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- Saiyuki - Rant by Viridian5 - The summary of this one read as such: Would you want to spend almost all day every day in a small jeep with any of these people? I've been eyeing the Saiyuki fandom lately and while I've read some fic before, I figured I would stop on this one because it was gen, looked short, and looked funny. Perfect for where I'm at right now (ie, knowing enough that I'll actually understand spoilers and have stuff ruined for me ^_~). And it was freaking perfect because I have this growing crush on Sanzo and he was absolutely hysterical here. And, oh, the author nailed the interaction between the four of them--Gojyo and Goku's constant bickering, Hakkai's polite unflappability, and Sanzo's ever-steadily growing irritation before he snaps. XD I also loved that there were little mentions of the way Sanzo views life and all the people they meet worked into this, but without feeling like the author was trying to bash it into the readers' head with a hammer. All in all, I enjoyed the hell of this. *hearts the Saiyuki* (No warnings, maybe a little language.)

- Saiyuki - The Space Between by Timmonsgray - .....dammit, no, I will not be sucked into the lure of Sanzo - Goku fics, despite how absolutely wonderful this one was. Just... Goku's such a happy character, but he can hurt so much, too, and it hits at random moments and the way this story was written made me want to hug the little monkey brat to no end. I adored the way Sanzo treated him, the way you can see that he does care about the little monkey brat, even if he is never, EVER sappy about it. And the way Goku doesn't really mind and just sort of understands/gets it on a level somewhere below consciousness, the way it might seem like an awful relationship on the surface, but you see WHY it's so important here and it's funny in all the right places and just... gah! No! Bad fic! No making me want more like it! *smacks with a rolled up newspaper* (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Saiyuki - And Time Again by sf - So, I tried not to rec this story until I'd finished all the parts of it. I got the first fifteen chapters read and then I said *ufufufufufu* I shall rec it NOW instead! Because I really have a terrible time waiting. When I first read the summary of this story--the Sanzo-ikkou had been reincarnated yet again--I was a little hesitant to read, because... well, I wanted Saiyuki as it is, not another version of them. But since I'm turn into a huge fan of the author's already and the story was long, I gave it a shot and wound up really falling in love with it. For one thing, it's INTERESTING and really doesn't take long in getting to the good stuff with the interaction between the characters. For another, do you know how happy it makes me to be able to read a long story where I'm not continually bracing myself against the Sanzo characterization? Where I can sit back and trust that he'll be written well? It's wonderful.

But that's not the only appeal to this story--the interaction between the Sanzo-ikkou is gorgeously done. Any time two or more of them are in a room together (which is most of the time in a fic about the Sanzo-ikkou, given XD), I just sort of sparkle like crazy because sf so completely captures the spirits of the characters. Seeing Sanzo become so important to Goku all over again warms my heart, seeing Sanzo and Hakkai look at each other with shared sympathy because their other friends are being morons makes me fangirl like crazy, seeing Gojyo and Hakkai becoming best friends all over again gives me a warm glow, because it's all... RIGHT. Because it all MAKES SENSE. Plus? Fight scenes! Eeeee! Well-done fight scenes and incredible flashbacks (Holy shit, all that stuff with Gyuumaou? SO COOL. +__+) and Kanzeon Bosatsu appearance that makes me practically cackle with delight and, oh, no one's really ignored, because they all get their moments, and my heart HURTS for Goku and there's a PLOT and it's GOOD and just... oh, I don't want this fic to ever end. Ever. ;___; (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Saiyuki - Biting the Bullet by Luc Court - Like Luc Court's other story, this Sanzo is just... he feels right, because his sharp, angry edges don't feel dulled here, because he's not bitchy, he's angry. Like the other story, there's a certain atmosphere to the story--intense, violent, hard, and never, ever clean or easy--that just fits with the Saiyuki I've become addicted to. The way the author weaves a turn of phrase into the writing works here, because they capture the feeling of Sanzo, of the Saiyuki universe, and it's just really good writing. A Sanzo character piece that's just gorgeous and doesn't pull its punches. I love that. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Saiyuki - And Time Again Sketches by sf - *blissfully sinks into the side stories for "And Time Again"* I just... they're not really even shounen ai, they're practically gen interaction, it's just... I love the Sanzo/Hakkai dynamic and sf does it so perfectly that I end up with this happy, sated feeling that I wish could last forever. Because... both characters are so incredibly fully realized and true here, because the writing is gorgeous, because everything just makes so much sense and is so brilliantly subtle and yet not subtle in that same way the Saiyuki series itself is. Because all the little details (the photos or the rubber ducky or the books or the pens, god, the pens cracked me the hell up, that was SUCH a Hakkai thing to do, or the little twist of the way Sanzo or Hakkai says something that just pops the tone into my head perfectly, or whatever) and the little touches of characterization just make the writing sparkle and remind me why I fell in love with these two characters in the first place. *flails with the happiness* (Some very, very light Sanzo/Hakkai, but nothing happens, so they could totally be gen.)

