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- Slayers - The Mysterious Priestess' Den of Slayer's Silliness [ English Fan Art Site ] - More Slayers humor! Many of the things in the silliness section have made me nearly choke on my beverage of choice when reading them. Go read. Now. Or at least as soon as you're done reading this synopsis. Also, go check out the fanart--absolutely gorgeous! Oh, and whatever you do, do NOT click on the Memory/Concentration link in the Fun 'N Games section. Seriously. Otherwise you'll be stuck playing that game for hours. It's just that addicting. I feel like I could go on for hours about this site, there's just that much to do/see here.

- Slayers - Work for Idle Hands [ English Fan Art Site ] - Speaking of gorgeous Slayers art.... This is another thing I love about the Slayers fandom--stunning artwork. Mellos is one of my favorites, the drawings are wonderful, and the colors are just gorgeous. Not to mention there are some hysterical images here. Go, go, go! Oh, yeah, and there isn't just Slayers art, there's several other series--including Kaworu art from Evangelion and Dark Kingdom Generals!

- Slayers - The Sea of Chaos [ English/Korean Fan Art Site ] - And, of course, I couldn't get into Slayers fan art without mentioning this page. I think these images have to be not only my favorite Slayers ones, but some of my favorite fan arts/fan artists, period. Eugene's art is just stunning. Beautiful drawnings, amazing colors, and so MANY of them! I cannot say enough positive comments about this art! Also read her on-line manga! It's just.... Okay, I'm running out of nice things to say.

- Slayers - Fanart by Julie Dillon (S O L A C E: Your Journey's End) - This is fan art?? Another of my favorite fan artists--she doesn't do just Slayers, but a whole lot of anime series. I'm not kidding when I say some of these images could pass for official images, they're that good, imglo. I love the Christmas Zelgadis image. Awwww.

- Slayers - Murasaki Ame, Ao Ai [ Fan Art Site ] - Well, it's not just fan art, but that's the reason I'm linking it. (Go to the "Art, Image" section and click on "Fan Art".) It's some really cute Slayers fan art (and I'm not just saying that because of the two Xellos/Zelgadiss images either. ^_~), with some nice colors and a good selection of characters. (Eeeeee! Sylphiel and Zelas fan art, too!) I'm not sure I can say why I liked the art so much, other than it's just... neat. (Hints of a few pairings like Xellos/Zelgadiss and Lina/Xellos, but it's most single-character illustrations.)

- Slayers - Here is Cherrywood [ Korean Fan Art Site ] - One of my single most favorite Slayers fanartists, Chrytea does gorgeous illustrations. She makes the characters look absolutely beautiful, just... words fail me at how much I adore her art. It's not that the Slayers characters aren't already pretty, but they have a typically anime type look to them, and I prefer a more manga-esque approach, which Chrytea does so wonderfully. The colors tend towards the softer side, which works for her style. I don't think all of her illustrations are here, because I remember more that definitely aren't up, which is too bad. I love her artwork. *gush, gush, gush* (A little bit XellosxZelgadiss.)

- Slayers - [ Japanse Fan Art Site ] - Wow are these pretty. Just... wow. So pretty. You can tell that at first the artist wasn't as settled into her style as she gets later, but she starts out as very good and gets to great pretty quickly. There's this one illustration of Lina and Gourry in bed that's just so lovely and so well done that I could almost mistake it for official art. The colors are gorgeous, reminding me a lot of the manga illustrations, and they show the... warmth between the two characters, the nice, fuzzy feelings Lina/Gourry evokes and is at the heart of what makes me love them, despite being more of a Lina/Zel girl. Which is a compliment. Really. ^_^v (Lina/Gourry.) [broken link--site moved/was taken down?]

- Slayers - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Not that there's a whole lot of art on this site (and I got to here from a Zel/Amelia site--don't ask--so there are some of those vibes floating around, but nothing too much), I just had to recommend this site, because there's a lot of really cool concepts here. I especially adored the illustrations of Xellos (and the Xellos/Zelas-Metallium one! *_*) and Rezo and I even really like the couple of Amelia (-only) illustrations here. Very... artsy, but in a good way. (No real warnings.) [broken link--site moved/was taken down?]

