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- Samurai Champloo - Saimin [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - you know how long I've been waiting for good Samurai Champloo fanart? For someone to actually draw the characters really well and keep that feel of the characters? I've been craving fanworks for the series and this site delivered so very, very well. And this site started off with a really excellent one of Jin and Mugen and... it's never outright slash, but there's a lot of UST just screaming off them in the illustrations, but then there'll be some typical trio-type antics in the little illustrations and then there'll be wet!Jin or cranky!Mugen or fighting!JinandMugen and I don't know that there were any illustrations on the site that weren't just so damned good for this series. Very nice way to start off my Samurai Champloo fanart finds. That Jin on the background of the current top page is just... my favorite Samurai Champloo fanart ever. *___* (Maybe a little Jin/Mugen, but it's closer to gen, I think.)

- Samurai Champloo - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I think the trio stuff is probably the strongest stuff on this site, it's the stuff that most captures the feel of the series, buuuuuut~ I also kinda like the 'artistic' stuff like Mugen with the umbrella or Jin drawing his sword. Though, the Jin vs Mugen fight was really cool and I don't mind the use of colors in the art. The current one of Mugen with the makeshift umbrella (as opposed to the one with the actual umbrella) is probably the best drawn but I think I still prefer the trio stuff. It's just so... Champloo somehow. Anyway, nice site, I had fun wit hit. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Samurai Champloo - Bump of Chicken [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I almost gave up on this site, after having trouble spotting the Samurai Champloo art, but eventually I did manage to find it and I'm really glad I did, because it's the kind that just... emodies the spirit of the series. There are a couple of illustrations on the site that are just fantastic for how well they draw the characters as they are--the one where they're coming in out of the rain is fantastic especially. But there are also some random batshit ones (like the three of them in modern clothes against a graffitied wall) that just... despite it being so OOC, it's such a perfect fit with the series somehow. I really wish there'd been more art on this site. XD (No warnings/pairings.)

- Samurai Champloo/Samurai 7/Gankutsuou - Or.Go [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me forever to figure this site out, but finally, finally I found the Samurai 7 fanart! I've been itching to see more of this series and to see some fanworks for it, so finding art that's actually quite well-done was a nice bonus. It's not my usual stuff, not my usual pairings (I forget their names, but Kyuuzo and the dark-haired one that works for Ukyou's father and Ukyou as well), but it's genuinely good stuff and I'm much more relaxed with fanart. There's also a couple of really excellent ones with the other characters, just really nailing the style of Samurai 7, right down to the lines and colors and feel of the series. And, oh, how I'm taken with some of the Samurai Champloo art the artist has done--child!Jin is beautiful and some of the themed stuff is wonderful (I especially like when Jin leans over to kiss Mugen), and the comics are fun. There's not as much Gankutsuou fanart as I would like, but the two that were there are fantastic; rich with detail and capturing that patterned style of the anime and... oh, okay, the one Count/Albert one, where Albert is unconscious in his arms while the Count smirks and has bat-wings totally made my night. XD XD XD Really talented artist and some really good illustrations to comb through here. (Lots of Samurai 7 shounen ai, along with Jin/Mugen, and maybe a little Count/Albert.)

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