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- Saiyuki - Kinks by Puck - Okay. See. I'm not supposed to like the 35 pairing, because I genuinely think that Sanzo and Gojyo irritate each other and I don't see it as chemistry and I like the series gen, blah, blah, blah. Then a huge go-round with Noel where we discussed the characters had me thinking more and more about them and finding new layers to the Sanzo/Gojyo dynamic and suddenly I'm reading goddamned fic for them. NC-17 fic even. *lays head down on the desk very quietly* But I had to rec this fic because I liked the way the author wrote their dynamic, the way the characters rang true enough for me, I liked the sex more than I probably should have, and... oh, hell, it was the ending. Somehow that was so fucking perfect. Just... hee, the timing of it was great. (Sanzo/Gojyo, slight NC-17.)

- Saiyuki - Taking It by Kuwabara no Miko - This story is not going to be for everyone, but it worked for me because... well, honestly, it reminds me of the old-school anime style of fanfic, the kind of vibe that I just don't get from fic often enough anymore. I mean, there are several descriptions that I would have taken a red pen to had I been a beta, but my affection for the pure PWPness of the story and the sharp characterization that reminds me of when I first started reading animanga fic... god, it must be about six or seven years ago now. But really? I just like seeing Sanzo screw Gojyo on the floor hard and fast and utterly without hesitation and the way Gojyo takes it here really resonates something with me. (Sanzo/Gojyo, NC-17.)

- Saiyuki - The Right Way Out by Neo - ....shit. Shit, shit, shit. I think I could really fall for the 35 pairing, like for good instead of this temporary insanity I'm treating it as, if there were more fic like this. Despite that this isn't really all that Sanzo/Gojyo, it's more like gen, but it was so very like the ikkou, right down to their interaction with each other and what Hakkai and Goku do when Gojyo passes out from too much to drink. Because this sparkled in that cast-interaction sort of way, that had the sort of weight to the ending that was just so damn perfect for Gojyo and fool's gold and Sanzo and the rest of them. Plus, I totally laughed the entire way through the fic in exactly the way I was supposed to and the 35-gen interaction was priceless. ♥ (Not-not Sanzo/Gojyo.)

- Saiyuki - every stream a story by Neo - There's something about this fic... for all that it's vague at points, not quite like water slipping through your fingers, perhaps more like smoke disappearing in the--okay. No. No horribly bad metaphors. What I'm trying to say is that, despite the tone of this fic, what might have been pretentious with some authors or simply not work with others or have been too heavy-handed or too light-handed elsewhere somehow works there. There's a certain sense of an edge to the writing, the way things could have been, if only everything had been different, the way everything is raw and hurts just a little bit, but not in a sad way, just... a harsh way. Despite that the story was lovely and the prose very... almost musical, I guess. *throws up hands* I don't know! But it was Sanzo/Gojyo fic that didn't make me want to run away screaming, so therefore I think it's good. XD (Hints of Sanzo/Gojyo, but it's very vague.)

- Saiyuki - Stipulation by Neo - As always, I am ever careful about reading anything remotely close to a 35 fic, but I've liked the author's work before and she has a lovely style to her writing, so I went ahead and clicked on the link anyway. And this was a cute story, filled with adorable little images or just amusing images--I particularly liked: Gojyo was hefting brown paper bags in both arms, very careful not to put one of his eyes out with a tall loaf of bread jutting out from one of the bags, there's something about it that's just so... it springs the image right into my head, you know? Plus, hey, Sanzo/Gojyo interaction that's actually amusing and kind of lovely. As much as they can be anyway. XD (Sanzo/Gojyo, except it's gen. Really.)

- Saiyuki - Last Laugh by fey_puck - There's a line in this fic. Sanzo liked things to be uneven as long as he was the one looking down, would probably keep himself a head above the gods if he could be bothered to give it a try. And that was when I think I was officially won over by the fic. And something about this fic makes me want to seize up, the way my fangirl heart nearly skips a beat because it's the perfect encapsulation of the Sanzo/Gojyo relationship. Because the author gets it right here, the complicated mess between them, the complicated mess with Hakkai, too, just... the complicated mess that is Gojyo. It's such a simple fic in a way, it's only partially about sex and more about the way Gojyo is. And, oh, god, was it ever hot in all the right places, aching and raw in all the right places, and I wonder if I might just think that parts of this were so perfect that I never have to read Saiyuki fic again. (Sanzo/Gojyo, some implied Hakkai/Gojyo, hard R rating.)

- Saiyuki - Smudge Lines by Fey Puck - *gibbers and trips over self* I'm not sure how to describe this fic. Because. Because. I don't want to make too big of a deal about it, I don't want to hold it up as the most perfect example ever and raise expectations too much. But. On the other hand. I seriously feel like I never need to read another Saiyuki yaoi fic again, at least not one about the twisty, complicated Sanzo/Gojyo/Hakkai thing because none of them will ever measure up to the brilliance of this fic for me. It's just. Oh, Gojyo. Walking the line between right and wrong, between balanced and fucked up, a complicated mess and something surprisingly simple. The relationship he has with Hakkai absoutely strikes me here, that space between romance and something that's not quite romance that they have. The way Hakkai watches Gojyo and Sanzo, the way Gojyo thinks of Hakkai (their relationship is beautiful in this fic, the way Gojyo stares at him during Hakkai's little lecture and then eventually Gets It is just fabulous), the absolutely brilliant way the author draws the parallel between Gojyo and Kanan, and, oh, oh, oh. Sanzo. As much as I love all the characters in Saiyuki, if Sanzo isn't done well, I get bored with a fic and wander off. But this. This is Sanzo, all the harsh edges and blunt words and such intensity. I cannot convey enough that this was actually Sanzo here and how much I'm painfully in love with this author's fic right now. A gorgeous fic about Sanzo/Gojyo and Hakkai/Gojyo and the complicated mess in between, with hilarious moments in all the right places and punch-to-the-gut moments in all the other right places. Fabulous. (Sanzo/Gojyo, Hakkai/Gojyo, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

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