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- Stargate: Atlantis - Five People Who Hate Watching BSG with Rodney McKay by voleuse - I wasn't intending to read SGA fic, not at this point. I'd just barely finished season one! But I was perusing the author's journal (since she posted new Jem fic ♥) and saw she'd written this. With a title like THAT, how the hell could I possibly resist? I couldn't! The writing was sharp, clever, and just so much fun while embracing its inner geekiness, so much like the show itself. Even when I don't recognize half the characters (shut up!), I enjoyed the hell out of this. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Stargate: Atlantis - Moments by ALC Punk! - This was fabulous. Elizabeth and Teyla having a light-hearted conversation over tea while they're friends. Tea shouldn't be this wonderful, but in this fic it's absolutely fabulous and I choose to believe that they do this every week in canon. Yes. But it's also the conversation they have, the way the affection between friends just shines from this fic. The way it shows the little things they have in common (both being such tricky women while being completely innocent) and why they get along so well here. And the Ronon/Teyla implications on top of that are even more fabulous--I would seriously consider paying good money to see that on the actual show. Seriously. (Implications of Ronon/Teyla, but it's not the point.)

- Stargate: Atlantis - Everybody Loves Daniel by miera_c - I don't think I stopped grinning the entire way through this fic. It's one of those ideas--Daniel Jackson finally gets to visit Atlantis!--that could have fallen flat or just not felt like enough, but this fic totally did it justice. The characterization is sharp, the writing is genuinely clever and sparkles, the little moments of humor or character insight were brilliant. The way Daniel attracts certain people and repels others just by being himself, practically without even being aware of it, is brilliantly done. The way the men were not!jealous of him, the way there was practically a sigh of relief when he was gone, the friendship between Weir and Teyla, all of it brilliantly done. The various povs for the different scenes were also gorgeous, it's technically a strong fic just as much as it's a fannishly strong fic, one of those fics that's the entire reason I'll keep coming back to SGA fic. (No real warnings/pairings, but if you want to see subtext....)

- Stargate: Atlantis/Wonderfalls - Miss Anthropic by Shaye - I don't know when I became a fan of the idea of crossovers, but Jaye on Atlantis? I had to at least read the beginning. And, of course, I wound up enjoying this one quite a lot--Jaye and McKay vying for most misanthropic person on Atlantis? The snappy dialogue and sharp characterization? A great Jaye voice? Fabulous! Also, the ending was really strong and, god, what I wouldn't do for a continuation of this. This rec might suck, but the fic was delightful and fun. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Stargate: Atlantis - M7G-512 (or: Why Gate Team 5 is No Longer Allowed To Write Their Own Mission Reports) by Khriskin - I picked this fic up from this rec and was curious to see if it was as amusing as the reccer described. It was. It so was. I giggled the entire way through this piece, it's just brilliantly timed and executed. Totally why I love the SGA show and its fandom. (No warnings/pairings.)

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