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- Prince of Tennis/Saiyuki/Yami no Matsuei/Peace Maker - W-Grip [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *bounce*bounce* This site has some wonderful TezukaFuji and OishiEiji, just... the kind that make me go *hanyaaaa~n*. And then there's the CHIBI-TEZUKAFUJI THAT I'M GOING TO SHRIEK OVER BECAUSE IT'S JUST SO GODDAMNED CUTE!!!!! ....sorry. ^_^;; These illustrations are full of nicely subtle colors, soft looks or touches, somehow managing to be wonderfully gay, yet not Supa!Gay, the kind I just adore, the occcasionaly goddamned cute chibis, and, wow do I adore those Hyotei group illustrations. Just... my love for these illustrations cannot be conveyed with mere words, just like my love for TezukaFuji cannot be conveyed with mere words. I cannot shove people at this site fast enough. ^_^

The Saiyuki illustrations are much the same, a lot of them, full of nice colors, good drawing skill, cool poses, and the group illustrations are fantastic--especially the later ones. Just... damn. *_*v

The Yami no Matsuei art I swear I've seen before, but I don't have the URL in my files anywhere, so... erm... this site may get rec'd twice. The Yamimatsu illustrations remind me of some style that I've seen before, but that I can't quite put my finger on, possibly some yaoi manga or something. Anyway, they're pretty good, the artist has a lot of talent for cool-looking poses/designs for them, making them look more like paitings or posters for the series rather than just fanart. Oh! Going through the gallery, I recognize that one of Tsuzuki with the dog as being from a doujinshi, so that's also contributing to why I recognize this style. Anyway, good, solid, fun art here, too. ^_^v

The Peace Maker (It always surprises me when I come across PM fanart, because I assume I'm the only one who's ever heard of it. ^_^;;; ) fanart is quite nice as well, which is wonderful for such a rare series. ....anyway, I'll shut up about this site now. (TezukaFuji, OishiEiji, Sanzo+Gojyo, Sanzo+Hakkai, Gojyo+Hakkai, Tatsumi+Tsuzuki, Muraki+Tsuzuki, other mild shounen ai vibes.)

- Saiyuki - interlude [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - O...OMG I am IN LOVE WITH this site. *__* Just... the art isn't overdone, it's simple in some ways, relying on a softness to the illustrations and using gentle, light colors to create these illustrations that are almost airy, but still just... beautiful and powerful. (The one of Hakkai lying down with Sanzo's hand in his? I wibble with the impact of it. ;__; ) Also, her characters are gorgeous--her Sanzo (or Konzen) makes me swoon, her Hakkai makes me flutter, her Gojyo makes me go all starry eyed, and her Goku is ADORABLE. It's just... when Hakkai is asleep and she uses these amazing shades of purple for him? GORGEOUS. When Sanzo leans over Hakkai to kiss him or when they're both in suits or when Konzen and Tenpou are back to back or when Tenpou and Kenren are back to back in uniforms or when she draws Homura or when Gojyo and Hakkai are leaning over to kiss each other or when Hakkai and Goku are walking in the show or when Konzen and Goku are in Halloween costumes? ALL GORGEOUS. THe kind that make me twirl around the room in glee and declare this my favorite Saiyuki fanart site ever. *spins happily* (Some Sanzo/Hakkai, some Gojyo/Hakkai, maybe a liiiiiiittle Goku/Hakkai.)

- Saiyuki - anti-fatalism [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, so, I was bitching at Noel about the state of the Saiyuki fandom yet again and recovering from some traumatic experiences when I stumbled over this site. The top illustration of Goku seemed cute, but I was still wary. The first image or two of the gallery was kind of interesting, very stylized illustrations of the ikkou. Then I got about ten links in or so... and just fell in love with this site. The Gojyo/Goku might have bothered me on another site, but on this one, it was just... I don't know how to explain the sheer, intense sort of absolute glee I experienced. Her Goku is probably one of my absolute favorites from this site alone, her Gojyo is gorgeous, and I think I generally I expressed my love at Noel in this form: ".....asdlkfjasdlfkjsdlfasd, omg, awesome!" every time I came across a new one I liked. Her style is just so clean and polished, her colors are just so awesome, and some of the poses practically rendered me into incoherence with the love. The images aren't just cute (though, they are that, too), they're pretty, some of the oekaki are freaking great, and I cannot express my flailing love enough. (Gojyo/Goku, but worth it for the gen, too.)

- Saiyuki - high-mode [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I swear I've seen this site before and I may have passed it by because I was skipping over 39 sites at the time, but given that Noel and I were tossing art back and forth even on scary sites, I decided to poke around. And, omg, I utterly fell in love with this site. *__* Not even the Homura/Konzen could keep me away (which is a pairing I have a love/hate relationship with), because the artist just draws some awesome art. It's actually really super pretty art and there's a ton of it and, I mean, there's this one of Konzen? It's just gorgeous. Most of the site is actually focused on Sanzo/Goku and there are several images that just get me to wibble like hell, especially when little Goku is running up for a hug or Sanzo is kissing the top of his head (I swear, it's not as OOC as it sounds) or the artist is drawing one of the hottest Sanzos I've ever seen. Seriously, young!Sanzo in the dark priest robes at night? Whoo. *__* Or Sanzo in a sweater vest back to back with Homura? It has no right to be as beautiful as it is. *__* And the section of Sanzo sketches? I think I just kept falling further and further in love. The site really feeds my Sanzo love, it makes me wibble over a pairing that's not really mine, the site has some kick-ass art, it has some beautiful art, and there's a whole shitload of it. I just wish I could be more coherent about how much I liked it, because I think it deserves better. But seriously. Best Konzen fanart ever. (Sanzo/Goku, some Homura/Konzen.)

- Saiyuki - Funny Vegetables [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I sat on the fence about this site for quite some time, but two things eventually got me to give in. One, there is the most adorable kiddie!Gojyo fanart that just totally, utterly made me squee. Two, there were Kanan illustrations! Including a total wibble-worthy one of her and Gonou that just made me sigh happily because I love that pairing. Mostly, the site was just really cute, some decent art on it with occasional squee-worthy stuff--like the artist's black and white images that I admit I squeed over. I suspect it'll do more for 58 fans than it did for me, but it's a good, solid site and Saiyuki j-fanart needs more of those. (Gojyo/Hakkai, a hint of Gonou/Kanan.)

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