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- Sailor Moon - A Blossom of the Heart by Roo - I've always remembered this story, because it's one of the very, very few Fiore stories out there and it's so lovely. Fiore is one of my favorite SM characters and FiorexMamoru is probably the only other Mamo-chan/Usako pairing I can stand, and this story is so much more wonderful because Mamoru clearly loves Usagi very much and that never wavers. I don't think I could have liked or believed a story that had Mamoru not completely in love with her. But Mamoru has a kind heart and there is a spark of attraction there, despite his love for Usagi--and I found the way this story played that balance was just lovely. I hurt for Fiore, despite his being a villain, he was in so much pain that I wanted him to be happy, a part of me wanted to hand Mamoru over to him, no matter how much of a Mamo-chanxUsako fangirl I am. ....I'll stop now. ^_^;; (MamoruxFiore, somewhat graphic content.)

- Sailor Moon - Fatherly Concerns by Corina "Mako" Borsuk - I don't know what posessed me to read this story (I was looking for DCU fic and happened to stumble over this author), but it was probably enough that the author mentioned Mamoru's name in the summary. ^_~ And it was a nice, sweet fic about Chibi-Usa's birth and Mamoru's worries over whether or not he'll be a good father to her, because it's not the same as when they got to know Chibi-Usa previously, now he was her father, and it's not like he had a lot of loving experiences to draw on. The writing is lovely, Mamoru's worries are lovely without being overbearing or overly angsty, and Usagi's influences on him are wonderfully done. Just one of those stories that really captured the feel of Sailor Moon, for me. ♥ (A little UsaMamo, but the focus isn't on that.)

- Sailor Moon - Another Day by Harukami - I swear, the more Haru writes, the more I truly fall in love with her writing, as she has a way of writing with this style that's... sort of like still waters running deep. Not much even has to necessarily happen, it's just little looks here or mild comments there that hint at the deeper things underneath the surface that put stars in my eyes. Then you apply it to a couple like Michiru and Haruka? Such a perfect fit. Plus, OMG VALENTINE'S DAY CUTENESS THAT TOTALLY WORKS FOR THEM! *flails happily* That hint of teasing when Haruka flirts but doesn't really mean it? So them. <3 (Haruka/Michiru.)

- Sailor Moon - Bridesmaids by Harukami - This was lovely and sweet, the rest of the Inner Senshi at Usagi's wedding, the way it isn't pure sweetness and light, but it is love and real friendship. This is what Sailor Moon is to me, why I still love it so much even now and I just... I love the way each of them is important to everyone else, there's just so much love here that it warms my heart. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - True Love's End by Harukami - So the previous fic was originally supposed to be a smut request, right? Excapt that Harukami didn't see that before she'd written the fic, so she wrote this instead. And it's genius. I had the exact reaction Haru was going for with the fic and everyone should read it NOW. Especially the end. ♥ (Venus/Mars/Jupiter, graphic content.)

- Sailor Moon - Anno mirablis by tokyofish - It's been ages since I'd read Sailor Moon fic, but I like tokyofish's fic and I decided to give the first few lines a shot and there was something about it that just... it's not the usual sort of take on fanfic, it's not even from a specific character's point of view, there are no people specifically named, it's all vague and fleeting, but that's what made it work. Sailor Moon is a series that is often about the characters itself, but even more about symbolism and love and the power of both, which this story somehow fed into that for me. It's a beautiful story about the end of the future ice age on earth, a story about hope being reborn and the way the author wound her imagery (I especially liked ) was just wonderful. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - What To Do with Daylight by Celeste Goodchild - It feels like I've had this fic on my To Read list for years but never really got around to it until now, what with my Sailor Moon fascination coming back around again. Now, admittedly, I have a hesitation or two over this story, the author tends to tell a little too much over showing, the prose/descriptions are rather stiff much of the time and could use a good polishing. That said, I find that it helps that the story is so long, because I can fling myself into it, gobbling up the words as fast as I can read and it goes rather smoothly that way. I also don't mean to give this a backhanded rec, because what the author does well, she does incredibly well. This story is solid, not just decent or halfway promising, it's genuinely solid in that I'm interested in both the plot and the unfolding relationships.

