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- Shaman King - AZMANIACS [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So, okay, see. I didn't mean to get sucked into Shaman King fanart, especially since I'm not that much of a yaoi fan when it comes to the series (except maybe one-sided feelings with Ren and Yoh), but then I was talking with Noel and decided to browse a forum with a lot of images and there were some that were just so gorgeous and so I started poking around and... yeah. Despite Horohoro/Ren not being my pairing, I adore Ren and I want shiny fanart for him. And this site totally provided that, in a sort of mind-blowing amount--I swear, the pages of beautiful fanart after beautiful fanart practically seemed to never end. Her lines and details and ability to do a CG-style esque illustration is just amazing, both characters can be just stunningly gorgeous, her colors are beautiful, her lines are professional looking and how anyone could not laugh at little kiddie Ren in that batshit Halloween costume, I will never know. ♥ Really, this is one of those sites that I'm almost not going to say enough about, there's so much to take in and it's all so consistently good, but what else can you say when all you can think is, ", Ren and Horohoro look gorgeous there."? I especially love the way she draws Horohoro's hair or the hint of shine/glow she puts on the images that makes them just gleam in a really good way. Seriously, this site is probably totally going to spoil me for any others. ♥ (Horohoro/Ren.)

- Shaman King - Malattia d'amore [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another site that's probably going to spoil me for other sites, because what this artist did was that she took Horohoro and made them... it's not quite shoujo, but it's sort of a blend between shounen and shoujo, with hints of what a doujinshika would do, she softened up the lines and added a lot of touches of soft, loose folds of cloth or jewelry hanging off the characters or peacock feathers or fur trims, with these soft, pale blues and purples that create an overall effect that's just gorgeous. I adored this site, too. ♥ (Horohoro/Ren.)

- Shaman King/Bleach - Candy Pot [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm really sort of unsure what to say about this site, because a lot of the illustrations here are of Anna in the traditionally cute, glowing CG effect that you often see in CG games. I feel like it shouldn't work with the character, that Anna isn't the sort of character who smiles cutely or inspires Yoh/Anna WAFF. But... there's something about this artist's work, the way everything is so cute and she somehow manages to hit my Yoh/Anna buttons that it works, that I end up feeling warm and happy after going through the art. Part of it is that I love the CG coloring that almost sort of glows, part of it is that, omg, Yoh/Anna fluffiness makes me happy, and part of it is that occasionally the artist just nails something. Anna looking serious and surrounded by the beads from her necklace, Yoh helping Anna across a stream with a bright grin on his face, and so on. Or when I went through the impressions gallery and, homg, beautiful art. The Bleach art... in some ways, I think I like it better? The artist's lines have gotten stronger and Rukia is so darn cute and I love the way her hair and eyes look and the further you get, the better the art. There's a colorized one of Rukia with a sucker in her mouth that's just fantastic the way the artist has tightened up her art. Plus, yes, okay, Renji/Rukia is my OTP, it made me squee happily, and all that. ♥ (Yoh/Anna, Renji/Rukia, occasional graphic content.)

- Soul Eater/Shaman King - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't know if this site is going to appeal to everyone, the art is very chibi-esque and cute, but I really kind of liked it. It's not that far off from the canon style and as the artist goes along, she does some really cool things with cel-style coloring. Plus, yeah, okay, I'm weak to artists who do some really cool little Death the Kid fanart. ♥ You can tell he's totally the artist's favorite, but there's also an adorable one of Maka sleeping on the crescent moon and some super cute Chrona (and possibly Chrona/Maka?) art, so it's got a decent balance going for it. There's not a lot of art, but what's here is really fun. <3 As for the Mankin art, it's very cutesy and focuses a lot on the X-Laws, which isn't something I'd really seen much art for. It's very cutesy, you can tell they're older than the Soul Eater illustrations, but the novelty alone made me cave. And they really are cute illustrations! There's one of Marco that looks really awesome even. <3 (Nothing I'm really going to warn for.)

- Shaman King - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm going to have a bit of a difficult time explaining what it is about this site that I like so much, but, well, eh. What caught my attention about the artist's style is that it's... almost kind of quirky? It's almost sort of chibi-esque, but that's not quite it and it has all these really cute little details in it and it's... maybe saying it's stylized would be a better way to put it. But also it's Yoh and Anna and I'm weak, okay. But whatever caught me, it's just. Quirky and interesting and was a nice little treat today. ♥ (Yoh/Anna.)

- Shaman King - SISTER MOON [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I hesitated with this site again a bit, but only because there wasn't quite as much art here as I'd have liked. But the fully done illustrations on the site were very satisfying for someone who'd been craving Shaman King (or, well, really Yoh/Anna) art this afternoon and then there were a bunch of really cute doodles and just... it satisfies the shipper in me, okay. Not that it's all them, there's some really cute art of the other characters as well, including a really nice one of Ren and one of Amidamaru that I really liked. A nice site to give me my fix again today. (Half Yoh/Anna, half gen.)

- Shaman King - DESERT*STAR [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, oh, oh, I was immediately taken with this site, so hard. It's got a sort of chibi-esque style (that's not quite it, but I'm not sure how else to describe it) with these incredibly warm, gorgeous colors that make each illustration so... quaint and cute and beautiful. It only took me a couple of clicks into the gallery to fall in love and it's-- okay, a lot of it is that I'm weak to this style and I've been craving Mankin art all morning, but it really is one of the best sites I've seen for the series yet. There's this one. Of Hao outside a warm scene on a Christmas night, while he's wrapped up in a blanket in the snow. Every time I look at it, I just-- asl;dkfjaslkj keyboard mash. It's a parody of The Little Matchgirl, it shouldn't delight me this much! And yet it does! Same for Anna as Little Red Riding Hood! Or Hao and Yoh as Hansel and Gretel! I really love this site a lot, it's just shot up to be among my favorites in the fandom, I think. Just. ♥♥♥♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Shaman King - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those sites where... I'm not sure I'd necessarily like the style with another series, but because the simple cg style fits well with Shaman King and because it's such a small fandom, I was quietly charmed by this one anyway. It's bright and clean art, there's a decent selection of it, and the artist keeps something of the spirit of the original. I'm especially fond of her Hao, though her Yoh can be really adorable at times, too. There's a decent amount of art here and it's a site that helped give me another fix for today, that's all I ask of it. :D (Some potential Hao/Yoh, but I'd call it more gen than anything.)

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