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- Stargate: Atlantis - Not a Fairytale by annaK - This story is a bit more on the shippy side (versus the UST side--I'm not being very clear about the distinction, am I?) than I might have preferred, but it's also one of those fics that tied all those little moments I was seeing in the first season (and the second season premiere) between Sheppard and Weir together really nicely. It didn't forget about Simon, it didn't get them together unrealistically, and it was a nice unrequited love story. I liked that it really did work with what we've seen onscreen and the way it built up/used The Hug... yeah, I enjoyed this. A nice way to start off the Sparky fic for me. ^_~ (Sheppard/Weir.)

- Stargate: Atlantis - Between by phrenitis - I'm sort of wary of poking at Sheppard/Weir stories because I'm at the point where I like the potential of the pairing more than the resolution of it, I suspect. So I tend to fall on the UST side rather than the RST and I wasn't sure that an established relationship fic was going to work for me. But I kept wanting to read one more paragraph on this fic, just one more paragraph of the lovely prose, one more paragraph of the really solid and deft characterization, one more paragraph of John and Elizabeth on Earth again, and before I knew it... I had finished the whole thing without so much as looking away once. I love that it maintained it's happy, light tone, but that there was something bittersweet and difficult underneath everything, which is so much of what SGA fic should be. I'm also especially fond of the imagery here--the author uses personal space and the colors of hallways to give the reader a really effective mental picture. (Sheppard/Weir.)

- Stargate: Atlantis - Every Planet We Reach Is Dead: Four Ways John and Elizabeth Almost Make It by dirty diana - Again, I strangely go for the RST rather than the UST (which is probably more just what I happen to stumble over), but I can't make myself turn away from the fic because the writing is just too pretty, there are too many lovely, almost lyrical turns of phrase that show these insights into the characters and their dynamic, and... well, okay, part of it is that I'm a sucker for the pairing as well. This is a series of four scenes that might have happened, that could have happened, almost, and I like that there's not really a rigid structure to it, it feels almost flexible or fluid. I quietly enjoyed this one, despite that this rec is rather vague and unhelpful. (Sheppard/Weir, R-ish content?)

- Stargate: Atlantis - Tour of Duty by phrenitis - Now, this is getting closer to what I actually want from SGA fic right now, that UST that doesn't move forward or backward, it's just there as Sheppard tries to wake Weir in the mornings. It's actually a clever way to get them into the same room and have a "morning fic" without stretching the premise too far--no traditional alarm clocks and I can totally believe that something silly like that would fit into the SGAverse. But it's also that there are lovely turns of phrase as Sheppard watches her wake up, watches her stretch her muscles, going from sleepy to awake, the way he thinks about her and there's something there, something that's not really just friendship or respect, but it's not all the way there yet. Lovely. (Sheppard/Weir implied.)

- Stargate: Atlantis - Closer by Degrees: Familiarity by lunasky - Aaaaaaand now I'm right back into shipping territory. This was. It was. Hm. How to describe the sheer, unadulterated glee I had while reading this? There was lovely UST between the characters and a really fabulous narrative voice for John's character and all the technical aspects of a well-written fic were there. Paced well, great timing, great voices for the characters, etc. (John missing That Look that he hasn't seen in forever! So. Much. Love.) And, yet, I can't help being a dorky fangirl for the Sheppard/Weir jealousy and Elizabeth totally being awesome in dealing with him and HOLY CRAP BEST RONON EVER. Elizabeth invites him for dinner and John's not happy about that and the hilariousness that ensues, omg. I can't even write a coherent rec because I'm too fangirly over it. I loved this fic all the way around. ♥ (Sheppard/Weir.)

- Stargate: Atlantis - The First 5 Times John Saw Elizabeth Naked by miera_c - This is actually one of the first SGA fics I read, but it was a little too dark for me at the time to properly ingest it. Coming back to it now after I've read around a bit more, I appreciate that even as it's not entirely a happy fic, it's one of the ones that pushed me closer to being a Sheppard/Weir fan. It's the writing, I think. It's the clean, sharp, focused kind that's probably my favorite style, the kind that lets me barely even see the words because the image is clear in my head. And the story itself is... five times they see each other naked, five times that are sometimes happy, sometimes not, sometimes sexy, sometimes a little horrifying because of the circumstances, but always with that tension underneath everything that makes me ship these two. I'm not sure if it was a good thing or not to start off with this fic, but... well, I'm here now, aren't I? (Sheppard/Weir, some slightly disturbing content.)

