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Girl Power by patientalien, anakin/padme + obi-wan/anakin + ahsoka, nsfw, sex swap!anakin, 8.1k
    A cure? Anakin narrowed his eyes. That did not bode well at all. He looked down at himself, saw a swell in the blankets where normally... there was nothing of the sort. "Do I have tits, Master?" he asked.
    I have a strong fascination with Anakin and identity changes of any kind, because he has such a weak sense of self, so playing with that is something I crave a lot, and having him switch sexes in this fic, the way it should freak him out, but there's a sort of unnatural okayness with this situation that's also interesting to watch! And of course he immediately starts experimenting, what his new body is like, what he can get away with in public now that he's not recognizable (dates with Padme!! what a nerd) and f/f sex and, oh, hey, Obi-Wan might actually fuck him now that he's in this shape! It's a combination of Anakin dealing with being female and dealing with whatever is going on with Obi-Wan and why he won't look at Anakin that made this such a fun little read.

here at the end of all things by bedlamsbard, obi-wan/anakin, fem!anakin, ~1k
    He was shaking, Obi-Wan realized dimly, and Ani was so still she could have been carved out of stone.
    This was very short, just barely over 250 words, but it's lovely and manages to pack such a punch by the end and obviously was written to get straight at my heart, which it succeeded at. It's a snippet, but it doesn't lack any bittersweetness for it, ow.

Distant Fire by dogmatix, norcumi, obi-wan & anakin & ocs, sex swap, 5.2k
    Every Padawan must endure a Trial of Solitude. Anakin doesn't know that.
    I really enjoyed the set up of this fic, the concept and execution of it, how it completely changes the course of Anakin's life, how I can feel so badly for the character and how the Jedi were not a good fit for him, but without demonizing them, especially without demonizing Obi-Wan, who is way too moral and cared way too much about Anakin for that. So, I get to see Anakin set off on this new path, the trouble he gets into and the way he gets lost, the way it completely destroys the sense of self he had (which has always been shakey for him, that arrogance in his own skill is not the same as a sense of self, even later in his canon life) and my heart hurt so much for him, even as he finds a new life where he can be happy. The way the fic wraps up everything about the character's self identity, that gender/sex is secondary to the connection to the Force and the actions Anakin takes, is really lovely and I just eagerly dove right into the second fic after this one!

Sister Mine by dogmatix, norcumi, anakin & feral & savage opress & ocsc, sex swap, 6k
    Four years with a new family can change many things. How much trouble Ani can find is not one of them.
    This is a follow up to Distant Fire, which you should read before this one, to have it make sense! I immediately snatched this fic up to read after finishing the previous one and it's just as lovely and interesting, now that Anakin has been with a Nightsisters clan for four years, having adjusted to her new sense of self and her new body a lot, but still Anakin in all the same issues she has. It's so interesting to see the echoes of the canon character, the things that will always be part of the character (her recklessness, her impatience because some things come so easily, while other things just don't make sense to her, how she's so vibrant and charismatic and powerful), while also this universe has her on a different track in life. It was really heart-warming to see her interacting with Feral and Savage, how she changed their lives as well, how this universe feels so much kinder to the characters, even as there's a terrible, terrible hurt underneath everything because of what Anakin lost with the Jedi. I am thoroughly invested in this world now! Plus, there's some really lovely OCs that help fill in the world and some cool bits of world building!

Waking Up by dogmatix, norcumi, obi-wan & anakin & feral & savage & shmi & cast, sex swap, 17.2k
    Plagued by recurring nightmares, a Dathomir Nightsister named Ani decides to face her past, and in doing so, may just find her future.
    This is a follow up to Distant Fire + Sister Mine, which you should read before this one, to have it make sense as well! This fic definitely had me when it was ramping up to the reunion between Obi-Wan and Anakin, I'd been waiting for that and was practically tripping over the words in my haste to get to the next part, because the tension was so very nicely built up and paced! The rest of the fic really sailed by, the writing style is smooth and very readable and I enjoyed seeing how different these characters were from their canon selves, because they'd spent the last ten years doing different things with different goals and different dynamics in their lives, and I found that I'd read through the whole thing before I even really realized it, that's how much I got sucked into this AU! Plus, you know, I'm always here for playing with Anakin's issues, the sense of self and issues with Obi-Wan and Shmi and the Jedi and found families vs biological ones, all of which were tangled up here!

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