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- Saiyuki - All in the Look by Jan - I don't read a whole lot of Saiyuki fic because I wouldn't understand all of it, since I'm horrifically behind with the series. But every once in awhile I come across a shorter piece that's just long enough and I was soooooo tempted by the "Sanzo/Hakkai" label on the fic, so I clicked on it and read. And this is what I like from Sanzo/Hakkai... it doesn't disregard the other important relationships in the series, but still focuses in on what makes THIS one work. The writing was subtle and just... I could almost feel the tranquility that Hakkai presented, which was such a good thing for a fic like this, because I felt like I could almost touch that certain something that attracted the two of them together. Adored this. (Light Sanzo/Hakkai.)

- Saiyuki - Zero Hour by sf - Okay. So. I don't read much Saiyuki fic because I'm not far enough into the series to properly appreciate it, I suspect. However, damn, did I want some SanzoxHakkai this morning and I've long been eying sf's writing, so I picked one that wasn't too long, but still had the pairing I wanted. And just... oh, god, I don't think I could have picked a better fic. I worried that the relationship would feel forced (since GojyoxHakkai does seem to be more popular), but the way it was written here... it was so gorgeously in character, Sanzo was Sanzo and Hakkai was Hakkai and the writing was fantastic. There was humor and there was angst and the tone was perfect--I loved, loved, loved that I felt Hakkai's sense of impending... well, I hesitate to say 'doom', but something along those lines. I loved that they were together, but it didn't change who they were, and just... *spazzes* happy fangirl am I this morning. (Sanzo/Hakkai.)

- Saiyuki - Impossibility by sf - I... have completely and utterly shot myself in the foot with this fic. For good this time, I suspect. Don't get me wrong, I love GojyoxHakkai, and will hopefully go back to 'shipping them as soon as I stumble over a sparkly good fic for them, but right now... oh, god, I'm so painfully in love with SanzoxHakkai like this that I feel like I could have a spazzy fangirl fit any minute. ^_~ Because this fic was just painfully perfect--the writing is gorgeous, the characterization is gorgeous (OMG my Sanzo love was back in full force while reading this and, eeeeeee, Hakkai!), both subtle and just so sparklingly clear, and there was an actual STORY here. The way Hakkai's feelings were so damned obvious, but were never stated really (at least not as far as the fic has been written), you just GOT IT, was fabulous. And Sanzo... oh, he was Sanzo--cranky and irritated and tough as nails and never pulled his punches and Hakkai was still polite but not a cliche sort of polite and he felt so deeply but he wasn't pining and, oh, man, Goku and Gojyo were just perfect, too, this FELT like Saiyuki, that's how sharp, clear, and CLEVER the writing was. When Hakkai would look at Sanzo and think about what kind of person he was or what kind of relationships he formed with what kind of people or when they would play cards or when Sanzo was in pain but wouldn't admit it, would still pick himself up and do the impossible... any of these things just made me all starry-eyed over how much I really am coming to adore these characters and how amazing the writing was. It's not just good, it was everything that made me fall for Saiyuki in the first place and I've just completely shot myself in the foot because I'm going to want brilliance like this every time and I suspect I won't get it and then I'll whine a lot but it still won't get me any more fic. *sulks* (Eventual Sanzo/Hakkai.)

- Saiyuki - Fields of Gold by sf - The entire time I read this, I actually had a physical ache in the middle of my chest. I'm not saying I was crying my eyes out, but the Sanzo characterization is so painfully perfect that I actually did hurt. Normally, I don't care for angst that's so overpowering that it hurts me, but the way sf does it... it feels so plausible with these characters, the way they're written is so tight and on the mark that I could just SEE the entire thing and HURT for everyone, like I was supposed to. And Sanzo... I suspect I may be becoming a Sanzo fangirl even more than I'm a Hakkai fangirl because he affects me like this, when done rightly. The writing is gorgeous, the relationship dynamics are gorgeous, the characterization is gorgeous, and I don't admit to physical pain from a fic very often, so... err, that should make up for the crappy rec here? ^_~ (Sanzo/Hakkai, some Gojyo/Hakkai referenced.)

- Saiyuki - Cho-sensei by Nightfall - And this was just... sweet, but not so sweet that it was out of character. It was just... nicely written and one of those stories that I found myself liking because it wasn't a huge change for the characters, not really, there were still touches of sadness underneath the warmth that was creeping in and for Saiyuki, that really seems to be necessary. Especially with Sanzo. It also does a surprisingly nice job with Hakkai's characterization, even filtered through Sanzo's point of view. Just... a nice, soft, gentle fic. (Sanzo/Hakkai.)

