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- Slayers - Becon of Light Amidst Darkness - Fanfiction by Theria - It feels like it's been forever and a day since I read Theria's Slayers fics, but even now, I still think of them almost immediately when I think of the fic I enjoyed in the fandom. I remember being entranced by some of the creativity of the worlds, of the storylines the author had going, the way some of them still haunt me even today. She created some characters (and familial relationships between characters) that honest to god intrigued me (and I am still utterly in love with her whole Zelas/Terim thing still ♥) and stories that I still love (Slayers... um... Legacy... is the one that stayed with me particularily strongly because I was chewing the furniture when that one wasn't finished) and it wasn't just about the Lina/Zel. It was that I genuinely enjoyed just about everything, the characterizations, the plot, the epic feel to her worlds, all of it that was just so good to read. Her fics are perpetually at the top of the list of stories I want to go back, reread, and properly rec someday. (Some Lina/Zel, but a lot of gen, too.)

- Slayers Fanfiction by Stefan Gagne - One of the things I love most about the Slayers fandom is that there are a number of epic fanfictions that are just incredibly good. This site is no exception. Slayers Trilogy is one of the funniest Slayers fics I've ever read, not to mention the plot is wonderfully engrossing. The characters act like themselves, and did I mention it's funny? I'm still working my way through Demiurge, and am itching to get into Slayers Starboard.

- Slayers - Ashvolt's Anime and Manga Page - Fanfiction by Ashvolt - Another place where I get my Lina/Zel fix. Ashvolt writes wonderful, funny, and well-written Slayers stories. As of right now, I'm itching for more Slayers Companion--it's a nice looooong fic (another one of those bordering on epic proportions) and one of my favorites.

- Slayers - Fanfiction by Shoujo Senshi - Totally Kawaii - Shoujo Senshi's absolutely wonderful fics! Wai! I love her writing--she can do just about everything. Humor, drama, fluff, and lemon. Obviously not all are lemon (and those that are, are clearly marked), but the ones that are are among some of my very favorite lemons out there. She's really good with them. And add in that a lot of them are XellosxZelgadiss (or vice versa), and I'm a very happy camper. There aren't that many Xel/Zel writers out there, and to find one that's so good is a real treasure. She also does other series, of course, but this is the Slayers section of this page, ne? *grin*

- Slayers - Practice Makes Perfect - Truth - I wasn't even in a Slayers mood when I randomly selected a Slayers fic to read. But, as I was reading one of my favorite Slayers fic authors, I put myself in the mood a teensy bit, and I decided to give this one a shot, because I remember thinking the first part had been quite well written. Well. After speeding through the fic as fast as my little eyes would go, I was back in full-blown Slayers mood. I... just... words fail me when I try to babble about this story. It pushed all the right buttons for me.

It's a sort of cyberpunk-world fic, so obviously it's an AU, along with being yaoi. The first thing that impressed me (besides the excellent writing) is that the technology behind the fic seems quite well thought-out, and not just, "Oh, hmm, well this works for this scene, so that's what I'll use since I kinda forgot what I laid out last scene...." The characterizations were wonderful, fusing the original Slayers personalities with the way their AU selves have been affected. The other thing that impressed me was that I so totally *bought* Xellos and Zelgadiss' relationship. Don't get me wrong, I'm a *big* believer in the pairing, I honestly believe it could work, it's just that not a lot of authors get it right. (Xellos is tough to understand even as a sadistic bastard, much less with softer emotions!) *This* is one of those fics that reaffirms my belief that these two could be together. And, as a bonus for me, there was some *nice* Lina/Zelgadiss friendship stuff. I love that. The whole thing was overwhelmingly cool, and I'm just pissed that there's not more. (Not that I don't understand taking your time between chapters. Oh, yeah, I know that feeling well. ^_^;;; ) Now one of my favorite Slayers fics. (XellosxZelgadiss)

