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can't carry it with you by irnan, obi-wan & anakin, 2.2k
    So oneness with the Force is found in a field now?
    So maybe I got a little emotional while reading this fic. But it's after Anakin's death, where he meets Obi-Wan in the Force again and it takes an unexpected form and eventually all that's between them, all that Anakin kept wrapped up, finally starts to spill out and I just. I had a whole lot of feelings about it and this was beautifully written, just the right amount of painful to go with the healing.

watch me stumble over and over + i never liked the quiet before by QueenWithABeeThrone, anakin & kylo & luke & leia & han, 4k
    "You tried," says Leia, flatly, when Anakin shows up to tell her of his efforts after telling Luke, "to hit my son on the head." or: Anakin Skywalker during The Force Awakens, the not-completely-serious edition.
    You know what I need a ton of? Fic that makes me laugh, that makes the movies just a little easier to bear, especially all the pain these characters have to live through. Anakin's Force ghost tries to kick Ben back onto the right path, but it's still Anakin, so it goes about as well as expected, then you add in Han's ghost and it's totally silly but also totally great. I needed the laughs, but it's also sweet at the right moments, they're all a family and sure they're super fucked up, but they're also full of love and I totally would read a dozen more of these fics!

strike me down by Merricat_Blackwood, kylo ren & han & obi-wan & others, 6.2k wip
    wounded by his loss and haunted by an old foe, Kylo Ren deals with the fact that his father is dead, but not gone.
    Obi-Wan's Force ghost haunts Ben Solo and then drags Han Solo along to haunt him as well and it's just... a great digging into the angst of Kylo Ren's character, just how hard he tries to ignore the light inside himself and to deny that Ben Solo still exists. It's everything I wanted after walking out of the theater, it's everything I love about this emo trash child that I love so much, because he's such a child in his view and yet the fic doesn't shy away from that he's doing legitimately horrible things, it really satisfied me for how determined he is to walk this path, how angry he is, without being too over the top about how ridiculous he is. The two chapters (at the time I read it) captured the feeling of the character from the movie, exploring the struggle in him that I'm still super hungry for. I absolutely want morrrrrre of this one.

where the current and the heavens collide by plinys, kylo ren & force ghosts, 2k
    Five ghosts that visit Ben Solo, and one that cannot.
    I want so many Force ghosts stories, even if they break my heart like this one did. Each little scene is heartbreaking in its own way, as little Ben Solo grows up and winds his way down the path to Kylo Ren. These people he doesn't really know, some trying to help him and some not trying to help him, are all lovely to read, but that last one is just a real kicker and gave me so many ouchy feelings.

Cold by Yesac, obi-wan & anakin, 5.4k
    Luke wasn't the only one that Obi-Wan visited after he died.
    Five times that Obi-Wan visited Vader as a Force ghost and, let me tell you, I was absolutely misty-eyed after reading this fic. All the history between these characters, all the weight and tragedy and pain, it's there, but there's also echoes of what used to be good between them, the way Obi-Wan is beyond Anakin's reach now, so it's different than it was for so long. The fic does a gorgeous job of something that I understand why the movies couldn't really put in, but makes complete, absolute sense to me, that of course Obi-Wan would visit Anakin and would nudge him back towards the Light. It's not because of Obi-Wan that Anakin eventually comes back, but the balance between Obi-Wan's influence being essential and being Anakin's own motivations/about Luke, it's beautifully done.

The Moment You Know by tricksterity, obi-wan/anakin & luke & leia, ~1k
    A short, alternative ending to Return of the Jedi and the appearance of certain Force ghosts on Endor.
    You don't know how much I needed fic post-RotJ where there's something of a happy ending, where Anakin can cry on Obi-Wan that he's sorry, where he gets to see his children being happy, where he and Obi-Wan can finally be reunited and everything is just that much better. It's possibly on the fluffy side, but it's entirely charming and exactly what I wanted, I feel better for the existence of this fic.

