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  - Sherlock - [ deviantART account ] - [Note: Not all, but some submissions in this gallery are SPOILERY for the second season finale.] I was browsing around for recs (I think maybe crack_van?) and stumbled over a link to this post-Reichenbach comic (which goes along with this tumblr post, as the artist linked in the comments--also spoilery!) that gave me more of those fluttery emotions all jammed up inside me. But it was also this standalone Sherlock piece that has amazingly pretty colors, all those blues and blacks that nearly glow, but suit the series and the character so well. Or, good lord, a Professor Layton crossover that I would read in a heartbeat! Or raven wings, yessssss. Or John and Sherlock at Hogwarts, holy crap, yes. So, this artist is a combination of FEELINGS OH MY GOD FEELINGS mixed with OH SHIT THAT'S AN AWESOME TROPE and topped off with OH LORD LOOK AT THOSE COLORS. Everything I want in a fanartist! And, of course, as a bonus, a multi-page comic that I ate up like delicious candy. (Some Sherlock/John, but it's about the level of the show.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - [Note: I will avoid them in this post, but there are some images in this gallery that are SPOILERY for The Reichenbach Fall.] This artist had two pieces that really just completely hooked me in. An Alice: Madness Returns flash animation piece that was gorgeous and a season two cast image piece (no real spoilers) where I just utterly loved the colors of it. The whole gallery is a lot of fun to go through, lots of crossovers or fusions or interesting concepts for pieces, some adorable or exciting, some absolutely heartbreaking, but all of it very interesting and very cool to look at. Also, there's young Sherlock, which, yes, thank you. (It's about on the level of canon, for everything.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - I guess I'm in a mood for art this afternoon. I stumbled over Sherlock and John tangled up together and clasping hands and the intimacy of it got me as much as it was a lovely drawn piece. And then the artist followed it up with Sherlock in a suit that was kind of super hot. And then there was tango dancing and I want to be strong, but, oh, jesus, that hit me right in the fangirl heart. So, this was a fun account to wander my way through this afternoon and it definitely gave me that much more of an urge to find All The Sherlock Things. (Sherlock/John.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - There's less than ten images to this artist's account, but! Cozy spring mornings and happy forehead touching and not quite kissing in the kitchen all conspired against me to give me tremendous amounts of feelings, so I'm hardly going to pass this one by. I really needed something joyful and bright and happy, which this artist delivered to me wonderfully. ♥ (Sherlock/John.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - I swore that I was only going to do a few art recs, then I would be done. Just... a little more browsing on devART, just to put a few more faves in my folder... and then I found Victorian Sherlock and then Sherlock with CAT EARS and, holy shit, it was only spiralling off into the distance at that point. I am all the fuck over an artist like this, who does this really beautiful colors and this amazing style and makes the art look like watercolors, but also who gives me Sherlock and Mycroft in Chinese clothing. I hit the fave button so fast oh my god. But also pirates!!! But also miniatures and giant hourglasses! Ahhh, this was fun. (John/Sherlock.)

