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Sherlock: The Anatomist by rosa_acicularis - I've had this fic on my to read list for probably a year now, but it wasn't until my latest foray into the fandom that I finally sat down with it. I'd started it previously and found it amazing, but I wasn't quite 100% into the fandom yet (despite adoring the show). Well, this time my fandom excursion has gone better (obviously), so I sat down to start over with this fic from the beginning and couldn't put it down until I was done. It is a gorgeous look at a, "What if?" scenario (well, it was written during the hiatus between s1 and s2, which made it canon compliant up to the end of the first series, but it still stands as an amazing "What if?" story), where Molly Hooper is actually Molly Moriarty, the twin sister to James. It's a gorgeous look at the twins and why they do what they do, not just making them raging psychopaths, but they're actually quite different, even when many of their goals are the same. It's a gorgeous exploration of Molly's character, who is recognizably the character we see on-screen, who makes sense with the character we see on screen, only with all these extra layers of twistedness.

The relationship between her and Jim, the way they casually nearly kill each other constantly, the way their childhood flashbacks are so disturbing and woven together with their disturbing present, the way they nearly balance each other (Jim being so flashy, Molly being quiet and detail-oriented, Jim in the spotlight, Molly in the shadows) is stunning. The way Molly manages to fly under Sherlock's radar works so well, her interest in him is beautifully done as well. And the ending is nothing short of perfection! I definitely wish I could write a better rec for this fic, because I loved it so much, it's one of the most satisfying Molly pieces I've read, it's one of the best Sherlock pieces I've read, just for the sheer cleverness of it and how it works with the canon. One of my must-read fics. (Dark themes, hints of incest, violence.)

Sherlock: Who needs normal, anyway? by oreganotea - You know, for all that I want Sherlock and John to kiss (and KISS FOREVER AND EVER), I actually really enjoy stories like this, where they're in an emotional relationship, but it doesn't extend to the physical, where John does have that with someone else, Mary in this case. I really adored what we saw of this Mary here, I love how her relationship with John fits together with his relationship with Sherlock, how it's best for her as well as it is for John, all done very sharply and cleverly. It's a brief piece, but it's just so delightful that I loved it. (Sherlock/John, John/Mary.)

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