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No New Thing by Lisse, rey & anakin, 1.3k
    Rey dreams of a dead man. No, not that one.
    I loved this piece so much, it's a beautiful look at Rey's character after the main events of the movie, just before finding Luke, and how so many things are different for her now, as well as it's a piece about old ghosts that are newly haunting her. The tiny moments all strung together here paint a picture of something that's all connected and yet... Rey is still finding her way and, oh, it's just a really good piece.

we are here and it is now by victoria_p (musesfool), rey & anakin & luke, 3.5k
    "So either you're not here or you're not living," she says. "I'm definitely here," he replies, and there's amusement in his voice.
    I will read all the fics about Anakin's Force Ghost visiting Rey that the fandom will give me. Especially if it has Anakin and Rey bonding a bit over fixing mechanical things! But it's also a beautiful look at where each of them are, how much more settled but sad Anakin is, even as he's making peace, at how Rey is finding her way and she has this great solidity to her even when she's unsure of things. It's a lovely look at all the little things that have gotten all three of them to where they are, their histories and what that means to each of them. And absolutely great read.

lights will guide you home by Flora_Obsidian, rey & anakin + cast, 6.6k wip
    She suspects that if she ever found someone she trusted enough to say, "I was raised by the ghost of my dead grandfather on a desert planet so remote that its total population capped out at ten thousand and he taught me how to use the Force," she would need to actually stop and analyze how strange it sounds.
    Chapter 1: I am absolutely weak to fics where Anakin interacts with Rey and so of course I picked this one up and I kind of fell in love with bb!Rey who's accidentally abandoned on the planet she was sent to for safety and ghost!Anakin is the only one who knows she's there, so he has to help her in any way he can, which is telling her stories and helping her with the farm's machinery and just being there so she's not entirely alone. It's a lovely look at the strength of Rey's character and why family means so much to her while still getting at how lonely she is--so many wonderful little touches with teaching her about mechanical things and so many times where I hurt for Anakin as well, who can't actually touch his granddaughter and tries to reassure that she's very much loved and, oh, I definitely want the next part of this fic, where Rey finally meets up with the rest of the Skywalkers again!

learn to live with what you can't rise above by victoria_p (musesfool), anakin & leia, 1.9k
    Leia doesn't have time for the ghost of her dead father, except when she does.
    This is a lovely look at Leia's feelings towards Anakin after his death and how he acts around her, she who is so different from Luke. I love how much anger there is in her, how she looks like Padme but is so much more her father's daughter in temperament, even as she is very firmly Bail Organa's daughter. It's complicated and Anakin doesn't expect forgiveness but loves his daughter dearly anyway and Luke doesn't push too hard and Leia is just a riot of different, tangled feelings about all of this and I loved every one of the thorns that came up because of it. I want all the Anakin & Leia fic!

Circle into Motion by victoria_p (musesfool), rey & luke & leia & ahsoka & cast, 5.2k
    "A Jedi doesn't dwell on the past or fret about the future. A Jedi is present in the moment, in each moment, as it happens. But there's nothing wrong with occasionally reminding ourselves where we come from, and keeping our eyes open to where we're going."
    Oh, I loved this fic a lot, it's such a wonderful look at Rey's character and how she fits into this universe, the legacy that she's carrying forward but still being her own person, while balancing it with the huge living legends of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa and the looming ghost of Anakin Skywalker, as well as fitting Ahsoka Tano beautifully into everything. That the fic doesn't forget the heavy things these characters have all suffered through but still focuses on the good, on the things that can be joyful in their lives, is fantastic, that Rey is so full of hope here, even after all she's been through, as well as that the people around her have their good moments, too. Ahsoka was worked perfectly into the story, such a natural fit and I would give so very much for those scenes of her helping with Rey's training, but mostly it's the conversation where all the main cast members are sitting around a table and just reminiscing that really and truly was the heart of this fic, as it was intended to be. It was perfect, the touching on what they've lost but still hope for the future, that they can still smile sometimes and mean it. Just. Oh, my heart.

