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- Slayers Fanfiction by Stefan Gagne - One of the things I love most about the Slayers fandom is that there are a number of epic fanfictions that are just incredibly good. This site is no exception. Slayers Trilogy is one of the funniest Slayers fics I've ever read, not to mention the plot is wonderfully engrossing. The characters act like themselves, and did I mention it's funny? I'm still working my way through Demiurge, and am itching to get into Slayers Starboard.

- Slayers - Slayers Epic by Hsiu - A story is never complete without an exciting river scene. Somewhere along the way, wherever they can fit it in, Fate will place a body of water in the path of the adventurer so that he may become sprayed with its healing waters and show off his awesome sailing skills. Think about it. Think about every adventure book or movie you've come across. Sooner or later, the hero hits the obligatory river...

...And here it was, rushing through the plains a little too quickly, as if it was embarrassed to be here at all. It knew it didn't belong, that it only existed to further the story along, but when one is a river, one doesn't have much say in these matters. Lina and the others stood at its shores. The petite sorceress was staring at the waters with open disgust.

The whole story is filled with writing like this--just fun and light-hearted and amusing. While on the surface the quest is about Zelgadiss, each character gets plenty of screen time and no one is really favored over the other. Plus, the humor is fantastic in a style that entirely befits Slayers. (No real pairings.)

- Slayers - Not His Century by Harukami - [Note: Even as old as this series is, I feel I should point out that there are spoilers for the end of NEXT and the events of TRY, both in the fic and this rec.] Right from the very first sentence, I loved this fic. So much. Because Milgazia really had the WORST DAY EVER that day and Haru plays on it absolutely brilliantly here, writing a fic that has fantastic pacing (in the sense that the whole thing was funny, but it was also a smooth funny, no ups and downs with the pacing of it) and that's just... so giggle-inducing and making Milgazia so likable. Still so much love. Especially for: But nevertheless, Xelloss was there and there was something about being smiled at by the murderer of an entire clan of dragons that made him feel a little like being an ant under a magnifying glass on a sunny day. Heeheehee. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

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