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- Slayers - Becon of Light Amidst Darkness - Fanfiction by Theria - It feels like it's been forever and a day since I read Theria's Slayers fics, but even now, I still think of them almost immediately when I think of the fic I enjoyed in the fandom. I remember being entranced by some of the creativity of the worlds, of the storylines the author had going, the way some of them still haunt me even today. She created some characters (and familial relationships between characters) that honest to god intrigued me (and I am still utterly in love with her whole Zelas/Terim thing still ♥) and stories that I still love (Slayers... um... Legacy... is the one that stayed with me particularily strongly because I was chewing the furniture when that one wasn't finished) and it wasn't just about the Lina/Zel. It was that I genuinely enjoyed just about everything, the characterizations, the plot, the epic feel to her worlds, all of it that was just so good to read. Her fics are perpetually at the top of the list of stories I want to go back, reread, and properly rec someday. (Some Lina/Zel, but a lot of gen, too.)

- Slayers - Ashvolt's Anime and Manga Page - Fanfiction by Ashvolt - Another place where I get my Lina/Zel fix. Ashvolt writes wonderful, funny, and well-written Slayers stories. As of right now, I'm itching for more Slayers Companion--it's a nice looooong fic (another one of those bordering on epic proportions) and one of my favorites.

- Slayers - Slayers Companion by Ashvolt - Ahhhh, my beloved LinaxZelgadiss. Don't get me wrong, I really love LinaxGourry and I'd be terrifically happy if they ever got together for good. I found them terribly sweet, but... there was something about Lina and Zelgadiss that was just infinitely more satisfying for me to read about. They had a different sort of chemistry and I was just wildly in love with it and Ashvolt captured that wonderfully. She wrote this gorgeous epic story (sadly, though, it's not finished and likely never will be) about Lina and Zelgadiss that entranced me. Her writing is wonderfully smooth, readable, and easy to read, her characterizations were wonderful, and the plot... oh, how I really found myself adoring the plot and what she was doing with it. I don't want to say more for fear of spoiling it, even if this rec is turning out crappy, but... go read it. It's one of those stories that, when I try to get someone into a series, if they like LinaxZelgadiss, it immediately comes to mind to send them to it. (LinaxZelgadiss.)

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