Betrayal: A Love Story by Shiny_n_new, obi-wan/anakin, 2.7k wip
    A week after he kills Obi-wan Kenobi, Vader realizes he is being haunted.
    The intensity of this piece is heartbreaking, the sheer amount of sharp-edge and deep anger that's almost suffocating from Darth Vader after he learns about Luke Skywalker and how angry he is with Obi-Wan's Force ghost, while still having the echoes of what used to be. It was a painful read but gorgeously done and I'm almost afraid of the second chapter of this, it could ease things or it could end even more brutally, I honestly don't even know.

we are here and it is now by victoria_p (musesfool), rey & anakin & luke, 3.5k
    "So either you're not here or you're not living," she says. "I'm definitely here," he replies, and there's amusement in his voice.
    I will read all the fics about Anakin's Force Ghost visiting Rey that the fandom will give me. Especially if it has Anakin and Rey bonding a bit over fixing mechanical things! But it's also a beautiful look at where each of them are, how much more settled but sad Anakin is, even as he's making peace, at how Rey is finding her way and she has this great solidity to her even when she's unsure of things. It's a lovely look at all the little things that have gotten all three of them to where they are, their histories and what that means to each of them. And absolutely great read.

The Last Temptation of Anakin Skywalker by theascetic, obi-wan/anakin, 4.9k wip
    Obi Wan gives, and Anakin takes.
    Do you know what I'm also always here for? After Anakin's death, he's in the Force and he's so conflicted and wound up and at war with himself still that he can't move on, so Obi-Wan stays with him. This is a wip that may not get updated again, but I found that I enjoyed the set-up of it a lot, especially because Anakin is so obnoxious in that way of his, he's whiney and impatient and childish and there's this edge to the character that's just really... unstable. But I love the little shit anyway, even when he's still so full of rage and desperation, I can still see why Obi-Wan loves him and stays with him. The building of Anakin's world around them, the prison he's made for himself because he can't find peace, is interesting and I'm always here for Force Ghosts to give me at least a shot at a happy ending.

Ghosts Can Become One by Lilly_Thoo, obi-wan/anakin, 1.3k
    Anakin and Obi-Wan bicker a little bit.
    I am always and forever super hungry for Force Ghost fic, where Anakin meets Obi-Wan in the Force after their deaths, and they can start to put all that shit from their lives behind them and just be again. It's a simple piece, just lightly touching on that Anakin doesn't really want to talk about forgiveness for his actions, but Obi-Wan makes him take it anyway, and then moving on to happier things. My heart feels better already, okay.

in the place that's made of old relations by Fialleril, rey & anakin + some padme, 7.9k
    The one where Rey grows up alone on Jakku. Well, not completely alone. It turns out her grandfather knows a thing or two about living in the desert.
    I believe this was written before the movie came out, so some details are Jossed, but it's still a lovely AU worth reading because it's all about Force Ghost Anakin keeping bb!Rey company while she's growing up on Jakku and so much of it still really works and it gets into the characters very nicely and it's just so good to think of Rey having her grandfather there and it's so good to think of Anakin getting to help raise one of his family, since he missed out on so much and he's so much more at peace here. It is still Star Wars, of course, so there's lots of heartache moments, but it's largely a fic about things being a little better for this time, that it's bittersweet but there's life and love and hope there, too. And, oh, I don't know which of them I love more and I'm just so glad that Anakin really got to know his granddaughter here, that makes me happy in my very heart.

savior of the broken by patientalien, obi-wan & anakin, ~1k
    Anakin is called upon to deal with the newest threat to the Light. He handles it poorly.
    Another lovely little read, set around the time of TFA where Obi-Wan and Anakin are Force Ghosts watching over Ben, while Anakin is a total mess of issues and guilt and anger. It's a quick read but I'm always here for Anakin being terrible about how awful he feels about his family and not being able to believe in himself, while Obi-Wan doesn't stand for it.