- Saiyuki - An Interrupted Incident by Fall - I... admit, this story could have used a little work with the wording/speech patterns, because Sanzo was a little nicer than I felt he should be (not so much in tone, but in the way things were said--and, wow, this story really showed me what a Sanzo fangirl I'm becoming >_>;; ) and it just could have used a little polishing. But that doesn't take away from that I enjoyed this fic and that I quite liked Hakkai's characterization here. The dynamic felt right, the interaction kind of sparkled, and it read really smoothly. The little details were nicely done and the entire premise was something that was both cute (if Sanzo/Hakkai can be cute XD) and something that I could believe. So... very fun fic. I liked it, dammit, despite my reservations. I have bad cramps, forgive me. (Sanzo/Hakkai.)

- Saiyuki - Clockwork Happiness by Luc Court - Hakkai is nostalgic, which is a burden. He carries the stench of his own memories embodied in what he avoids. That's as good as remaining slave to your adversaries. Hakkai's breach in our defenses only inconveniences us when it keeps him from driving or talking or otherwise playing polite, so normally, I let it go by. This story... just... I don't know how to explain it. The atmosphere of it is just so goddamned perfect for characters like Sanzo and Hakkai that it feels like it's stealing my very breath from my lungs, so great is the tension there. It's... it's not just regular angst, it's the kind that genuinely hurts me, because it's so subtle and layered and hidden and covered. Because Sanzo and Hakkai are both so exquisitely, painfully in character that it puts a knot in my stomach. Because the atmosphere is so incredibly like Saiyuki at it's most intense (non-battle) moments that I know why I've fallen for the series and the characters. It's almost mesmerizing, in a way, this story, with Hakkai and his watch. Parallels being drawn and yet not, because Sanzo isn't the same as anyone, because Hakkai isn't the same as anyone, and just... god, I'm incoherent with how hard this fic hit me. (Some very, very light Sanzo/Hakkai hinted at.)

- Saiyuki - And Time Again Sketches by sf - *blissfully sinks into the side stories for "And Time Again"* I just... they're not really even shounen ai, they're practically gen interaction, it's just... I love the Sanzo/Hakkai dynamic and sf does it so perfectly that I end up with this happy, sated feeling that I wish could last forever. Because... both characters are so incredibly fully realized and true here, because the writing is gorgeous, because everything just makes so much sense and is so brilliantly subtle and yet not subtle in that same way the Saiyuki series itself is. Because all the little details (the photos or the rubber ducky or the books or the pens, god, the pens cracked me the hell up, that was SUCH a Hakkai thing to do, or the little twist of the way Sanzo or Hakkai says something that just pops the tone into my head perfectly, or whatever) and the little touches of characterization just make the writing sparkle and remind me why I fell in love with these two characters in the first place. *flails with the happiness* (Some very, very light Sanzo/Hakkai, but nothing happens, so they could totally be gen.)

- Saiyuki - Where I Want To Be by Laree - This was... this is what I often imagine the Sanzo x Hakkai relationship to be like--Sanzo isn't a bad person, but he's not a nice person, and he is thoroughly uncompromising on anything he doesn't want to compromise about. And Hakkai... Hakkai is complex and not so easily summed up with words, but the fic does a solid job of doing so. I like that the feeling I get off this fic... it kind of reminds me of what I get while I'm watching the anime, the hurt and angst are there, but they're not unbearable, and there are no real confessions of undying love, but you understand that some things are important. I liked that Kanan wasn't forgotten or left behind, not really, I liked that Hakkai felt like Hakkai, that Sanzo felt like Sanzo, that the whole thing... yeah, I keep coming back to that I could almost FEEL the anime with this series, right down to the colors and style that Studio Pierrot (it was Studio Pierrot that did the series, right?) used. (Sanzo/Hakkai.)

- Saiyuki - The Grooming Incident by queasy - All right. So the summary read as: In which Hakkai takes a comb to Sanzo's pretty hair. Aww., which made me wary, but it was less than a thousand words, I figured I could tough it out, even if it sucked. But! It didn't! Oh, blessed are the fics that don't mangle Sanzo's character. Especially those that are really well-written (there's a sense of sharpness to the writing style that I like so much with Saiyuki fics) and that are light-hearted and amusing without being dumb, stupid, or bad parody. The author had just the right amount of "serious" characterization and just the right amount of amusement at the story that it hit all the right spots for me. Hooray for 38 fic that doesn't suck! Even if it's not really 38 and could have been in the series itself with how much it wasn't 38. Which is just the right, right, right balance for me with those two lately. Still. Hooray for 38 fic that doesn't suck! (Some light Sanzo/Hakkai if you want to see it that way, but is probably more gen than anything.)

- Saiyuki - Down in the River by Selah - Excuse me. I have to go flail into a wall or two over Sanzo/Hakkai being done with such an incredibly deft hand. It's not over-angsty, but it's not fluff, either, it's that sort of delicate balance between the two that I loved so much in the manga itself. Sanzo and Hakkai are both just... these two fantastically subtle characters and they were both wonderfully written. Every little detail was just right--from Sanzo's lighter to the gorgeous dialogue to Hakuryuu biting on Hakkai's hair. But it was mostly the pitch-perfect dynamic between Sanzo and Hakkai that had me swooning over this fic. *__* (Very faint Sanzo/Hakkai, could be gen.)

