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- Soul Eater - Ruhe [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The art on this site isn't always perfect and probably isn't going to be for everyone, but there's something about it that I really liked. Whether the surprising amount of detail put into their hair and clothes or the softened and light, airy colors, I'm not sure, but... I was charmed by the way the characters looked and how cute the illustrations got over the course of the site. Plus, the artist draws super adorable Soul/Maka and I'm slowly being won over to those two as a pairing. There's a fair amount of illustrations to be found on the site and it was good for a quick stop this afternoon, I was pleased. (Some Soul/Maka, some gen.)

- Soul Eater - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It only took me a handful of pages to know that I was going to really like this site--the art is really cute and I think the artist has drawn nearly every notable character in the whole series? And there's some really, really cute Soul/Maka art! All things I've been wanting to see. ♥ The artist uses a lot of lighter colors and it makes everything look really cute, which fits with the manga art style, I thought. Her drawings are really solid, especially her more recently stuff looks really good and the Soul/Maka illustrations are delightful--the kissing ones are wonderful, but I think maybe I love the one of them in their outfits in Soul's soul even more. *__* Not everything on the site is perfect, but there's a decent amount of art and a lot of it really appealed to me, so it was a very solid, entertaining site. *__* (Some Soul/Maka, some gen.)

- Soul Eater - Beroro [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was actually originally looking in the Stein/Spirit section of the SoulEater search engine... and somehow this led me to surifing around to Soul/Maka websites. I'm not complaining, because they're just as much an OTP for me and there's occasionally some really cute art for them. This site isn't necessarily going to be for everyone, the art is very light and leans towards cute more than anything, but I thought it fit well for two characters who are still pretty young. The light colors work well with the two of them and when the artist really focuses on making a good image, she totally does. The one where Maka is leaping into Soul's arms, while her coat trails behind her, dissolving into stars? That's the kind of thing I am totally weak to! ♥ Though, my favorites were any time Maka was putting her arm around Soul and the tone was a little darker, but still so... them. I wound up really loving this site. *__* (Soul/Maka.)

- Soul Eater - CLASS6 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know, I actually wrote down the link for this site a few days ago and since then it's already been updated with a handful more illustrations, so it might be worth keeping an eye on, even if there's not a whole lot of art on the site just yet. But what I really liked about this site is the Soul/Maka art, the clean style of the artist is really nice, her b&w line art illustrations show that she's got a really solid and clean style, and her coloring is that anime cel-style that I like a lot. But it's the one of Soul and Maka kissing that won me over the most. Though, the semi-current one of naked!Tsubaki? Yeah, that was really nice, too. ♥ (Some Soul/Maka, some gen.)

- Soul Eater - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So you know how I'm kind of a sucker for Stein/Spirit art? Yeah, well. At least I try to own my preferences. ^_~ But I do think this site is really cute and it's got some really kind of adorable art of Stein and Spirit from when they were younger, especially the one where Stein looks SO THRILLED REALLY to have Spirit glomping onto him to keep an eye on him. The site isn't going to be for everyone and I'm probably affected by how small the fandom is, so I'm easy to please, but. Once the artist settles into her style, she does some really cool little semi-stylized art and her chibis (on the first log page) are kind of great. I really liked this site rather genuinely. :Db (Some Stein/Spirit, maybe a little Soul/Maka, some gen as well.)

- Soul Eater - Virtual Reality [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I went back and forth on this site a lot, because some of the illustrations really started to get me interested, but other times it just wasn't my kind of style. The art is very CG-style and a little stylized in its own way. Which isn't bad, just that it wasn't quite hitting me personally. But you know what I'm weak to? Soul/Maka art that's really super-cute at times or is of them lounging around and kissing or Soul picking Maka up to carry her or Maka kissing his cheek. It's a bit on the simple side, but the colors are nice, the style kind of suits the series, and the content made me go ".... ♥" a lot. That's all I need from a site. ♥ (Some Soul/Maka, some gen.)

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