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- Soul Eater - 666 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Yesssss, I knew Japan wouldn't let me down! I have been pining and wishing that I wasn't the only one who wanted to kind of seriously ship Frankenstein/DeathScythe maybe a whole lot, but the English fandom is so small and then I found the Soul Eater search engine and I was immediately attracted to this site. The only downside is that there's not much art here yet, mostly just a small handful of comic pages, but they're colored and they're gorgeous and I so completely want more. The level of detail and total smoking hotness of the characters may have spoiled me a little for the rest of the fandom, but I don't care. This is exactly what I needed. ♥♥♥ (Frankenstein/DeathScythe.)

- Soul Eater - zero [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, there are only like ten illustrations on the site so far, but the fandom is still really small (at the time I'm writing this rec at least?) so I'm willing to go with smaller sites, but also... the art on this site is really solid, it's very clean and professional looking. And, well, okay. I knew I was going to cave on this site when I stumbled across Mifune art. I don't think I'd seen a single illustration of him until then! The artist covers most of the regular cast members and there are a couple of Franken/DeathScythe illustrations and th-that may have made me happy, too. *__* One of the stronger Soul Eater sites out there, though. Plus! There's only one Amatsuki illustration for now (hence why I couldn't recommend it yet) but it, too, is lovely. ♥ (Maybe some Franken/DeathScythe? I would have thought it a gen site if not for the info page?)

- Soul Eater - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know, I hit on this site almost entirely by accident, I was looking for some other stuff (possibly REBORN! or something) and went, oh, hey, there's some Soul Eater art here, I'll just take a quick look~~ And I was kind of surprised by how much I really quite liked this site, despite that there's not really a lot of art here. Some of the art is very rough or sketchy, but occasionally the artist just does a beautiful job--there are a couple of great Franken/DeathScythe illustrations, an adorable one of Patty, some really cute Chrona illustrations and just... it was a fun, cool little site! I'm really glad to have found it! ♥ (Some Franken/DeathScythe, maybe a little other, some gen.)

- Soul Eater - NOx [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - missdeep pointed this link out after I'd started doing some Soul Eater recs and I really liked it a lot--there's not a lot here, only four illustrations in the main gallery (at the time of this rec), but they're really solid, cleanly colored pieces that look very good. Plus, you can find a bit more art in the blog for a bunch more sketches and little mini-illustrations that look almost as good as the fully realized stuff. It helps that the artist seems to like both Stein and DeathScythe (she definitely does a very nice DeathScythe, though I have to admit a preference for her Stein, who looks fantastic) and... I'm not sure, if they're pairing illustrations or meant to be totally gen? Either way. *__* (Maybe Stein/DeathScythe, maybe totally gen. Lots of gen, too, either way.)

- Soul Eater - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another one that I wandered over towards during my search for Stein/Spirit art (though, this site actually has a little) but wound up staying for other reasons. There's not a lot of art here and it's fairly simple, but it's... not precisely canon art, but it's really, really recognizable as the characters, there's something really kinda cool about that. Plus, there's an illustration of Mifune holding Angela-chan and I already knew I wanted to rec the site, but that just totally put me over the top. THEY ARE SO ADORABLE I CAN HARDLY STAND IT. ♥ There's also a little more cute art in the oekaki section as well, making it a decently satisfying site. (A little Stein/Spirit, a lot of gen.)

- Soul Eater - SSS [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - At this point, I'm pretty much just going through every link in the Stein/DeathScythe catagory at the Soul Eater search engine, regardless of whether or not the link intrigued me, and sometimes that totally pays off, because I get a delightfully fun site like this. It might not be for everyone, the art is rather sketchy, but I think that works for the artist, it just makes it cuter! Her little chibi Stein illustration or her little chibi doggy Spirit clinging with a death grip to Stein's leg are probably the highlights of the site, but! The artist also draws a lot of the rest of the cast--there's a really cool Blair illustration and a Medusa one that I liked a lot, a bunch of Chrona images that are nicely done, and so forth. Her Maka is super cute as well. ♥ So, there's not a ton of art here, but it's a good selection and it's light, cute fun, that's all I ask of Soul Eater right now. (A smidge of Stein/Spirit, but it's mostly a gen site, I'd say.)

- Soul Eater - ZERO-COUNT [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - With this site, I think I was influenced by two things. The first being that, well, I like the Stein/Spirit pairing a lot, so of course I'm going to gravitate towards any site with art for them. The second is that the top illustration at the time I visited the site kind of struck me, it was the style that I associate with more old-school art, the more pink-ish colors for skin tones, the heavy sketch-like lines around the edges, and it was... kind of nostalgic. Going through the rest of the gallery, it's a solid little site with some intriguing art and the artist keeps getting better at her drawings--plus, it has one of a younger Spirit and Stein, then one of Justin that I was delighted to see, one of Stein backing Spirit up against a wall to kiss the back of his hand in a kind of creepy way (as it should be XD) and even some actual makeouts! So, I wound up really being fond of this site, even if I don't know that it'll work the same for everyone. (Stein/Spirit, a little bit of gen.)

- Soul Eater - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So you know how I'm kind of a sucker for Stein/Spirit art? Yeah, well. At least I try to own my preferences. ^_~ But I do think this site is really cute and it's got some really kind of adorable art of Stein and Spirit from when they were younger, especially the one where Stein looks SO THRILLED REALLY to have Spirit glomping onto him to keep an eye on him. The site isn't going to be for everyone and I'm probably affected by how small the fandom is, so I'm easy to please, but. Once the artist settles into her style, she does some really cool little semi-stylized art and her chibis (on the first log page) are kind of great. I really liked this site rather genuinely. :Db (Some Stein/Spirit, maybe a little Soul/Maka, some gen as well.)

- Soul Eater - NOx [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, this is actually a re-rec, despite that I recommended it previously not all that long ago, but. A lot of new art has been added since then and, holy shit, is some of it gorgeous. The most current comics, with Stein being all crazy at Spirit are really, really hot, the shading and lineart on them are gorgeous. Her Stein is especially smoking hot and there's this quick little comic of him against Medusa and wow that's really hot, too. And and and! Younger Stein all dressed in white in a dull gray room, the only real color are splashes of blood and his pale eyes and asd;lfkjasljk yes plz. The artist has always been good, but I wanted to do a re-rec to point out that she got a lot better in the last month or so, to the point where she's totally hitting my buttons beautifully now. ♥ (Some Stein/Spirit, some gen.)

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