&nbps; - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - I came across this artist via the John in Afghnistan piece, but quickly moved on to the up against the wall piece and the absolutely delightful Harry Potter crossover and then there was the young John and Sherlock piece and well. By the time I got to kissing times and BATHTUB SHARING (there should be bathtub sharing in every fandom ever), I was pretty well gone on this artist. It's a cute style, it's solid and fun, with a lot of touching between the characters and some of that kind of picture where I just... there aren't normal people sorts of noises anymore, it's those dolphin squeak sort of noises that fly straight past mere incoherency and into some weird new level of i can't even. ....shut up, I realize how that sounds, but this artist's style hit me just right for this fandom! (Sherlock/John.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - [Note: There's at least one spoilery post-The Reichenbach Fall image here, so be careful when browsing!] I honestly meant to just lightly browse this artist and move along (because I had nearly a hundred tabs waiting for me) but I kept stumbling over things like this one. And this one! And then Christmas adorableness! And, finally, a series of sketches that include Sherlock holding an umbrella over the both of them and John sleeping on Sherlock's shoulder and faaaaces and, shit, I was pretty well done for. And post-The Reichenbach Fall feelings all over the fucking place. I really enjoyed so many of this artist's pieces and I loved the clean lines and colors and so much hilarity (in the final one with Sherlock and John squeezed together, c-r-y-i-n-g now) and just... so much fun here!! I can hardly write a coherent rec for this artist because I was too busy greedily inhaling each next piece in the gallery. :D (Sherlock/John.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - So often, there's a handful that make me weak and then one that just makes me totally cave. It's a cumulative thing and, fuck you, I love artists that have a bunch of art that slowly chip away at me because that usually means, bawwww, feelings! And, fuck you, I'm weak towards things like Sherlock and John sharing an umbrella or chibis for Christmas where Sherlock is playing the violin and John is wearing an amazing sweater and the skull has a Santa hat on. And there's adorable Molly art! I'm not sure the anime-esque style is going to be for everyone, but I'm perfectly at home in the style, so Sherlock and his violin and Sherlock etc. in Hogwarts are like delicious candy to me. :D (Sherlock/John.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - Goddammit! I told myself, OKAY, NO MORE SHERLOCK FANART RECS, YOU ARE HERE FOR THE ART, but then this fucking artist comes out with this piece of Sherlock falling backwards and John jumping after him and, fuck, I'm gone. And then she followed it up with the single most hilarious genderswapped Sherlock cast bit (oh god the ending, I laughed so hard) that's also super pretty! Or! Kidlet Sherlock with Mycroft, so adorable! And I know I should be ashamed of enjoying princess style carrying but, fuck you, those colors are gorgeous and omg starsssss. I guess that's what I love about fanart, the way it makes me feel all these really intense feelings over things, even if it's rage that the artist is making me feel all squishy inside because their stuff is cute as hell and I love it so much. p.s. fuck you, this is adorable to the point I can hardly stand it. (Sherlock/John.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - No, seriously, fuck this fucking fandom! Why are you doing this to me?? I had shit to do! Instead, I am cooing like you wouldn't fucking believe over John falling asleep in his chair while Sherlock gently touches his face and knowing that I have no fucking dignity anymore. Or Sherlock leaning on John after the first season. Or sexytimes. I really like the artist's style (it's sort of manga-esque, so of course I do) because her lines are clean and sharp and lovely, but also she knows how to draw a pose and doesn't shy away from intense hugging, which is the entire reason I go for fanart. I feel all these feelings while looking at the art, I want to go find more more more more because it gives me that high on these characters that I crave so much and just... makes me fall in love all over again. I eat this stuff up like I can't even say. *__* (Sherlock/John.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - No, really, I honestly tried to stop myself! (No, I didn't.) But, COME ON. Alpaca!Sherlock and Corgi!John is the greatest fucking thing I saw all day! And this piece is AMAZING and I WOULD READ THAT FIC, HOLY SHIT, it would be hilarious! And then there's bed sharing! And then there's sexy hugging time! And, when I've picked out about five pieces I want to share and I'm not even done going through the gallery, well, that's when I know I'm having a shitload of intense feelings and that, of course, I'm going to wind up recommending the artist. I really enjoy her work a lot and she also rewards me with hilarious crossovers. (No, wait, this crossover is even better--!) I could hardly ask for anything more! ♥ (Sherlock/John.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - I suspect this artist's style isn't going to appeal to everyone, at least not unless you've got a strong background in manga fandoms, but if you're like me... well, you love this kind of style, like it could have come straight out of a manga or doujinshi. I was first attracted to this artist's work through the Sherlock and Doctor Who piece that I thought was super cute, but then there was Sherlock in the guard uniform and almost kissing and neat poster-style images for episodes and, ugh, so many feelings for The Reichenbach Fall (which is vaguely SPOILERY for 2x03) and I just... quietly (or maybe not so quietly) came away from this artist's work that much more in love with fandom again. Because I love this kind of thing. (Sherlock/John.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - I have broken through to the other side of my new addiction to Sherlock fanart and made my peace with it. But, then, it's a lot easier to accept my addiction when it provides me with things like Sunday Crosswords in bed that I would seriously read fic for because that would be amazing and hilarious. Or when it provides me with almost kisses and then more almost kisses and then some really lovely colors as Sherlock and John sit back to back to each other. There's not a ton of art here, but I really enjoyed what the artist had up, I really liked the colors and style of these pieces, and I am at peace with myself. For now. :D (Sherlock/John.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - [Note: There will be one or two slightly spoilery images for The Reichenbach Fall on this account and in this rec.] I was going along, enjoying this artist's work, liking the clean lines and airy feel to the art, when I got to Wake up, Sherlock, where John is leaning over Sherlock, trying to kiss him awake and crying, and I was just, "....why would you do that?" and then tried not to cry oceans of tears. But then there's also John with black wings and John sleeping while Sherlock peers at him and the two of them handcuffed together and eventually I was pretty much just, "fuck, I give already!" and caved. (Sherlock/John, Mycroft/Lestrade.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - I probably shouldn't be justifying a rec for a seven-page comic, but--! I really love it and the art is really fantastic and it hit all the right buttons with me, so, screw you guys, I loved it. You can find the first seven pages of Winter's Solace in the artist's Sherlock gallery and I'll warn that the most recent page was back in June of 2011, but I like what's here so far. Sherlock pushing myself beyond his limitations and getting sick, so John practically has to sit on him to get him to stop for a minute and, yes. Yes, please. That is a thing I greatly enjoy. I also like the art and the level of detail in each page, I like that this could have been a tie-in comic that was put out for the show and, of course, I definitely wish the artist had done more of it. XD Also, there's Sherlock Holmes content mixed in with the Sherlock art, but they're pretty easy to tell apart. (Leaning towards Sherlock/John, I'd say.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - Goddammit. I meant to clear out some of my tabs and then go read fic this afternoon. Instead, I find myself sucked back into more Sherlock fanart because this artist drew the young Holmes brothers and Sherlock and genderswapped Sherlock and Sherlock/John makeouts on the sofa. They have a very messy sort of style that may not work for everyone, but I found it interesting and I liked the sense of everything being so goddamned tall and messy on Sherlock, which worked well here. (Sherlock/John.)

