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Soul Eater: What Friendship Allows by Eumenides - I have been pining for Stein/DeathScythe fic because they totally jumped out at me from the manga as soon as they had their first scene together. And the English fandom is so small right now (though, getting bigger as the anime gets more attention? certainly, that's how I found out about it, in a roundabout way--since the anime is bringing in a lot of new j-fanartists, I got curious and went to look up the manga <3) that I didn't think I'd find one. But then here this was! And the author does a good job of keeping Stein's teetering back and forth between romantic interest in DeathScythe and creepy scientist interest in him, a sort of blending of the two. XD (Frankenstein/DeathScythe.)

Soul Eater: The only constant I am sure of is this accelerating rate of change. by stitchedophelia - I stumbled over this fic while going through the 31_days comm and followed this author back to her journal, curious about any Soul Eater fic, especially if it was Stein/Spirit. And this is an interesting little take on them set somewhere in the past, just as they're disolving their partnership and Spirit goes to work with Maka's mother, what I really liked about it was the way Stein especially was written. There's something almost entirely cold about him, but that's not precisely it. Something... distant, though that's not quite right, either. I really liked it and his reactions to Spirit's announcement, the whole piece had a really interesting feel to it. (Stein/DeathScythe.)

Soul Eater: Smoke Skulls by Redmage2 - This is a short little fic, a sort of stealth crossover (that reads all right without knowing the other series, I'd say), but it's a nice quiet moment with Stein and Spirit, while Stein blows, uh, interesting smoke rings. I like that it's sort of uneventful, despite how crazy both the characters are, it's kind of easy to see this from both of them. And I'd totally buy that of Stein. XD (This is gen, but if you like Stein/Spirit, you might enjoy this.)

Soul Eater: Resignation by Nanaki BH - I've been waiting forever to read more Stein/Spirit fic. As much as I love Soul Eater for the canon, I get enough of canon out of the canon. (....shut up. XD) Well, mostly anyway. So what I really wanted was Stein/Spirit that was rough around the edges, not entirely something nice, something with a little anger and something darker in it, and this fic gave me that rather nicely. Stein's not really a nice person, even when he obviously cares about Spirit, the scientist part of him not entirely quiet when he wonders about certain things or misses the sight of Spirit's blood. Plus, omg, porn for the two of them! I was beginning to think fandom would hold out on me forever. And it was very nice porn at that. ♥ (Stein/Spirit, NC-17.)

Soul Eater: untitled? by julitina - Ooh, more fic where Stein is clearly going off the deep end and this is one of the better ones I've read in that vein, because Stein is seriously fucked up and creepy and not nice (while still being within in the limits of what I could see fitting with a series like Soul Eater), the insanity creeping up on him more and more, yet never losing how dangerous and sharp he is. I loved how Stein was such a forceful personality here, even as he's doing nothing but smiling at Spirit, I love that there's a moment when Stein has respect for their long history together, gives Spirit that one moment to back away, because yes that's the Stein I know. Insanity encroaches, but he still has moments of being sane and caring about those around him. Even if he is spectacularly messed up. Also, the last couple of paragraphs were really kind of hot. (Stein/Spirit, mild R rating.)

Soul Eater: Ten out of nine times. by stitchedophelia - ..... ;____; I know that Spirit and Maka's relationship is often bittersweet or played for laughs and I understand why it turned out the way it did, but this fic didn't even need five hundred words to totally break my heart. It's not even super-angsty, it just shows Spirit's side of things and does a beautiful job of showing Maka's coldness towards him that's all the more powerful because it's not over the top. It's just how things are between them. It's sad, but it's beautifully written, one of my favorites in the fandom already. (No warnings/pairings.)

Soul Eater: BLACK*STAR'S EPIC ADVENTURES IN SHIBUSEN! by Mina - a;lxdkjfal;skj I don't even know how to describe the greatness of this. I don't even know how to begin. Black*Star's epic (sexual) adventures in Shibusen is pretty much all you can say about it, except to also add in: LOL LOL LOL FOREVER LOL. Seriously, Mina's ability to do comedic writing that is truly shrieking laughter inducing is a precious and rare gift. Thank god she uses it for good instead of evil. The last scene of this is especially just. It's brilliant and truly captures Black*Star and everyone else at Shibusen. Beautiful. (Black*Star/EVERYONE.)

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