After All by Luthe, obi-wan & anakin & padme & luke & leia, 3.9k
    It always comes back to the Skywalkers.
    This is a collection of various scenes across this selection of characters, little moments in canon or character pieces that are about reflecting on the characters. I enjoy stories like this, it gets at several points in the canon and focuses on a bunch of characters I love and gives that sense of how there's a much bigger tapestry to this canon than just the handful of characters that are actually here, there are so many connections and stories being told here, which is what I like about SW.

in the place that's made of old relations by Fialleril, rey & anakin + some padme, 7.9k
    The one where Rey grows up alone on Jakku. Well, not completely alone. It turns out her grandfather knows a thing or two about living in the desert.
    I believe this was written before the movie came out, so some details are Jossed, but it's still a lovely AU worth reading because it's all about Force Ghost Anakin keeping bb!Rey company while she's growing up on Jakku and so much of it still really works and it gets into the characters very nicely and it's just so good to think of Rey having her grandfather there and it's so good to think of Anakin getting to help raise one of his family, since he missed out on so much and he's so much more at peace here. It is still Star Wars, of course, so there's lots of heartache moments, but it's largely a fic about things being a little better for this time, that it's bittersweet but there's life and love and hope there, too. And, oh, I don't know which of them I love more and I'm just so glad that Anakin really got to know his granddaughter here, that makes me happy in my very heart.

lights will guide you home by Flora_Obsidia, rey & anakin + cast, 6.4k for this part/13.2k overall
    She suspects that if she ever finds someone she trusts enough to say, "I was raised by the ghost of my dead grandfather on a desert planet so remote that its total population capped out at ten thousand and he taught me how to use the Force," she'll need to actually stop and analyze how strange it sounds.
    Chapter 2: I really do enjoy Anakin & Rey fic so much and I was looking forward to the second chapter of this fic (as this is an update rec, so it's linking to the second part) and it's a lovely second half about Rey's character, the connections she's forming with people now that she's off Jakku, now that she's found her family again. And I appreciated a lot that it wasn't just happiness and light, that there was pain all the way around, not just with her, but with the family who never got to know her growing up, Luke especially who never knew his daughter and can't bear to see her. I really appreciated that it wasn't all just a big fix-it, that instead Rey is finding her own path, that she doesn't necessarily want to step into legends, she just wants to be Rey and figure out what that means for her now. Maybe she'll get there one day, maybe she'll be something else, but right now she's holding onto what she's always had and the new beginnings that are growing. It's great for the family feels stuff, especially Force Ghost Anakin watching over sick Rey, but also just as a Rey piece!

Hide Yourself for Me by victoria_p (musesfool), ahsoka & leia + bail, 2.2k
    Ahsoka won't teach Leia to use the Force, but she can teach her to hide herself within it.
    This is a lovely look at Ahsoka's character in between the PT and the OT, how she's still involved in the galaxy and finds herself coming across ghosts from her past, including a child that she can't help but recognize the second she sets eyes on her. The brief scenes of Ahsoka teaching Leia a bit about the Force are so very bittersweet in exactly the way they should, equal parts about Leia herself and who she reminds Ahsoka of. There are a couple of really good gut punch moments, but mostly it's a great look at Ahsoka's character and Leia's character, beautifully written.

just call my name (if you've got a broken heart, you're just like me) by driedupwishes, rey & finn & luke & obi-wan & anakin + mildly implied finn/rey + even more mildly implied obi-wan/anakin, 4.5k
    Rey has heard their voices before, but their faces are not familiar. Master Luke, however, doesn't seem so surprised at the additions to their lecture. She isn't sure what they are doing here, but she is sure that Finn's hand in hers is an anchor she is grateful for as the Force moves around her.
    Oh, I was so in love with this fic. Rey is wonderful, she's full of so much life and she's learning so much and she's so strong with the Force and she has all these feelings, especially the tentative thing she has with Finn that feels so new and delicate, yet blazing as bright as a sun and THAT IS PERFECT. I could have read just for them! But then there was grumpy Luke who's being dragged back into teaching and interacting with other people again! And there's Force Ghosts Obi-Wan and Anakin who visit the younger generation and sit in on Luke's explanations and there's such joy in these moments, even when you know there's so much pain and suffering in the background world of Star Wars, there are still moments of light and joy, that it's wonderful to see Anakin especially being with his family, with the people of the Light again, that there are connections between all of them. It just really was charming and wonderful to read, my heart is greatly delighted by this fic.

