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- Sailor Moon - Rational Thought by Gita Toronjil-Lee - I don't know what made me seek out Sailor Moon fic tonight, but I'm really glad I did, because this story's writing is lovely, does a wonderful job showing the characters of Kunzite and Zoisite, and has just enough hint of citrus to make me a happy, happy fangirl. I covet more like this one. (KunzitexZoisite.)

- Sailor Moon - A Blossom of the Heart by Roo - I've always remembered this story, because it's one of the very, very few Fiore stories out there and it's so lovely. Fiore is one of my favorite SM characters and FiorexMamoru is probably the only other Mamo-chan/Usako pairing I can stand, and this story is so much more wonderful because Mamoru clearly loves Usagi very much and that never wavers. I don't think I could have liked or believed a story that had Mamoru not completely in love with her. But Mamoru has a kind heart and there is a spark of attraction there, despite his love for Usagi--and I found the way this story played that balance was just lovely. I hurt for Fiore, despite his being a villain, he was in so much pain that I wanted him to be happy, a part of me wanted to hand Mamoru over to him, no matter how much of a Mamo-chanxUsako fangirl I am. ....I'll stop now. ^_^;; (MamoruxFiore, somewhat graphic content.)

- Sailor Moon - Crystal Weaver Saga by e.j. liddell - Ahhh, how to write a rec for the Crystal Weaver Saga? Way, waaaaay back when I was first getting into Sailor Moon, this was one of the first stories I stumbled onto, since I was a Dark Kingdom fan. This was back when I was still more acquainted with the dub than the original, so the dub names here don't bother me so much. Especially since the author writes them as not being watered down imbecillic characters. This story is my favorite SM story because e.j. liddell does something I wouldn't have previously thought possible--she took the dub world of SM and made it interesting. She fixed that little gender "problem" with Zoisite and made him male again, she made the Sailor "Scouts" interesting, and the plot of this thing... I love it.

I'm not even going to try to sum up the plot because it's too huge, I'll just say that it's pretty much like it's own season of Sailor Moon if the Generals had been revived and given half the focus. And I do admit that a lot of my love for this story is because of the Malachite (and I use that name, because that's the character the author is writing about) is given the power I always thought he should have. The Generals are all given the powers and storylines I thought they should have, but it's not done in such a way that it's to the detriment of the regular main characters. It's... good.

One thing I do warn about is that as the story goes on, there get to be more and more original characters and it can be difficult to keep track of them. However, it's not that I get MS vibes off them, it's that the author really is creating her own little universe here and the characters are branching off and expanding it. So... yeah. My fave SM story for a reason. .....and really deserving of a better rec than this crappy one. >_>;;; (Some yaoi, some het, nothing too graphic, Dark Kingdom-centric. ^_^)

- Sailor Moon - Fatherly Concerns by Corina "Mako" Borsuk - I don't know what posessed me to read this story (I was looking for DCU fic and happened to stumble over this author), but it was probably enough that the author mentioned Mamoru's name in the summary. ^_~ And it was a nice, sweet fic about Chibi-Usa's birth and Mamoru's worries over whether or not he'll be a good father to her, because it's not the same as when they got to know Chibi-Usa previously, now he was her father, and it's not like he had a lot of loving experiences to draw on. The writing is lovely, Mamoru's worries are lovely without being overbearing or overly angsty, and Usagi's influences on him are wonderfully done. Just one of those stories that really captured the feel of Sailor Moon, for me. ♥ (A little UsaMamo, but the focus isn't on that.)