  - Sherlock - nooneexpected [ tumblr Account ] - Oh, no. I got sucked back into the Sherlock fandom on tumblr, which feels even more immense than the fic archives or devART. This will not end well for me. But... I can't resist! Not when I find new artists like this one (and, oh, I wish tumblr had a way to let me sort my likes into folders like devART does with faves, I would go on such a spree) and enjoy their work so much! Like, Sherlock with an enjoying expression or John and Sherlock back to back through a door that might just be my favorite of the artist's or a gif of Sherlock and John watching a movie that is adorable or YES SCARF SHARING--!! Or, goddammit, John in a ridiculous and adorable hat that made me grin like a bit of a loon. Or the world's most adorable attempt to get cigarettes and how it's not going to end well for John. Or else it'll end as THE BEST. And that's what this artist does for me, the work here just puts a smile on my face and want to spin around the room a bit at how beautiful the coloring is and how adorable the scenarios are. ♥ (Some NSFW art on the tag occasionally. It's mostly fine, but there is at least one porny image, so be careful! Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: Alone on the Water by MadLori - I don't know when I became a person who reads deathfic, but this one had so many reviews (and I've heard good things about the author's other fic), so I decided to try it. And, despite my not usually being one to read such fics, this one pulled me in and wouldn't let me go, even when I couldn't bear to read it all in one sitting. I had to take little breaks from it because it was just so unrelentingly heart-wrenching in a rather undramatic way, almost pragmatic about it, and that's what made it hurt all the more. It's a gorgeous, gorgeous fic and one that pulls out so much from this relationship between Sherlock and John, one that plucked the strings of my own dealings with grief and loss, but in a way that didn't leave me resentful, but instead glad that I had read this fic. The point isn't about making the characters suffer, it's about examining them in times of suffering, and that makes it one of the most impactful reads I've yet found in this fandom. (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: Marriage by Ryssabeth - I love that this fic starts out with Sherlock practically able to read John's mind, which is hilarious, but also really kind of sweet. I loved this fic for being humorous without the point being comedy, that it was just... a light-hearted, yet insightful and meaningful, look at the relationship between Sherlock and John, where they're not friends, but they're not lovers, but something that's much harder to define. It's a short piece, but it's lovely. ♥ (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: The Case Of The Suicidal Brother by Jennistar1 - Oh, this author. I was a little hesitant to read this fic, because I wasn't sure I could see Mycroft as being suicidal, but I quickly realized that that wasn't really the point of this fic. Instead, it was about how Sherlock sees his brother, how he dislikes him just as much as he idolizes him in his own way, that Mycroft is nearly invincible. This author is quickly turning me into a greedy thing for all things with the Holmes brothers, by writing their relationship as complicated and understated, yet giving me intense feelings bombs, because, oh, the ending of this fic just lay waste to my fannish heart. (No warnings/pairings. Maybe a bit Sherlock/John background, but it could just as easily be gen.)