don't forget (your bones and skin) by Fialleril, anakin & rey & kylo ren, 3.9k
    Kylo Ren has spent years seeking the guidance of Darth Vader. But he never expected this. (Or, the one where Kylo and Rey have a heated existential debate about the true nature of Anakin Skywalker. And there are ghosts.)
    This fic is the second in a series that really should be read in order, as it's an AU started before TFA came out and so it's doing it's own thing. The other thing is that the author has a lot of their own world for Anakin as a slave on Tatooine and that affects his character a lot, so it helps to be familiar with at least the Double Agent Vader universe, even though it's not the same universe as this one, I don't think. That said, this is a lovely look at Rey knowing she knows who Anakin Skywalker really is, which contrasts against Ben Solo/Kylo Ren trying so desperately to follow in what he thinks of Darth Vader's footsteps, all while Anakin watches over the two of them. It's all about the build up to that confrontation, how the interrogation scene goes entirely differently here because of how Rey's childhood is different and how she stands her ground in a different way here. It's bittersweet and fascinating to watch, the two grandchildren of Anakin Skywalker pitted against each other, over his legacy, with him in the room and the fury that's still part of him.

Hold Onto Western Fools by lealila, obi-wan & qui-gon & anakin & siri tachi & satine kryze & oc, 2.6k
    The four times Obi-Wan didn't fall in love, and the one time he did.
    I really enjoyed this look at the various people Obi-Wan loved in his life, that they're different types of love and not really easily put into one category or another, that they may lean close to something, but none of them are so easily pinned down. And I enjoyed each of the scenes for their own sake, the way Obi-Wan grows up and cares for all these different people in different ways, I'd have happily read just for that! But one of the major themes of the fic is using all these examples to show that Anakin really was the love of his life, that these other people were no less loved, that his love for Anakin doesn't necessarily have to be romantic, but that he's the one that was the truest love and the most painful for it. Add in a lovely and bittersweet somewhat happier ending in the Force and you had a fic that gave me a ton of feelings, okay.

Answers by Selena, obi-wan & anakin, 1.9k
    Vader broods on Obi-Wan Kenobi.
    This was an interesting look at Vader being unable to stop thinking about Obi-Wan after ANH, how Obi-Wan absolutely haunts his thoughts, how he spends all his time balanced between this utter rage and this desperate something else, this clawing need for Obi-Wan's attention, wrapping it up in a final line that hurt my heart for everything it says about Anakin and just how wrong he is and what he doesn't see. It's bitter and painful and just the way Vader fic should be, especially when thinking of Obi-Wan.

Fractured by WiliQueen, anakin & ahsoka, 1.4k
    The name burns in his mouth, as anything Skywalker loved burns. Kenobi is a white-hot lance each time he speaks it, Padmé an inferno he cannot even approach. "Ahsoka."
    This is a painful and yet lovely look at Vader post-Rebels s2 finale, the way he absolutely burns to look at him, past that smooth mask and suit, how the people Anakin Skywalker loved are forever painful to Vader. It's a lovely look at his relationship with Ahsoka as well, the complicated history there, the complicated feelings between them even now, it's hard to untangle that knot and this fic doesn't try to resolve everything, it leaves everything a mess, just as this kind of SW fic should be. A very nice read for both of these characters.