- Sailor Moon - Choices by Harukami - Oh, my god. Brilliant and deep Sailor Moon fic that explores Usagi and Mamoru's relationship, making it more realistic and three-dimensional than the archtypical style Sailor Moon usually inspires, but without taking away the magic of the series. One of the things I worry about with deeper fic for SM is that it could ruin part of the appeal of the series for me, that it's a sparkly shoujo series that makes me fall in love and yet... what Haru did with this story is take a closer look at the events of the R season, of how the characters changed between R and S, why Mamoru changed into a cardboard cutout of the perfect boyfriend in S. The story is one of my favorites because it just... it took me by surprise, the power of Usagi and Mamoru's relationship, what they had to have REALLY been going through, knowing what their future was, what their future HAD to be, how they were locked into it, making it hard and painful, but not dark and depressing. It hurt, but... in that way that Sailor Moon hurts when it's at its sharpest. This is a brilliant take on Usagi and Mamoru's relationship, how they go from children, really, into Serenity and Endymion and how it's not always so easy, but it's still them. (Usagi/Mamoru.)

- Sailor Moon - Hot Pursuit by Usako3000 - ....okay, shut up, shut up, SHUT UP. This story isn't perfect (the writing could use some polishing and there are a lot of typos/little quickie errors), but, godammit, I smiled and giggled the entire way through. The thing about this story is that I think you have to really be an UsaMamo fan to get why I was practically bouncing over it, because it's utterly cute, sweet, silly, and FLUFFY. Usagi, Mamoru, and a watergun, it's ADORABLE and one of those kinds of stories that just hit the dynamic I wanted out of them. Goofy, fluffy, and giggle-inducing, but not quite saccharine enough to put me into sugar shock, much like how I felt about the relationship in the series itself. Usagi spraying Mamoru with a faceful of water and then full-tilt RUNNING out of the room while he chases her is just... it gets at what I love about these two and SHUT UP I CAN LIKE THE FLUFF IF I WANT TO. (Usagi/Mamoru.)

- Sailor Moon - Peaches by Antigone - I think this story just happened to come along at the right time for me, because I'd read one cute Sailor Moon fic and thus I wanted another cute Sailor Moon fic. Again, the writing could use a little polishing, it's a bit forced, but by the end, it'd smoothed out and really captured the feel of the series, the way there was more going on than you might have originally thought, it wasn't just about Usagi demanding a peach because she was unreasonable. ^_~ What really won me over was the lovely, lovely interaction between her and Mamoru at the end, just nailed what gets to me about their romance, the genuine love there, despite that they might be cranky at other times. Just... eeeee! Sailor Moon fluff! *flails* (Usagi/Mamoru.)

- Sailor Moon - Another Day by Harukami - I swear, the more Haru writes, the more I truly fall in love with her writing, as she has a way of writing with this style that's... sort of like still waters running deep. Not much even has to necessarily happen, it's just little looks here or mild comments there that hint at the deeper things underneath the surface that put stars in my eyes. Then you apply it to a couple like Michiru and Haruka? Such a perfect fit. Plus, OMG VALENTINE'S DAY CUTENESS THAT TOTALLY WORKS FOR THEM! *flails happily* That hint of teasing when Haruka flirts but doesn't really mean it? So them. <3 (Haruka/Michiru.)

- Sailor Moon - Bridesmaids by Harukami - This was lovely and sweet, the rest of the Inner Senshi at Usagi's wedding, the way it isn't pure sweetness and light, but it is love and real friendship. This is what Sailor Moon is to me, why I still love it so much even now and I just... I love the way each of them is important to everyone else, there's just so much love here that it warms my heart. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - True Love's End by Harukami - So the previous fic was originally supposed to be a smut request, right? Excapt that Harukami didn't see that before she'd written the fic, so she wrote this instead. And it's genius. I had the exact reaction Haru was going for with the fic and everyone should read it NOW. Especially the end. ♥ (Venus/Mars/Jupiter, graphic content.)

