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- Slayers - Powers of Heart and Soul (series) by Harukami - There is one thing I will always love this fic for--it introduced me to a concept that I hadn't previously thought of and that became very dear to me in the Slayers fandom. Namely, XellosxZelgadiss. *sparkles* This fic is one I read semi-early on in my Slayers stint, and while I may have some problems with the characterization (but, to be fair, Xellos is incredibly difficult to characterize because we only ever see his mask, we never really get to see much beyond it), it's still a very solidly written story, a wonderful read. It was the first to actually give the story a plot (and a nicely complex and intersting one at that), give the story an epic feel, and working the yaoi pairing in around that. I liked it because it wasn't a perfectly smooth ride for them, because there were problems between them, but there was a real attraction there, too. I liked it because the jokes made me laugh, because the writing was good and smoothly readable, because I actually rather liked the original characters, because I liked the way the second-string characters were handled (especially Luna!), because I liked the way the relationships between the characters were handled, and because I adore those Slayers magical quest plots. I liked it because it was really, really long and gave me a chance to sink my teeth into a fic and because it gave me this pairing that took over my brain for the longest time and made me happy. Plus, there were a few scenes that I still smile and giggle a little to think of. (Mostly the ones when Lina-tachi were forced to stay at Xellos' for awhile. XD) (XellosxZeladiss, a little bit Lina+Gourry.)

- Slayers - Chocolate by Harukami - Slayers fic! *bounces* It's so easy, sometimes, when Haru's writing FMA fic to forget that I first fell for her in the Slayers fandom, to forget that I absolutely love her Slayers writing so goddamned much. Plus, Gourry? Oh, my god, I want to hug him, like, so much. And cackle at Xellos. And stay far, far away from Lina. This was a perfect way to work in the Valentine's Day holiday without stretching believability (given the Slayers world) and that ending? GENIUS. HAHAHAHAHA, loved it. So much. XD (Not really Lina/Gourry, but.)

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