What this story does is that it takes a few small changes in the middle of the first season of Sailor Moon and then has everything snowballing further and further until it's off in its own story. But it still feels like Sailor Moon and keeps the spirit of the series alive--right down to how they're all trying to figure out who the Princess is (and I can rather believe that they Don't Get It in this story), how to deal with their past lives and the lack of memory, and the way Beryl and the Dark Kingdom are still actually doing things, the way the girls are all distinctive personalities (I really do love that the author keeps all their personalities intact even when they only have a few lines in a scene) and they have their moments of bickering but they're all still friends, the way the story is balanced to give focus on all the characters.

It's also a fabulous story for me because it deals with characters I love--both with the Senshi as a group and Zoisite as a character and Zoisite as one of Endymion's guards. I'm just quietly in love with a story that has Zoisite in such a major role, but works it into the actual plot, the way he can't go back to the Dark Kingdom (or Kunzite) but he's not sure he fits in with the Senshi and yet he's tied irrevocably to them even when he doesn't know how. And I love this Zoisite--sharp and deadly when crossed, beautiful and almost flighty, but that's not quite it, undercurrents of loyalty and something of a decent person, even when he's not a very nice person. I'm also quite charmed by the friendship with Ami, the way hints of the manga or PGSM are worked into the story while still keeping it within the anime's timeline. Or! The relationshp he has with Kunzite--even if they're not in the same scene for the majority of the story, the relationship is a fascinating one, the way Zoisite is so in love with him, the way you can feel hints of returned affection from Kunzite even as he's distant and ruthless. Or the way there's antagonism between Zoisite and Mamoru, yet something more, something that hints at a Prince and his Guard, but it's not quite there yet.

All in all, I really am fascinated by this story. I have a reservation or two, of course, but I also sat down to read just a few pages of the story and wound up reading three (long) chapters before finally having to crawl into bed... and then going back to it the next day. I appreciate the story's pacing--even as much as I want them to hurry up and figure everything out, I also like that the author takes her time, goes through each nijizuishou carrier, goes through all the times the Senshi try to piece things together, all the times the relationships between the characters slowly build a little more. I love the way Usagi is such a sweet girl here, too, the way she brings such hope or light to people even when they don't quite realize it. I love that this story appeals to me as a Sailor Moon fan, not just a Zoisite fan. I really do think that just about any SM fan should find something to enjoy with this story. (Some Kunzite/Zoisite, some blossoming relationships that mirror canon, but the majority of the fic is focused on the gen.)

- Bleach/Sailor Moon - On the Job Training by Sophia P - This was such a fun, clever little crossover that was a delight to read! One of the things that really makes (or breaks) a crossover is that point of intersection between the two series, that reason to bring the two together and a conversation between Artemis and Yoruichi set the tone for something light and just fun. I especially loved Yoruichi's sly characterization here and the ending was great. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

Sailor Moon: The Most Powerful of Magics by drakensis - I hadn't intended to read Sailor Moon fic this morning, but... it was short and seemed to have gathered several reviews, my curiosity was roused. And then... as;dlfkjas;lkjaslkjs I just. I kind of totally cracked up at the image, it hit me exactly right. Just. asd;lfkjasl;kj of course that's what would happen with Usagi. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

Sailor Moon: Spoiled by shadowravyn - You know, the first time I went through the fandom, I wasn't that interested in Chibi-Usa. But a lot of lovely fanart and a new outlook on the series have softened me up towards her character and I find her relationship with her parents really interesting. So, it's nice to find a fic set in Crystal Tokyo before she had to travel back in time, where it's set through Mamoru's eyes and how he can't help spoiling his daughter, even when he should know better. Especially during that time when they were all just waiting for whatever to happen finally happen, things tense and of course a child picks up on that. So, he can't resist his darling little girl. And it's a really lovely, sweet (yet a little bittersweet) piece. (No real warnings/pairings.)