- Sailor Moon - Anno mirablis by tokyofish - It's been ages since I'd read Sailor Moon fic, but I like tokyofish's fic and I decided to give the first few lines a shot and there was something about it that just... it's not the usual sort of take on fanfic, it's not even from a specific character's point of view, there are no people specifically named, it's all vague and fleeting, but that's what made it work. Sailor Moon is a series that is often about the characters itself, but even more about symbolism and love and the power of both, which this story somehow fed into that for me. It's a beautiful story about the end of the future ice age on earth, a story about hope being reborn and the way the author wound her imagery (I especially liked ) was just wonderful. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - Signs of Affection by DanikaLareyna - I snagged the link for this fic off of mklutz's recs, who has been seeking out Sailor Moon fic lately and I am more than happy to gank from her. ♥ Admittedly, the writing of these pieces is a little stiff in places--though, nothing near that would keep me from reading, just that I probably get rather picky about SM fic and how I want it to be perfect--that made it a little difficult to sink into the fic for a few chapters, but the author does something that really sort of charmed me. The chapters are each random little scenes that rarely go over a thousand words, but they all string together so that it's like watching little moments in the characters' lives that actually progress the relationship. I know it shouldn't be that big of a deal, but it's something that made me fall really hard for the fic, because it's been thirty-two chapters and I'm enjoying them as much as when I started, but it feels like how their relationship would go, day by day.

Also, I love that the chapters were easy to read seperately, so that I could read a few one day, a few the next, and take it at my own pace. I love that the author has a hundred different ideas to put into the fic, those little moments that actually show the various facets of the Usagi/Mamoru relationship. I love that some of them are silly, I love that there were so many that beautifully showed how Usagi and Mamoru started off arguing and annoyed as hell with each other. I love that one chapter almost got me to cry because Mamoru actually has so much depth and pain in his past and Usagi is a wonderful and caring girl and sometimes scars do still hurt. I love the beautiful characterization of both characters, I love that the author doesn't rush things too much, I love that I feel like I want to roll around and revel in the OTPness of this couple after reading the fic. I am totally looking forward to more chapters. ♥ (Usagi/Mamoru.)

- Sailor Moon - What To Do with Daylight by Celeste Goodchild - It feels like I've had this fic on my To Read list for years but never really got around to it until now, what with my Sailor Moon fascination coming back around again. Now, admittedly, I have a hesitation or two over this story, the author tends to tell a little too much over showing, the prose/descriptions are rather stiff much of the time and could use a good polishing. That said, I find that it helps that the story is so long, because I can fling myself into it, gobbling up the words as fast as I can read and it goes rather smoothly that way. I also don't mean to give this a backhanded rec, because what the author does well, she does incredibly well. This story is solid, not just decent or halfway promising, it's genuinely solid in that I'm interested in both the plot and the unfolding relationships.

What this story does is that it takes a few small changes in the middle of the first season of Sailor Moon and then has everything snowballing further and further until it's off in its own story. But it still feels like Sailor Moon and keeps the spirit of the series alive--right down to how they're all trying to figure out who the Princess is (and I can rather believe that they Don't Get It in this story), how to deal with their past lives and the lack of memory, and the way Beryl and the Dark Kingdom are still actually doing things, the way the girls are all distinctive personalities (I really do love that the author keeps all their personalities intact even when they only have a few lines in a scene) and they have their moments of bickering but they're all still friends, the way the story is balanced to give focus on all the characters.

It's also a fabulous story for me because it deals with characters I love--both with the Senshi as a group and Zoisite as a character and Zoisite as one of Endymion's guards. I'm just quietly in love with a story that has Zoisite in such a major role, but works it into the actual plot, the way he can't go back to the Dark Kingdom (or Kunzite) but he's not sure he fits in with the Senshi and yet he's tied irrevocably to them even when he doesn't know how. And I love this Zoisite--sharp and deadly when crossed, beautiful and almost flighty, but that's not quite it, undercurrents of loyalty and something of a decent person, even when he's not a very nice person. I'm also quite charmed by the friendship with Ami, the way hints of the manga or PGSM are worked into the story while still keeping it within the anime's timeline. Or! The relationshp he has with Kunzite--even if they're not in the same scene for the majority of the story, the relationship is a fascinating one, the way Zoisite is so in love with him, the way you can feel hints of returned affection from Kunzite even as he's distant and ruthless. Or the way there's antagonism between Zoisite and Mamoru, yet something more, something that hints at a Prince and his Guard, but it's not quite there yet.