- Naruto/Slayers/Inuyasha - [ German/English Fanart Site ] - [ artist's deviantART account ] - This is one of those sites that I just sorta had fun with; the art was cute and adorable (especially the Slayers stuff) or it had this really nice, light, airy sketchy feel to it that really worked (like with the Inuyasha stuff--I'm especially enamored with her Sesshoumaru/Inuyasha illustrations. Little!Inuyasha hanging onto Sesshoumaru's sleeve as they approached a post-battle site? Totally sent me into fits of Teh Kyuute. But the one one of Inuyasha leaning back against Sesshoumaru also just... dammit, why do I like them so much? Whatever it is, this artist tapped into that affection a little with her art.) With the Slayers stuff, I especially liked her group stuff--there's one of the main cast flying in the sky that's just GREAT and there's a REALLY COOL one of Zelas-Metallium and Xellos and the artist seems a little fond of Xellos/Zelgadiss, so I'll forgive the Xellos/Filia bias. *hisses and spits* (*RUNS* Kidding, kidding, nobody hit me! >___>) And her newest Naruto stuff is really good--the one with baby!Sasuke pulling on Itachi's hair? Genius. The chibi Kimimaro is also lovely and I adore the Lina/Zel illustration on the dA account (make sure to browse both, since I think some art is on one site and a lot is on another) and the "Fireflies" Naruto one is beautifully colored. Just... fun, all in all. <3 (Uchiha-friendly, slightly Sasuke/Sakura, some Xellos/Filia, some Xellos/Zelgadiss, I don't know how to classify the Inuyasha stuff.)

- Slayers - [ Korean/English Fanart Site ] - [ artist's home page ] - I know I've rec'd Eugene's site before, but I did so before I knew how to form complete sentences and only did a sort of half-assed job. So. Now that I've discovered that she has a deviantART account and has been updating a lot recently... well, I have to spaz. Eugene's art is known by pretty much every Slayers fan on the planet, because she is that good. Because she seems to be one of the nicest, sweetest people around, because her art is just flat-out stunning. If I had to choose one fanartist who was my favorite out of alllllll the art I'd seen by now... I'd still pick Eugene as my favorite every single time. Her lines are incredible, her colors are amazing, and the amount of detail and style she puts into her illustrations blows me away every single time. This is the fanartist that every time I go to see her site, I go through the entire gallery all over again because it's just so amazing, every dramatic swirl of someone's came, the intense look on their face, the incredible emotion that's so often painted on the characters' faces... it's all gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Add to this that she's both a Lina/Zel and Xellos/Zelgadiss fan and I am delighted because those are my two favorite pairings. And she characterizes them fantastically in her art, draws all these stunning details and situations and just... god, she's so clearly on a professional level and drawing for these characters that I adore so much that I just... I flail at the whole site. There are some new ones that I'd never seen before--a Xellos/Zelgadiss underwater piece that is GORGEOUS, a Zelgadiss by a campfire practicing with his sword that is GORGEOUS, a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL one of Lina running towards Zelgadiss, and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MORE NEW COMICS THAT ARE BEAUTIFUL. Also! Be sure to check out her site for the oekaki comics she's been doing recently (in the fan manga section)--there's "The Cave of Crimson Heart" which has some of the BEST Xellos/Zelgadiss interaction that's just... I about died from amusement because that's SUCH a Xellos-like thing to do. And there's the "Phoenix Fairy Tale" which is just... holy crap, it's beautiful, the costumes of the characters are stunning, the story is intriguing, and just... I wouldn't have thought I'd be so sucked into an oekaki thing, but I LOVE it. Just... after going through her art, I feel like I'm floating happily on clouds afterwards, because it's so beautiful and just so... amazingly characterized, too. LOVE. (A lot of gen, a lot of Lina/Zel, and a fair amount of Xellos/Zelgadiss.)

- Slayers - [ English Fanart Site ] - I... kinda fell for this site because of the really cute fanart of Zelgadiss and Xellos and I tend to really be attracted to those two characters. I like her lines and colors and she really does well drawing the characters' hair and then there's this really neat one of Zelgadiss that's hard to describe, but... is a really neat style--the one of him with his hair all windblown (okay, yes, it's wire, but it really works for the image, so be quiet) and a couple of nice ones of Lina and just... I enjoyed her collection of art. <3 Plus, OMG, her favorites page is keeping me busy for days. >____> (Maybe a little Xellos/Zelgadiss, but mostly gen, I think.)