hey sister, do you still believe? by snicklefritz, obi-wan & ahsoka, 1.5k
    Four years after Order 66, Obi-Wan has an unexpected (but not unwelcome) guest on Tatooine.
    Oh, this was a bittersweet piece that quietly broke my heart, because Ahsoka wanting Obi-Wan to rejoin the fight, but he can't really explain why he can't, she has no idea who Vader is and Obi-Wan is.... Obi-Wan about the whole thing, you understand without the fic needing to tell you, why he can't explain further, why he makes the choices he does. It's half about being hollowed out from Anakin's loss and half about watching over what little he has left of Anakin, it's about not burdening Ahsoka with what might break her as well, it's about not being able to say it because it hurts too much, that this is the one thing (the one person) that Obi-Wan just cannot reconcile or let go of. It's short and actually a very quiet fic, it's not overwrought, but instead just got me thinking and feeling, like it was intended to.

Unlikely Loves by YunaRey, anakin & ahsoka & rey, 7.8k wip
    Rey was afraid to admit that despite what everyone thought, it was not her parents she was waiting for on Jakku.
    I entirely love Force Ghost Anakin raising Rey on Jakku, but apparently I also needed Ahsoka thrown in there at least once, because this was pretty great for me. It's a collection of scenes, so you can read it without worrying about it being a WIP, it stands well on its own, and it works well within the frames of canon, which always makes me feel better about Rey's childhood. I really enjoyed the focus on Ahsoka's character especially, just how much she hurts and yet still loves, even when she tries not to get attached anymore, how her anger at Vader is still there and still so strong, but she's such a good person and Anakin seems to accept that anger and it's not like he has much choice, but you feel there's still undercurrents going on there. The brief scene with Obi-Wan's Force Ghost absolutely hurt my heart, especially when contrasted against the really super cute and happier scenes of Ahsoka and Anakin raising kidlet Rey, and that made this such a great read for me.

The Second Day by TiamatsChild, anakin & ahsoka, 1.4k
    Anakin Skywalker attempts to navigate a new and strange social situation.
    I usually turn right around at AUs where anyone but Obi-Wan trained Anakin, that's one of my hard outs, but... Ahsoka! I love her relationship with Anakin and so I was charmed by this AU where she's older than him, a Knight at the time when he first comes to the Temple and this is a lovely scene where she first comes back and interacts with the other younglings and talks with Anakin and directly chooses him. It's great for seeing how personable Ahsoka is, how much she lights up a room and how joyful she can be, how she's practically bursting with that certain quality that gives her such presence in any room she's in. I just really, really enjoyed this one a lot!

Unvadering by cadesama part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9, anakin & luke & leia & han & ahsoka, 10.4k wip
    All he could taste was bacta. Months of immersion had that effect, Vader was well aware.
    This is such an interesting AU, where Anakin is saved at the end of ROTJ and he gets to spend time with his kids and Ahsoka comes back and yet everything hurts so very much, because he's capable of doing good again, but that doesn't mean that everything gets wiped away, he doesn't suddenly hate himself any less, the people around him don't magically forgive everything he's done, and even as far as this wip has progressed, not many of them are really that much closer to happiness. And they don't need to be! It's one of those that I'm reading for the slow burn Vader redemption, even as I'm happy with just what's here already, because it's such a great collection of characters, I love how much Anakin still thinks of himself as Vader, how seething his self-hatred is under everything, yet how much he loves Luke, I love how furiously angry Leia is, she's her father's daughter, but in a way that's also different from his, her rage comes from a different place, and I love how happy Ahsoka is to see Anakin alive until she learns the truth. This was obviously written before s2 of Rebels came out, so she doesn't know and the build-up to that moment is lovely and heartbreaking, there's so much hurt in all of this, and yet such a fascinating AU where Vader works with the Rebellion to help take down the last of the Empire, that it's about the jagged edges of these characters trying to fit together or not at all wanting to fit together but having to work together anyway. So, so fascinating and worth reading!

