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- Slayers - The Mysterious Priestess' Den of Slayer's Silliness [ English Fan Art Site ] - More Slayers humor! Many of the things in the silliness section have made me nearly choke on my beverage of choice when reading them. Go read. Now. Or at least as soon as you're done reading this synopsis. Also, go check out the fanart--absolutely gorgeous! Oh, and whatever you do, do NOT click on the Memory/Concentration link in the Fun 'N Games section. Seriously. Otherwise you'll be stuck playing that game for hours. It's just that addicting. I feel like I could go on for hours about this site, there's just that much to do/see here.

- Slayers - [ Japanse Fan Art Site ] - Wow are these pretty. Just... wow. So pretty. You can tell that at first the artist wasn't as settled into her style as she gets later, but she starts out as very good and gets to great pretty quickly. There's this one illustration of Lina and Gourry in bed that's just so lovely and so well done that I could almost mistake it for official art. The colors are gorgeous, reminding me a lot of the manga illustrations, and they show the... warmth between the two characters, the nice, fuzzy feelings Lina/Gourry evokes and is at the heart of what makes me love them, despite being more of a Lina/Zel girl. Which is a compliment. Really. ^_^v (Lina/Gourry.) [broken link--site moved/was taken down?]

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade/Slayers/Final Fantasy XII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was just idly poking around and somehow stumbled over this site, whereupon I pretty much instantly fell in love. The art here is gorgeous, there's such a strength to the lines and colors that makes Lina-tachi look just so, so pretty. Her Gourry/Lina art is so damn cute that even though it's not my favorite pairing (however, I do ship it, mind!) I was just over the moon for it here. It totally helps that there's a ton of art here as well and it's all just as adorable as the last. The HaruToki fanart is much the same, there's such a prettiness to the artist's colors and her style of drawing that I love so much--and, man, HaruToki3 really does attract some of the most amazing artists. As for the FFXII art, there's not a whole lot here, but it's some of the better stuff you'll find in the fandom so far. Her Vaan/Penelo art is just darling, her bright, cheerful style really suits them well. <3 (Gourry/Lina, a little other het for Slayers. Nothing I'll count for HaruToki. Maybe a little Vaan/Penelo for FFXII, but a lot of gen, too.)

- Slayers - unkonofuta [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I feel like I've been to this site before or that maybe I've recommended it before, despite that I can't find it on my list of links anywhere. Ah, well, either way. It's not going to be for everyone and not all of the illustrations knocked me over, but there were a lot of really interesting illustrations here, the artist's style was very creative. They're almost like paintings (well, a little bit?) and the artist's Lina/Gourry is especially strong. There's art of most of the main cast, a handful of group illustrations, etc., but the site really shines when it focuses on those two in particular. (Some Lina/Gourry, some gen.)

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