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- Slayers: Faces, Faces: After!, and Faces: Finale! by Davner - Davner's writing did something I NEVER would have thought possible. He made me like Sylphiel. I mean... Sylphiel! I didn't *dis*like her before, I just was generally quite apathetic about her. But "Slayers Faces" was written so enganginly that I couldn't help but be caught up in the story and fall in love with the idea. The story starts out with Zelgadiss splitting from the group after a small argument, to look for a cure on his own. For her own reasons, Sylphiel tags along, as well as Xellos (for his own reasons as well), and they pick up another sorceress along the way... Naga... forming a new little group. Now, this idea appealed to me right off the bat, but I'm a Zelgadiss fan. (You knew this already. Or else you REALLY haven't been paying attention.)

Along the way, Davner slowly built the growing relationships between the characters, and did it BELIEVABLY. The writing is superb, the humor utterly hysterical (I was definitely laughing out loud in MANY places), the characterizations perfect, and the storyline wonderful. The story is just so *readable* as well; once I started, I couldn't put it down, and was not exactly very patient waiting for the next parts to be posted. Definitely one of my favorite fics. And I STILL can't believe he made me like SYLPHIEL. And not just, "Oh, she's kinda neat." I LIKE her. x.x And you should, too. Sylphiel's cool. (Let's see... ZelgadissxSylphiel, XellosxFilia, possibly others.)

- Slayers - Destined Dragons [ Val/Filia fansite] - I love ValxFilia, they're so wonderful together. (I tend to like more non-canon-ish pairings with Slayers, but this one is just too nifty not to love.) I especially recommend the fan art, there are some gorgeous images in there. My favorites were Stardust Company and Ameria's. So pretty. *_* I really like the design, the color fits them and it's easy to navigate, and just pretty.

- Slayers - The Val x Filia Shrine - Speaking of Val/Filia, I had to mention this one as well. The design is pretty, they have some cool stuff (including a wonderful gallery! They have Slayers Adult 3 scans! ^_^v) and quite a lot of fanfic. A really cool shrine.

- Slayers - WHAT! The Beastmaster is THAT Woman?! by Harukami - Luna/Zelas-Metallium! I'd nearly forgotten how much I really liked this pairing and Haru just... she writes this series brilliantly, she really does. So many little things, from the way Zelas-Metallium is so... sensual, yet you can feel the power she weilds to the way Lina reacts to her to the perfect take on Xellos' role in the whole thing... just... eeeee, SO MUCH LOVE. I have such crazy, crazy love for the end, too. <3 (Background Zelas-Metallium/Luna.)

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