- Saiyuki - Then Go by Aki - You know, I don't know whether it's my preferences, the fandom, the specific fics I'm reading, being a new fan, or WHAT, but gen fanfic for Saiyuki seems to be what I find to be the most satisfying lately. And reading this story is really very much like watch the anime or reading the manga, especially because of the interaction between ALL of the characters--I love that no one is really left out or pushed to the side to focus on other characters, because that's so much of what's sold me on the series. I LOVE the way that, despite all their bickering, when Goku's hurt, everyone is affected and wants him to get better. I LOVE the way they all work together and, despite their bickering, are one hell of a team. I LOVE the small ways that Sanzo isn't completely heartless, even if he IS a bastard and pissed off all the time. And Aki's writing here is just... this is one of those fics that you always sort of hope for in the fandom, but never really quite let yourself think will be out there until you actually find it, you know? There's a PLOT going on. Stuff HAPPENS.

Those little touches of brilliant understanding of the characters and the way each of them speak (I was just continually sparkling over little flippant lines by Gojyo or quiet moments of insight by Hakkai or moments of warm-heartedness or silliness by Goku or genuinely irritated/pissed off Sanzo showing, in his own way, that he cares without compromising the character. I just... *flails* Sanzo! Being worried about Goku! But still being the SANZO I know! *happy fits*) and yet still making it a smooth narrative, nothing jarring me out of it. The only complaint I have is... AAAHHHH OMG IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO END BEFORE GOKU FINDS THE OTHERS AGAIN BECAUSE AAAAHHHHH I MUST KNOW HOW THEY REACT AND HOW THINGS ARE RESOLVED! *pulls at hair* (No real warnings/pairings, I wouldn't say.)

- Saiyuki - Rainy Night by incandescens - You know, I had no idea what I was getting into when I clicked on this fic, just that the summary read as: A rainy night, a busy inn, and far too many people at cross-purposes. and that it seemed to be almost gen-ish (since Aki mentioned that incandescens was a good gen writer and I've been gearing more and more towards gen lately.). Then I read. And started being highly amused at the antics of the story, which were so very amusing because they were... okay, there are certain elements of parody (especially with Homura), but there are also certain elements that are just so spot on that I could have seen them in the series itself. (Sanzo blatantly refusing to hear any of the tremendous damage everyone else is dealing to the inn because he doesn't want to deal with it was just... grand. XD) The balance between everyone was also wonderfully done--it wasn't just focused in on one or two characters, everyone was dealt with, which made it even more fun to read, along with a great sense of comedic timing. (Kougaiji-tachi waxing poetic about the rain while the Sanzo-ikkou leaves unnoticed cracks me up every time.) Just the right length and funny enough that I was amused the entire way through. ♥ (No real warnings, though some het and yaoi attractions hinted at.)

- Saiyuki - Getting Things on Schedule by incandescens - Sometimes I just want something small and light to give me a Saiyuki fix, I don't want something long and drawn out because my attention span is just too painfully short right at that moment. Plus, sometimes I just want something that'll make me laugh--and the first 'encounter' of this story just... it completely cracked me up, because it was that sort of middle ground between "HAHAHA OMG KANZEON BOSATSU WOULD TOTALLY DO THAT" and hysterically funny parody. The whole fic strides that line, actually, and was just genuinely funny. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Saiyuki - The Grooming Incident by queasy - All right. So the summary read as: In which Hakkai takes a comb to Sanzo's pretty hair. Aww., which made me wary, but it was less than a thousand words, I figured I could tough it out, even if it sucked. But! It didn't! Oh, blessed are the fics that don't mangle Sanzo's character. Especially those that are really well-written (there's a sense of sharpness to the writing style that I like so much with Saiyuki fics) and that are light-hearted and amusing without being dumb, stupid, or bad parody. The author had just the right amount of "serious" characterization and just the right amount of amusement at the story that it hit all the right spots for me. Hooray for 38 fic that doesn't suck! Even if it's not really 38 and could have been in the series itself with how much it wasn't 38. Which is just the right, right, right balance for me with those two lately. Still. Hooray for 38 fic that doesn't suck! (Some light Sanzo/Hakkai if you want to see it that way, but is probably more gen than anything.)