Sherlock: Action Man by thesardine - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] This is one of the first Mycroft pieces I read on my spree over the last few days, one of the ones that tipped me even further into being interested in his character and the way he interacts with his younger brother. This is a beautiful look at their childhood and their adulthood, how Sherlock was so self-centered and spoiled and impossible even then, putting a burden on poor little Mycroft and yet... it's not all bad, you can see why he cares about Sherlock and, oh, the scenes from when they were children are gorgeous. It's a dark look at these characters who have darkness in them (but not beyond what's in the series itself) and some of the scenes--especially those with Moriarty--are downright chilling. (No warnings/pairings.)

Sherlock: Other People's Sleeves by fourthduckling - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] This is another gorgeous look at Sherlock and John's relationship, set through the lens of Sherlock's interaction with other people. Mostly it's a conversation with Irene Adler, set just after A Scandal in Belgravia, these two incredibly sharp characters who have such presence in the scene. And I love that it achieves that balance between a Sherlock/John relationship and yet maybe being gen or just... something in between the two. The final scene of this piece, especially with Moriarty's line about burning the heart out of Sherlock, and the killer final line, are all gorgeous. An excellent read. (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: Anything by babydragon7 - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] There are times when I want the immediate aftermath of 2x03. There are times when I want the reunion period, post-Reichenbach. And then there are times when I want a bit of time to have passed, so that there's still a thread of tension, but it's mostly forgiven and they've moved on, even if it's still occasionally a sore point. And this was such a delightful piece, Sherlock prodding at the wound in his usual obnoxious way, but you get why he does it, and just. The things John has gone through for him. Hilarious. (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: I’ll show you mine… by babydragon7 - This was fun! It was fun for the slashy situation (where Sherlock needs to see John's cock for a case, which John is like UH NO but Sherlock is Sherlock about it) and even more fun for the way it becomes about boundaries and what John lets Sherlock get away with and what that says about him. I love that it wasn't just pure fluff, that there was a lot of seriousness in here, but without it being a darker fic, which made it hit all the right notes for me. (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: Bottles by Ryssabeth - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] I liked this one because it was short and messy, most scenes barely more than a handful of lines, but that helped with the intimacy of everything these two felt and said and didn't say during the s2 finale. It's almost chaotic, the way it's all tangled up together, which worked so well for this piece. (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: The Anatomist by rosa_acicularis - I've had this fic on my to read list for probably a year now, but it wasn't until my latest foray into the fandom that I finally sat down with it. I'd started it previously and found it amazing, but I wasn't quite 100% into the fandom yet (despite adoring the show). Well, this time my fandom excursion has gone better (obviously), so I sat down to start over with this fic from the beginning and couldn't put it down until I was done. It is a gorgeous look at a, "What if?" scenario (well, it was written during the hiatus between s1 and s2, which made it canon compliant up to the end of the first series, but it still stands as an amazing "What if?" story), where Molly Hooper is actually Molly Moriarty, the twin sister to James. It's a gorgeous look at the twins and why they do what they do, not just making them raging psychopaths, but they're actually quite different, even when many of their goals are the same. It's a gorgeous exploration of Molly's character, who is recognizably the character we see on-screen, who makes sense with the character we see on screen, only with all these extra layers of twistedness.

The relationship between her and Jim, the way they casually nearly kill each other constantly, the way their childhood flashbacks are so disturbing and woven together with their disturbing present, the way they nearly balance each other (Jim being so flashy, Molly being quiet and detail-oriented, Jim in the spotlight, Molly in the shadows) is stunning. The way Molly manages to fly under Sherlock's radar works so well, her interest in him is beautifully done as well. And the ending is nothing short of perfection! I definitely wish I could write a better rec for this fic, because I loved it so much, it's one of the most satisfying Molly pieces I've read, it's one of the best Sherlock pieces I've read, just for the sheer cleverness of it and how it works with the canon. One of my must-read fics. (Dark themes, hints of incest, violence.)

- Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - I didn't intend to stumble over more (proper) fanart recs, I just meant to gather up a few links for the top part of my post and then be on my way. So, all right, I stumbled over a kiss under Sherlock's coat in the rain, then draped over each other in bed and, oh, well, almost kisses that are pretty hot was nice, too. That should have been good enough! But, nooooo, then it was another kiss sketch that was rather super hot and Sherlock in pyjamas and I was pretty gone. There's not a ton of art here, probably only about ten images or so, but they hit right inside my wheelhouse so hard that I loved the artist intensely and caved into a proper rec. I love her style, I love the characters, I love the kissing, just... ugh, loads of feelings here. (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: Sarah's Weary Advice by HumanTales - This was a short piece, but one I rather liked for the way it was almost a stream of consciousness, because there wasn't really any dialogue or direct descriptions, it was all her experiences as she has a late night conversation with John after he's had a fight with Sherlock. I adore a look at John's character (and the Sherlock/John relationship) from an outside pov like this, especially because it's equal parts fond and frustration, that she knows exactly how this is going to go. It's a very nice piece. (Sherlock/John, but it's only half the point.)