Complexities of Love by agentjedi, obi-wan/anakin, nsfw, 7.5k
    Anakin comes to terms with his new existence, and learns new lessons in the Force in a most unusual way.
    Ahhh, I am so very here for Force Ghost reunions and what happens to Anakin afterwards. I enjoyed the sense of how much like life the Force was for Anakin, that it formed as the apartments and clothes and things he was familiar with, but I got the sense that that's just how he was making sense of it/it was making sense of itself for him, because it's really about slowly letting go of everything from his life and about Obi-Wan being there to see him again. It's about two souls touching, so the sex is really light and more about feeling and sensation than about actual sex, and it was just. A lovely, lightly bittersweet but mostly uplifting read about Anakin joining the Force finally.

Salvation by Spongyllama, obi-wan & anakin & cast, 6.8k
    Following his death, Anakin isn't quite sure if he's in heaven or hell. Not that he's ever really believed in either.
    Oh. Oh, no. I had so many feelings after reading this fic, it was heartbreaking and soothing all at the same time, as Anakin finds himself in the Force after his death and has to face everything he doesn't want to deal with--most specifically the forgiveness of those he wrong. It does separate out Vader and Anakin more than I'd usually like, but I honestly feel like... he's dead now, he's part of the Force, he's turned back to the light, none of them were the type to hold onto anger at him any longer, and it's not about excusing Anakin's actions, but about healing and letting go in this new place. And it's so difficult for him to face these people, the absolute wrenching inside him because he's so guilty and has so much anger and hate directed at himself, while Obi-Wan is like the patient rock that he dashes himself again, until Anakin can finally let go as well. I am always here for One-With-The-Force fic and this was a gorgeous, lovely read that hurt my heart but also helped soothe it, in the way that imo was necessary for this character.

lights will guide you home by Flora_Obsidia, rey & anakin + cast, 6.4k for this part/13.2k overall
    She suspects that if she ever finds someone she trusts enough to say, "I was raised by the ghost of my dead grandfather on a desert planet so remote that its total population capped out at ten thousand and he taught me how to use the Force," she'll need to actually stop and analyze how strange it sounds.
    Chapter 2: I really do enjoy Anakin & Rey fic so much and I was looking forward to the second chapter of this fic (as this is an update rec, so it's linking to the second part) and it's a lovely second half about Rey's character, the connections she's forming with people now that she's off Jakku, now that she's found her family again. And I appreciated a lot that it wasn't just happiness and light, that there was pain all the way around, not just with her, but with the family who never got to know her growing up, Luke especially who never knew his daughter and can't bear to see her. I really appreciated that it wasn't all just a big fix-it, that instead Rey is finding her own path, that she doesn't necessarily want to step into legends, she just wants to be Rey and figure out what that means for her now. Maybe she'll get there one day, maybe she'll be something else, but right now she's holding onto what she's always had and the new beginnings that are growing. It's great for the family feels stuff, especially Force Ghost Anakin watching over sick Rey, but also just as a Rey piece!

just call my name (if you've got a broken heart, you're just like me) by driedupwishes, rey & finn & luke & obi-wan & anakin + mildly implied finn/rey + even more mildly implied obi-wan/anakin, 4.5k
    Rey has heard their voices before, but their faces are not familiar. Master Luke, however, doesn't seem so surprised at the additions to their lecture. She isn't sure what they are doing here, but she is sure that Finn's hand in hers is an anchor she is grateful for as the Force moves around her.
    Oh, I was so in love with this fic. Rey is wonderful, she's full of so much life and she's learning so much and she's so strong with the Force and she has all these feelings, especially the tentative thing she has with Finn that feels so new and delicate, yet blazing as bright as a sun and THAT IS PERFECT. I could have read just for them! But then there was grumpy Luke who's being dragged back into teaching and interacting with other people again! And there's Force Ghosts Obi-Wan and Anakin who visit the younger generation and sit in on Luke's explanations and there's such joy in these moments, even when you know there's so much pain and suffering in the background world of Star Wars, there are still moments of light and joy, that it's wonderful to see Anakin especially being with his family, with the people of the Light again, that there are connections between all of them. It just really was charming and wonderful to read, my heart is greatly delighted by this fic.