Unfold Your Own Myth by Thistlerose, rey & luke & leia & finn & poe + some poe/finn/rey, 3.5k
    Five things Rey experiences for the first time after leaving Jakku, and one thing she's able to teach the people she loves. (And one thing she still has to wait for.)
    I really enjoyed this look at Rey, the five different things she experiences with the new people in her life, the sheer emotion she has in her and strength of character, even as she's so hurt sometimes and there's so much pain, even when good things happen sometimes and just so much loss even as she's gaining things. She comes through it, she keeps living and making new connections and, oh, the interaction with Leia and Luke and Han are all perfect, but also the tentative thing she has with Poe and the sheer intensity of her feelings for Finn, that got straight at my heart, how much she loves Finn already, but also I would do so much for more of that scene with her and Luke. All of it is just a really, really good look at Rey and her character.

Mixed Blessings by FreshBrains, luke & rey, 1.5k
    “I feel a little out of my depth. Anatomy, even human anatomy, was never my strong suit.” Luke leaves the cloak in the basin to soak before facing Rey. “What I do know is that you’re not hurt, and you’re not dying.”
    A bittersweet and yet heartwarming fic about Rey finally starting to get healthier after living on Jakku and getting her period for the first time and not having any idea what the hell is happening to her, so Luke eventually has to explain and it's not at all embarrassing for me to read, just a quiet, touching moment that they get through and it's so good to see Rey having someone who helps her with these things now.

Dawn by Anonymous, luke & rey & finn & cast, 6.1k
    Rey gets sick not long after arriving at Luke’s hideaway. To her surprise, the man who said he didn’t want her as a Padawan takes care of her, goes back to civilisation to make sure she’ll be okay, and, all right, makes her his Padawan. Alternatively: affectionate Luke & Rey bonding, and Rey realising that she’s found her place in the universe (and it’s right here with Luke, Finn, Chewie, Poe, Leia, and the Resistance).
    More lovely Rey fic with Luke and Finn being such important figures in her life, that she finds her place in the galaxy and starts to figure herself out, that it doesn't have to be super defined to be right for her, that it's about found family and maybe something more and maybe not, but it works and it's a lovely exploration of her character and where they all might go after Episode VII.

the longest distance by cosmicocean, rey & luke & cast, 5.1k
    "time is the longest distance between two points." Rey has found her father. The question as they attempt to get back to the Resistance base is "now what?"
    You can start with the previous fic in the series, but I found this one was a good stand alone fic as well, as Rey deals with Luke being her father and finding her family again and the awkward and stilted way they are around each other now, but also the slowly growing little moments of better things in her life. I loved it because it had humor when it needed (the way Rey gets Luke to come back with her!) but even more for how this is a story about Rey dealing with the bitterness of the truth of her family, how she starts to drown in it and how she pulls herself back out again, the parallels and themes of her family that provide context and clarity, how she follows in those themes but also makes her own way, she's her own character. I love that so much for her, ahhh.

untitled by cadesama part 1 / 2 / 3, obi-wan & anakin & leia & rey & padme & finn & poe & cast, 2.7k wip
    A decade ago, Leia would have considered this a headache. Perhaps a nightmare. Now, she was mostly bemused.
    Oh, I am so charmed by this whole collection of ficlets, finally there is time travel fuckery that includes the TFA characters! And I am so here for Clone Wars era Anakin and Ahsoka plus TPM era Obi-Wan and Anakin and Padme ending up in the future, I'm so here for the hints of Anakin having to interact with Kylo Ren, I'm so here for there being two Future Darth Vaders lounging around their base and everyone Not Knowing What To Say about this, I'm so here for Rey's utter "wtf" reaction to all of this bullshit, I am so here for Leia just rolling with it because she always lands on her feet no matter how weird something is, and I'm just so here for the banter and the fun of all this collection of people from different eras and what a joyful, joyful clusterfuck this is. :D