Sailor Moon: Relativity by sexylyon - Well, as long as I'm finally reading a bunch of the Sailor Moon classics and getting to some of my backlog, I figured I might as well pick up this one as well. It's a story that's about the founding of Crystal Tokyo and Mamoru's difficult path through all of it, taking him from someone who's always had an important destiny to truly shaping him into King Endymion. Mamoru is one of those characters that I'm endlessly fascinated with, especially as the anime only hinted at the complexities and abilities of the character, which this story deals with and then just runs with, the Golden Crystal and his connection to the Earth and the depths of power he has, but also that he's not just a powerful warrior. That there's such deep love there and such deep darkness there as well, that he's genuinely frightening to behold in this fic. The breathtaking thing about it, though, is that the depth was always there, it's just brought to light in this fic, which is beautifully written--both in the first half, showing the beginnings of Crystal Tokyo and the second half, in which he comes back and has to prove himself. It's such a detailed fic, the series of tests that Mamoru is put through in the second half are amazing, but it's also his love for Usagi and the connections he has with the other Senshi, and just the pure epic scope of this fic, that make it easily one of my favorites in the fandom. Yes, a lot of it is the incredible focus on Mamoru/Endymion, but it's also that it's a brilliant story that's beautifully written and captures the truly epic nature of a series like Sailor Moon. It does everything justice. (Some Mamoru/Usagi, but it's only half the point.)

Sailor Moon: Rondo Adagio by Kihin Ranno - I forget how I came to this author, but it was probably looking for more UsaMamo fic and somehow I got sidetracked by this Michiru fic. But it was such a lovely piece that I couldn't help myself; there's an elegance and a balance between gentleness and darkness to the writing that's perfect for Michiru's character. Before a concert, what could be her final concert, given that she's ready to die for the fight she's about to be in, Michiru prepares. The little details of her dress, of her violin, of her loved ones, all of it get at the depth underneath the seeming "perfect" shell Michiru has and it's really interesting. It's a lovely read and fits with what I know of her character. (Haruka/Michiru.)

Sailor Moon: The Night Before by Heavenly Pearl - You know, I think I had started this fic previously, but then stopped about halfway through when Mamoru was having doubts about marrying Usagi because it didn't jive with the way I saw the characters at the time. As I spend more time with the characters, I've loosened up on that front and can take this fic as an interesting view on the characters and enjoy the (sort of) angst much more freely--plus, it's a conversation with Mamoru and Setsuna! I love stuff like that! The plot is pretty straightforward--Mamoru loves Usagi, but he's having doubts the night before the wedding, about all this future that's already laid out in stone for both of them and whether or not this is really his choice. Setsuna helps make a few of the important things clearer. I really found this fic interesting this time around! (Mamoru/Usagi, some Mamoru/Setsuna.)

Sailor Moon: A Daughter's Thought by ChibiUsa20 - As I go along in Sailor Moon fandom again, I definitely find myself more and more fond of Chibi-Usa and understanding her situation a lot better than I had previously, so finding cute fic with her struggling to keep afloat in the past without her parents or the people she grew up with, is a nice treat. She's watching other kids as she's riding her bike, unable to help comparing herself to them, and has a little accident, which has Usagi worried about her and it's a quiet little bonding piece. I really love how Usagi may not precisely be her mom, but you can feel the bond so strongly there anyway. (No warnings/pairings.)

Sailor Moon: The Legend of the Rose by sheankelor - I have a thing about Crystal Tokyo stories, of course, especially if they're going to focus on Mamoru, who is one of my favorites. It's such fun to play with the beginnings of Crystal Tokyo, since we know so little, and I really like what this fic does with it. Mamoru leaves the palace for awhile, trying to find a little anonymity for a bit, and runs across a group of kids talking about the Queen, which gets wrapped up in symbolism of roses and the author nicely uses them to illustrate how the thorns protect the flower, but you can still gently approach the flower if you're respectful of it. It worked nicely for Mamoru's symbolism and protection of Usagi, wrapped up in a sweet fairy tale style. (Some Mamoru/Usagi, but it's only half the point.)

