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- Stargate: Atlantis - The Bee-Charmer by Hth - I am at a loss as to how to describe this fic. Part of me boggles at the lack of Ronon/Teyla fic from the fandom, the other part of me is boggling that such a perfect, brilliant fic exists like I had hoped it would. The Teyla voice is amazing here, the balance between a gentle, almost simple person and the complex warrior she also is. The Athosian part of her, the part that's so different from the people from Earth, the way their two cultures are so different, the way she sees/reflects on them in that way that's exactly like the series. The sense of an actual culture here that isn't being shied away from or glossed over in the background, the way it feels like the characters have stepped right out of the series. The absolutely flat-out brilliant insights into both her character and Ronon's character, the way they both are not quite sure where they belong. The way Ronon is so very Ronon as viewed through her eyes, the way every single inch of this fic, every last inch of it, is richly detailed and done to perfection. I was very nearly breathless with love for this fic, it was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. (Ronon/Teyla.)

- Stargate: Atlantis - Clean by featherjean - This is the second Ronon/Teyla fic I've read and a very nice little addition to what I hope will be a decent collection of fic for them. (But suspect that I'm going to be sadly lacking, woe.) This one is an established relationship, which I didn't think I would lean towards, but after "The Bee-Charmer"'s perfection of building up the tension, I wanted a little resolution this time around. There was a lovely sense of flirtation and teasing between them (and hotter than a VERY HOT THING, as Ronon/Teyla should always be), a very nice voice for both characters, and bathing. I've always had a kink for bathtub smut and while this one never really got above a very light R, that was actually the perfect level for it. Very nice. (Ronon/Teyla.)

- Stargate: Atlantis - Moments by ALC Punk! - This was fabulous. Elizabeth and Teyla having a light-hearted conversation over tea while they're friends. Tea shouldn't be this wonderful, but in this fic it's absolutely fabulous and I choose to believe that they do this every week in canon. Yes. But it's also the conversation they have, the way the affection between friends just shines from this fic. The way it shows the little things they have in common (both being such tricky women while being completely innocent) and why they get along so well here. And the Ronon/Teyla implications on top of that are even more fabulous--I would seriously consider paying good money to see that on the actual show. Seriously. (Implications of Ronon/Teyla, but it's not the point.)

- Stargate: Atlantis - Paternal Instinct by qwirky - I feel sort of horrible about this, but I... I... I have a babyfic kink with Ronon/Teyla. Mostly because the idea of Ronon with a kid is sort of insanely hilarious, even if I know I shouldn't like babyfic quite so much. But this fic came along at the right time to blow the seedling of want into a full-blown kink and it's just... it starts out with John carrying a baby around the lab and going, "Oh, crap." when the baby might have touched something and the baby's okay but everything after is hilarious. The conversation with Teyla! The ending! I still crack up at the ending. The fic is so adorably cute and I love it so much because I couldn't stop grinning the entire time and what is it about this series that makes me want babyfic just like this? God knows. But this was fun and from now on I WILL BE SHAMLESS in my love for the SGA babyfic! (Ronon/Teyla, some John/Elizabeth.)

- Stargate: Atlantis - Satedan Parenting 101 by miriel - Serilda pointed this one out to me because she's lovely and knew I wanted pretty much any and all Ronon/Teyla fic links. Also, I have that babyfic kink I refuse to be ashamed of. And, awww, both hilarious and sort of adorable--because, honestly, who doesn't think Ronon walking into a meeting with a baby strapped to his back isn't the funniest thing ever? I don't want to meet that person. Anyway, the fic is written wonderfully, the prose is lovely and there's a sense of these people being from a different culture--not just in the way people keeping wondering why Ronon's taking care of the kid the way he is, but in the way that it's simply different from what we know. It's all-around just a good, solid fic and I adore the way the Ronon/Teyla relationship was written in it. (Ronon/Teyla.)

- Stargate: Atlantis - we were never good soldiers (or very good fighters) by minervacat - Every so often I go through the SGA fandom again to find new Ronon/Teyla fic, as they're the pairing that intrigues me the most. I really, really liked Sparky, but sometimes it's hard to be a fan of those two... not that it's much easier being a fan of Ronon/Teyla. But every so often there comes along a fic I genuinely like and gives the couple a baby! I love babyfic when done right. I love the sense of permanence it can give a couple, I love the potential for antics with a kid (and their kid is so adorable and Teyla being pregnant early on in the story is fantastic), and this fic achieves both. Sure, the kid is kinda hilarious, but it's the way having a child born on Atlantis changes the perspectives of people, the way it brings home a few things, is lovely, the kind of thing babyfic should be used for. I really like the way this story was written in a series of scenes across several years, showing the progression of their relationships with everyone, the way people changed over time, both naturally and because of a child running around. It's really, really lovely. (Ronon/Teyla.)

Stargate: Atlantis: the nature of things unsaid by medie - How on earth I ended up reading an SGA fic, I don't even know. But it was Ronon and Teyla and it promised me smut, that was more than enough reason to read it. It's a short little thing, a piece about Ronon and Teyla and how they're just not like people from Earth and little things go over their heads and I really like the way they slowly understand bit by bit, but there's also this connection between them. Except it's not just that, there's a chemistry between them as well and then makeouts. Excellent! All things I like for in SGA fic. o/ (Ronon/Teyla, not quite SFW.)

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