Sherlock: John Watson's 12 Things Happy People Do by earlgreytea68 - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] This story is part of a larger arc, where Mycroft and Lestrade get together and it's post-Reichenbach, so they know Sherlock is alive, but John doesn't. You can still read this fic without having read the previous, so long as you know that much, I think. I was intrigued by the premise of this fic, where John tries to get back to being a happy person after Sherlock's death and it was... it wasn't as wrenching as I was expecting. Instead, it's much more bittersweet, as John can't quite bring himself to really be "happy" after all of that, even though he keeps trying. It's also set in the middle of a larger arc, so I assume there will be more stories to come, so it's not about revelations or reunions, instead it's just about... John trying to make peace. It's an in-between piece (though, certainly not a short one) and if you keep that in mind, I think it makes for a really good read. Certainly, I'm champing at the bit a little for the next story and would love to see the author tackle the next part of the Sherlock/John relationship or even just more of John trying to get on with his life, post-Reichenbach. (Background Mycroft/Lestrade, pre-Sherlock/John, neither are really the point.)

Sherlock: An Entry about Dr. Watson, for a Change by earlgreytea68 - Oh, no. Sherlock writing a blog entry about John and Lestrade having a Mario Kart competition! It's one of those things that sounds like it could be far too silly to work, but this one has a deft author writing it and I laughed so hard while reading this. Sherlock's disdain for the whole thing, yet you can tell how much fun John and the others are having, even through Sherlock's annoyed blog entry and just... Sherlock and pop culture that he doesn't care for are ALWAYS HILARIOUS. This piece is no exception, it's amazing. (No real warnings/pairings.)

Sherlock: I Can't Stay by scorpiontales - This was written before s2 started airing, so I still took it in the vein of an AU, even if you could possibly still fit it into The Reichebach Fall. Which I still want angsty fic for, apparently! (Despite that I've spent most of this morning looking at amusing things.) It's a short piece, it's set from Mycroft's point of view, of watching over John while Sherlock is away, and so most of the action happens off-screen and Mycroft is... Mycroft, but there's enough of everything here that I found it really satisfying. I love how in character Mycroft feels here, how he's so placid even in intense circumstances, how there's such a depth there, but you can't put your finger on it. But also I love the hints we get of Sherlock and John's relationship in the background, too. A short piece, but satisfying! (This is mostly gen, but a bit Sherlock/John, though, they're in the background.)

Sherlock: Beside Manner by scorpiontales - Well, as long as I was reading the author's Mycroft fic, why not another short one again? Which is a series of lightly sketched out scenes, a collection of moments between Sherlock and Mycroft, but it works well because it's from Mycroft's point of view and he's not the type to linger. There's a weight to these moments, an obvious deep caring for her younger brother, even when you can't quite put your finger on where exactly you feel that. You just do. And those are my favorite kind of Mycroft fics--especially the ones that have me heaving a bit of a sigh by the end because, ugh, feelings. (No warnings/pairings.)

Sherlock: The Mourning Woman by M_Leigh - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] Yes, I'm still making my way through the fandom classics. I'll get there eventually! And today was this lovely Molly piece, as she knows Sherlock's secret at the end of s2, but can't tell anyone, mixed in with snippets of her background. There's something so... perfect about this piece, how it's not precisely lonely or sad or even bittersweet, it's... I can't quite figure out the right word for it, but it's so perfectly Molly and everything we know of her that it was a treasure to read. Also, John broke my heart (and Molly's as well) something fierce here. (Sherlock/John in the background, but it's only half the point.)