Sailor Moon: Nothing Personal by Natsudori Lina - Another very short fic, but an interesting one on Mamoru's character, what he does and doesn't believe, how he's affected by all the circumstances he finds himself caught up in. I like the little touches of how he grew up and his wanting to be a doctor helped form his beliefs/clash against what he sees, even if they're just lightly touched on here. I definitely would have liked to have seen this developed to be more in-depth, but it also works as an interesting little piece here. (No real warnings/pairings.)

Sailor Moon: Sick Day by HermioneCrookshanks919 - Okay, Usagi and Mamoru arguing about who gets to take a sick day during Crystal Tokyo? While the Inner Senshi eavesdrop outside the door, making comments and placing bets on how things will turn out? And being disgusted at the predictably and clicheness of the king and queen? Totally full of lols and adorableness. I love that, even in the future, Usagi and Mamoru still get under each other's skin and kind of disgust everyone around them because they're so stupid when it comes to each other, but it's not in a bad way, because everyone still clearly loves them both. Plus, I love the Inner Senshi's conversations a whole lot. (Some Mamoru/Usagi, but it's only half the point.)

Sailor Moon: Tempting Fate by wickedtrue - I definitely have a thing about how... when a fic takes two characters who don't necessarily interact a lot in canon and putting them together to see how that dynamic might turn out. I wouldn't have come up with Mamoru and Michiru on the first thought, but this author... she tells an absolutely beautiful story here. I love how clear it is that they both love their respective partners deeply and the thing that develops between them doesn't threaten that at all, but it's still a connection that pulls on them both. The writing is lovely and elegant here and I have to admit... it has sparked something of an interest in a friendship between these two for me. (Mamoru/Usagi, Haruka/Michiru, sort of but not really Mamoru/Michiru.)

Sailor Moon: My Idol Mamoru Chiba by twilight_eos - I love that this fic is half humor and half serious, that it made me laugh to think of someone's observations on Mamoru and how unearthly he must seem at times (which is ironic, all things considered) but there's also something serious and really interesting here. Mamoru is distant from so many people around him, so composed and seemingly perfect, to have someone watch him and see the relationships he goes through (first the thing with Rei and then his relationship with Usagi) is really neat. (Some Mamoru/Usagi, but it's not really about any ships specifically.)

Sailor Moon: The Stuff That Doesn't Make Sense by Jon Carp - I'm not even sure how I stumbled over this fic anymore, but the summary caught my attention: A simple misunderstanding leads to nutty goings-on, as Shingo leads a brigade of background characters on a mission to invade the privacy of the inner senshi. I loved the fic right from the beginning, set from Shingo's POV about the weirdness that surrounds his sister and how he doesn't understand how such beautiful people can be friends with his sister. From there, it's an epic series of hijinks to figure out certain things about the Senshi, slowly pulling everyone in around them and making me laugh so hard I just about pounded the desktop from it a few times. The author does beautifully at writing comedy but still making it so easy to picture everything happening in the series, right down to Rei's perverted grandfather and Yuuichirou and Umino and Naru and Motoki and the Outers and the cats all getting wrapped up in it. It's well-written comedy and it was a satisfying read this morning, just for focus on characters who don't necessarily always get a lot of focus. Delightful. ♥ (Some background canon pairings, especially Haruka/Michiru, and a lot of speculation, but none of it is entirely the point.)

Sailor Moon: Missing the Odango by leni_ba - This is a short piece on Usagi, from Haruka's POV. Set post-anime, it's about Usagi trying to grow up, the way she's slowly getting there, how she'll one day be the kind and gentle Queen in the future. Which isn't bad, but Haruka misses the person who was both ends of the extreme, in both her likes and dislikes, it's a little bittersweet to watch her grow up. But there's still an occasional flare-up and this is a lovely piece about that, a wonderful little transition between the two. (No real warnings/pairings.)

Sailor Moon: More Than A Little by AkoyaMizuno - Another short one at not even 400 words, I know. But it seems to be that kind of day. This is a lovely piece, though, from Haruka's POV as she and Michiru watch Usagi and both realize that it's hard not to be a little in love with her. It's a gentle, sweet piece that fits the series and how, yeah, it is hard not to be a little in love with Usagi. (Vaguely Haruka/Michiru and Haruka/Usagi and maybe Michiru/Usagi, but it's only sort of half the point?)