- Slayers - Because I Was Bored - Shoujo Senshi - Shoujo Senshi is one of my favorite Slayers writers because I can honestly *see* her characters; they mesh with the characters I saw on the screen. Plus, *great* lemons and she actually writes *funny* jokes! I'd been ebbing in the Slayers fandom for awhile, and since I was out of DBZ fics to read, I decided to start in on this one, 'cause I'd never gotten around to it before. I'm seriously digging it, which kinda surprises me because it's AU *and* Xellos is very different (yet, not so different....) from his canon self. But ShoSen makes a younger Xellos *work* here. And I love Zelgadiss being the aggressor in the real world and more confident of himself! It *works* in this story. My only problem? Again with the unfinished-ness of the story. Gah! She left off in a *horrible* place! I *really* wanna know what happens next. (XellosxZelgadiss/ZelgadissxXellos)

- Slayers: Faces, Faces: After!, and Faces: Finale! by Davner - Davner's writing did something I NEVER would have thought possible. He made me like Sylphiel. I mean... Sylphiel! I didn't *dis*like her before, I just was generally quite apathetic about her. But "Slayers Faces" was written so enganginly that I couldn't help but be caught up in the story and fall in love with the idea. The story starts out with Zelgadiss splitting from the group after a small argument, to look for a cure on his own. For her own reasons, Sylphiel tags along, as well as Xellos (for his own reasons as well), and they pick up another sorceress along the way... Naga... forming a new little group. Now, this idea appealed to me right off the bat, but I'm a Zelgadiss fan. (You knew this already. Or else you REALLY haven't been paying attention.)

Along the way, Davner slowly built the growing relationships between the characters, and did it BELIEVABLY. The writing is superb, the humor utterly hysterical (I was definitely laughing out loud in MANY places), the characterizations perfect, and the storyline wonderful. The story is just so *readable* as well; once I started, I couldn't put it down, and was not exactly very patient waiting for the next parts to be posted. Definitely one of my favorite fics. And I STILL can't believe he made me like SYLPHIEL. And not just, "Oh, she's kinda neat." I LIKE her. x.x And you should, too. Sylphiel's cool. (Let's see... ZelgadissxSylphiel, XellosxFilia, possibly others.)

- Slayers - Destined Dragons [ Val/Filia fansite] - I love ValxFilia, they're so wonderful together. (I tend to like more non-canon-ish pairings with Slayers, but this one is just too nifty not to love.) I especially recommend the fan art, there are some gorgeous images in there. My favorites were Stardust Company and Ameria's. So pretty. *_* I really like the design, the color fits them and it's easy to navigate, and just pretty.

- Slayers - The Val x Filia Shrine - Speaking of Val/Filia, I had to mention this one as well. The design is pretty, they have some cool stuff (including a wonderful gallery! They have Slayers Adult 3 scans! ^_^v) and quite a lot of fanfic. A really cool shrine.

- Slayers - Slayers Epic by Hsiu - A story is never complete without an exciting river scene. Somewhere along the way, wherever they can fit it in, Fate will place a body of water in the path of the adventurer so that he may become sprayed with its healing waters and show off his awesome sailing skills. Think about it. Think about every adventure book or movie you've come across. Sooner or later, the hero hits the obligatory river...

...And here it was, rushing through the plains a little too quickly, as if it was embarrassed to be here at all. It knew it didn't belong, that it only existed to further the story along, but when one is a river, one doesn't have much say in these matters. Lina and the others stood at its shores. The petite sorceress was staring at the waters with open disgust.

The whole story is filled with writing like this--just fun and light-hearted and amusing. While on the surface the quest is about Zelgadiss, each character gets plenty of screen time and no one is really favored over the other. Plus, the humor is fantastic in a style that entirely befits Slayers. (No real pairings.)

- Slayers - Powers of Heart and Soul (series) by Harukami - There is one thing I will always love this fic for--it introduced me to a concept that I hadn't previously thought of and that became very dear to me in the Slayers fandom. Namely, XellosxZelgadiss. *sparkles* This fic is one I read semi-early on in my Slayers stint, and while I may have some problems with the characterization (but, to be fair, Xellos is incredibly difficult to characterize because we only ever see his mask, we never really get to see much beyond it), it's still a very solidly written story, a wonderful read. It was the first to actually give the story a plot (and a nicely complex and intersting one at that), give the story an epic feel, and working the yaoi pairing in around that. I liked it because it wasn't a perfectly smooth ride for them, because there were problems between them, but there was a real attraction there, too. I liked it because the jokes made me laugh, because the writing was good and smoothly readable, because I actually rather liked the original characters, because I liked the way the second-string characters were handled (especially Luna!), because I liked the way the relationships between the characters were handled, and because I adore those Slayers magical quest plots. I liked it because it was really, really long and gave me a chance to sink my teeth into a fic and because it gave me this pairing that took over my brain for the longest time and made me happy. Plus, there were a few scenes that I still smile and giggle a little to think of. (Mostly the ones when Lina-tachi were forced to stay at Xellos' for awhile. XD) (XellosxZeladiss, a little bit Lina+Gourry.)