- Saiyuki - Intermission by queasy - I admit, I had to do a little research to get this fic and the references, but it's not hard to figure it out and it's one of those stories that... given that Saiyuki is such an old legend, it really kind of fits to have this fanfic as a little mixing of two old, old stories and then you toss in good writing and a wonderful group dynamic and little moments of each of the characters being so very themselves (Hakkai tasting the stew despite the concerns of just what might be in it was perfect. ♥), that this fic was everything it was supposed to be. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Saiyuki - The Apostasy by tin - part 00/01 - part 02 - part 03 - Ahhh, Saiyuki genfic keeps me sane, at least in that particular fandom. And what I like so much about tin's writing is that she knows how to write a plot and this one certainly has my interest piqued--one of the things that stands out most for me, even after having read all the available parts a few days ago, is that she didn't skimp on the little investigation scenes that were needed for the actual plot and worked in all these little details of the world the fic is set in. (I dunno, just... little things like the religious artifacts in Gojyo's scene, the various touches of Sanzo's trek to the temple on the outskirts of the town, the details about the town, etc.) Even the minor/background characters had nicely realized personalities, I certainly felt that they were all working with their own motivations and reasons. Plus, the prologue? With the young boy and the old man? Makes me terribly curious about where the story is going and was really effectively kinda creepy and it's all got tin's usual sharp eye for characterization and lovely writing. Just... a nice, solid Saiyuki fic to make me not want to completely give up on the fandom. ^_~ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Saiyuki - The Reason and Don't Follow Me by Inaho - I keep telling myself that I'm not going to read any more Saiyuki fic, that I can't take the pain of the fandom anymore, and then I'll see some fic that's under 1,000 words that lures me in with the dual promises of Gaiden-based fic and genfic. Geeeeeeeeeenfic, it calls out to me. Geeeeeeeeen, it's harder to screw that up! (Okay, so I'm slightly bitter. Shut up.) And, well, crap. These two stories are just... they're... I wouldn't call them "cute", but they're light, they're not ouchy, and the characterization is great, because they're stories that I could just SEE sliding right in between the pages of canon. Plus, it had Kenren and Goku interacting in the second fic and I have such the soft spot for that, because it's so cute and the scene said so much without having to say it and, oh, god, the end STILL cracks just PICTURING that, because it is SO PERFECT for the Saiyuki world. It is. Just... read. They're short and fun and how anyone could not like them is beyond me. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Saiyuki - 42 Days by KarotsaMused - I admit, Gojyo/Hakkai interaction isn't something I read a lot of (The litmus test for whether or not I read 90% of the Saiyuki fic I read? "Is Sanzo in it?" >__>a), but I've been eyeing this author's work for awhile and I wanted to try something short of hers and this fic was recently posted and... it's one of those stories that makes me understand a bit more about where all the 58 fans are coming from, because the moment of realization (for the reader and for Hakkai) hit me like a half a ton of bricks, in that sense that, "....oh, my god, Gojyo, you are the most wonderful person in the universe right now." Plus, the writing is sparkling, the author really just nails home both Hakkai and Gojyo's characterizations, and the idea is one of those that may be simple in nature, but is all the more powerful and sort of... real for it. Beautiful fic. (I don't know that it's actually shounen-ai, so I'd call it gen, but still put it in the Gojyo/Hakkai section.)

- Saiyuki - O Ye Of Little Faith by incandescens - This story just amused me terribly because the author really used the dialogue and short descriptions to just bring the hijinks of the story fully into my head and I could just PICTURE the whole damn thing and laughed so much. A perfect little Saiyuki omake-type thing that utterly gets the series' sense of humor and vibes with that. Plus... well, I don't want to say anything more, lest I spoil it. Just read. And giggle over poor Gojyo's plight. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Saiyuki - Before and After by JannZ - You know, Goku getting his memory back is something that's really tempting for authors to play with... but it would have to be a genuinely clever idea and execution to make it worthwhile, because otherwise the entire thing would likely feel anti-climactic. But this story didn't feel that way at all for me, it was wonderfully done--sharp, sparkling characterizations and you got to get inside each character's head to see how they were reacting to Goku waking up with only memories of the past, none of the present. The tension of the situation, of Goku's mistaking his friends for Konzen, Tenpou, and Kenren and then slowly realizing that they're not the people he knows, really hit home for me, especially when he realized that it was not Konzen in the room with them. I was especially pleased with Sanzo's characterization--he was worried, but it was in his own way, it wasn't obvious and most people honestly wouldn't even have picked it up, even if they'd known him for awhile. I also liked the end of the second chapter, it was so very... like Saiyuki, I guess. <3 (Vague reference to 58, but it's one line that's very vague, very much not the point or focus of the story.)