of deserts and droids by songstress, rey & anakin, 3.9k
    Rey accidentally time-travels, and realizes that Jedi are even more weird than she had ever imagined.
    Oh, I love the tone this fic takes, it definitely is crack treated seriously, but it does it so well, it embraces and just totally rolls with the concept of Padawan Learners accidentally time traveling via the Force through meditation and is absolutely precious to see a young Anakin interacting with Rey, the way he's so chatty and charming and adorable and complains about his life constantly but Rey can absolutely read between the lines of what he says, he's just such a ball of energy and you instantly feel for Obi-Wan having to deal with that, but also you absolutely love the little shit because he's got such a charisma to him, but also this is a great piece about Rey and her early days of learning to be a Jedi. And then the ending hits and, wham, I had an attack of the feelings exactly as I should and it was just. A really easy read that I immediately got pulled into, had a joyful time reading, and then was quietly devastated all over again. Just what Star Wars fic should be.

Lares et Penates by ambiguously, shmi & anakin & cast, 2.7k
    Shmi Skywalker and all the days that were.
    I did not know how much I needed this Shmi fic until I had it, but, oh, it was lovely and heartbreaking and so bittersweet and yet so hopeful. The little bits of worldbuilding, the history for Shmi before Tatooine and the early days there and then Anakin and her life as a slave and eventually her freedom, different from how it happened in canon and so interesting. I definitely could have read a fic ten times as long about this universe, especially Shmi's love for Anakin and what difference that might have made in everything, as she lived here. It's a short piece, told in snippets, but it packs so many interesting ideas in and has a lovely flow to it and it's just interesting as all get out and a lovely, lovely read for the character and the world.

Force Stone by TheKinkAwakens (AJanae), anakin & finn & rey, 5.3k
    Finn stumbles upon a stone that can summon old Jedi masters of the past while Luke and Rey are gone on a mission. A mysterious man named Ani offers to train him in the ways of the Jedi.
    This is one of those fics where you have to roll with the concept that Luke would be that cold towards Anakin's Force Ghost, but I am totally a sucker for trying to actually do something to redeem himself Anakin and I'm a sucker for rare matchups between characters, so a Force Sensitive Finn who stumbles over Anakin's Force Ghost and they start training? Yes, gimme. And this really was a lovely look at Finn's character, the way he feels out of sorts after Episode VII and how he doesn't really know what he's supposed to do now, that sense of him figuring out what he wants for himself and finding his own path is really satisfying and that's all I've ever wanted for the character!

The Cursed Sword by syrupwit, anakin & rey, 1.6k
    Five ways that were not the way Rey accepted Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber for the first time, and one that was.
    A look at several ways that Anakin's lightsaber found its way to Rey's hands, spanning across various universes and different points in time, little scenes that are super interesting and fun to read about! I enjoyed each one of the scenes, that they didn't need expanding any further than they were, that they were these little possibilities that were just really neat!

Lord Vader's Limpet + Driving Lord Vader + Meet the Skywalkers by frodogenic, anakin skywalker & ben skywalker & leia organa & luke skywalker & mara jade & anakin solo & jaina solo & han solo & piett, 32.2k total
    1. Several years post ROTJ, Lord Vader finds himself with a new role to fill-Grandpa. 2. Sixteen-year-old Anakin Solo is on the manly quest for a space license, but the only person who can take him to the Department of Space Transportation is...his grandfather. 3. Newly returned from the Unknown Regions with Darth Vader, Admiral Piett doesn't expect much of a welcome from the New Republic. And not in a million lifetimes would he have predicted that their very first guest would be Luke Skywalker. After all, Vader is still his mortal enemy...right?
    I'm recommending these three fics together because they're all part of a series and because I read them all together myself and I think they work well, they all have the same tone and theme to them. Now, I'll give on caveat ahead of time, in that the first fic did have the hurdle of "Vader's reaction to spending time with his grandson is 'ugh I do not care about family, this is beneath me'" and it's necessary for the concept of the series and I get that this is a Vader who's spent 40+ years as Vader, so his mindset is different, but I still wanted to argue a lot that, no, no, the point of Anakin Skywalker is that he became Vader because he wanted his family so much. Okay, but, I also wouldn't change the way the fic was set up because the first one has the inevitable moment that you know is coming, where Vader finally gives in to baby Ben's demands to play and I just sat there reading this fic with sudden tears misting up my eyes because, shit, Anakin finally gets to come back from Vader even just a little bit, Anakin finally gets to play with his family, he finally gets something good again. It's one of those moments where I realized I had a whole hell of a lot more Anakin Skywalker feelings than I ever realized I did.