All in all, I really am fascinated by this story. I have a reservation or two, of course, but I also sat down to read just a few pages of the story and wound up reading three (long) chapters before finally having to crawl into bed... and then going back to it the next day. I appreciate the story's pacing--even as much as I want them to hurry up and figure everything out, I also like that the author takes her time, goes through each nijizuishou carrier, goes through all the times the Senshi try to piece things together, all the times the relationships between the characters slowly build a little more. I love the way Usagi is such a sweet girl here, too, the way she brings such hope or light to people even when they don't quite realize it. I love that this story appeals to me as a Sailor Moon fan, not just a Zoisite fan. I really do think that just about any SM fan should find something to enjoy with this story. (Some Kunzite/Zoisite, some blossoming relationships that mirror canon, but the majority of the fic is focused on the gen.)

- Bleach/Sailor Moon - On the Job Training by Sophia P - This was such a fun, clever little crossover that was a delight to read! One of the things that really makes (or breaks) a crossover is that point of intersection between the two series, that reason to bring the two together and a conversation between Artemis and Yoruichi set the tone for something light and just fun. I especially loved Yoruichi's sly characterization here and the ending was great. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

- Sailor Moon - All In Your Head by Alicia Blade - This is another story that I cannot, for the life of me, remember how I got here. I may have been journal hopping or FFNET hopping or I may have picked up a rec somewhere and followed more links or even directly snatched it from someone. (If I did, I'm really sorry about not crediting where I found the link. T__T) It was just one of those stories that was quietly good, the tension between Usagi and Mamoru, the way they're both drawn to each other, something greater than what they can put into words, but still fighting each other and snarking at each other because there's so much they don't understand yet and they're both still so young. I love that it's set so early in the series, yet you can still see how much they're drawn to each other already, how much they wish for something a little bit different. Very nice. (Mamoru/Usagi.)

- Sailor Moon - As In Autumn by Dejana Talis - It took me a couple of days to get through this entire fic, reading a few scenes here and there, checking my mail in between. I felt that the author overdid things a little, a little too much detail crammed in when it wasn't needed, too much telling the emotions instead of showing them, etc. However, at the same time, I did keep going back, which I don't often do, the writing itself is very smooth and the characterization is spot-on. One of the things that I thought while reading is that... it was a little hard for me to focus on, but it was a style that fit with Endymion and Serenity, they are very much the ultimate romantic couple, a grand epic romance. The author portrayed that very well and I loved the style she told the story in--two possible ways they finally passed on after having lived so long in Crystal Tokyo, one peaceful and one in battle. It was a great little premise (and pulled off very well, the alternating scenes really worked for this author's fic here) and each story is one that some part of me wanted. Some part of me wanted them to go out in a grand, epic battle, some part of me wanted them to die of old age. This fic gives me both without feeling like the author is copping out, she makes it really work. I enjoyed this a lot. (Mamoru/Usagi.)

Sailor Moon: Amantes Sunt Amentes by swan_songs - I was intrigued by the pairings listed on this as being both Kunzite/Zoisite and Endymion/Serenity--my two favorite pairings in one fic? That hardly ever happened! And it was a cute fic set back in the Silver Millennium where Endymion was totally smitten with Serenity, so the Four Kings were being sought after to "help" him and Zoisites suggestions were, ah, interesting. Plus, some friendly bitching between the Kings yet you could tell how they all felt the same towards Endymion and knew it, which was probably my favorite part of the fic--though they might complain, they cared about him very obviously. (Kunzite/Zoisite, Endmyion/Serenity.)

Sailor Moon: not quite a nudist colony by reversedhymnal - There is not nearly enough pretty Sailor Moon fic like this in existance and, really, my only complaint is that it's far too short. Not that it really needs to be any longer, I just want more of it. It nicely bridges the Usagi we saw in the series and the future Neo Queen Serenity we know she'll become, you can see they're both her, even in this short piece set through Endymion's eyes. And I love the sense of love and connection and attraction here, it's wonderful. (Endymion/Serenity.)