- Stargate: Atlantis - Paternal Instinct by qwirky - I feel sort of horrible about this, but I... I... I have a babyfic kink with Ronon/Teyla. Mostly because the idea of Ronon with a kid is sort of insanely hilarious, even if I know I shouldn't like babyfic quite so much. But this fic came along at the right time to blow the seedling of want into a full-blown kink and it's just... it starts out with John carrying a baby around the lab and going, "Oh, crap." when the baby might have touched something and the baby's okay but everything after is hilarious. The conversation with Teyla! The ending! I still crack up at the ending. The fic is so adorably cute and I love it so much because I couldn't stop grinning the entire time and what is it about this series that makes me want babyfic just like this? God knows. But this was fun and from now on I WILL BE SHAMLESS in my love for the SGA babyfic! (Ronon/Teyla, some John/Elizabeth.)

- Stargate: Atlantis - Reply to Sender by qwirky - This was just a short, cute little thing that I liked. I have to admit, the idea of e-mail spam on Atlantis is kinda funny and there were one or two lines that put a smile on my face while reading, which is about all I ask. (Irritated!John is kinda lots of fun, too.) Then add in some John/Elizabeth and I was happy to add this fic to the pile of SGA fic I wanted to read tonight. :D (Sheppard/Weir.)

- Stargate: Atlantis - Veracity by Little Red - [ part 01 - part 02 ] - There are some authors in fandom that are just good, it's not about appealing to the squeeing fangirl in me (not that that part wasn't quite present and accounted for, mind), but about structuring a well-told story, about rock-solid, even sparkling, characterization, about hitting all the notes it was going for without hammering them into the reader's head. The writing of this story is fabulous, all the way around, all those little things that make up a hurt/comfort story in the way that makes me remember why I loved this genre so much in the first place. I mean, I was almost hesitant to read this fic, I thought h/c might be the entirely wrong tone for Sheppard/Weir, it might be trying to force something I wasn't sure I was ready for yet, since I'm still more on the UST side of the fence than the RST one.

But this story is gorgeously written, the kind that makes me ache for John in the aftermath of being tortured at the enemies' hands for four days, it makes me ache for Elizabeth trying to deal with it, trying to help him, trying to support him, trying not to push him too hard, trying to deal with her own worries and loneliness while he's so distant from her. The author didn't push too hard on making it a dramatic story, it was almost a quiet story, which made the effect so much more haunting. The established relationship between the characters worked so well here, woven into the story, important to it, rather than just being tacked on for drama's sake.

Overall, it was one of those stories that I was wary about reading ahead of time, but it quickly swept me up into the writing and wouldn't let me go for the whole ride. It's not an epic, but it's a lengthy story that takes exactly the amount of time it needs. Even the R-rated scenes were gorgeous! This is the kind of John/Elizabeth story I didn't know I wanted out of the SGA fandom, I didn't know I'd want something this serious until I'd read it and wish I could read a hundred more just like it. (Sheppard/Weir.)

- Stargate: Atlantis - A Difference of Opinion by ALC Punk! - I've been developing a taste for John/Elizabeth smut since I've been slowly sliding closer and closer to liking RST (vs UST) with the pairing. So this lovely little gem came along at just the right time--partly about the smut (okay, mostly about the pretty, pretty smut ♥) and partly about the dynamic between them, how they can both be more than a little stubborn. Resolutely sticking to their side, refusing to give an inch even as the other turns their ministrations up a notch, makes it even hotter. Loved this. <3 (Sheppard/Weir, NC-17-ish.)

Stargate: Atlantis: Wake-up Call by rillarilla - When a fic has a summary like: This is not a banner day for John Sheppard., I kind of had to read it. Also, I'd been missing these two for awhile and this was just. It was light-hearted and fun and both of them are such strong characters and the writing was delightful and I just. Really had fun with this! I really love how snappy the writing was without being too humorous, it was all about the fluff, but the good kind for me. <3 (Sheppard/Weir.)

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