- Slayers - [ English Fanart Site ] - I swear, I keep coming back to this gallery and finding illustrations that I hadn't seen before even when I swore I'd been through the whole thing. The first one to catch my eye is the artist's featured illustration, "the long dark" one of Xellos and the other Mazoku I forget the name of, the one with the beautiful colors and lines. Then I happened to catch site of the illustration of Filia in a long, dark burgundy dress that looked GREAT on her. And then I started seeing the occasional illustrations of Xellos and Zelgadiss. And then I started really having fun with the galleries; there's a lot of art in them and a really nice selection of different characters and some REALLY nice, fun AU stuff that intrigues me (Slayers in college! XD), and there's an awesome one of Xellos titled "Servant of the Great Beast" that's totally worth going for alone. Oh, and the Slayers/Empire Records fusion is GREAT. Beautiful, even. XD Oh! Oh! And the "Maiden of Volabazard" Filia illustration? Nice. Just... lots of cute, silly fun here and then some illustrations that make me sparkle. (Some Xellos/Filia, some Zelgadiss/Xellos, a good lot of gen, too.)

- Slayers - Star Dust Company [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, I have such love for a site that draws cute art from multiple series, but can also do genuinely cute and clever fusions of two series. Like, the Slayers characters in Inuyasha clothes or Val's henchmen in Naga and Amelia's outfits or utterly sweet fanart of Valgaav and Gaav or the dragons together or SLAYERS AND HOUSHIN ENGI HEE HEE HEE. ♥ Or, OOH. Gaav and Zelas! But there are also some pretty Sylpheel illustrations, lots of pretty Val illustrations, etc. But. Okay. I admit. I really went all floopy over the Val/Filia illustrations, especially the one where he's pulling her in close for a hug and she's blushing and, eeeee, so cute! ♥ Just... that's the overall sense I get from this site, the kind that makes me smile and remember why I liked Slayers so much and feeds at least one pairing love I have. XD (Hints of pairings, but nothing I'd count enough to label.)

- Slayers - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oooh, ooh, Slayers fanart that's actually really damned good! Aside from Here is Cherrywood or Eugene's site, I think this may be one of the best Slayers fanart sites I've seen. The artist does an amazing job with the bright colors without making them gaudy or tacky, her lines are fabulous, so even the b&w stuff looks like it could have come straight out of the manga. And I love something about the way the artist deals with their hair, it makes me want to run my hands through all of them, there's something about the way it looks so light and soft and maybe a little shiny and airy. And, god, some of the illustrations are just amazingly beautiful--Lina with the Ragna Blade in her hand is awesome, the details and the colors and how pretty everything looks and every image is just prettier than the last, it seems. It's like manga... only so, so much prettier and I'm totally failing at describing why the site makes me flap my hands incoherently. So instead! ♥ ♥ ♥ (Maybe some Lina/Xellos, some Lina/Gourry, mostly gen.)

- Slayers - Bevin's Fault [ English Fanart Site ] - Bevin is one of the first few sites I saw for Slayers fanart, back before I did the whole fanart thing regularily, so I still have a lot of fondness for her work. Not to mention that this site is one of the rather few English fanart sites that's still around as well. I just... I have such fondness for her Lina/Zel art, the way her heavier lines work well with the characters (Xellos with the blood on his face is probably one of my favorites) and I love the range she has (I also have a thing for her Zel in modern clothes) and I really love the way her characters' eyes look. I just... have fun with this site. ♥ (Some Lina/Zel, a lot of gen.)

- Slayers - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - If nothing else, I am absolutely, utterly charmed by the sprites on this site. They are just the cutest things in the world and I wish they were available for adoption, because I would so snatch them up. ♥ Beyond that, one of the fun things about the site is that the artist does so many different things with the characters, they all get their moments in the illustrations, they all get different concepts or outfits or cool poses. A lot of the art is cute little chibi oekaki stuff or little scribbles with wacky antics, so it may not be to everyone's tastes, but when I added up all of the stuff I thought was kinda cute on this site, it was a lot of art and I was glad to have gone. And I mentioned the CUTE SPRITES OMG, yes? XD (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Slayers - CATTAIL [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wasn't sure I was going to like this site at first, because the art is pretty, but I didn't know if the characters looked entirely like themselves. However, a few things won me over really hard with this site: The artist shows tremendous growth over time, so her latest stuff is really kind of fantastic--the one of Lina casting a spell is beautiful. The artist also has quite a lot of fanart and I'm always charmed by sites with a lot of different art. There's actually a lot of different poses/concepts/outfits, which is always fun to see. LINA/ZEL LINA/ZEL LINA/ZEL LINA/ZEL LINA/ZEL LINA/ZEL! ♥ ♥ ♥ But mostly because the artist is actually really talented, there seems to always be a ton of details in her images, so Lina's wearing a lot of accessories or her hair is beautifully drawn or Zel has these gorgeous clothes on or Lina's red hair and eyes are just beautiful to look at. I'm even squeeing over the oekaki because it's just so... Slayers somehow even when... I mean, I was totally enjoying the gazillion pretty oekaki images, but it was the one of Zelgadiss as Legolas in the background while a little normal!Zel in the foreground puts his face in his hands in that long-suffering way of his that I was totally in love. ♥ It's not just pairing fondness that makes me say that this is probably one of the best sites for the fandom that I've seen. And, okay, maybe those who really dislike the pairing might want to skip the site, but I seriously think the single-character illustrations are just so beautiful, too, that everyone who likes the series should go browse through the site. But, then, I geek out on just about all Zel fanart and about squeed myself into a puddle over the oekaki of him in an open black shirt, pushing his hair back, and casually smoking a cigarette while looking hot, so what do I know? ^_~ (Some Lina/Zel, some gen.)