The Art of Letting Go by Selena, yoda & dooku & qui-gon & obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka, 2.9k
    From Yoda to Dooku to Qui-Gon to Obi-Wan to Anakin to Ahsoka: betweeen Master and Apprentice, letting go is the hardest of lessons.
    This is an absolutely lovely look at the relationships between Masters and Padawans, connecting the line of these six characters with some really fascinating scenes set across the years. The first with Yoda and Dooku was really excellent for the illumination on both characters it cast, I was really easily able to see the backstory for them in that way, then the Obi-Wan and Anakin scene is just the right amount of painful and bittersweet, and then Anakin and Ahsoka is just all kinds of heartbreak in the way that should be, too. This universe is so full of tragedy and this fic does a lovely job of capturing that without being over the top about it, so it hurts all over again, just as it should.

untitled by phosphorescent-naidheachd, obi-wan & anakin, ~1k
    All you really need to know is that Obi-Wanís ghost is in the slow process of haunting Vaderkin back into the Light during the original trilogy.
    I fully believe that Obi-Wan visited Vader after his death in ANH and I hungrily eat up every fic for it, so while this may have been short, it works well as one of the conversations they have, the sadness that's underneath every word they exchange and yet there's still sarcasm and dry commentary, a delightful balance of the two that makes my heart hurt all the more. So, I'm definitely hoping the author continues more of this!

To Enter the Force by ForgottenMoonbeam92, obi-wan & anakin & padme & qui-gon & cast, 8.3k
    After the events of RotJ, Anakin Skywalker enters the Force, but it is not as welcoming as he had always been taught. It will require repentance, heartache, and tears before it will allow him rest. But he is not left alone....
    This is a series of different people meeting Anakin in the Force after he dies and they're all interesting, but I admit what really got me with this fic was the chapter with Obi-Wan (which you could read as a standalone, if you liked) where there was all this hesitancy and being unsure and so much weight and history and everything between them, that my heart hurt for them both. I know a fic has gotten me when I feel that actual physical ache and, sure, okay, I'm extra suseptible to these two, but I still felt it and I'm still glad I read it. I need all the Force Reunion Fic I can get, especially when they make me feel things.

Unlikely Loves by YunaRey, anakin & ahsoka & rey, 7.8k wip
    Rey was afraid to admit that despite what everyone thought, it was not her parents she was waiting for on Jakku.
    I entirely love Force Ghost Anakin raising Rey on Jakku, but apparently I also needed Ahsoka thrown in there at least once, because this was pretty great for me. It's a collection of scenes, so you can read it without worrying about it being a WIP, it stands well on its own, and it works well within the frames of canon, which always makes me feel better about Rey's childhood. I really enjoyed the focus on Ahsoka's character especially, just how much she hurts and yet still loves, even when she tries not to get attached anymore, how her anger at Vader is still there and still so strong, but she's such a good person and Anakin seems to accept that anger and it's not like he has much choice, but you feel there's still undercurrents going on there. The brief scene with Obi-Wan's Force Ghost absolutely hurt my heart, especially when contrasted against the really super cute and happier scenes of Ahsoka and Anakin raising kidlet Rey, and that made this such a great read for me.

Y?gen by The_Furthest_City_Light, obi-wan & anakin + yoda & luke & cast, 8.4k
    Anakin may be dead, but real peace is something difficult to come by.
    I was drawn into this fic for two things: I'm always here for focus on the Obi-Wan & Anakin relationship, which this fic has a lot of, how much history is there and how much hurt is there and how much love this there, but I was also drawn in because it came at a great coincidental time where I've been talking a lot about my feelings on what it means for Anakin to be the Chosen One and what the Force is, which half of this fic hit pretty straight on. That definitely sneaked its way into my heart for that alone! But I'm also here for Force Ghosts and Anakin learning to put aside his regrets and the unreliable narrator that is Anakin Skywalker looking on his children is something I would definitely see him doing, like the sun rises and sets on Luke especially, given the way Anakin died. It gave me food for thought and feelings about Anakin's relationships with people and that's so much of what I want out of fic!

