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in the arms of a hurricane by Spineless, finn/rey & luke, 1.3k
    She misses Finn like a phantom limb. Training to be a Jedi is not easy; she experiences so many new things so quickly, she wishes she could share them with him.
    A lovely look at Rey's training with Luke, while she adjusts to everything that's happened, adjusts to being on such a green, rainy world, adjusts to missing Finn more than she expected. It's a good look at her character, especially with all that rain around her suddenly, and it reminds all over again just how much I love Rey and everything about her.

Don't Mind If Rain Falls by mardia, finn/rey, NSFW, 1k
    Written for this prompt at the kink meme: Finn very eagerly and willingly goes down on Rey. Shameless porn, with feelings.
    Oh, this was a fun piece, it was entirely happy and upbeat, it was Rey and Finn in a field and the first fumbling steps towards the next part of their relationship, that they find a way to move together towards it, by Finn happily going down on Rey and it's amazing for her. It's one of those fics that I don't mind being pure sweetness and light because I want these peanuts to have some good moments, too! Plus, the sex part was very, very appreciated, mm.

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