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- Saiyuki - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The art on this site got off to a slow start, I felt, but after clicking through for awhile, the subtle skill of the artist started to dawn on me.... The artist stays true to the Saiyuki designs, but changes them just enough to make them more palatable to me (personally) and make them lovely and niiiiiii~ce. The colors are more muted than what I'm used to from the original series, but it really works for these images, like here, <>here, and here. I just... no more words to describe how much I adore these illustrations. +_+ (A little SanzoxGoku and GojyoxHakkai.)

- Saiyuki - Cry Baby [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I tried to resist rec'ing this site for awhile, because I was in an FMA mood this morning and didn't want to be pulled out of that. But the galleries had quite a lot of art (There's a lot more art than the main gallery index would indicate--keep clicking next after clicking on each link, I guess?) and there were about fifteen beautiful Sanzo/Goku illustrations and I was just completely and utterly won over. The lines are absolutely amazing and they're combined with these soft, almost sparkly colors, very reminscient of Minekura's work, but still with the artist's own spin on them--they look prettier here, actually, I think. Plus the poses! Oh, god, I wibbled practically right through the floor at the Sanzo/Goku cuteness--especially when Sanzo would sit with Goku in his lap or Goku leaning against him.... *luffles* (Sanzo/Goku.)

- Saiyuki/Gravitation - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - A couple of things won me over with this site, despite that I'm not usually geared toward this pairing. First, I am a sucker for Sanzo fanart that's well-done. Second, holy hell, there is a ton of art and oekaki on this site. Like, it took me a good hour just to get through everything and there are so many of them that made me laugh or smile or melt into a puddle because they were so effing cute. It's not necessarily a site that will change your mind if you're not wild about the pairings in the first place, but it can provide some entertainment and I can't help but be charmed by the sheer warmth of the site. It's so cute and adorable and not the kind of site that makes me want to grit my teeth and twitch a lot, it just... made me smile and go, "Awww." a lot. There're a lot of genuinely funny little oekakis or prettily done characters or a handful of really stunning illustrations (there's one of Konzen carrying Goku where Goku's arms are wrapped around his shoulders that's just beautiful) or all the things that remind of why I like fanart so much. <3 Okay, now, there's only really one page of Gravitation fanart, so I was hesitant to include it, but a) there are over 15 illustrations on the page and I've rec'd sites for less and b) OMG SO CUTE. Yuki and Shuuichi are adorable, the oekaki illustrations are just too, too cute, and it's genuinely good art. That doesn't happen with Gravitation often enough. (Sanzo/Goku, Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Saiyuki - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another one of those sites that won me over because I did not want to throw rocks at the screen in frustration, because the art was so cute and adorable and nicely drawn that I wound up feeling all warm and fuzzy even though it's not my usual pairing. Plus, yes. I'll suffer through a lot for good Sanzo fanart or art that's genuinely cute or clever or funny. Oh, and any site that occasionally draws the characters as kids? I have to have some level of fondness for. ^_~ I mean... seeing Gaiden!Goku dressed up in rain/snow gear with the little mittens and cloak? SO CUTE, OMG. Ooh, ooh, and there's this gorgeous one of Sanzo done for his birthday, there's the occasional really cute illustration of Hakkai and Gojyo, and there's even this really beautiful one of Gonou and Kanan that I wibbled terribly over. (Sanzo/Goku.)

- Saiyuki - high-mode [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I swear I've seen this site before and I may have passed it by because I was skipping over 39 sites at the time, but given that Noel and I were tossing art back and forth even on scary sites, I decided to poke around. And, omg, I utterly fell in love with this site. *__* Not even the Homura/Konzen could keep me away (which is a pairing I have a love/hate relationship with), because the artist just draws some awesome art. It's actually really super pretty art and there's a ton of it and, I mean, there's this one of Konzen? It's just gorgeous. Most of the site is actually focused on Sanzo/Goku and there are several images that just get me to wibble like hell, especially when little Goku is running up for a hug or Sanzo is kissing the top of his head (I swear, it's not as OOC as it sounds) or the artist is drawing one of the hottest Sanzos I've ever seen. Seriously, young!Sanzo in the dark priest robes at night? Whoo. *__* Or Sanzo in a sweater vest back to back with Homura? It has no right to be as beautiful as it is. *__* And the section of Sanzo sketches? I think I just kept falling further and further in love. The site really feeds my Sanzo love, it makes me wibble over a pairing that's not really mine, the site has some kick-ass art, it has some beautiful art, and there's a whole shitload of it. I just wish I could be more coherent about how much I liked it, because I think it deserves better. But seriously. Best Konzen fanart ever. (Sanzo/Goku, some Homura/Konzen.)

- Saiyuki - Sukarubanku [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Another site that Noel pointed me towards and it took me awhile to warm up to the artist's style, it's a lot like Minekura's only a little shakier, but there was this one image of Christmas!Sanzo toting reindeer!Goku in a sack and the expressions on their faces were just so great I had to be won over by it. XD The rest of the art could use some tightening up, but given how little Saiyuki fanart is out there, this is actually one of the better sites and the artist does a fairly good selection of different concepts and the occasional image that's just really well-done. And I don't mind the similarities to Minekura's style when the artist is going to give me Konzen fanart tossed in once every so often. ^_~ Or Tidus!Homura x Yuna!Goku. Because how can you NOT love that? <3 The more recent stuff tightens up the style and there's one of Sanzo and Goku not-quite-hugging that's just good, which makes me really look forward to what she'll do next. A solid site, worth a look, I think. (Some Sanzo/Goku implied, some Hakkai/Gojyo implied, a lot of gen.)

- Saiyuki - Changing Garden [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, how weak am I to the soft, not quite pastel, light, airy colors that this site uses? And that there's a lot of images with a wide variety of characters? Yeah, I was pretty gone. I love sites like this, that aren't really about any one single focus, instead they have all these tremendously cool little illustrations and my favorites end up being the ones I least expect. Like, this artist draws an absolutely adorable Goku and I love the way his eyes look, or there's this beautiful illustration of Kanan or there'll be this wibble-worthy illustration of Sanzo holding a tiny little Goku and not looking thrilled about it. It just wound up being a terrifically cool little site with some really pretty colors, some really awesome lineart, and a nice selection. And I think everyone should go for the one of Goku with wings on his back against a brightly lit window and just... everything is so light on this site and I really love that. Goku definitely gets the best art on the site--if you poke around, there is some awesomely cute art for him--but I think it's worth it for anyone who likes the series? (Some implied Sanzo/Goku, but it could have been gen, and there's a lot of actual-gen content.)

- Saiyuki - nouzen kazura [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Once again, my desperate need for Sanzo fanart has led me to a 39 site... but they do tend to have the best art in the fandom and I'll click through a gallery, not intending to come down off the fence about it... and then a handful of images will just utterly win me over. Strangely enough, I like the artist's older work, there's a certain softness or maybe roundness to the art that works better... or maybe it's just that the artist put it more detail. I first noticed it with an illustration of Gojyo in an army print shirt that's just beautiful, but then it was this utterly beautifully colored one of Hakkai with his shirt open and the scar across his stomach where I just wibbled over how pretty it was, and then something about the artist's Goku just won me over. He looked right to me and I got past the whole 39 thing and just... yeah, a good, solid site that had some nice character art. (Some Sanzo/Goku, some gen.)

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