Plus, seriously, you're here for Vader vs baby and it's EXACTLY AS GREAT AS PROMISED, baby Ben Skywalker is adorable that I was immediately taken with like you wouldn't believe. And the second fic is Anakin Solo being taken to the DMV equivalent, terrified of his terrifying grandfather and terrified that he's going to be a shit pilot and his entire family will disown him, which all goes exactly as you'd imagine it. And the third is when Vader finally gets back home (since he didn't die in ROTJ, but was tossed into the Unknown Regions) and of course the first person to reach his ship is Luke. All of the scenes are an absolute scream to read, the author balances borderline cracky humor with genuine feelings about these characters and their relationships, the Vader & Luke reunion is especially feelings-laden (I LOVE THIS LUKE SO MUCH, he's exactly what Jedi Master Luke Skywalker should be!), there are great moments from other characters (EVERY SINGLE MOMENT WITH MARA IS GOLD) and honestly I would have read another 50k or even 100k of this, because the writing is fantastic and it's just so much fun.

5 Times Anakin’s Ghost Gave Unsolicited Parenting Advice by Callioope, anakin & luke & everyone, 2.1k
    Anakin is very opinionated when it comes to the care of his beloved granddaughter.
    Another fun piece, one that's a mix of fluff and angst, as Anakin tries to give advice to Luke between the movies and it goes about as well as you'd expect. Oh, Skywalkers.

Trial by nymja, rey & luke & kylo ren & anakin, 3.1k
    Luke takes Rey to face The Cave.
    Oh, I loved this look at Rey facing the visions and how she deals with that and what it says about her and the tangled web she's been caught up in. I love the strength of character, I love her connections to Luke and Ben and Anakin, I love the themes, the presence of desert and sand around her and the other she sees, I love how beautifully this further weaves her into the fabric of Star Wars and it feels right. So, so satisfying.

untitled by beautifultoastdream, han & anakin & rey + luke/mara & leia & ben, 1.6k
    Han Solo, pirate and smuggler and family man, wasn’t going to say his in-laws were terrifying. But his in-laws were fucking terrifying.
    This fic makes me want to scream and capslock because it's so incredibly perfect and absolutely everything I want from domestic fic, where everything works out as best it can, where things are good (if still painful, because it's still Star Wars), but also because it's so utterly hilarious. Han is the perfect character to set the pov from, the sense of snark and terror at Vader's presence and the little kids running around and it's just. Heart-melting, but also pure joy and hilarity, the best fic I've read in this fandom yet. ♥

Heroes of the Republic! by cadesama, ahsoka & luke/mara & han/leia & anakin/padme, 7.3k
    Not long after the end of The Last Command, a certain former Padawan makes her way to Coruscant.
    Oh, this was a lovely fic, where post-ESB Ahsoka brings a bunch of holocrons to Luke and Mara (and Leia) of the time before the Empire, mostly during the Clone Wars, of who Anakin Skywalker used to be. I love her complicated feelings, how much they've all lost and how she doesn't deny Vader, but still you can feel how much she loved Anakin, you can feel how much Luke craves knowing more about his father from before Vader, how much Mara isn't thawing over any of this, how Leia is so angry, but cannot help being drawn in when Luke asks her and when there are images of their mother. It's so bittersweet and yet ultimately still happy, in exactly the way it should be.

