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Star Trek XI: The Language of His Body by calicokat - [Note: Just assume there are spoilers in the fic and the rec.] I was not particularly fond of the way the Spock/Uhura relationship was handled in the movie, but fic is fic and I'm trying to use it to smooth over my feelings about the way they were handled. This felt very true to the characters that were presented in the movie, all too easy to see them just like this, Uhura's serious but caring nature, Spock's emotions that are clearly roiling just underneath the surface. The sex was very nicely described, it's not easy to find het porn that works this well for me, but it was very pretty here. <3 (Spock/Uhura, NC-17.)

Star Trek XI: We Learn Each Other Slowly by raphaela667 - [Note: Just go ahead and assume there are spoilers in this fic and this rec.] Oh, christ, you guys. I don't even ship Kirk/Spock, so why the hell am I reading fic for them? Except this fic kind of has an awesome Kirk voice and I can really see this movie's characterization in them and it has this sort of... it's almost that they're forced into this relationship because it's what they were destined for, except it's not really that, they genuinely care about each other and you can see the foundation of why the relationship works, woven together with their new characterizations and just. Ugh. I love this Kirk so much it's ridiculous. He's this brash young guy who isn't always sure what he's doing, but he's really trying for the first time, both as a captain and in a relationship and just. I love that their relationship isn't smooth, that there are going to be all these bumps and potholes along the road. This fic... I could actually see their (romantic) relationship this way, which was kind of a huge step for me. (Kirk/Spock, implied Spock/Uhura, somewhere between PG13 and R for one scene.)

Star Trek XI: Necessity by iulia_linnea - [Note: Just go ahead and assume there are spoilers in this fic and this rec.] What caught my attention this fic was something I'd half-thought of as well, that Vulcans are going to need to start repopulating and, even if he's only half-Vulcan, Spock is an important part of what they have left. I liked the voices in this fic, XI!Spock is especially easy to hear/picture in this piece and I like the way he struggles with the emotions welling up and yet still keeps a lid on them, the way he is stubborn in his own way, and how his relationship with Uhura is played out here. It was a nice fic to read this morning. (Spock/Uhura implied.)

Star Trek XI: A Question to the Universe by SlytherinTears - [Note: Just go ahead and assume there are spoilers in this fic and this rec.] ....okay, you guys shut up. It's just. Chapel was one of my favorite characters as a kid and part of the fun of a new AU movie like this is seeing how fans are going to put her into the series, the different takes on her. This is just a prologue and it's a little ship-heavy for my tastes just yet, but I kind of adore this take on her character already and there's a lot of potential here. It stands alone as a little possible beginning for her character onboard the Enterprise and I enjoyed it for what it was. (Implications of Spock/Uhura and maybe Kirk/Uhura, likely future Spock/Chapel.)

Star Trek XI: Illogical by Amused Death - [Note: Just go ahead and assume there are spoilers in this fic and this rec.] asd;lkjasl oh god this was kind of beautiful. I wasn't sure what I was going to get with this short fic, but it had a solid Spock narration and I could see a bit of my Uhura in this version of her and it was a fun little fic. And then. The second half of the fic. Just. Yes, of course, that's what Spock would think and how he would react and just. FOREVER LOL, okay. (Spock/Uhura.)

Star Trek XI: Domains by notexotic - [Note: Just go ahead and assume there are spoilers in this fic and this rec.] One of the things that was most interesting for me about the movie was the potential for new Vulcan/Romulan interaction, which this fic starts to play with in a really intriguing way. The Federation - Romulan Star Empire interaction is going to be super interesting from now on, both for all the new revelations and connections already made and for the future ones, knowing what they do about what's coming. I really liked this portrayal of the Romulans, so harsh and distant but not quite the same as before, and I really loved Spock's reactions. The emotions just under the surface and everything not said, the way his relationship with Uhura played nicely into that, I could see it really well here. (Half gen, half Spock/Uhura.)

Star Trek XI: House Rules by taraljc - [Note: Just go ahead and assume there are spoilers in the fic and this rec.] You know, I wouldn't have thought Gaila (the Orion girl who was Uhura's roommate in the movie) would have gotten much fic, but this short thing was very cute and fun. It's the charming back and forth rules set up by two roommates, showing little bits of both Gaila and Uhura's personalities in the movie and just being. Well, fun. XD (No real warnings/pairings, aside from brief Gaila/Kirk.)