- Saiyuki - Waiting for Dawn by treneka - lazzychan was the one to find this story and happened to mention it awhile back and I had just enough time this morning to check it out and... holy shit, the cute! OMG, the pure heartwarmingly, adorable CUTE. Which was surprisingly not too far over the line, it was just... so Goku. Cute WAFF in the Gaiden timeline that still managed to nicely capture the feel of Saiyuki and nailed Goku's characterization wonderfully. Still so childish and you could see how he could be so aggrivating, but when you see it from his POV, it makes sense for the character, it makes him a wonderful little brat, and I just wanted to snuggle the kid the whole time. I loved, loved the ending, too. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Saiyuki - Suddenly Subtext by Harukami - There are few fics I will used the "screaming with laughter" description for, but I think I may just have to break that particular one out for this fic, because... just... oh, god, every time I try to think of the words to describe it, I break down into hysterical laughter again. Because if this ever happened in the Saiyuki universe? WOULD SO HAPPEN JUST LIKE THIS. Plus, Haru's writing and timing are utterly perfect for this fic and... oh, god, poor Gojyo, but this is quite possibly one of the best/funniest Saiyuki fics I've ever read. Brilliant. (....well, I wouldn't say there were any pairings, at least. XD)

- Saiyuki - Snow by Lazuli - frycookash gave me the link to this story and I had enough time to read it this morning and I really quite liked it. It's a good, solid Goku POV that explains a lot of things from his POV and manages to capture a bit of nice imagery--the soft, quiet, pure white snow that, despite its prettiness in my mind, came with the sense of both cold and dislike, given Goku's feelings on it. What I mean is that the story nicely captured Goku's feelings on snow, without having to go over the top about it. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

- Saiyuki - See Me by Sorchafyre - We understood each other best in the silences, anyway. Sanzo and Hakkai fic! That's all about the relationship rather than about sex! About how they interact rather than about a pairing! (I think the story might be entirely gen, no UST hinted at all, but I'm still going to chuck it into the Sanzo/Hakkai section, because this is what I want out of my "38" fic.) Two things that made me glee over this story--the author nailed the way they interact, all the harsh subtlties of everything about these two incredibly deep characters. And, two, genuinely sparklingly good writing. It's got that bite to it that I associate with Minekura's style. Hakkai quietly sliding under Sanzo's walls in a way that none of the others can do in that way that feels so incredibly straight out of the manga. "Deep-connection-without-sex stor[y]", indeed. *happy, happy sigh* (Sanzo-and-Hakkai, but not a pairing, I wouldn't say.)

