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- Shaman King - The Story of You and I by Becky Tailweaver - I was a little hesitant to start this story as the author is more familiar with the anime than the manga and I'm a snobby elitist (well, not so much, just that the anime did nothing for me and the manga made me go <333), but I've loved her Inuyasha fics, so I wanted to give this one a chance. I think what really won me over about the fic was the way Hao was written, there was a certain subtle quality, a certain intelligence and his own way of doing things that felt very fully formed, he wasn't just a one-dimensional villain. I liked the balance between "brothers" and "enemies" for Yoh and Hao, the way Yoh's voice felt right to me as well, his laid-back, seemingly simple ways that blended so well with his unwavering determination. I liked the way the story of Yoh and Hao's origin was weaved into the fic, I liked the way the ending was what it had to be, the way it had to end. It was a good, solid way to start off my SK reading bout, I think. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Shaman King - God Rest Ye Merry by Meg - So, I'm terribly curious about the dynamic between Yoh and Hao and, ooh, hey, Meg wrote fic with them! Which is pretty much how my thought process went as I clicked onto this story, but that's nothing new. I still love Meg's writing style, the way everything feels so sharp and there's all these little comments tucked between pieces of dialogue, and Yoh was just so... Yoh, the way he accepts everything and Hao's reaction to that. Plus, man, Yoh giving a Christmas gift and Hao staring at it for a moment and all the little details and... yeah, I liked this. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach/Shaman King - sunday morning by Pei Yi - Ahh, for some reason I just knew this crossover would work in this author's hands even before I read it. Obviously, since I'm squeeing about it now, I was quite charmed by the fic and there's a certain... I don't know how to describe it, but there's a certain quality to the author's style that fits both series so well and makes this crossover just lovely. Rukia and Anna in the same supermarket and they're so quietly themselves, both in their own ways, and it's just such a natural scene that it feels almost strange no one has done it before. It's just... almost like it was inevitable in this author's hands, like I can't imagine this crossover not existing somehow. But. Yes. Lovely, lovely fic that everyone should read if you've ever touched either series. (No real Bleach pairings, some Yoh/Anna, but it's not the point.)

- Shaman King - the seer by thornsmoke - Oh, wow, this is a fantastic Hao piece, set pre-series and it's just... this really great blend of creepy and beautiful, in a way that's very like Hao's character. The details, the use of feathers and fire and water, are all really lovely, the fortune teller's prophesy saying so much, especially knowing the direction of the series, yet still so vague that it, too, is lovely to read. I love the sense of spiritualism in this fic, I love that it fits together with what I know of the series, it matches the tone of Hao's character. It's really lovely writing as well and, okay, this rec sucks, but this really was a fantastic fic. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

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