sort of favorite art, but it works well here. It gives me a sense of... warmth and cuteness, which really works with a character like Usagi, so the one of her on a snowy night in a pink jacket and warm mittens on? Somehow just so adorably perfect. Or the one of her as Eternal Sailor Moon and everything is round and cute and warm. There's also a handful of nice oekaki fanart and... yeah, not a site I hurt myself squeeing over (which usually takes OTP fanart to get me to do anyway XD), but one that I really, genuinely enjoyed. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - _tiger-fish_ [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I sat on the fence over this site for awhile, randomly clicking through links in the gallery, unsure if I wanted to keep going. The art was perfectly nice art, the artist had a lot of talent, but it was mostly just characters in their regular costumes doing fairly generic poses. And then I clicked onto a page with a couple of Helios/Chibi-Usa illustrations and I caved, since they were just so cute. It's been forever since I looked at Sailor Moon fanart and it's just that much more delightful that the artist likes the Amazon Trio and some of the Fisheye fanart is adorable. Her Haruka/Michiru art is also adorable and a couple of those Setsuna illustrations are pretty smokin' and I love the she covers pretty much all of the Senshi and the whole site is... solid and cute and fun. (Some pairings, but never more than one or two illustrations each.)

- Sailor Moon - COROZON [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I liked this site almost right away, but I'm often weak to the kind of oekaki art that shows a real strength for detail and patience to put as much time into it as it probably required. It's a certain style that's probably not going to be for everyone, but I really adore how cute the characters look and the artist's bright, solid colors that works with a series like Sailor Moon. Her Usagi is especially adorable (and all various incarnations thereof) and I really like her Chibi-Usa as well. There's a fair amount of art on the site and it's all really cute, which made the site totally satisfying for me. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I could swear I've been to this site before and that I'd recommended it. But no matter how many times I go through my files, I can't find it, so... I dunno, maybe I was just hallucinating, but I could swear I remember this blue water background. Anyway, it's a really lovely Ami-centric site, the artist switches between anime cel-style-like illustrations and something more softer and traditionally fanart-esque, both of them very cool to look at. I especially like the way the artist works different blue-themed outfits into her art, Ami looks really adorable in various costumes or when she's in normal clothes. The group stuff is adorable as well and I quite liked this site. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - [ English Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, how weak am I to this artist's kind of style? SO VERY WEAK. Soft, pretty pastel colors! Lots of long, flowing hair and dresses! Vivid, almost glowing colors! Tons of cute little details! I AM VERY WEAK. The reason I'm recommending this artist is because there's a series of Neo Sailor Senshi, with prettily designed costumes for them, lots of beads and nicely draped fabrics and great use of light, air colors, and ribbons and bows, and I just-- yes, plz. One of the best things about Sailor Moon is the epic plot of it and this plays right into that and I had to recommend it for that series alone. Though, there's also a really pretty Chibi Moon illustration a little further into the gallery! (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was a little wary of this site at first, there were a lot of questionable poses/concepts, but I'd seen a bit of the artist's work elsewhere and it was lovely stuff, so I kept on. I'm glad I did because, after a few links into the gallery, there is some very pretty, vibrantly colored stuff here. The group ones are especially pretty, the colors often times nearly glow off the page and Usagi is often super adorable. I think this is one of those sites, as long as you step carefully and are warned in advance, there's something for nearly everyone on the site, it's a lot of really cute stuff and occasional beautiful art and it just. Made me all nostalgic again. (Occasionally some random pairings, a lot of gen.)

- Sailor Moon - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Honestly, I expected the previous rec to be a one-off for tonight, I've attempted to scour for all Sailor Moon j-fanart sites before and usually exhaust all possibilities before finally giving up, so to find two new sites I liked is kind of boggling. But maybe part of that is that this site has a strong lean towards the Starlights, but, well. There's this really fantastic group illustration of them with Princess Kakyou and it's done in a really nice anime-cel-style that I totally had to cave on the site. My favorites were probably the Yaten ones (and I think maybe the artist's, too? though, it's a nicely balanced site, between the three of them) but it's a really good site for anyone who likes these characters. <3 (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - A&E [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me a bit to find the really pretty art on this site, but it was worth continuing through for. Because the artist does these really pretty colors, the kind that nearly glow and I'm horribly weak to. The sketch-like images are also nice, there's a great balance of the various Senshi characters, but it's really the fully-done art that gets my attention on the site. I love that the artist does so many different combinations of the characters, there's not a lot of favoritism here (aside from maybe a bit more Rei/Usagi than anything else), and all of it is just. Really cool and really pretty to look at. It's one of my recent favorites, I think. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - [ English Fanart Site ] - It's probably easier just to hit up the Sailor Moon category in the artist's account, but I really do like a lot of what she's done even away from the SM stuff. But the Sailor Moon art is still my favorite from this artist, her light vs dark images of Usagi, the group images of the inner Senshi, the light and airy stand alones of all the Senshi, it's all really fun and cute. I wish there were a bit more, but her current stuff is wonderful and I definitely look forward to more from her. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - [ English Fanart Site ] - I stumbled over this account when I was looking at Sailor Moon art on devART and happened to stumble over one or two of her pieces and was curious about the pretty colors she used. When I went to look at the gallery (especially the Sailor Moon section, though I like a lot of her stuff), I was so impressed by the Neo Sailor Serenity character designs and the gorgeous use of glowing cg colors that I had to go through the entire gallery. My favorite thing from this artist is definitely her Neo Sailor series, which are cool costume designs and more gorgeous coloring, that kind of jewel-toned yet pastel coloring that works for me with Sailor Moon art. Just as;ldkfjasl;kj I'll go on forever about how delighted I was if you let me. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - [ English Fanart Site ] - This is another account that I stumbled over because I was doing a massive trawling of devART for all the pretty Sailor Moon art I could find and I happened to stumble over some of her work. My favorite is probably still the collage of all the standalone art she did, but it's also cool to see each of those images separately if you go through the gallery. The art is very bright and cheerful, the colors are very glowing cg that are somewhere between neon and pastel, which is a style that a) I'm weak to (shut up) and b) works for a series like Sailor Moon, imo. I love the ones of Usagi especially, but everything here is very cute. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - [ English Fanart Site ] - This is yet another account that I stumbled over while I was doing a major devART links trawling and was drawn into because I really liked how solid the art was. There are several stand alone images of the various Senshi, all of them nicely done, and then a couple of group images that are also really neat. What struck me about this artist was how well she did at getting down the anime's style with the character designs, some of them were just spot on. There's also a series of "Supreme Senshi" that gives them all costume upgrades which I thought was really neat, I love seeing stuff like that. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I am not a big Seiya/Usagi fan, even though I understand where it comes from and see that it's relatively popular. And I mention this because I want to impress what an amazing site this really kind of is to get me over my disinclination towards the pairing--because the art is often stunning here, the colors and lines and details are amazingly smooth and beautiful to look at. And, yes, there's a strong focus on the pairing, but there's also some beautiful stand-alone art on the site as well, the two Kakyuus back to back is amazing, the Princess Serenity image is amazing, there's an amazing Haruka/Michiru image, the Eternal Sailor Moon image is amazing, and so on. Even the sketches and the log art is amazingly done and it's worth going through if you're a fan of all the characters, even if you're inclined (re: pairings) the same way I am. ♥ (Some Seiya/Usagi, some gen.)

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