Sherlock: Your Long Years of Exile, Closing by M_Leigh - [Note: There are SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall in this fic and this rec.] This is sort of a companion piece to The Mourning Woman, but they both stand well on their own, too. There's something so brutal about this piece, about how difficult it is for Sherlock to come back, harder than it was to leave, in a lot of ways. I loved the way the author had Sherlock as being so changed by all that he had gone through (while still being Sherlock, of course), that there was such a heavy emotional weight on the entirety of this fic. It's quite wrenching, when he and John finally see each other again, and just... really wonderfully done. (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: A Cold Winter Day by Xanthiae - Well, this was all kinds of sweet! I don't necessarily read a lot of growing old together fic, I'm usually more focused on the here-and-now, but sometimes it's nice to read something that's just adorable and happy and a touch funny and where everything turns out all right. I love the understated quiet of their interaction in this piece, how they've grown old together and they're still quite themselves, how Sherlock's still as sharp as ever, yet how... there's something much more settled about them here. It was rather heart-warming. (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: A Bit Backwards by Lake Pontchartrain - John and Sherlock get platonically married! Yes and yes. This fic was pure perfection, in the way John spends so much time wondering wtf his life has become but somehow finds himself going along with Sherlock anyway, who just steamrolls right ahead like usual. But it's also in the way... there's a sort of surreal humor in it for them, John especially, much in the way he finds surreal humor in everything with Sherlock and I just love the way this fic shows them as an emotional couple, even if they're not a physical one. It really hit all the right notes for me, making me read the entire goddamned thing with one of those face-hurting smiles the whole time, because it's so delightful and so hilarious and there's gorgeous banter that's so perfect. John trying not to giggle at his own civil ceremony, especially when he catches Sherlock's eye, is the most perfect thing ever. It could have gone so wrong or been too cliche or silly, but instead, NOPE, it's beautiful. p.s. There is also bed sharing that is perfect. I will always read perfect bed sharing, okay. (Sherlock/John.)

Sherlock: The Gift by earlgreytea68 - [Note: There are mild SPOILERS for A Scandal in Belgravia in this fic and this rec.] This is a short piece about Molly's gift to Sherlock that was never properly opened, but the really fun part about it is in the way John has learned to read a lot off Sherlock, even if it's more complicated than he can really say. And it had my new favorite way of John describing Sherlock's mind: The one conclusion he had reached was that Sherlock’s head was a singularly tangled place, with thoughts and emotions scurrying off in every direction. It was like Schrodinger’s bloody box in there: Everything seemed to exist all at once. Hee hee hee, that made me laugh so hard. And that's how the entire fic goes, with some delightful banter and voices for the characters and just a dash of ~*feelings*~ thrown in! (This is gen, but it should appeal to Sherlock/John fans as well.)

Sherlock: The Belgravia Pieces by stardust_made - [Note: There are SPOILERS for A Scandal in Belgravia in this fic and this rec.] jesshelga pointed this fic out as a really lovely Irene Adler piece and I quite loved it for that. It's vague and oblique like the character was, the dynamics between her and Sherlock as well as between her and John were both wonderfully done. There's something so sensual about this version of the character, something so insightful and sharp, that works with the character we saw on the screen. It was a really lovely read. (Sherlock/John, with mentions of vague Sherlock/Irene that aren't the point.)

- Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - I didn't intend to stumble over more (proper) fanart recs, I just meant to gather up a few links for the top part of my post and then be on my way. So, all right, I stumbled over a kiss under Sherlock's coat in the rain, then draped over each other in bed and, oh, well, almost kisses that are pretty hot was nice, too. That should have been good enough! But, nooooo, then it was another kiss sketch that was rather super hot and Sherlock in pyjamas and I was pretty gone. There's not a ton of art here, probably only about ten images or so, but they hit right inside my wheelhouse so hard that I loved the artist intensely and caved into a proper rec. I love her style, I love the characters, I love the kissing, just... ugh, loads of feelings here. (Sherlock/John.)

  - Sherlock - [ deviantART Account ] - Once again, I did not intend to do much more fanart searching, I just wanted to find a handful for my link blogging and then be done with it. But! An artist that does a good amount of Mycroft art! My weakness--!! It started with Confrontation hitting my weakness for the Holmes brothers, but then it was followed up with I believe and The Virgin. The Iceman. and it's like this artist knew. Though, there are also Sherlock and John pieces and dramatic standalone Sherlock pieces and even Sherlock with magic pieces, which all got to me, too. I really found myself enjoying the artist's colors especially, they're so smooth and almost glossy, they work with the semi-realistic art surprisingly well (I'm not usually a fan of the combination, but this artist does a lovely job!) and and and the artist even does the occasional Sherlock and Mycroft comic which was perfect. ....dammit, I really want this rec to be just, like, a bunch of links to everything the artist does with the Holmes brothers or Mycroft and Anthea or SHRIEK YES the Sherlock women and snowmen of the men. PERFECT. (Maybe a few hints of pairings, but nothing consistent enough to warn for.)

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