- Saiyuki - A Different Life by Veszelyite - Wow, this story did not feel just over 200k long, it just sailed right on by. If I were to have guessed how long it was, I would have said closer to 75k, because that's how long it felt like I was reading for--which is supposed to be a compliment, because I just... I almost lost track of time while reading this because the writing pulled me in so engagingly, was so smooth, that it was just a delight to read. Not to mention this story kicks all kinds of ass--right from the very beginning chapter, this author doesn't shy away from a fight scene. Hell, she charges right into it and it's like reading something that did feel like it was straight out of Minekura's manga. She nails the characters and that biting edge to them, she takes her time developing the plot and not skipping over the details, she weaves in emotional reactions to when Hakkai is seperated from the group and presumed dead, the characters handling Hakkai's apparent almost-guaranteed death in such the Saiyuki way. And Hakkai himself is beautifully written as well--you feel all of his troubles swirling around in him, you know he's in a really bad place, both physically and emotionally, but, again, done in that Minekura sort of way, where it's intense and everywhere, but not quite over the top. Plus, damn, the author can really work in the details to the writing and not overwhelm or bore the reader with all of them, which results in this fabulously detailed picture in my head and I just... man, this is what I wanted from Saiyuki genfic. I crave more and I suspect the ending to the story may never be written. *pout* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Saiyuki - Minutia by Veszelyite - I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this fic, as the summary only reads: People with valuable possessions should learn to take better care of them. But it was short and I was thoroughly entranced by the author's genfic previously, and so I clicked onto the link. And, good lord, I don't think I've giggled this hard in quite awhile, it was just so utterly, perfectly timed and one of those things that... y'know those cute little urasai things at the end of each episode of the RELOAD anime? This was sort of like that, only even funnier because it plays on those official images we've all seen and just... yeah, why DOESN'T this happen? I can totally see this in one of those little parody omakes and it's genius. I still laugh just thinking about it. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Saiyuki - in memoriam by incandescens - Wow, this was a really well-done Sanzo piece that tackled one of the things I've always sort of wondered about--just where did Kouryuu come from and does it really even matter to Sanzo? Well, I knew the answer to the last part, of course, and this fic does a fabulous job of what might have happened or what might not have happened and blending it together with that pure Sanzo attitude about it. Not just that he has an attitude, but that it genuinely doesn't matter, that he genuinely feels the way we're shown in the series itself. And the last line is fabulous. *__* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Saiyuki - The Right Way Out by Neo - ....shit. Shit, shit, shit. I think I could really fall for the 35 pairing, like for good instead of this temporary insanity I'm treating it as, if there were more fic like this. Despite that this isn't really all that Sanzo/Gojyo, it's more like gen, but it was so very like the ikkou, right down to their interaction with each other and what Hakkai and Goku do when Gojyo passes out from too much to drink. Because this sparkled in that cast-interaction sort of way, that had the sort of weight to the ending that was just so damn perfect for Gojyo and fool's gold and Sanzo and the rest of them. Plus, I totally laughed the entire way through the fic in exactly the way I was supposed to and the 35-gen interaction was priceless. ♥ (Not-not Sanzo/Gojyo.)

- Saiyuki - child in the attic by incandescens - Oh, wow, this was a beautiful Lirin piece, the kind that I was pulled immediately into because of the lovely writing and then, somewhere in the middle, my heart just started to ache. I love it because it captures her sense of shining upbeat personality that covers a faint sense of something, something like hurt or sadness or something not quite right, but the author never has to say, it it's just there. And when Lirin thinks about the future, about the way things are going to be someday, the way she's so childish in so many ways, so sweet, yet she's been through so much... it's brilliant and I really can't even find the proper words. Just... go read. *__* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Saiyuki - Assigning Blame by Gen X - I have such the weakness for Saiyuki antics fic and Noel plays on this beautifully. The back-and-forth between the ikkou, the beautiful way each character gets that moment to shine (even if it's through being a dumbass), the way so many of the lines were just clever, the way I laughed out loud over Gojyo teasing Goku about Kougaiji, the way everyone is actually balanced so wonderfully. There are so many little lines I want to quote (Do I go with the cannibalism thing? The way everyone gangs up on Gojyo? The never-ending list of the ways it's Gojyo's fault they get in so much trouble? The ending of the fic that had me biting my lip to keep from going into a giggle fit?), but the whole thing is just pure ikkou love that is exactly what I want out of fandom. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Saiyuki - untitled by Cephy - *squees* Oh, this set of drabbles is fantastic, I'm really impressed by the different uses of the themes, of the way they're either amusing or fun or something almost like sweet (except not) or brimming over with that sheer attitude Saiyuki has. The writing is sharp and clever, the characterizations here are very nice (and sharp--a word I keep coming back to with these drabbles) and I just... I vibed with this writing to the point I'm wondering when the other shoe is going to drop. *wry* But, hell. Any author that can pull off Saiyuki and Monty Python this beautifully deserves a hell of a lot of points. (No warnings/pairings.)

- xxxHOLiC/Saiyuki - Two Old Family Servants by Katharos - *shrieks* I was wondering a little how a crossover between Saiyuki and xxxHOLiC would work, but because it's this author, I was willing to give it a shot, and then... oh, man, perfection in this little meeting of the two servents who don't even have to say anything to have a deep understanding of each other. The way Watanuki looks at Jiro Shin, the way he sees so much of himself, the way he's so Watanuki here, the way the fic is so clever and hilarious and makes perfect sense... it's all just perfect and fabulous and hilarious and asdlfkjasdlk yes. Excellent. (No warnings/pairings.)

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