The Way of the Padawan by Mithrigil, obi-wan/anakin + obi-wan/satine + ahsoka/barris & dooku & qui-gon & luke & rey & kylo ren, 7.7k
    A Master must be open to the discussion of carnality and provide avenues appropriate to the Padawan’s exploration. Some Masters fare better than others. (Or, in which a lot of Jedi fail at sex.)
    While this is labeled with more pairings than this, half of them are just barely implied and aren't really what the fic is about. What I really liked about this one was the understated way of the characters, even when they're being more direct and obvious, there's something indirect and almost subtle about them, from Dooku all the way down to Rey. And I love fics that are about the line of Masters and Padawans, the collection of moments that are on a themed topic (the Jedi and having sex/not having sex), to show how different so many of the relationships are. And I loved that my favorite moments were Obi-Wan's, the way he looked at Satine, the gravitation that was there between them, that nothing had to happen and I still felt his attraction to her. As well as his scene with Anakin, the way Obi-Wan has such presence in Anakin's life, the way there's tension and affection both there, the way Obi-Wan does know how to teach Anakin certain things, even when Anakin is being difficult. I loved the crackling sense of attraction between them and, oh, my new favorite line to describe Anakin's romantic entanglements: If it couldn’t be Padmé, it would have to be Obi-Wan. There was no one else. Padme or Obi-Wan, there's no one else for him. This was a lovely look at Masters & Padawans all the way around, then throwing in some very nicely done moments for my favorite pairings, bless.

A Long, Long Time Ago by ruth baulding, dooku & qui-gon + qui-gon & obi-wan + obi-wan & anakin + anakin & ahsoka, 5.8k
    A wisdom tale handed passed down through the generations poses troublesome questions for a line of masters and Padawans, from Dooku to Ahsoka Tano.
    I really enjoyed this fic! I always really love a look at the different Master & Padawan relationships, I love fics that make each dynamic different and reveal things about both characters as the scene unfolds, as well as works in various bits of alien worlds and adventures the Jedi get into, all on top of a running theme of a Jedi parable (I love Jedi culture/heritage stuff!) that is also important to the later themes/events of what we know will be the future for these characters. I love the arguments and bickering between every pair, I love the theme of always getting stuck somewhere cold and at least one of them is complaining (or wants to complain), it's one of those fics that just was a really cool illustration of various moments across the SW timeline.

Truth or Dare (No Dare) by cadesama, luke & leia & finn & rey & cast + referenced luke/jyn & finn/rey & han/leia, 2.5k
    Luke had a pretty good working knowledge of holocrons. He’d collected hundreds, studied their wisdom, and moved on to making one of his own. But he couldn’t deny that this one – just this one – holocron had moved past vexing him, right into bemusing him.
    I love when PT-era stuff shows up in later years, things that give a bit of illumination into an era that had so much deliberately eradicated and this one was a good blend of bittersweet and something a bit more light-hearted as it's a great excuse to basically get the TFA characters to watch home movies of the past, as the author says. It's also a Jedi holocron, so it's aggravating as all get out trying to get straightforward answers from it, it's always about puzzling out just what exactly to say/do, of course it is. But the collection of characters and events here are all centered around a theme and illustrate a lot of feelings-worth moments, as well as the ending was absolutely, completely perfect. I enjoyed this a lot!

Wait for it by cyaneidae, leia & cast (leia & padme + leia & anakin + leia & ben + luke & leia + han/leia), 7k
    No one has lost more than Leia Organa. 5 family members who come back to her + 1 unexpected addition to her family.
    I am always entirely here for Leia fic, especially with her various relationships with various people, especially with her burning anger combined with her core of caring. Of course I also had a lot of Anakin feelings, that his presence is so fundamental to the story, even as he's barely in it, the balance that the fic struck with that worked really well for me, just as much as that this was about Leia Organa, her life, and the people she's loved and lost. There has been so much loss in her life and the fic lets that have impact, so even when things are happier in the end, even when there's hope and light again, I still felt the gravity of what had happened before, which is important with a character like Leia.

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