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- Spirited Away - Strange Girl by sunfreak - Ever since I saw the movie, I've been wanting to read some Spirited Away fic, but I never quite dared touch the fandom too much because I wasn't sure what could be said about it that wasn't either too short a character introspection piece or would need to be a long, epic fic. This story, however, was just the right pace and is a lovely gentle little futurefic. I like the anonymous narrative voice for the story, the way it's used to note all these little details about the characters, the way they're so strange and yet it's not a bad sort of strange, it's... warm. Much like the movie itself. (Haku/Chihiro.)

- Spirited Away - A Heart that Cannot Understand by Aishuu - I've been slowly starting to poke at the Spirited Away fandom and then I saw that Aishuu had written Haku and Chihiro fic, so I had to pounce on it, of course. I really like the... it's not quite a harsh edge to Haku's thoughts here, but it's a little bit harder than I might have suspected and it works well for the character, because he's not human, yet Chihiro, who is so very human, makes him remember and feel things that he'd rather forgotten. The way he looks at her is lovely in this fic, the way he views so many of the events of the movie, it's a wonderful little fic. ♥ (Haku/Chihiro.)

- Spirited Away - 82% by Kristin O. - Oh, oh, oh! I love this fic, so very much. The writing is lovely and just sails so smoothly along, the kind where it's set aside how distracted I can get with fic and I get completely wrapped up in the fic until it's done. The characterization is also just as lovely as the writing, Chihiro is still her kind, sweet self and the way she makes connections between biology, the water in the human body, and the experiences she's had is just lovely, too. And, oh, the ending, the way it's so perfectly Chihiro, the way Haku is so perfectly Haku, the way their relationship is so subtle yet so sweet and you don't have to be hit over the head with it, it just sort of happened, all of it was fabulous. (Haku/Chihiro.)

- Spirited Away - The Myth of Dragons by athousandwinds - There is something about this fic that fits so well with the film. Something about the little details of it, the images used, the flashes and bits of Chihiro's life that we see after the movie. The way it's a story half about Chihiro's dreams, half about her waking life, something about this works and lets me picture it just like the film. I can't say what exactly it is about this one, though. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Spirited Away - The Sea Calls Me by seraphitus - I've read a bit of Spirited Away fic, but I don't think any of them have come close to making me feel what this fic made me feel. There is a quality here, the imagery and something almost tugging at Chihiro and the way it all winds together, the way the author writes it that is like I can feel it, like it's creepy as hell, except that's not quite right, because it's Spirited Away. It's just. It's so. Miyazaki captured in text form. This is an amazing piece, it's perfect in every way, like it's a little slice of the movie come alive again. I cannot flail hard enough over it or the incredible subtlty. Just. Wow. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Spirited Away/Okami - Wolf Heaven Bath by canis_m - Oh, this was a breathtakingly beautiful fic, two worlds that fit together so wonderfully and with such gorgeous writing that it makes me ache a little. The way Haku sees Amaterasu as she runs by, the language the author used to describe her, even the lush, gorgeous scenery described around the characters (at the Sparrow Inn! Omg, so cute!), the way the imagery and tones of each series blend so seamlessly here is amazing. There are even little details that are fabulous--like the "suddenly nightfall" bit, eeeee!--and weave together an anime with a video game and it's just... perfect. ♥ (Some Haku/Chihiro, but it's not entirely the point.)

- Spirited Away - Hand of Sorrow by Aishuu - This is a lovely little piece set post-movie, after Chihiro has forgotten her time in the other world, even if her spirit vaguely remembers some of the things there that made her a stronger person, set from Haku's point of view. Haku, who does remember and watches over her in what few little ways he can, in a really pretty, bittersweet narrative. It's just a small moment in time, but it has several lovely insights into the characters making it a very nice read. (Some implications of Haku/Chihiro if you want to see them that way.)

Spirited Away: rainfall by shiegra - I always mean to read more Spirited Away fic than I do and I'm not sure why I don't, because there are some lovely pieces out there. This fic reminds me of that, how beautiful post-movie fic can be, especially when the author has a delicate hand with the imagery. The use of rainfall here, of the way their hands touch, the way Chihiro finds her memories again, nothing is lingered on, and it makes it all the prettier for it. A really lovely piece. ♥ (Haku/Chihiro.)

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