- Slayers - Slayers Companion by Ashvolt - Ahhhh, my beloved LinaxZelgadiss. Don't get me wrong, I really love LinaxGourry and I'd be terrifically happy if they ever got together for good. I found them terribly sweet, but... there was something about Lina and Zelgadiss that was just infinitely more satisfying for me to read about. They had a different sort of chemistry and I was just wildly in love with it and Ashvolt captured that wonderfully. She wrote this gorgeous epic story (sadly, though, it's not finished and likely never will be) about Lina and Zelgadiss that entranced me. Her writing is wonderfully smooth, readable, and easy to read, her characterizations were wonderful, and the plot... oh, how I really found myself adoring the plot and what she was doing with it. I don't want to say more for fear of spoiling it, even if this rec is turning out crappy, but... go read it. It's one of those stories that, when I try to get someone into a series, if they like LinaxZelgadiss, it immediately comes to mind to send them to it. (LinaxZelgadiss.)

- Slayers - An Excuse To Cry by Sunfreak - If you had told me ahead of time what the concept of this fic was, I probably would have turned right around, despite that it was a Xellos/Zelgadiss fic. But, because I've enjoyed everything of Sunfreak's that I've read in the past and it was short... well, I can be convinced to try a lot of things if they're in the 1,000-word range. What I loved about this is that it rang true for me in a lot of ways, that Zelgadiss' reactions here felt right. Rather than fangirl-fanfic-y, rather than it being all about the squee, it was a lot quieter and his conversation with Xellos was... painful in some ways, but because that rang true for me in a lot of ways, too. It wasn't schmoopy, but it wasn't horrible, either. ....god, this is a terrible rec. Just go read the fic, it's a really good, sharp, quiet take on a conversation between Xellos and Zelgadiss that I could actually believe. (Slight Xellos/Zelgadiss.)

- Slayers - Chocolate by Harukami - Slayers fic! *bounces* It's so easy, sometimes, when Haru's writing FMA fic to forget that I first fell for her in the Slayers fandom, to forget that I absolutely love her Slayers writing so goddamned much. Plus, Gourry? Oh, my god, I want to hug him, like, so much. And cackle at Xellos. And stay far, far away from Lina. This was a perfect way to work in the Valentine's Day holiday without stretching believability (given the Slayers world) and that ending? GENIUS. HAHAHAHAHA, loved it. So much. XD (Not really Lina/Gourry, but.)

- Slayers - Not His Century by Harukami - [Note: Even as old as this series is, I feel I should point out that there are spoilers for the end of NEXT and the events of TRY, both in the fic and this rec.] Right from the very first sentence, I loved this fic. So much. Because Milgazia really had the WORST DAY EVER that day and Haru plays on it absolutely brilliantly here, writing a fic that has fantastic pacing (in the sense that the whole thing was funny, but it was also a smooth funny, no ups and downs with the pacing of it) and that's just... so giggle-inducing and making Milgazia so likable. Still so much love. Especially for: But nevertheless, Xelloss was there and there was something about being smiled at by the murderer of an entire clan of dragons that made him feel a little like being an ant under a magnifying glass on a sunny day. Heeheehee. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Slayers - WHAT! The Beastmaster is THAT Woman?! by Harukami - Luna/Zelas-Metallium! I'd nearly forgotten how much I really liked this pairing and Haru just... she writes this series brilliantly, she really does. So many little things, from the way Zelas-Metallium is so... sensual, yet you can feel the power she weilds to the way Lina reacts to her to the perfect take on Xellos' role in the whole thing... just... eeeee, SO MUCH LOVE. I have such crazy, crazy love for the end, too. <3 (Background Zelas-Metallium/Luna.)

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