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- Sailor Moon - Rational Thought by Gita Toronjil-Lee - I don't know what made me seek out Sailor Moon fic tonight, but I'm really glad I did, because this story's writing is lovely, does a wonderful job showing the characters of Kunzite and Zoisite, and has just enough hint of citrus to make me a happy, happy fangirl. I covet more like this one. (KunzitexZoisite.)

- Sailor Moon - Crystal Weaver Saga by e.j. liddell - Ahhh, how to write a rec for the Crystal Weaver Saga? Way, waaaaay back when I was first getting into Sailor Moon, this was one of the first stories I stumbled onto, since I was a Dark Kingdom fan. This was back when I was still more acquainted with the dub than the original, so the dub names here don't bother me so much. Especially since the author writes them as not being watered down imbecillic characters. This story is my favorite SM story because e.j. liddell does something I wouldn't have previously thought possible--she took the dub world of SM and made it interesting. She fixed that little gender "problem" with Zoisite and made him male again, she made the Sailor "Scouts" interesting, and the plot of this thing... I love it.

I'm not even going to try to sum up the plot because it's too huge, I'll just say that it's pretty much like it's own season of Sailor Moon if the Generals had been revived and given half the focus. And I do admit that a lot of my love for this story is because of the Malachite (and I use that name, because that's the character the author is writing about) is given the power I always thought he should have. The Generals are all given the powers and storylines I thought they should have, but it's not done in such a way that it's to the detriment of the regular main characters. It's... good.

One thing I do warn about is that as the story goes on, there get to be more and more original characters and it can be difficult to keep track of them. However, it's not that I get MS vibes off them, it's that the author really is creating her own little universe here and the characters are branching off and expanding it. So... yeah. My fave SM story for a reason. .....and really deserving of a better rec than this crappy one. >_>;;; (Some yaoi, some het, nothing too graphic, Dark Kingdom-centric. ^_^)

- Sailor Moon - What To Do with Daylight by Celeste Goodchild - It feels like I've had this fic on my To Read list for years but never really got around to it until now, what with my Sailor Moon fascination coming back around again. Now, admittedly, I have a hesitation or two over this story, the author tends to tell a little too much over showing, the prose/descriptions are rather stiff much of the time and could use a good polishing. That said, I find that it helps that the story is so long, because I can fling myself into it, gobbling up the words as fast as I can read and it goes rather smoothly that way. I also don't mean to give this a backhanded rec, because what the author does well, she does incredibly well. This story is solid, not just decent or halfway promising, it's genuinely solid in that I'm interested in both the plot and the unfolding relationships.

What this story does is that it takes a few small changes in the middle of the first season of Sailor Moon and then has everything snowballing further and further until it's off in its own story. But it still feels like Sailor Moon and keeps the spirit of the series alive--right down to how they're all trying to figure out who the Princess is (and I can rather believe that they Don't Get It in this story), how to deal with their past lives and the lack of memory, and the way Beryl and the Dark Kingdom are still actually doing things, the way the girls are all distinctive personalities (I really do love that the author keeps all their personalities intact even when they only have a few lines in a scene) and they have their moments of bickering but they're all still friends, the way the story is balanced to give focus on all the characters.

It's also a fabulous story for me because it deals with characters I love--both with the Senshi as a group and Zoisite as a character and Zoisite as one of Endymion's guards. I'm just quietly in love with a story that has Zoisite in such a major role, but works it into the actual plot, the way he can't go back to the Dark Kingdom (or Kunzite) but he's not sure he fits in with the Senshi and yet he's tied irrevocably to them even when he doesn't know how. And I love this Zoisite--sharp and deadly when crossed, beautiful and almost flighty, but that's not quite it, undercurrents of loyalty and something of a decent person, even when he's not a very nice person. I'm also quite charmed by the friendship with Ami, the way hints of the manga or PGSM are worked into the story while still keeping it within the anime's timeline. Or! The relationshp he has with Kunzite--even if they're not in the same scene for the majority of the story, the relationship is a fascinating one, the way Zoisite is so in love with him, the way you can feel hints of returned affection from Kunzite even as he's distant and ruthless. Or the way there's antagonism between Zoisite and Mamoru, yet something more, something that hints at a Prince and his Guard, but it's not quite there yet.

All in all, I really am fascinated by this story. I have a reservation or two, of course, but I also sat down to read just a few pages of the story and wound up reading three (long) chapters before finally having to crawl into bed... and then going back to it the next day. I appreciate the story's pacing--even as much as I want them to hurry up and figure everything out, I also like that the author takes her time, goes through each nijizuishou carrier, goes through all the times the Senshi try to piece things together, all the times the relationships between the characters slowly build a little more. I love the way Usagi is such a sweet girl here, too, the way she brings such hope or light to people even when they don't quite realize it. I love that this story appeals to me as a Sailor Moon fan, not just a Zoisite fan. I really do think that just about any SM fan should find something to enjoy with this story. (Some Kunzite/Zoisite, some blossoming relationships that mirror canon, but the majority of the fic is focused on the gen.)

Sailor Moon: Amantes Sunt Amentes by swan_songs - I was intrigued by the pairings listed on this as being both Kunzite/Zoisite and Endymion/Serenity--my two favorite pairings in one fic? That hardly ever happened! And it was a cute fic set back in the Silver Millennium where Endymion was totally smitten with Serenity, so the Four Kings were being sought after to "help" him and Zoisites suggestions were, ah, interesting. Plus, some friendly bitching between the Kings yet you could tell how they all felt the same towards Endymion and knew it, which was probably my favorite part of the fic--though they might complain, they cared about him very obviously. (Kunzite/Zoisite, Endmyion/Serenity.)

Sailor Moon: In The Depths by Scifiroots - This was an interesting look at the Dark Kingdom and Zoisite's point of view in it. It has an almost a sort of dream-like quality, the descriptions are just a little metaphoric but not so convoluted that it's impossible to read. Instead, it's about a yearning for something brighter and warmer than what they experience in the Dark Kingdom, the way Nephrite finds something better as he dies, the way Zoisite realizes it with his own death as well. I picked this up for the Kunzite/Zoisite implications, but I like it as a fic that... well, I subscribe to the manga's background for the Shitennou in the anime as well (if slightly different), so them reaching for something more works well for me. (Some Kunzite/Zoisite, it's only half the point.)

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