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- Slayers - The Sea of Chaos [ English/Korean Fan Art Site ] - And, of course, I couldn't get into Slayers fan art without mentioning this page. I think these images have to be not only my favorite Slayers ones, but some of my favorite fan arts/fan artists, period. Eugene's art is just stunning. Beautiful drawnings, amazing colors, and so MANY of them! I cannot say enough positive comments about this art! Also read her on-line manga! It's just.... Okay, I'm running out of nice things to say.

- Slayers - Murasaki Ame, Ao Ai [ Fan Art Site ] - Well, it's not just fan art, but that's the reason I'm linking it. (Go to the "Art, Image" section and click on "Fan Art".) It's some really cute Slayers fan art (and I'm not just saying that because of the two Xellos/Zelgadiss images either. ^_~), with some nice colors and a good selection of characters. (Eeeeee! Sylphiel and Zelas fan art, too!) I'm not sure I can say why I liked the art so much, other than it's just... neat. (Hints of a few pairings like Xellos/Zelgadiss and Lina/Xellos, but it's most single-character illustrations.)

- Slayers - [ Korean/English Fanart Site ] - [ artist's home page ] - I know I've rec'd Eugene's site before, but I did so before I knew how to form complete sentences and only did a sort of half-assed job. So. Now that I've discovered that she has a deviantART account and has been updating a lot recently... well, I have to spaz. Eugene's art is known by pretty much every Slayers fan on the planet, because she is that good. Because she seems to be one of the nicest, sweetest people around, because her art is just flat-out stunning. If I had to choose one fanartist who was my favorite out of alllllll the art I'd seen by now... I'd still pick Eugene as my favorite every single time. Her lines are incredible, her colors are amazing, and the amount of detail and style she puts into her illustrations blows me away every single time. This is the fanartist that every time I go to see her site, I go through the entire gallery all over again because it's just so amazing, every dramatic swirl of someone's came, the intense look on their face, the incredible emotion that's so often painted on the characters' faces... it's all gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Add to this that she's both a Lina/Zel and Xellos/Zelgadiss fan and I am delighted because those are my two favorite pairings. And she characterizes them fantastically in her art, draws all these stunning details and situations and just... god, she's so clearly on a professional level and drawing for these characters that I adore so much that I just... I flail at the whole site. There are some new ones that I'd never seen before--a Xellos/Zelgadiss underwater piece that is GORGEOUS, a Zelgadiss by a campfire practicing with his sword that is GORGEOUS, a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL one of Lina running towards Zelgadiss, and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MORE NEW COMICS THAT ARE BEAUTIFUL. Also! Be sure to check out her site for the oekaki comics she's been doing recently (in the fan manga section)--there's "The Cave of Crimson Heart" which has some of the BEST Xellos/Zelgadiss interaction that's just... I about died from amusement because that's SUCH a Xellos-like thing to do. And there's the "Phoenix Fairy Tale" which is just... holy crap, it's beautiful, the costumes of the characters are stunning, the story is intriguing, and just... I wouldn't have thought I'd be so sucked into an oekaki thing, but I LOVE it. Just... after going through her art, I feel like I'm floating happily on clouds afterwards, because it's so beautiful and just so... amazingly characterized, too. LOVE. (A lot of gen, a lot of Lina/Zel, and a fair amount of Xellos/Zelgadiss.)

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