Force Stone by TheKinkAwakens (AJanae), anakin & finn & rey, 5.3k
    Finn stumbles upon a stone that can summon old Jedi masters of the past while Luke and Rey are gone on a mission. A mysterious man named Ani offers to train him in the ways of the Jedi.
    This is one of those fics where you have to roll with the concept that Luke would be that cold towards Anakin's Force Ghost, but I am totally a sucker for trying to actually do something to redeem himself Anakin and I'm a sucker for rare matchups between characters, so a Force Sensitive Finn who stumbles over Anakin's Force Ghost and they start training? Yes, gimme. And this really was a lovely look at Finn's character, the way he feels out of sorts after Episode VII and how he doesn't really know what he's supposed to do now, that sense of him figuring out what he wants for himself and finding his own path is really satisfying and that's all I've ever wanted for the character!

Until Their Dying Breath by Down the Rabbit Hole, obi-wan & anakin, 1.1k
    Vaderís ghosts are complicated. Set between The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi.
    I 100% believe that Obi-Wan's Force Ghost visited Vader post-ANH and this was a really bittersweet, painful, and spot on look at how those conversations could have gone. There's a sharp blend of anger and history and resignation and even something like a really bruised form of affection all lingering together in this scene, so naturally it hurt my feelings in exactly the way it should have. It's a short fic but it packed a hell of a punch.

i wake up more awake than i've ever been before by ShakyHades, obi-wan/anakin, 1.1k
    He missed their bond and camaraderie, the times they trusted each other with their lives. It hurt, seeing Obi-Wan and remembering how Anakin was the one to destroy everything the other had held dear, including himself.
    A short but absolutely satisfying piece for me, where Anakin finally sees Obi-Wan again in the Force (after running away from him because Anakin is a goddamned disaster of a human being) and doesn't really know how to accept forgiveness, even knowing that Obi-Wan will give it to him. Add in a cathartic emotional breakdown and Obi-Wan pulling Anakin into his lap to just cry for awhile and I was entirely satisfied by this because it's exactly what I want for that trash lord (and Obi-Wan as well). It's exactly what my id demanded and I'm so pleased to have read it!

Dig the Grave and Let Me Lie by de_corporis, obi-wan & anakin, 1k
    "Anakin," says Obi-Wan again, and slides one hand up to cradle Anakinís cheek. "I am so very proud of you." Obi-Wan welcomes Anakin home.
    So maybe this fic made me just about cry. MAYBE IT DID. Whatever. It's fine. This is fine. This is all fine. I'm definitely weak to Force Ghost fic, I'm super weak to Anakin having all that guilt and sorrow come crashing down on him and crushing him when he meets up with Obi-Wan again and this one just absolutely punched me right straight in the feelings for it. Just how badly I felt for Anakin and how I wanted him to come home already, to let himself accept home, how much he wanted to fling himself at Obi-Wan and press his face against Obi-Wan's shoulder. Straight shot at my feelings, goddamn.

we could be so close, like brothers by nspx, obi-wan & anakin & qui-gon & bail, 3.8k
    In which: Obi-Wan thinks, questions, blames himself; Qui-Gon offers moral support; the memory of who Anakin once was tortures Obi-Wan, and most importantly; in which they meet again, two halves of one whole, in the Netherworlds.
    Oh, this was a lovely fic from the very beginning of it, a story that's told in smaller moments across the span of Obi-Wan and Anakin's relationship, from the early days to Darth Vader to their reunion in the Force, each one contributing something to a larger whole and being such lovely, painful, bittersweet writing. Each moment hurt, even when it was a good moment, because you know how all of this ends, you know what suffering is to come. But what really got me was the reunion in the Force, how Anakin wasn't immediately sorry, but Obi-Wan knew exactly what he needed to say, what Anakin needed to hear, and so maybe I was crying a little by the end because, dammit, I am full of feelings about these characters and this fic did a gorgeous job of bringing them out.

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