Star Trek XI: Bragging Rights by imadra_blue - [Note: Just go ahead and assume there are spoilers in the fic and this rec.] One of the things that attracted me to this fic is that I have a long-standing fondness for interaction between the three characters of Uhura, Sulu, and Chekov (which the TOS novels gave me) and so I was curious to see how Sulu and Uhura would play off each other here. It's very cute and it fits well with the movie, but I think what I like the most about the fic is the blend of cultures that makes up Sulu's character here, the little bits from different Earth cultures, the other alien races that might have gone into him, all centered around him playing with the balance of his sword. Very nice. (This is mostly gen, but Spock/Uhura implied.)

Star Trek XI: Bedside Manner by damalur - [Note: Just go ahead and assume there are spoilers in the fic and this rec.] Yet another pairing that I never shipped in TOS, but could come around on with the movie and I'd read the author's previous McCoy fic and loved her voice for him and then thought about whether or not I could read this fic and decided, well. There probably wasn't going to be a better author to give it a shot on. And I'm really glad I did because asdlkfja;slkdjlskj this was all kinds of brilliant and perfection. The banter, the kind that is so important to their dynamic, is beautifully done here, all the way through, and I love the way their relationshp progresses from one point to the next, it worked for me. This fic really does have a great Bones voice and alsdjkfaslk;j now I want more, christ. (Spock/McCoy, somewhere around an R rating.)

Star Trek XI: unlikely friends by shinealightonme - [Note: Just go ahead and assume there are spoilers in the fic and this rec.] As I've mentioned a bunch of times, I have a great fondness for the trio of Sulu/Chekov/Uhuru that the old TOS novels gave me in my fannish formative years and thus I have a difficult time adjusting to their movie dynamics. I really liked this fic because it accomplished two things for me--being adorable as all get out, being genuinely funny. And then helping to bridge my feelings on TOS with the new characterizations for these characters, since this fit with the movie really well. I'm slightly more mollified now. ♥ (Background Spock/Uhura, but it's not really the point.)

Star Trek XI: Five Times James T. Kirk Didn't Get Married (And One Time He Did) by raphaela667 - [Note: Just go ahead and assume there are spoilers for the movie in the fic and this rec.] Wow, I could not put this fic down the entire time I was reading it. I was intrigued by the title, because I'm turning into a total Kirk fangirl (well, I say that like I wasn't already there a long time ago) and I wanted to see how various almost marriages of his played out. Which was entertaining in this fic, the various times he nearly got sucked into marrying someone and how it's just how Jim Kirk's life goes and it was kind of hilarious... until it got to the final one and the author really brought home how much depth there is to Kirk's character that you might not see right away. He's messy and all over the place and has his issues and is a stand up guy and brilliant and just... yes. This was so much of what James Kirk should be, all wrapped up in some gorgeous writing. (Kirk/OFC, Kirk/Gaila, Kirk/McCoy, and mostly Kirk/Spock.)

Star Trek XI: Second Impressions by Jain - [Note: Just go ahead and assume there are spoilers in the fic and this rec.] Holy crap, I could not put this fic down. It's two things that kept me utterly entrhalled with this fic, both of which are something I'd been craving, but not sure I was ever going to get from the fandom, not as beautifully done as this. The first is that Kirk/Uhura imprinted on me when I was just a wee fanlet and I couldn't help it carrying over into the new movie. I can't say that I actively ship them, but I found that they had fascinating chemistry. This fic does an amazing job of their relationship in the movie, how Kirk comes off as one sort of person and it's understandable why he does, but there's actually a hell of an intellect and a stand up guy underneath all that. The progression of Uhura's feelings and the dynamics between all the players here (Kirk, Spock, Uhura, McCoy) is amazing. Which leads me to the second thing that was amazing about this fic--the writing was stellar. The voices are pitch-perfect for each character and the conversations they have with each other were brilliant. The dissolving of one relationship and blossoming of another, all while these people are so very human (or not, in Spock's case) was amazing. I cannot pick a favorite point of view for any of them, each of them was brilliant. Though, perhaps, I was left with the impression of Spock's voice being a truly amazing thing because it was the final one and just. Wow. Brilliant all the way around. I cannot tell you what a satisfying read this was. (Kirk/Uhura, Spock/Uhura, Spock/McCoy, definitely NSFW.)

