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- Slayers - Star Dust Company [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, I have such love for a site that draws cute art from multiple series, but can also do genuinely cute and clever fusions of two series. Like, the Slayers characters in Inuyasha clothes or Val's henchmen in Naga and Amelia's outfits or utterly sweet fanart of Valgaav and Gaav or the dragons together or SLAYERS AND HOUSHIN ENGI HEE HEE HEE. ♥ Or, OOH. Gaav and Zelas! But there are also some pretty Sylpheel illustrations, lots of pretty Val illustrations, etc. But. Okay. I admit. I really went all floopy over the Val/Filia illustrations, especially the one where he's pulling her in close for a hug and she's blushing and, eeeee, so cute! ♥ Just... that's the overall sense I get from this site, the kind that makes me smile and remember why I liked Slayers so much and feeds at least one pairing love I have. XD (Hints of pairings, but nothing I'd count enough to label.)

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