- Slayers - Butterfly [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those rare sites where I really find Gourry attractive--not that he isn't attractive, more that his character design doesn't usually do that much for me. But with this site... the artist draws him with more serious expressions and, wow, Gourry's really kinda hot when he's not beaming or smiling at everything. Especially when it's a beautiful oekaki illustration of him dramatically in the middle of a fight with his hair swirling around him and gorgeous blues and yellows are used. ♥ There are also some illustrations that look strikingly like anime cel-style coloring and there's one that's just gorgeous of Gourry, a simple profile of his face that's so professional looking. And, okay, some of the Lina/Gourry illustrations are just too perfect and remind me why, yes, I do happily ship this pairing. Also! The comics on the site are terrific and the sketches (especially any time Gourry picks Lina up to carry her) also kinda bring out the romantic shipper in me. ♥ (Gourry/Lina.)

- Slayers - ios [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I could have sworn I'd been to this site before, but I couldn't find the images in my folders or the link anywhere on my list, so maybe I just skimmed previously. While the pairing isn't my favorite, I do think that it's good enough to be worth visiting beyond that. For one thing, Slayers fanart is rare and another is that pretty Xellos fanart is pretty Xellos fanart, no matter where it comes from. (Which isn't a slight against the site, because it's a very lovely one. ♥) I love that there's so much art here and while it's mostly oekaki, it's the kind that's really creative and cool, so I don't mind so much. The Xellos/Lina fanart is actually also really kinda pretty and fits well with the series, which always makes me appreciate a site more. :D (Xellos/Lina, a little Xellos/Filia, a little Gourry/Lina, a little other, a lot of gen.)

- Slayers - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I probably shouldn't rec this site, but... Xellos/Zelgadiss site! Even if there's not a whole lot of fanart here (probably no more than ten images or so), I'm fond enough of what is there and fond enough of the pairing to make an exception. Plus, honestly, a couple of the images (expecially the group one or the one of Xellos) are really quite pretty. I also had fun with the links page and there's a union, which also made the trip worthwhile. It's not a big site/union, but it was fun for me, given how much I like the pairing. XD (Xellos/Zelgadiss.)

- Slayers - Fair Wind [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS SITE FOR AGES, I LOST THE URL AND COULDN'T FIND IT FOR FOREVER, NO MATTER HOW I LOOKED. It is totally one of the best Gourry/Lina sites I've ever come across--the artist starts out a little rough/sketchy at first, but she quickly strengthens up and just nails the character designs and the wibbly romantic mood between the characters, even when they're not really doing much. The artist draws both characters so well, her lines quickly become strong and clean, her colors are nice, but it's the sense of... well, yes, romance between Lina and Gourry that still gets me. Also, um. Her mazoku!Gourry? Is really kinda hot. And, really, for all that I don't have that much to say about the site (other than to squee and want to abuse the ♥), it's probably one of the best sites for the fandom, certainly if you like the Gourry/Lina pairing even just sometimes. ♥ I may also have squee'd terribly over the sense of a fairy tale between them at times. I'm just sayin'. (Gourry/Lina.)

- Slayers - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I pretty much just intended to skim this site, collect the fanart I liked, and mark the site down for a later rec. It took about six illustrations in of super-cute chibis and then hitting this adorable one of Lina, Xellos, and Zelgadiss (my three favorite characters) to know that I was completely and utterly won over, that I started itching to write the rec even then. ♥ The artist starts out a little rough, but the sheer cuteness of the chibis or the little cat ears and the bright colors work together so, so well. Which is one of the big selling points of the site for me--sure, the chibis are cute and I have a severe weakness for them, but the colors are these bright, vibrant shades of pinks and oranges and reds and purples that remind me of the original series. The group illustrations are delightful, there's a real clean quality to the lines and the colors, bright without being gaudy, and even if there are hints of pairings, I think the site is absolutely worth checking out for the gen aspect. (Some Xellos/Lina implied, but it's mostly gen.)

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