Star Trek XI: The Cheat by mrstater - [Note: Just go ahead and assume there are spoilers in the fic and this rec.] I like the idea of Spock/Uhura, as complicated as my feelings about them are, but so little fic has really felt right to me. This one, however, really does an amazing job of capturing their characters, especially Spock and his struggle to be half-human and half-Vulcan after the events of the movie. This fic felt like it really got that, as he attends the memorial for the Starfleet officers that were lost in the battle against Nero, it didn't try to swing him too hard either way, but instead went for something more subtle and powerful. I adored the use of his relationship with Uhura and how that catalyzes and understanding with him and... as;dlkfj I'm being vague, but. This fic was really good and reminded me of why I am intrigued by this world and them. (Spock/Uhura.)

Star Trek XI: An Illogical Truth Universally Acknowledged by naughtysnail - [Note: Just go ahead and assume there are spoilers in this fic and this rec.] I'm not sure what made me decide to read this one, other than I'm always curious to find Spock/Uhura that works for me and something about this one... I mean, normally I'm not that much for dirty talk in fic, it doesn't work that well for me most times, but this one was kind of great about it. Uhura explaining about it and Spock not really getting why it turns people on... until he does get it. Add in some really nicely done porn and it's a great little fic. (Spock/Uhura, NC-17.)

Star Trek XI: Fever by penknife - [Note: Just go ahead and assume there are spoilers in this fic and this rec.] This is a little bit darker of a take on Sarek and Amanda that I'm used to or would have sought out deliberately, but I'm glad I read this one, because it's a really intriguing look at a bit of the darker side of pon farr and how it affects Vulcans and how Amanda deals with it. The writing is really lovely and I enjoyed it a lot. (Sarek/Amanda, NC-17.)

Star Trek XI: Soup on the Wall by saavikam77 - [Note: Just go ahead and assume there are spoilers in this fic and this rec.] OMFG YES. Spock/Chapel fic! Spock/Chapel porn fic! Spock/Chapel porn fic that's blending TOS and XI! I love the way this was written, both for the pretty use of language, but the way it wove together the original series and Spock Prime in the new timeline, the way certain memories or thoughts are still with him even in this new universe. I love what (didn't) happened back then and the look into Spock's thoughts on the whole thing and just. a sd;lfjkasl;jk yesss, this is what I wanted. (Spock/Chapel, NC-17.)

Star Trek XI: Stress Relief by jain - [Note: Just go ahead and assume there are spoilers for the movie in the fic and this rec.] I'm sort of on the fence about Kirk/Uhura in the new movieverse, but I still have a lingering fondness for the idea based on TOS, so I decided to give this one a shot. It did a couple of things for me that I really liked--it showed that Kirk actually does have a depth that too few people notice, that it's a nice, quiet scene between him and Uhura that's not about sex, but about human connection, which is what I really wanted. She's nervous about an upcoming performance review and it fit well with the movie characters and didn't try too hard, which won me over all the more. (This is fairly gen, but if you like Kirk/Uhura, you should like this.)

Star Trek XI: Matched Set by Jain - [Note: Just go ahead and assume there are spoilers for the movie in the fic and this rec.] I picked this fic up because it was Kirk/Uhura and, hey, porn! I like porn! Especially the still-too-rare het porn! I kept reading through the crossdressing bit because, while it's not my kink, the author has a really solid style. And then she delivered on the porn in a big way. What I really loved about this fic, though, was the way that it was almost sort of routine, I love the idea that all crew members were issued both pants and skirts, that it wasn't that out of the ordinary. That's what really made this fic stellar for me, the approach to Kirk in a skirt (in exchange for Uhura going commando). Though, the characterization was fantastic, I love that they both felt right in line with their movie selves, the way it was kinkfic but actually IC and not over the top. And, my, that was some very, very nicely written sex. (Kirk/Uhura, NC-17.)

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