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- Saiyuki - The Space Between by Timmonsgray - .....dammit, no, I will not be sucked into the lure of Sanzo - Goku fics, despite how absolutely wonderful this one was. Just... Goku's such a happy character, but he can hurt so much, too, and it hits at random moments and the way this story was written made me want to hug the little monkey brat to no end. I adored the way Sanzo treated him, the way you can see that he does care about the little monkey brat, even if he is never, EVER sappy about it. And the way Goku doesn't really mind and just sort of understands/gets it on a level somewhere below consciousness, the way it might seem like an awful relationship on the surface, but you see WHY it's so important here and it's funny in all the right places and just... gah! No! Bad fic! No making me want more like it! *smacks with a rolled up newspaper* (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Saiyuki - untitled drabbles by Cephy - I don't normally read these pairings, but I like the author's work enough to give them a shot. They're three interesting little pieces, one about Konzen (which was a good blend of... something not quite lack of interest and dislike that the emotions were still there), one about youkai!Hakkai/Gojyo (which was interesting to me for the imagery it presented and the prettiness of the language) and one about Sanzo and Goku where... it's such a simple thing, Goku reading a book about gods and spots a certain image and asks Sanzo about it and... it's perfect. (Some Hakkai/Gojyo and gen-ish Sanzo/Goku.)

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