- Saiyuki - See Me by Sorchafyre - We understood each other best in the silences, anyway. Sanzo and Hakkai fic! That's all about the relationship rather than about sex! About how they interact rather than about a pairing! (I think the story might be entirely gen, no UST hinted at all, but I'm still going to chuck it into the Sanzo/Hakkai section, because this is what I want out of my "38" fic.) Two things that made me glee over this story--the author nailed the way they interact, all the harsh subtlties of everything about these two incredibly deep characters. And, two, genuinely sparklingly good writing. It's got that bite to it that I associate with Minekura's style. Hakkai quietly sliding under Sanzo's walls in a way that none of the others can do in that way that feels so incredibly straight out of the manga. "Deep-connection-without-sex stor[y]", indeed. *happy, happy sigh* (Sanzo-and-Hakkai, but not a pairing, I wouldn't say.)

- Saiyuki - Direction by EvilStorm - You know, I'm having the worst time trying to figure out what to say about this story, since it's not the kind of story I usually read; I just don't usually do death fics. Though, I think part of my ability to read this one (aside from the severe lack of 38 fic out there) is that the death happens off-screen and this is more about the aftermath than the event itself. Why this makes it more palatable, I don't know. Perhaps it's just this particular story, which has lovely writing and does nicely with Hakkai's dealing with another loss of the person he loves. That Kanan isn't forgotten is wonderful, that the blending of the two events that has Hakkai quietly spiralling off was done in a way that I could just see and his conversation with Gojyo felt very nicely done to me as well. Old friends who know each other and don't have to say much, the grief clear in Hakkai, missing the people he loves... it was just... a very nice fic. If angsty and achey can be 'nice', of course. ^_~ (Sanzo/Hakkai, deathfic.)

- Saiyuki - Jailbird by W175N57 - [ chapter 01 - chapter 02 - chapter 03 ] - So, actually, I had picked up the author's Saiyuki fic before I saw her Prince of Tennis fic, because I saw the first part of this getting good reviews on 30_kisses (And the first part just absolutely knocked me on my ass with the sheer Sanzo-ness of it, somehow, I couldn't even point to where it was or why it was, just, damn, that was the character I'd been looking high and low for, it was actually SANZO! I wasn't as hyped on the second and third chapters, but that doesn't mean I wasn't still gushing over them, too.) and because I was so impressed with her TezuFuji fic (and so desperate for Sanzo fic), I gave this one a shot. Normally, I don't do AUs, they're just not my thing, but I made an exception for this one because, goddamn, Sanzo and Hakkai in character? Not just in character but actually well-written? Do you know how rare that is?

Plus, it's actually an interesting AU so far, I would not have thought the idea of Sanzo as a guard while Hakkai/Gonou is on death row would be interesting, but there are just enough elements from the original series to make this sort of idea actually work. Hakkai is so... Hakkai already and Sanzo is actually Sanzo and the hints of the background we're getting make this feel like a modern-day take on the characters and it's actually really kinda interesting. Plus, OMG, Koumyou is alive and you get bits and pieces of his interaction with Sanzo. I'd wade through a lot for well-written Sanzo-and-Koumyou interaction. Fortunately, this one is a treat. ♥ (Sanzo/Hakkai.)

- Saiyuki - Thank you by Katharos - So, Katharos first writes a Prince of Tennis fic that you have no idea how badly I wanted to read. Then she writes Saiyuki genfic with Sanzo, Hakkai, and Jeep. I immediately go "Eeeee! ♥" and get all obnoxious-like. Because... yeah. This was nice, the characterization was so solid, the whole thing felt like my beloved characters, and it just... it cheered me right up, it did. (No warnings/pairings. 38 interaction, but it's very gen.)

- Saiyuki - Unimportance by The Dream Whisperer - I'm always a little wary of reading fic for comms like antiotpficathon, because... how am I supposed to enjoy a fic when I know the author dislikes the pairing a lot? But it's been ages since I read a Sanzo/Hakkai fic and I was really sort of curious. What I like most about the fic, I think, is the way the author showed the relationship in the background, through little touches or small smiles that were actually real and it felt subtle like they would be, shown more through Gojyo picking up on them than anything else. I also found it was an interesting take on Gojyo's feelings for Hakkai, which is something I tend to be even more fussy about. The way he was almost sort of happy for them in a way, the way he wasn't entirely bitter about it, but yet he was, it was an interesting balance all around and a good read. I'm glad I gave it a chance. And, really, how could I not be fond of a story that starts out with They're looking at each other again, those small, secret glances that they think he doesn't see. Fucking morons.? XD (Sanzo/Hakkai, Gojyo-->Hakkai.)

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