Sailor Moon: Et tu by venusorbit1 - I have a strong soft spot for fics with Mamoru and Chibi-Usa, because they're a darling father & daughter combination, so when Endymion is tucking Chibi-Usa into bed and it's this cute, adorable little story, of course I was happy to read it. I love how much he loves his little girl, even when she's kind of a brat, that really only makes you love her more. I admit, I didn't see the ending coming, but that just made it more fun. <3 (No real warnings/pairings.)

SAILOR MOON: The Ice King’s Daughter by seananmcguire

PAIRINGS/CHARACTERS: Sailor Mercury, fairy tale

SUMMARY: Once upon a time, in a kingdom very far away from here, so far away that they do not even share the same winds, because the winds of this land are warm and wistful things, and they do not like the cold, there was a glacier.

REC: I've been meaning to sit down with this series of fics because they looked promising and I'm glad I did today, as this was just absolutely lovely. The beginning is cute setup and worldbuilding for this fairy tale that's being woven, but it's when you get to the halfway point and beyond that you really start to see why this fic is something special and why this fic isn't just a generic fairy tale being told about an ice-themed princess. That this story fits with Ami and the issues she faces, while never losing that beautiful fairy tale quality (whether this is Ami or Princess Mercury or a blend somewhere in between the two) is just gorgeous. The ending just gave me so many feelings for this darling character I love so much and it's a really great read.

SAILOR MOON: Gold as Sun, Blue as Sky by seananmcguire

PAIRINGS/CHARACTERS: Sailor Venus, fairy tale

SUMMARY: Once upon a time there was a kingdom where the sun never set, no, never, not even once, and so the people who dwelt there did not know night, nor darkness, nor the customary fears that shadows awaken in the human heart.

REC: This is the second one of the series that I tackled and, having read the previous one, I had some idea of where this would go and what kind of story it would be, in amongst the fairy tale trappings. But that doesn't mean that it was any less lovely or absolutely wonderful for how this got to the heart of Minako and one of the biggest issues she struggled with! This fic was even more delightful with the details being worked into it, with the white cat and the rabbit that appears in all the fics and the moon that never says much and the princess in the moon that they dream about. But what really got me is how much I love Minako and how much I really felt for her, how the fairy tale theme of the story really allowed the story to highlight her character and made it fit with the Sailor Moon series.

SAILOR MOON: The Princess Who Called Lightning by seananmcguire

PAIRINGS/CHARACTERS: Sailor Jupiter, fairy tale

SUMMARY: Once upon a time, in a kingdom surrounded by a great forest so wide it was like a sea, and so tall it was like a mountain, there lived a princess with hair the color of tree bark and eyes the color of new spring leaves.

REC: This is the third in the series that I read and I fear that I'm beginning to repeat myself by this point, but the same still holds true every time--the use of a fairy tale theme to tell the story that's at the heart of Makoto, who is brash and loving and brave and headstrong and stubborn and likes flowers and baking just as much as she loves facing a fight head on, all those things were woven into the mix to make it so easy to see her here and to feel all the feelings at her struggle. I really loved how this was also about the way people saw her and how that reflected back on them, just as Makoto struggled with that in the series as well, it was just beautifully done all the way around.

SAILOR MOON: Ash, Soot, and Flame by seananmcguire

PAIRINGS/CHARACTERS: Sailor Mars, fairy tale

SUMMARY: Once upon a time, very far away from here, there was a kingdom on fire.

REC: Another lovely fic by this author, in the series of fics centered on the Inner Sailor Senshi, which make for a fantastic complete set. I almost feel as though I should say this one is my favorite yet, except I would have said that about all of the fics, honestly. Yet this does not take away from how lovely this story is and how it gets to the heart of Rei's character, who is overly serious and works herself too hard and doesn't take time for little joys, that that is the lesson at the center of this fic and how the white rabbit helps her with this. The language is just as lovely as ever, you can very nearly feel the heat of the kingdom of fire, and I love how fairy tale all these background worlds feel! But mostly I love that I can see Rei in this princess and how much I genuinely felt for her here. Lovely.

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