Sailor Moon: Always There by kawaiigami - This was a short little piece that was also a nice way to bridge the Usagi we know in the series with the future self we know she becomes, but seen through Mamoru's eyes and how much he wants to protect her and how much he loves her, despite that she's such a strong person. I love that you can really tell how much both of them care about each other here, it totally makes me want to go read a bunch more UsaMamo fics just like this one... apparently I'm in a mood for that today. <3 (Mamoru/Usagi.)

Sailor Moon: My Moonlight Angel by zebra_in_dream - Awwww, man, I love Mamoru and Usagi fic. This one is totally fluffy, but adorably cute and works for a pairing like these two. Plus, I love the idea of Mamoru being terribly curious to know whether Sailor Moon's wings were part of her costume or part of herself in Eternal Sailor Moon mode and just has to investigate. It's a cute little fic that put a smile on my face, just the right reaction. <3 (Mamoru/Usagi.)

Sailor Moon: The Most Powerful of Magics by drakensis - I hadn't intended to read Sailor Moon fic this morning, but... it was short and seemed to have gathered several reviews, my curiosity was roused. And then... as;dlfkjas;lkjaslkjs I just. I kind of totally cracked up at the image, it hit me exactly right. Just. asd;lfkjasl;kj of course that's what would happen with Usagi. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

Sailor Moon: untitled by monochrome-song - So, I was browsing back through older posts and happened to stop on an UsaMamo one by this author, which I was pleased to see since I really love them a lot. And I really liked what the author did here, it's sweet and adorable while still being sexy and at a point where they're a little more grown up, but still recognizable as themselves. It was just... I really liked the use of roses here. <3 (Usagi/Mamoru, PG-13.)

Sailor Moon: A Silent Look of Understanding by Aislinn Cailin - So, I've been in quite the Sailor Moon mood lately and I was browsing all over FFNET for some readable UsaMamo fic, finally stopping on this one. It definitely got my attention right away with the passionate kisses between the two of them, using their fighting with each other as cover so that no one knows what they're up to at the beginning of their relationship, and I liked that it acknowledged the way they started--at each other's throats. I had a little trouble following the progression of things (but my memory of the exact order of events in the series is a bit spotty at times), but the focus on the relationship between them was really nicely done, I liked this take on their characters. (Mamoru/Usagi.)

Sailor Moon: White by Aislinn Cailin - Well, as long as I was on the author's FFNET profile, I figured I'd click on another one of her fics, and this one intrigued me. Even more than the previous one, this fic has a slightly different take from most fic I've read, it's a little more painful and darker, Mamoru isn't quite what I'm used to, but this one paragraph really sold me on this fic: He wasn’t attracted to her because of her benevolence, her sunshine, her luck. No, it was none of those things. He was attracted to her because of her masochism, her insistence to wear her heart on her sleeve, her determination to feel every cut, every bruise, every stab that anyone, he himself included, sent her way. He was fascinated. He wanted to learn that from her, that act of self-inflicted cruelty. Because after years of feeling nothing at all, any pain was better than the numbness in his heart. It's different, I'm not sure it quite matches my own feelings on the characters (the fic overall, that is), but I found it really interesting and I could see it. I really adored the ending, too. (Mamoru/Usagi.)

Sailor Moon: On a Cold Windy Day by ADeerInHeadlights - I have a thing about the Sailor Moon universe and its destiny that's all been laid out for its characters--Usagi and Mamoru have to get married and have to become King and Queen of Crystal Tokyo and have to do all these things that were pre-destined... so how does that (potential) burden affect the two of them and the others around them? That's what this fic is all about, Usagi feeling the weight of destiny on her shoulders on her wedding day and wondering if she's alone in that. I like it because it deals with the issue the way I think the characters do, along with just a little sap to make it sweet. (Mamoru/Usagi.)

