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- Saiyuki - Study by Lady Jaida - Admittedly, all I know of Saiyuki I've picked up from the first fifteen episodes or so, which, obviously, means it's time to start reading fic! ^_~ In all seriousness, I only read this one because I'd been reading Lady Jaida's other works and was really impressed by them (especially Ceour de Loupe--or however you spell it ^_^;; ) and because this one didn't look all that long, it was just a short character piece. But that's what makes it such a fantastic story--I though she really climbed inside Gojyo's head, showing his thoughts about the other members of their little group and giving us little insights into his character all wrapped up in a perfect, subtle, Goyjo-y package. (Very mild Gojyo+Hakkai implications.)

- Saiyuki - While Waiting by Bhex - Goddammit, this is one of those stories that gets into my head and it's hell to get out again, because it becomes such a... defining fic for me. (Especially when I have so little Saiyuki 'experience'.) I try not to let any ideas take hold of me until I can more securely back them up with 'evidence' from the series itself, but this is one of those stories that just feels so incredibly right to me (no matter how much it hurts) that I'm going to have a hell of a time getting it out of my head. Which is a compliment, really. Because, just... damn. Good writing. When a story can make me hurt for characters I don't really know.... (Li'l bit Gojyo+Hakkai.)

- Saiyuki - Cold Feet by Aki - So I've read Aki's Prince of Tennis fic, right? And I'm now in a Saiyuki mood, right? Well, you know what THAT means. ^_~ And this was a lovely, quiet little pieces in the sense that... there's this quiet thing between Gojyo and Hakkai that's so hard to put into words (perhaps it's something like understanding, perhaps it's not) but was very nicely present here. I really liked the way Hakkai's dream was used--something that SO EASILY could have been cliche, but wasn't here, instead it said so much and illustrated so much about Hakkai (and the way Gojyo interacts with him and the quiet, subtle, just there-ness of them). Plus, preeeeeetty writing. (Some light Goyjo/Hakkai hinted at.)

- Saiyuki - 42 Days by KarotsaMused - I admit, Gojyo/Hakkai interaction isn't something I read a lot of (The litmus test for whether or not I read 90% of the Saiyuki fic I read? "Is Sanzo in it?" >__>a), but I've been eyeing this author's work for awhile and I wanted to try something short of hers and this fic was recently posted and... it's one of those stories that makes me understand a bit more about where all the 58 fans are coming from, because the moment of realization (for the reader and for Hakkai) hit me like a half a ton of bricks, in that sense that, "....oh, my god, Gojyo, you are the most wonderful person in the universe right now." Plus, the writing is sparkling, the author really just nails home both Hakkai and Gojyo's characterizations, and the idea is one of those that may be simple in nature, but is all the more powerful and sort of... real for it. Beautiful fic. (I don't know that it's actually shounen-ai, so I'd call it gen, but still put it in the Gojyo/Hakkai section.)

- Saiyuki - untitled drabbles by Cephy - I don't normally read these pairings, but I like the author's work enough to give them a shot. They're three interesting little pieces, one about Konzen (which was a good blend of... something not quite lack of interest and dislike that the emotions were still there), one about youkai!Hakkai/Gojyo (which was interesting to me for the imagery it presented and the prettiness of the language) and one about Sanzo and Goku where... it's such a simple thing, Goku reading a book about gods and spots a certain image and asks Sanzo about it and... it's perfect. (Some Hakkai/Gojyo and gen-ish Sanzo/Goku.)

- Saiyuki - Last Laugh by fey_puck - There's a line in this fic. Sanzo liked things to be uneven as long as he was the one looking down, would probably keep himself a head above the gods if he could be bothered to give it a try. And that was when I think I was officially won over by the fic. And something about this fic makes me want to seize up, the way my fangirl heart nearly skips a beat because it's the perfect encapsulation of the Sanzo/Gojyo relationship. Because the author gets it right here, the complicated mess between them, the complicated mess with Hakkai, too, just... the complicated mess that is Gojyo. It's such a simple fic in a way, it's only partially about sex and more about the way Gojyo is. And, oh, god, was it ever hot in all the right places, aching and raw in all the right places, and I wonder if I might just think that parts of this were so perfect that I never have to read Saiyuki fic again. (Sanzo/Gojyo, some implied Hakkai/Gojyo, hard R rating.)

- Saiyuki - Smudge Lines by Fey Puck - *gibbers and trips over self* I'm not sure how to describe this fic. Because. Because. I don't want to make too big of a deal about it, I don't want to hold it up as the most perfect example ever and raise expectations too much. But. On the other hand. I seriously feel like I never need to read another Saiyuki yaoi fic again, at least not one about the twisty, complicated Sanzo/Gojyo/Hakkai thing because none of them will ever measure up to the brilliance of this fic for me. It's just. Oh, Gojyo. Walking the line between right and wrong, between balanced and fucked up, a complicated mess and something surprisingly simple. The relationship he has with Hakkai absoutely strikes me here, that space between romance and something that's not quite romance that they have. The way Hakkai watches Gojyo and Sanzo, the way Gojyo thinks of Hakkai (their relationship is beautiful in this fic, the way Gojyo stares at him during Hakkai's little lecture and then eventually Gets It is just fabulous), the absolutely brilliant way the author draws the parallel between Gojyo and Kanan, and, oh, oh, oh. Sanzo. As much as I love all the characters in Saiyuki, if Sanzo isn't done well, I get bored with a fic and wander off. But this. This is Sanzo, all the harsh edges and blunt words and such intensity. I cannot convey enough that this was actually Sanzo here and how much I'm painfully in love with this author's fic right now. A gorgeous fic about Sanzo/Gojyo and Hakkai/Gojyo and the complicated mess in between, with hilarious moments in all the right places and punch-to-the-gut moments in all the other right places. Fabulous. (Sanzo/Gojyo, Hakkai/Gojyo, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

- Saiyuki - Unimportance by The Dream Whisperer - I'm always a little wary of reading fic for comms like antiotpficathon, because... how am I supposed to enjoy a fic when I know the author dislikes the pairing a lot? But it's been ages since I read a Sanzo/Hakkai fic and I was really sort of curious. What I like most about the fic, I think, is the way the author showed the relationship in the background, through little touches or small smiles that were actually real and it felt subtle like they would be, shown more through Gojyo picking up on them than anything else. I also found it was an interesting take on Gojyo's feelings for Hakkai, which is something I tend to be even more fussy about. The way he was almost sort of happy for them in a way, the way he wasn't entirely bitter about it, but yet he was, it was an interesting balance all around and a good read. I'm glad I gave it a chance. And, really, how could I not be fond of a story that starts out with They're looking at each other again, those small, secret glances that they think he doesn't see. Fucking morons.? XD (Sanzo/Hakkai, Gojyo-->Hakkai.)

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