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- Saiyuki - this is not a freaking love story by Neo - He wants to touch him, sometimes, and it wouldn't be like touching Sanzo--he knows because the sun, it burns. Wants to feel that guy's heartbeat--not with his closed fist but maybe, you know, his open hand--that whole noble thing pumping through every part of his body, it might even be nice to feel, to really feel. I was wary of a fic labelled Goku/Kougaiji, because the potential is there, but to actually go through with it... I was wary. But after reading some of the author's other work, I figured I'd at least give it a shot and I found... there's this style to it, it's not quite stream-of-conscience, but a wandering sort of thought process as Goku thinks about Kougaiji, a lack of specific words or thoughts and more about feelings and wantings that aren't quite fully formed, that are lurking beneath the surface more than they're clear, that really worked for Goku here. There's respect and nobility and something that wavers and doesn't quite solidify when Goku thinks about Kougaiji and somehow I'm a little closer to the pairing again after this fic. Somewhat. Just like this fic wanted me to be. (Hints of Goku/Kougaiji.)

- Saiyuki - Taboo by Cairnsy - I am still making my way through the 2005 fic memes and I stopped to read this one because it was bundled up with a Yamimatsu fic and I'm rather glad I did. Dokugakuji and Kougaiji isn't a pairing that I seek out often, it's difficult for me to get a feel on their relationship, but I adore the writing here, the simplicity of their relationship even among all the complications they have around them, the way Dokugakuji feels so right to me here. The lovely writing, the way she weaves the imagery into the fic, it leaves me with that pleasant, sated feeling afterwards and sometimes that's all I ask. (Dokugakuji/Kougaiji.)

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