Sailor Moon: More Than Ice Cream by Alicia Blade - Granted, this story is very much a cliche--Mamoru and Usagi are still bitching at each other every time they see each other, but (for Mamoru) it's a cover for how he really feels about her and he drives himself crazy when she seems to be in love with someone else that he doesn't know and you can figure out where it goes from there--but this is Usagi and Mamoru. They are the epitome of romantic situations like this and that's the charm of this fic, that it throws itself right into the storyline and makes you (if you're a total sappy fangirl like I am) coo the entire time. The ending was satisfying for me as well, the build-up to it was nicely done and then resolution, and just... it's so shoujo in the way that Sailor Moon fic should be. (Mamoru/Usagi.)

Sailor Moon: Conversation by Sean Montgomery - This was a really cool little idea for a fic--set in the future, when Sailor Moon visits the future King Endymion and there's all this... weight between them, what's to come for her, what's already happened for him, the weight of everything he's carrying at the time. It's a wonderful look at both characters, you can see who both of them used to be and who they'll both become, all in the space of a conversation she has with him about how he's doing. I love how much is unsaid and how much is still said, how much you can feel how deeply Usagi and Mamoru love each other. Fics like this are ones that keep me coming back to this fandom. (Mamoru/Usagi.)

Sailor Moon: I'd Rather Be in Love by Odango Atama - Granted, there's only one chapter of this (written in 2007 and probably not going to be updated again) but it's such a fun little thing that I had to recommend it. It's got a really fun, high-energy Usagi voice that's cute to imagine and there were a handful of moments that felt pretty spot-on to me--Usagi's mental narration as she's having yet another fight with Mamoru was kind of perfect. And, yes, it's a cliche set-up (what if Haruna-sensei took a leave of absence and Chiba Mamoru was chosen to step in as her replacement) but the author just runs with it and does a delightful job at the snarking-at-each-other dynamic between the two of them that I think I grinned my whole way through this. (Mamoru/Usagi.)

Sailor Moon: Ruining the Mood by Heavenly Pearl - I wasn't sure what I was going to get when I clicked on this fic (but I was a little wary--Usagi and Mamoru try to spend a night together in her room? I... was not sure why that would happen), but I wound up with this cute little piece that was just kinda fun. I love that it's bit of normalcy in their lives, given how little they get of it, and the author didn't try to milk it too hard. It was just really cute! (Mamoru/Usagi.)

Sailor Moon: Balance by Starrika - Oh, this was a really sweet little Usagi and Mamoru piece that deals with Usagi's worry about whether or not Mamoru loves her or Serenity, once they have their memories back. It's cute and I love how adorable they are together and how much Mamoru clealy loves her and loves Serenity because she's part of Usagi's whole. It's fluffy, but that's exactly what I wanted from this pairing and this fic, it works adorably well here. (Mamoru/Usagi.)

Sailor Moon: Forces of Attraction by Aislinn Cailin - I continue to love stories set in the first season when Usagi and Mamoru were constantly bitching at each other as a cover for their attraction towards each other, which this fic plays very nicely on. It's a premise that could have been really cliche--Motoki thinks that their opposing natures make them attracted to each other, Mamoru thinks that's stupid, so Motoki makes a bet that he can't stay away from Usagi for a week, and thus true feelings start bubbling up to the surface--but the author has a solid grasp of the characters and gives it this really fun tone that's just so... Sailor Moon. I love that it's obvious the two of them like each other, but refuse to admit it even to themselves until they can't stand it anymore and it's just... it's Usagi and Mamoru and that pull they have towards each other. Like destiny without being so overwrought here. ♥ (Mamoru/Usagi.)

Sailor Moon: Choose for Me, Old Santa Claus by Alicia Blade - This is another one of those stories (and again at over 10,000 words that I read in a single sitting, clearly I am very hyped on this series lately) where it's all about Usagi and Mamoru bickering at each other until they're nudged forward just enough to push them past that and into realizing just how much they really like each other. It's set around Christmas and it's just really cute and fun, watching two elves try to play matchmaker with Mamoru and all of the Inner Senshi until finally he and Usagi just... trip into their feelings for each other. It could have been cliche or too weird, but somehow the author just makes it really darn charming instead. ♥ (Mamoru/Usagi.)

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