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- Shaman King - Bermuda's Triangle by tin - [Note: This fic is locked, but I'm making an exception for it, because the author friends back all those who friend the comm.] Oh, oh, oh! tin's writing and Shaman King and Yoh/Anna! This was fabulous, there were gorgeous details the entire way through it and the concept/POV chosen for the fic was great and the ending punchline was just so perfectly, simply brilliant. It has that perfect sort of build-up that made me fall in love with the Shaman King manga in the first place, the kind of refreshing characterization of Anna that made me absolutely love her, and the subtle Yoh characterization and then ending. Oh, god. I'm still beaming over the ending because, yes, that is everything I love and crave more of about the series right there. Brilliant. ♥ (Yoh/Anna.)

- Shaman King - morning by Pei Yi - I didn't intend to stumble over Mankin fic today, but... Yoh/Anna fic, there is not enough of it in the world. At least not in readable form. And this was... this was quiet and full of imagery that didn't overwhelm, that was instead part of the world Yoh lives in and... I can't quite say why, but it felt much like the series, the way nature was in everything without having to be directly told that. But it's also the Yoh/Anna waffies that aren't really waffy, except in the way that it's waff for them. By which I mean the Yoh/Anna relationship was charming, both characters just so exactly right on in the way certain things between them just are, there's never any doubt. I love, love that about them. (Yoh/Anna.)

- Bleach/Shaman King - sunday morning by Pei Yi - Ahh, for some reason I just knew this crossover would work in this author's hands even before I read it. Obviously, since I'm squeeing about it now, I was quite charmed by the fic and there's a certain... I don't know how to describe it, but there's a certain quality to the author's style that fits both series so well and makes this crossover just lovely. Rukia and Anna in the same supermarket and they're so quietly themselves, both in their own ways, and it's just such a natural scene that it feels almost strange no one has done it before. It's just... almost like it was inevitable in this author's hands, like I can't imagine this crossover not existing somehow. But. Yes. Lovely, lovely fic that everyone should read if you've ever touched either series. (No real Bleach pairings, some Yoh/Anna, but it's not the point.)

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